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Unexpected by PrincessInge
Chapter 14 : How to deepen relationships
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Firstly.. i'm soooooo sorry i haven't updated sooner.. I do have to say that I have no idea what I'm going to write next, so that makes it even harder.. If anyone has an idea, let me know ;).. I'm having a major writing block!.. I do know how the stories is going to end, though, but I need to get there first..

Anyway... here's chapter 14.. hope you all like!

Love, Ingexx


‘Tell me everything’ Lily said, when Mary arrived back in the Common Room.

‘There isn’t much to tell’ Mary said, sitting down next to her best friend.

‘You have had class of Dumbledore, that isn’t nothing’ Lily said, ‘now tell me’

‘we just did some practice of thing I already learnt’ Mary explained, ‘just so he could see what my abilities were’

‘I bet he was impressed’ Remus said, while he and the other Marauders joint the two girls.

Mary blushed, she still didn’t take compliments very well.

‘Ahh, you’re so cute’ Sirius said, while putting his arm around her.

‘Anyway, we better get to our homework’ James said, picking up his bag, ‘I’ve got four essays to write for tomorrow’

‘James and homework?’ Mary asked, ‘major change’

‘Not exactly’ Lily said, while James and Sirius stood up to start their homework, ‘they were giving the assignment three weeks ago’

Mary smiled, luckily some things never change..


A few weeks later,  Mary was busy with a lot of schoolwork. In every class she now really found a challenge, but that didn’t stop her from trying. And of course, she always succeeded after a lot of studying. The classes of Professor Dumbledore were now her favourites. She always loved Charms, but the abilities and spells she had learnt from Professor Dumbledore were greater than she could´ve dreamt of, same for DADA. At the moment, she was busy learning wand less magic. She was doing really good in that, the only thing she needed to train more, is the control of when to use magic. She now sometimes made things happen when she was angry or frustrated. But Professor Dumbledore assured her that she’ll get the hang of it, if she just practised a lot.

‘Moire, finally’  Sirius said, while sitting next to her, ‘I’ve been looking for ages’

‘I’m just at the library, like I said’ Mary said, rolling her eyes.

‘Oh, well anyway’ Sirius said, ‘I need to tell you something’

Mary looked up from her book and asked: ‘what?’

‘Look what I got back from Sluggie’ Sirius said, while showing an essay he’d been working on for about a week.

‘An ‘O’ ?’ Mary said, grinning from ear to ear, ‘That’s amazing!’

‘I know’ Sirius said, also grinning, ‘It means that if I keep that work up, I can get into Auror-training’

Mary’s grin vanished, but she managed to speak, ‘You deserve it, you’ve worked hard’

‘So what are we doing tomorrow?’ Sirius asked, quickly changing the subject.

Mary pulled up her eyebrow, ‘what’s tomorrow?’

‘Hogsmeade’ Sirius said, ‘And I thought we could like go together’

‘Did you now, well I have to study’ Mary said, ‘I’m sorry’

‘It’s only an hour’ Sirius said, ‘then I’ll let you study again’

‘Sirius, I don’t know, I’ve got Dumbledore on Monday, and I feel like I haven’t progressed a single step’ Mary explained.

‘Please’ Sirius said, making his famous puppy-face.

‘You know that isn’t so cute anymore, now I’ve seen how cute you are as a real dog’ Mary winked.

‘But it’s still cute enough’ Sirius said, while holding on to his puppy-face.

Mary rolled her eyes, ‘only one hour’

‘YES’ Sirius screamed, which got him send out of the library, ‘I’ll see you tonight?’


The next morning, a Saturday, Mary and Sirius went to Hogsmeade. Of course, they were joined by their friends.

‘So what do you want to do?’ Mary asked, when they arrived at the village, which was a lot quieter than normal, since the treat of Voldemort.

‘How about Madame Puddifoot’s’? ‘ James suggested from behind.

‘No thanks, it’s way to soppy’ Mary and Sirius both said at the same time, causing the others to laugh.

‘Why don’t we go there together’ Lily hinted, causing James to almost run to the tea shop, making the other’s laugh more.

‘You want to be alone too?’ Remus asked, he and Peter were going solo. His current girlfriend, Liliane Ross wasn’t allowed to go to Hogsmeade anymore. Her parents thought it was way too dangerous. Peter was currently seeing Margie Melton, but since she was from Slytherin, he hadn’t told his friends about her.

‘If you two don’t mind?’ Sirius said.

‘No, we’ll just go to Zonko’s’ Remus said.

‘Get me some stuff too’ Sirius shouted after them.

‘So were do you want to go?’ Mary said, when she noticed that not only their friends had left, but all the other students were gone too.

‘How about we get inside’ Sirius suggested, guiding them to the Three Broomsticks.

After about 45 minutes of talking, Mary knew she had to get back to the castle. She really needed to work on her wand less magic.

‘Siri, I’m really sorry, but I have to go’ Mary started.

‘Then I’ll guide you back to the castle’ Sirius smiled, getting up from his table.

‘Thanks’ Mary smiled too, while standing up too.

‘I had a great time’ Sirius said, while he and Mary were walking back.

‘I did too’ Mary smiled, ‘now stop with the Date thing’

‘Date thing?’ Sirius said, raising his eyebrows.

‘Yes, paying the bill, saying you had a great time’ Mary said, rolling her eyes, ‘you act like it’s our first date’

‘i’m sorry, I haven’t seen you in such a while that it seems like it is’ Sirius explained.

‘I know Siri, but we’re just busy. We really can make this all work’ Mary said, grabbing his hand, ‘you just need to have faith’

‘I do, I have lots of faith’ Sirius grinned.

‘I do too, and you know, we’re perfect together. We’re a weird match but it fits’ Mary said, while they continued their walk.

‘We fit good together’ Sirius repeated, still grinning.

‘We sure do’ Mary grinned back, ‘and I’m not letting that go’

‘good.. now we’ve got that settled, are you coming over tonight?’ Sirius hinted.

‘what do you mean?’ Mary said, raising her eyebrows.

‘you know, spend the night at mine, just like before’ Sirius said.

‘I can’t, I’ll get expelled if they bust us’ Mary said.

‘Goody-good’ Sirius sniggered, when he and Mary just arrived at the Great Hall.

‘Very funny, now I’m going to study’ Mary said, while pecking him on the lips.

Sirius held her, while turning the kiss into more than just a peck, and after a few seconds, when they pulled back, he spoke up, ‘Now just go, before you infect me with that goody-good virus’

Mary glared at him, pecked him on the lips once more and disappeared, she had a lot of work to do.


‘You did a great job today, Miss Anymoire’ Professor Dumbledore said, when they both left his office to go to lunch.

‘Thank you, professor’  Mary smiled. She had just preformed a lot of perfect wand less spells. She even tried a complicated spell, but she could do that too.

‘And your control has improved quite a lot too’ Professor Dumbledore said, praising her again.

‘Well I have been practising’ Mary said, getting a little red from the compliment.

‘Practise is important, but talent is essential. And you, Miss Anymoire, have a lot of talent, and quite a lot of potential talent too. You really are a blessed witch. If you work hard, I think you’d even outdo your parents’ Professor Dumbledore said.

‘Maybe after a lot of practice I’ll have more knowledge, but I’m certain I’ll never get that much experience’ Mary said, ‘but speaking of my parents, do you know where they are?’


‘I know a lot, Miss Anymoire’ Professor Dumbledore said, ‘but I can’t tell you’

‘I understand’ Mary said, failing to hide the disappointment in her voice.

‘It’s not a matter of trust, Miss Anymoire, we just don’t want to make you a bigger target than you already are’ Professor Dumbledore said, and when Mary looked in his eyes, she could almost see the love her parents showed when they looked at her. She never talked much to Dumbledore, sure he was around a lot when she was a kid, but it was always for business. A visit from Dumbledore meant trouble. And even though he was her godfather, a fact that she hadn’t told anyone at school except Lily, she never got really close to him, he was a part of the side she didn’t like about her parents. She looked up and noticed they had arrived at the Great Hall, she already started walking to her friends, when she felt she needed to say something. Anything. But Dumbledore seemed to think the same.

‘Enjoy your lunch, Miss Anymoire, and don’t set yourself short about your abilities, you might surprise yourself’

Mary smiled and walked over to her friends, who were already eating, and sat down next to them.

‘so, another great lesson?’ Lily said, while they other were too busy stuffing food into their mouth (which really is the good way to explain the way the Marauders eat)

‘It really rocked’ Mary grinned.

Lily smiled back, when Jenna & Amy walked by. They spoke very loud, they obviously wanted the girls to hear them.

’I mean, it’s just a matter of time till they die’, Amy said, while smiling.

 ‘yes, totally, I mean, their family probably isn’t important to them’ Jenna replied.

‘Jen, just look at Bookwork, would you want to stay alive for that’ Amy grinned’

Mary almost jumped out of her seat, when she heard that last sentence, Lily and Sirius wanted to grab her and stop her from attacking the girls, but Mary turned around and ran out of the Great Hall.

‘What did we do’ Jenna smiled, while watching Mary running away.

‘Shut up’ Lily said, her green eyes full of anger, ‘get away before I hex you’

‘We were only preparing her for what her parents have got coming’ Amy said, while her and Jenna walked away, ‘You don’t really think they can defeat You-Know-Who, now do you?’

‘That was low’ Sirius said, ‘they really are bimbo’s’

‘You are the one that dated one of them’ Remus said.

‘Stop reminding me of that’ Sirius sneered, ‘that was only because of Mary’

‘speaking of Mary’ Lily said, ‘we have to go and get her’


The Marauders nodded and they went of started looking for their friend. After searching for a while, they found her sitting under the great Oak, her and Sirius’ place.

‘You must be freezing’ Sirius said, putting his cloak over Mary.

‘Thanks’ Mary said, with a ruffle in her voice, it was obvious she’d been crying.

‘are you ok?’ Lily said.

‘Peachy’ Mary said, while Sirius said down next to her.

‘Don’t listen to that bimbo’s’ he said, while putting his arm around her, ‘they just want to see you upset’

‘They succeeded’ Mary said, wiping a tear away, ‘but I’m not upset about them, they are bimbo’s, just like you said’

‘Mary, please don’t’ Lily said, she already knew what her friend was going to say, ‘we’ve been there before, they love you’

‘If they really loved me, they wouldn’t be there right now’ Mary said very clear, since she suddenly stopped crying through her sentences.

‘Moire’ Sirius said, trying to calm his girlfriend down.

‘Is that all you can say’ Mary said, while standing up, letting the cloak fell of her shoulders, ‘Amy and Jenna are right, they are going to die sooner or later and they don’t even think how it’s going to effect me’

‘Mary, I know how you feel but..’ James started.

‘You know? You think you know?’ Mary almost screamed, ‘Your parents stopped with auror business when you came, they loved you too much to continue’

‘are you suggesting’ Sirius started, but he didn’t get a change to finish his sentence.

‘I guess I’m not worthy of staying for’ Mary said, before running back to the castle.

Everyone just stood and watched Mary running.

‘How can we help her?’ Sirius asked his friends, he didn’t know what he could do anymore.

‘Nothing, let’s just hope that Christmas comes soon, then she can speak to her parents’ Lily said.

James looked down, ‘I’m sorry’

‘It’s not your fault, mate’ Sirius said, while putting his arm around his friend, ‘we all can’t imagine how she must feel’----------------------------------------------------------

Now, did it suck or what.. cause I think it does.. anyway.. please review..
it motivates me to realize people actually like this story, or even have some stuff I can work on. I'm still learning all this, remember ;)

anyway.. please review!! Love ya if you do!!! ;)


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