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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 39 : His Final word of Wisdom
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HOLY SHIT! i am so proud of this chapter but please don't get Angry with me when you get to the end of it. This took about.....2 hours to write because his final words of wisdom were so difficult to think up. please just read, review and tell me what you think. This is a very long chapter, for me, and sorry for the end of the chapter

Harry struggled against the magical ropes that bound him. The deatheaters were quick to hold his friends. Bellatrix went around and picked up all of their wands and put them into a bag.

“Very good Bella.” Voldemort said.

“Anything” Bellatrix said. Harry stared at Voldemort intensely.

“I think you know what I want Harry.”

“And you know what my answer is.” Harry spat.

“You know that kind of ignorance will not get you anywhere!” Voldemort said, “If you won’t tell me I can kill off your friends one by one or I could just kill you.”

“Kill me then!” Harry shouted,

“Oh, I will kill you but I think a bit of death will be better to get you ready.” Voldemort sneered. He looked around and his eyes settled back on Harry, “I thank you for bringing all those that I haven’t managed to kill. The Patils, Longbottoms, Granger.” Harry pulled against the ropes again. “Now let me think, who could I kill that will make you squirm.” Voldemort asked. Harry glared at Voldemort.

“Oh, how about Longbottom. He can join his Gran or you could let him be with his parents.” Bellatrix said eagerly. Voldemort smiled at Bellatrix’s enthuasiasm.

“I’ll leave him for you Bella.” Bellatrix grinned and Harry saw Neville gulp. Voldemort took a few steps forwards and stared int Harry’s eyes.

“So tell me the prophecy or Bella will let your friend Longbottom join his parents.” Voldemort said. Harry’s breathing quickened. He couldn’t let anything happen to any of his friends.

“Get away from him Voldemort.” Shouted April. Everyone turned to see April walking towards them with Draco Malfoy squirming in her hands coming from the dungeons. She had a hold of the back of his robes. She threw him forwards into Lucious.

“Yours I believe.” She sneered. Lucious pushed Draco behind him and gave him a cold look. Voldemort grinned and stood up.

“April Marsden.” Voldemort said. “How are you?” April glared at Voldemort as Lee came running down the main staircase. She stopped as she saw Voldemort take a few steps nearer April.

“What are you playing at?” April said.

“Me? I would play at nothing. How is your daughter doing?” Voldemort asked smiling. His smile was twisted and grotesque. April looked at Voldemort confused. “Jessica!” Voldemort said loudly. Behind April someone pushed the deatheaters away and a tall woman with an amazing figure and long brown hair came up holding Jenny. Someone behind her had a hold of Cho who was trying to fight against them. Jenny wasn’t putting up much of a fight and Harry had the feeling that Jenny was still incredibly tired or in a lot of pain as she winced everytime she was forced to take a step forwards. Harry immediately started to fight against the bonds.

“Let me go!” Harry said. “Don’t you hurt her.”

“Ah, so Marsden isn’t the only one that loves this young girl.” Voldemort said. “Well Marsden, step down or Jessica will kill your daughter.” Harry noticed April glaring at the woman called Jessica like she was the scum of the earth. Jessica smirked and pushed Jenny in front of her again.

“I’d move over to the stairs next to Jenny.” Jessica said.

“Lee” Lee corrected.

“You’re the sister? Oh well, just go and stand next to that Chang.” Jessica ordered. April glared at her and glanced at Jenny then took a step back, up onto the steps.

“Let her go.” April snarled,

“No, I don’t think I’ve done enough to hurt you yet.” Jessica said. April got her wand out but Jessica held her wand pointed at Jenny. “Do you want me to kill her?” April let out a shaky breath.

“Put your wand down Marsden.” Voldemort said. April lowered her wand and never took her eyes off Jessica. “Now, Potter. The girl or the Prophecy.” Voldemort snarled. “I’m getting impatient so you better answer now!” Harry felt his bonds start to break away and felt some kind of hope rising inside of him. All he had to do know was to get his wand. His heart was telling him to choose Jenny, do anything to let Jenny live. But he knew that Jenny would want Harry to choose the prophecy over her. Harry glanced at Jenny

“I’m not choosing” Harry said. Voldemort sneered.

“Fine. Avada Kedavra” Voldemort said as he pointed his wand at Cho.

“NO!” Harry shouted as a jet of Green light went straight for Cho. She quickly turned using all her strength and thet deatheater that was holding her dropped to the floor, having received the full blast of the killing curse. Lee jumped down from the stairs and went straight to her niece.

“Stupefy!” Jessica shouted pointing her wand at Lee. Lee moved out of way and went to Cho.

“Engorgio!” Cho shouted at Jessica, causing her to start inflating. Jenny crawled away and Jessica fell over. April smirked slightly and then ran for her daughter.

“Not so fast.” Said a young girl who grabbed Jenny by the back of her robes. Harry hadn’t noticed her before, she had bright Auburn hair and a slim figure and build. Her skin had a nice Olive coloured tan. She looked about the same age as Jenny and she pulled Jenny to her feet as the fighting began a new. Harry pulled the ropes off of him and felt someone press a wand in his hand. He turned to see Hermione handing him her wand.

“Use it.” She said quietly. She looked very pale as if she was about to be sick. “Dobby is getting your wand.” Harry looked at Hermione.

“What about-”

“Go Harry.” Hermione ordered him. Harry got to his feet. Hermione’s wand felt strange in his hand and it was about the same length.

“Jenny!” Harry said diving through the crowd to where Jenny was trying to fight off the girl who had her in a tight grip. April had her wand pointed at a now deflated Jessica and was breathing heavily.

“You’re not going to hurt Jenny understand!” April said to Jessica.

“I see old grudges die hard.” Jessica said. “How is Sirius? You still talking to him?”

“Don’t you dare say his name.” April said.

“MUM!” Jenny screamed. April looked up at Jenny and received a kick from Jessica. Jessica grabbed her wand and pointed it at April. A spell shot out of the end and struck April’s side, it went straight through her and Harry saw it hit the floor behind April. April fell to the floor clutching her wound.

“Stupefy” Sirius roared as he joined the fight. Jessica fell to the floor unconscious and Sirius went to help April

“Jenny.” April said in pain. Harry joined them as Sirius turned and saw the two young girls fighting, Jenny was losing. Harry ran up to them and sent a spell at the girl with the red hair. She let go of Jenny and stumbled to the floor.


“Bastard!” She hissed. She pointed her wand at Harry but hesitated. Harry could see why as he hesitated as well. Everything seemed to stop as he gazed into the girl’s eyes. They were exactly like his. The same intense emerald green colour. The same fire burning in them. The only difference was that Harry could see the coldness and evilness in them. Harry took a step back as the girl stood up.

“Oh shit” Harry said as the two continued to stare at each other.

“Stupefy!” Ron shouted next to Harry. The spell nearly hit the girl as Harry said a different spell to move her out of the way. “Harry!”

“That’s my sister.” Harry said slightly dazed.

“Your sister?” Ron asked confused. There was a large explosion and the doors burst open. Everyone turned to watch as Dumbledore walked into the entrance Hall.

“Professor.” McGonagall said slightly exhausted. Harry looked at her and saw that she looked like she was about to collapse.

“Get out of my school Tom.” Dumbledore said to Voldemort, who was standing perfectly still. Not a single hint of fear or hesitation in his face.

“No.” Voldemort said. “I’m going to have this school and everyone nad thing in it.” Dumbledore shook his long beard and hair.

“I’m afraid I can’t allow that.” Dumbledore said. “The school is a place for good-”

“And I will turn it into a place for Evil, like it should be. As Salazaar Slythering intended it to be.” Voldemort said.

“The school was never meant to be a place of evil.” Dumbledore said.

“Be quiet you old fool” Voldemort snapped, “Hand over the school or you will die defending it like all these idiotic young children who think they can do some good by fighting against me, Lord Voldemort.” Dumbledore slowly got out his wand. He glanced at Harry who looked at Dumbledore with a slight fear. What was he doing, his school was under attack and all he did was try and talk Voldemort out of it.

“I will not try and kill you Tom because I know that I cannot.” Dumbledore said, “But this school, no matter what you have in store for it will not and cannot be used for the purposes of Evil, as long as the students under it’s roof remain pure of heart.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Harry asked.

“Harry, you know all you need to know to carry on this fight without me.” Dumbledore said. Harry understood and turned to look at Ron and caught Hermione’s eye from across the room. The room had gone silent as everyone acknowledged what Dumbledore had just said. How was Harry going to succeed without Dumbledore, how was Voldemort ever going to be defeated.

“No!” Pavarti gasped. A smile crept onto Voldemort’s twisted face.

“Very well.” Voldemort said. “Avada Kedav-”

“No!” screamed the girl behind Harry. She got up and ran between Voldemort and Dumbeldore.

“Emma, get out of the way now!” Malfoy snapped at her.

“No.” the girl said harshly.

“Draco, get your sister out of there.” Malfoy said. Draco frowned and took a step forwards.

“I want to do it.” She said as she got her wand out and turned to Dumbeldore. Voldemort smiled and went up to the girl. He put a hand on her shoulder and stood next to her. Harry saw Dumbledore’s face grow very sad and suddenly very old as he saw this young girl wanting to kill him. Everyone was looking at each other confused

“Very well Emma.” Voldemort said, “You know what to do.” Emma smirked and put her wand up.

“Emma Potter.” Dumbledore whispered. “I should have known that the Malfoys adopted you. You cannot kill me. A Potter is unable to, it’s in your blood.” Emma scolwed as did almost everyone else while the others all looked in surprise.

“I’m not a Potter, I’m a Malfoy.” She sneered. “And I can kill you. Avada Kedavra!” She shouted but nothing happened. She frowned and shook her wand and pointed it at Dumbledore. “Avada Kedavra!” she shouted again.

“As I said, a Potter could never kill me. It’s not in your heart to do so. It is clear that my time as Headmaster is over and my life should come to an end.” Dumbeldore. “I will not wish anyone the best of luck but I do have this to say if you’ll allow this old man a few more minutes” Dumledore said as he looked at Voldemort.

“Only a few.” Voldemort said, he was smiling as he knew he’d get his way.

“Thank you.” Dumbledore said to him. He turned to his students who stood among the deatheaters and aurors, who for once, weren’t fighting but staring at Dumbledore.

“Each and every one of you have been through the doors of this school. I have known each of you and have, probably at some point taught you something that you still carry in your hearts today. I myself taught Voldemort Charms. I have probably met your families at some point and your children come to this school. It is strange to see how some of you have chosen the dark side while some of you have chosen the light despite your friendships and differences.

"For example Jessica Lowe and April Marsden, who used to share a dormitory. Bellatrix and Sirius who are cousins but are yet separated by the war that has broken your family. And importantly, the broken friendship that has caused this situation, the trust and friendship between Peter Pettigrew and James Potter who were best friends until James was killed with his wife, taking the hearts and lives of those closest to them. So many of you have lost so much and are still fighting today against those you believe to be the one responsible and some of you are still so young.

“I am proud of all my students, whether they follow me or Voldemort though I do doubt some of your choices but that is what free will is about and why we live. To make choices in order to live our lives to the full. Voldemort chose the dark, Harry has chosen the light. Both of you have had similar upbringings. Both of you are half blood and had to grow up without parents.

“Harry I am very proud of you, more then you could know. You have managed to survive a hell like upbringing with your mother’s sister and her family. You have joined the school and have been through more then anyone’s share of danger. Unlike most who have been forced to fight this kind of fight, you haven’t had any parental figures to support you in your quest to rid the world of the man that stands in front of me waiting to finish.

"It wasn’t until after your second encounter with Voldemort that you discovered some adults who you could call Parental figures, you found them in Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, your father’s best friends. You have learnt so much, you have trained a group of very able young students in defence against the dark arts when everything was against you, and the odds are never in your favour. You have battled against Voldemort countless times and you still survive.” Voldemort snarled slightly but Dumbledore still had everyone’s unkempt attention. Harry kept eye contact with Dumbledore.

“Now you have learnt about the Prophecy, in which only you, and you alone know the answer to and despite many pressures you are still being true to heart. You have discovered yet more people who can help you through this battle. Your mother’s best friend, April and a new friend and love, Jenny. Then, during the Christmas period you discover a sister, Emma, who stands here right now wanting to kill me, another example of what this war has done. Emma, who never had the chance to know her real parents or her brother due to the selfishness of many people here, do you not think that this kind of behaviour is unfair?

“I am not here to encourage any of you to change sides or to keep fighting but to think what you are fighting for. It is your choice as to whether you want to live under a rule that is unfair to those who want to be true to heart or to those who wish to have caring loving friendships and relationships? I will leave you with a few words that you may or may not take to heart. Could you live with the knowledge that you helped to bring about the misery of so many people.

"Everything that you do will come back to you in three fold, an ancient folk tale that many of you do not believe in. For everything bad that you do you will receive a blow, for every good deed, something good will happen to you. As I have said earlier I am proud of every single one of you, particularly those who have shown great courage to fight, tonight, against one who will be unbeatable to to all but one.” Dumbledore turned to Voldemort. “So Tom, I have finished but I beg you consider what you are doing and why you are doing it.”

“It is about time old man” Voldemort said. The castle was silent save for the sobbing of many of the people in the room who believe what Dumbledore was saying and the heavy breathing of April, who was bleeding badly on the floor, with Sirius at her side. Harry saw all of the school ghosts hovering above them, silent, even Peeves.

“It is time to kill me, Harry, you know all you need to know.” Dumbledore said. Voldemort pointed his wand at Dumbledore.

“Avada Kedavra!” Voldmoert said happily.

“NO!” Harry screamed. His voice seemed to be part of a chorus of the rest of the DA. As the jet of green light struck Dumbledore the world turned green then a blinding silver.

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