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Epitaph of a Good Man by toomanycurls
Chapter 13 : Your Song
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I couldn’t believe that Valentine’s Day was coming up. This would be my first one with a significant other. I would say boyfriend, but boyfriend seems so juvenile. I didn’t know if I should buy him something or make him something. I didn’t know if he’d want to exchange gifts. I decided to bombard Sirius with questions. It was hard to get time alone with him, Remus and I usually went to bed together. One night I said I’d be up in a few minutes. Remus looked slightly puzzled but left with a kiss to my forehead. Sirius shot me a look of mild interest, but I didn’t say anything until I heard Remus’ footsteps echoing away.

“Am I being interrogated?” he asked with a smile. I held up a finger to silence him. I got up and snuck, well, attempted to sneak to the door. I tripped on a chair on my way over. Sirius laughed at my failed stealth. I took my wand out and put an imperturbable charm on the door. I learned more from Molly than how to knit. “This must be serious.” Sirius said more to himself than to me.

I sat back down, a grave look on my face. “I don’t know what to do about Valentine’s Day,” I confessed. Apparently Sirius was expecting something a little more…weighty. “Well, I don’t. Before Remus, it’s only been the International Day of Shagging. I’ve never…” Sirius was smirking. “I’ve never been romantically involved this time of year.” I gave him a harsh look. His giggling was not helping. “Do you know what he’s planning?” I asked with a pleading tone in my voice.

Sirius sat back in his chair. I couldn’t tell if he was doing that to think or prolong my panic. It was probably a bit of each. “I don’t know what he’s planning.” Sirius confessed. He was either telling the truth or bluffing really well. I must have looked a bit desperate because he went on. “I do know what he likes.” My eyes widened; this could be my ticket. “He doesn’t really go for store-bought cliché items. A shaving kit or tie won’t really do it for him.” I grinned feeling proud that I knew that much at least. “He loves sentimental, mushy stuff. Poetry, art, that sweater you made him.” Sirius looked as if he was above such things.

Then it hit me, a brilliantly creative idea. It’d be sentimental, definitely handmade, and it’d be mushy. “Thanks Sirius, I know what I’ll do,” I said at once deciding to headed up the stairs at a jog. Then I hit the imperturbable charm and fell backwards. Maybe I hadn’t learned that much from Molly afterall. Sirius stood over me laughing. He helped me up. Remus was on his way down the stairs from his room when Sirius was helping me up.

“Somehow I feel that I just shouldn’t ask,” he said benignly. I smiled and took Remus’ hand. Remus couldn’t stop looking at my smile; I must have looked dopey. “Hmm, I can’t resist - what’s making you smile like that?” He had a sexy smile on his own face. I wondered if he knew how desirable it was. When I didn’t answer, he gently pushed me in the wall. “Your smile is paradise,” he said kissing me gently.

I returned his kiss, biting his lip playfully. “I still won’t tell you,” I said running my fingers through his hair. I wondered if everyone’s hair was so touchable. Sirius walked by and coughed loudly. I had just squeezed Remus’ bum. Sirius was smirking and muttered something about needing earplugs that night.

I wanted to get a start on my project the next day. I told Remus that I wouldn’t get to Grimmauld Place until late. He didn’t pester me for a why; he wore himself out the night before trying to get answers out of me. Shoddy though I was at cooking, cleaning and general household tasks, I was skilled at artsy spells. I could create… just not anything practical. I had an idea, actually, a shimmer of an idea for a present. I wanted to create a moving drawing of us, our first kiss. I wanted it to be in four frames. The first showing the seconds before; then the next two would show the kiss, I wanted one to capture his bewildered look and the other to show him warming up to me, then the last one to be the awkward moment after our kiss. I did a sketch of it that night and started the first frame. It was quite late when I stopped working. I yawned and dissaparated to Grimmauld Place.

Everyone seemed to be in bed, so I made my way upstairs. I didn’t want to wake any of the portraits up. I opened the door and slipped in. Remus’ tired voice came at me, “Sirius, knock it off; it’s only funny the first ten times.” I laughed and Remus sat up. “I thought you were going to stay at your place; you were gone a long time,” he said looking rather pleased that I was there.

“I told you, I distain sleeping alone. And I like being next to you.” I yawned and started to undress. “I was working on a project and lost track of time.” I told him, and catching a curious look said, “And it’d be useless to ask what it is.” I grinned and crawled into bed with Remus.

It took me the better part of two weeks to finish his present. Between Guard Duty, work, the Order, and actually spending time with him, it was hard to sneak off and be creative for a few hours. Remus started having trouble at work. Someone let it slip that he and I were dating. Macnair, who was cruel as it was, always said rude and spiteful things about our relationship. From what Sirius told me, Macnair would voice some of Remus’ darkest most cynical thoughts on what could go wrong for us. Macnair went so far as to say that any woman who knowingly sleeps with a werewolf must be very vile, because who could love someone like Remus. Remus didn’t tell me all of this; he told Sirius and I wheedled the information from him.

The one thing I couldn’t pry out of Sirius were Remus’ plans for Valentine’s Day. Then it occurred to me that maybe he wasn’t planning anything. Sirius assured me that he was in fact planning something, but he promised not to tell. “Any word from Harry?” I asked to change the subject as he wasn’t spilling the beans. Sirius sighed heavily and shook his head. “Well, their mail is being searched. And you don’t want to have another brush with Umbridge.”

“I gave him a way to talk to me,” Sirius said in a small voice. I raised an eyebrow. “Remember when you said that we could find alternative ways to communicate?” I nodded. “I used to talk to James using a mirror. I gave one to Harry. I have a feeling that he won’t use it.” Sirius had a resigned look on his face. “I heard Hermione telling him that I act too rashly… and after my argument with Snape, I think Harry agrees.”

“Sirius, he loves you. He doesn’t want you to get caught; could you imagine if the Ministry got their hands on you? They’d torture you to death to see if you knew anything about You-Know-Who. Caring is a two way street; you care about him as much as he cares about you.” I paused, hoping that my lecturing wasn’t making him more upset.

Sirius shrugged, it didn’t seem that he wanted to discuss that any further. “So, how’s your present for Remus going?” he asked. I described it and showed him the sketch I had of it. “Oooh, he’ll like that.” Sirius said knowingly. “Remus has always been romantic; I use to think he’d explode with pent up romantic frustration.”

I laughed loudly, most people explode with other kinds of pent up frustration. “Oh!” I said, remembering Remus’ remark from the other night. I explained how I walked in and he said that it wasn’t funny after the 10th time. “I don’t get it. What did you do ten times?”

Sirius let out a bark of laughter. “I sometimes transform into a dog and bolt into his room barking. It scares the bajeezus out of him. Then if I’m feeling like it, I lick his legs, it makes his hair all gross.” Sirius was smirking in his boy-like way when Remus came downstairs.

“You just like my legs,” he said dryly. He had a tea cup in one hand and a book in the other. “You two are up late,” he said smiling. I have to admit, I wasn’t quite paying attention at that point. I was slightly distracted by the sight of Remus in his flannel PJs. I wanted to get him upstairs and be in bed with him. My mind started to drift away.

Sirius’ voice brought me back to earth. “Tonks? Nymphadora? Stink Head?” I snapped out of my mini-fantasy a huh. Sirius laughed. “So, it’s Stink Head now?” I made a face at him and said I was thinking. He sniggered. “Most people do that kind of thinking on their own.”

I got up and stretched. “I’m going to bed.” I ran my hand along Remus’ back; he shivered slightly and followed me up ten minutes later. When he came in, I started on questions about Valentine’s Day. Remus wouldn’t tell me what we were doing, though he did drop some hints. He said I’d be better off in muggle clothing, and I should wear something that I wouldn’t mind wearing in a public place. I even tried pouting. He said it was cute, but wouldn’t work on him… well, not for information.

I woke up early on Valentine’s Day. I wanted to wake Remus up with a big, wet kiss. I rolled over to kiss him and he wasn’t there. The door creaked open, I grabbed my wand. In the middle of reaching for my wand, I saw Sirius’ outline. I was about to tell him to scamper off, but I saw he had a guitar. The only light in the room was coming from the hallway. I squinted at him, then I saw Remus come in. Sirius started to strum the guitar and I recognized the melody.

Remus was using his wand as a microphone. He started to sing by the door. “It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside… I’m not one that can easily hide.” I got a chill down my spine; Remus wasn’t the best singer, and Sirius could use some guitar lessons, but they were quite the double act. Remus slowly made his way to me gesticulating to parts of the song while singing. He sat on the bed and belted out, “…I hope you don’t mind that I’ve put into words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.” They finished with a bow. I could tell this was the product of too many late nights without sleep and too much spare time. I loved it.

Remus was blushing; I imagined that it took a lot of gall on his part to do that. He was extremely reserved. “That was amazing,” I said giving his a deep kiss. I looked Sirius and said, “You probably talked him into it.” He said it was all Remus’ idea. “Good.” I grinned. “You’re lucky I didn’t sleep naked.” I ran my fingers through Remus’ hair and kissed his neck. Sirius left without a lewd remark, which was a first. “You were brilliant,” I said still beaming.

Remus grinned sheepishly. I didn’t say it, but I’ve always loved it when guys can make a fool out of themselves for me. “Once he’s cleared, I think we’ll go on tour,” Remus said running his hands down my back. My body shivered slightly. “Breakfast is in 10 minutes,” Remus said brushing his hand across my stomach. He smiled sweetly before leaving the room. I fell back on the mattress and hugged a pillow. I could tell it was going to be a great day.

I made it to the kitchen within the 10 minute time period Remus gave me. I was dressed in some jeans and my Weird Sisters t-shirt. I almost fell over when I burst into the large dining room. They decorated it like a cutesy café. Sirius was wearing an apron; apparently he was the waiter that day. It was almost too much; I beamed and took a seat with Remus. During breakfast I finally understood how horrible it must have been for girls during their time at Hogwarts. I couldn’t imagine what the four friends would have cooked up.

After breakfast, we left the house. Remus wouldn’t tell me where we were going; he even made me do side-along apparition. Remus had his hand over my eyes. “You might laugh when you see where we are,” he said, his breath was warm on my neck. He took his hand away from my eyes and I gasped. We were at the London Zoo. It wasn’t a romantic destination, but it was somewhere I had always wanted to go. I had mentioned it a few months ago while he was a wolf. We were both wide-eyed with excitement as we went around the zoo. Remus especially liked the chimpanzees; he said Sirius’ animagus should be that, not a dog. We spent the entire day out, wandering around, window-shopping. My favorite store we passed was a hat store. We both tried on hats. I almost bought the beret he tried on; it made my heart skip a beat.

Around sunset, I realized that we needed to go to my flat. I wanted to give Remus his present. I had the picture positioned so it was in the middle of the room on a table. I had two candles next to it so their flickering light would add to the movie-like quality of the drawing. We apparated to my flat and I covered Remus’ eyes. “Your turn for a surprise,” I whispered opening the door the door and waving my want to light the candles. I took my hand off Remus’ face, he looked around and caught sight of the drawing. He went to it like a moth to flames. His eyes grew bright as he approached the drawing.

“This is… wow. It’s magnificent.” He watched each frame with a loving expression on his face. Then he laughed quietly. “Sometimes I can’t believe… it just seems so unreal,” Remus sighed. “No one’s ever loved me like you have.” Remus had his arms around me; his eyes were sparkling. “I love you, Tonks.” I could have cheered at that moment. Remus using ‘Tonks’ usually meant that he was trying to distance himself; I was elated to hear him say it in an intimate manner.

Remus and I stayed at my flat that night; I don’t think Sirius expected or wanted us there that night. I didn’t know that night, as Remus held me and loved me that our happiness was approaching a hiatus. My mind wasn’t concerned with Voldemort or the Ministry; I didn’t think that those two things coupled with some grave events would soon tear us to pieces. All that mattered was that day… that night and our passionate love.

A/N: The song above is "Your Song" by Elton John. Please review, thank you for reading.

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