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The Best Disguise for Shame by LovlyRita
Chapter 28 : Epilogue
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Epilouge: Several Years Later

Shattered glass lay around the carpeted room as Severus raged, breaking anything that stood in his way.

How had he been so blind? What a complete and utter fool he had been! His hands ached from several deep flesh wounds due to his violence, yet he continued on, mentally cursing himself.

His mind had been so consumed when Elise had passed, he didn’t even pause to consider the facts that slapped him in the face. His thoughts once again retreated back to the situation he had just escaped.


What do you mean they escaped?” The Dark Lord roared as he charged toward Severus and Lucius, who were staring down at the floor. “How is it possible that two of my top death eaters are so incompetent that you let the fools go? Can no one do anything for me anymore? I shall have to teach you a lesson then,” he snarled, raising his wand and performing tortuous spells on the duo. As the two writhed on the floor, the Dark Lord began to laugh. It started as a low rumble and then escalated to a loud cackle.

The two men panted on the floor, but it chilled Severus’ bones listening to him laugh.

“Lucius, leave me, you are finished. Next time you fail, however, I shall not be so merciful.” Nodding slowly, Lucius took his leave while Severus remained on the floor.

“The past week I have been most disappointed in you,” Voldemort began, flicking his wand to bring Severus to his feet. “And I feel that you have lost your anger. So, let me instill in you the fear that you once had.” His voice was near a whisper, and Severus used nearly all his energy to block his thoughts.

“Do you remember your little toy? What was her name…Elise? Killed by the ministry, eh? Do you remember how very horrible you felt?”

Severus’ face blanched, and he balled his fist so tightly that his joints ached.

“Ah, I see you do remember her.” He smiled cruelly. “Then I’m sure you’ll remember your grandfather, the messenger from the ministry.” In a swift movement, the Dark Lord was beside Severus, his rancid breath invading his nostrils.

“Then I think,” he whispered, “you’ll be quite surprised to learn that your grandfather killed your little pet on my orders.”

A small gasp escaped Severus’ lips but he did not waiver.

“Oh, that makes you angry, doesn’t it? That your grandfather stood exactly where you are, accepting the task of killing her, knowing full well that he wasn’t to touch you.”

At this, Severus felt his head snap toward the Dark Lord, as though he were a puppet being controlled.

“Why?” he asked, daring to question his master.

“Because you had things that I desired. Dark curses I wanted, and you would be a warm body. You’ve pleased me; the time I spent on you was worth your devotion. Especially because of the prophecy you’ve overheard. Therefore I won’t punish you further. But this is just a reminder of the power I hold. If I killed her, I’m sure you understand that I can have you dropped just as fast.”

With that, he had whirled around, signaling the end of the conversation.


Severus had smashed everything in his small house, and he was now seated on his bed, massaging his temples. He had been mislead, and he had been living a lie for years. And, worst of all, he had now endangered the life of an as of yet unborn child with his report of a prophecy.

What had he become? He didn’t even recognize his reflection in a mirror anymore. His complexion was awful, his cheeks were sunken and his eyes were always dull. He looked nothing like the young man who had once selflessly loved another human. He had killed, he had tortured, and he was a horrible person.

With a heavy heart, he realized what he had to do. The only man who had ever shown him any sort of redemption was Dumbledore, and it was Dumbledore who would give him a reprieve now.

It would be Dumbledore who could revive his fractured soul.

A/N I added this in as a last minute effort since I had a review that said that I didn’t explain Elise’s death. I realized she was right and, though I had originally planned for a sequel, I decided to wait for DH to come out first. So, that was the explanation of her death, and I hope I cleared things up. Again, thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it more than you can know!

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The Best Disguise for Shame: Epilogue


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