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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 12 : He Knows, Doesn't He...
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He Knows, Doesn't He…
"You didn't say no!" George jumped off the bed.

"I didn't say no but I didn't say yes either! I told him to wait a week. I wanted so badly to say no but I was frozen. I thought he would dump me tonight. And this was the opposite. I swear I didn't do anything to make him think I would say yes. In fact I ran from him." Hermione tried to explain.

George stomped out of the room and left for his old room. He slammed the door and locked it magically.

Hermione got on pajamas and walked to his door. She knocked a few times but nothing happened. She leaned against it slowly sliding down. She let herself cry out for him. She cried out his name and banged her head slightly on the door.

George refused to open it. He was mad, but even he knew that come tomorrow he would miss her touch. He knew that in a few hours he would break. So he slid himself under the covers and waited for sleep to take him.

His dreams that night were filled with Hermione. She ran to him from every direction. She tried to grab onto him but he was flying. Higher and higher he went watching Hermione below him. She cried out for him begging him to come back. Asking so sweetly. Then out of nowhere Hermione's eyes got scarred, she started screaming a frightened scream.

George woke up screaming. He could here Hermione moving things around in her room. His heart was throbbing. He couldn't stand it anymore. Any of it. He wanted to be with her but the thought of Ron still being there, waiting for her to tell him she'll forever be his. George couldn't take it anymore.

"Hermione" He whispered as he entered her room.

"George…" she ran to him and hugged him tightly. "George I'm sorry I thought you would want to know what happened, I couldn't lie to you. I hurt you and myself. I hurt us." Hermione sobbed.

"Hermione, you are going to tell him no aren't you?" Hermione nodded. "Then all I have to say is once you're free of him come back into my room. But Hermione I don't want you saying no just because of me Hermione. Think long and hard, and if you really don't love him and haven't since before I came here then, then I'll have my door open."

Hermione let out one sob before sinking to the floor. She couldn't think about what her beloved had just said. What it had sounded like was he broke up with her. She could help but think that. It was all she could think about.

Hermione left her house that night. She had promise George he could stay and she didn't feel like being around him. She found the nearest beat down motel and checked in. She went back to her car to grab her bags.

Hermione was struggling with some of the bags when a man came up to her. She didn't know who he was. Then she saw the bag with holes cut out of it on his head. She had seen a movie once that was like this… that woman hadn't come out alive.

"Give me the bags!" he demanded in a harsh voice that made her cringe.

Hermione handed him her suitcases with some reluctance. Then he pulled a gun onto her pointed at her head.

"The purse too lady!" he shouted at her again.

Hermione gave a small hiccup as she handed over her purse. The man shouted at her not to make a sound.

"Get on the ground!"

Hermione leaned over and knelt on the ground before gently easing herself onto her stomach. She felt something inside of her twinge while in this position. Then the man said thanks right before pulling the trigger and running away.

Hermione didn't open her eyes, she thought she was dead. But she lifted her hand to the back of her head where the gun had been sitting. Her hair was wet in one spot.

"Dame him and his water gun!" Hermione shouted she was glad she had already paid for a night.

Hermione went to her room and sat there in the darkness welcoming it. Tears fell down her cheeks but she didn't know why. It wasn't over nothing was over she just had to pick. If she picked Ron he would be happy and she'd be rich. If she picked George they'd be poor and in love. That was enough for her.

There was a knock at her door. She didn't tell anyone she would be there. When she opened the door she saw Ron standing in front of her.

"Ronald how did you know?" Hermione questioned voice shaking.

"I love you Hermione I have my ways of finding you."

Hermione's eyes got bigger when he kept on talking about how he had gone to see George. Hermione thought he knew. Ron went on talking as he backed Hermione into a corner…

"Ronald please stop. Ronald don’t! Ronald get off me, stop it Ronald, Ronald stop it get off me I don't love…AHHHHH!" Hermione had tears pouring out of her eyes as she tried to kick Ron's body off of hers.

Hermione could push Ron off of her own body until he willing got up and left. He didn't say anything he just left, he took the little bit of money he had with him and dropped it at her feet.

"Don't starve Hermione."

"How did you know I have no money?" Hermione asked.

"I sent the guy to you didn't I? I've helped you out a lot over the years Hermione but now that's going to end. Forget about the proposal I don't want to be with you anymore." Ron left the room and disappeared into the darkest of nights.

Hermione had a bad idea pop into her head. If Ron had done that to her what had he done to his brother? For a few moments Hermione considered not going, George had broke it off for the time being. But Hermione wasn't about to let this be the way they ended it.

It took her a while to get back to her house. All of the lights were off when she opened the door. She walked from room to room looking for George.

"George!" she cried she could hear a slight murmur in the back room. "George!"

His body was thrown in the closet. He had been tied and gagged. He had a few cuts on his body and he had a black eye.

"Oh God he found out didn't he?" George shook his head. "Well then why did he do all of this?"

George gasped a few times before he could even get his voice going. "He found out I liked you. He thinks you might leave him for me. He's a little slow isn't he." George stood very slowly before walking out to his room and searching for his wand.

Hermione followed George to make sure he didn't fall. She put her hands behind his back as he walked to support him. She found his wand for him and healed him up nicely.

"After what he did to me I couldn't help but think he knew. I was so afraid of what he did to you." Hermione said as a single tear fell from her eye.

"Wait, what did he do to you?" Hermione tried to push up her sleeve strap when she realized Ron had ripped it George saw the look on her face and assumed the correct. "Oh god that bastard. I'll kill him if you want me to Hermione. Oh 'Mione I'm so sorry I shouldn't have let you leave! You aren't leaving ever again. I swear I'll be there till you want to kill me I'm so annoying."

"George I want you to be there forever. I want you to be there so much you're annoying, but you never will be. One day George, one day. He called off the proposal… I didn't know he could do that. But we should still stay a secret for a while at least so he doesn't think that we've been together the whole time. A month and a half, then we'll tell them deal?"

George went to kiss her, but didn't after tonight she might not want to be kissed or touched for a while. But Hermione pulled George closer and gave him the shortest kiss they ever shared.

AN. I don't own any characters except OC's. The plot is also mine and it is a complete coincidence if you have seen anything like this, or have planed anything like this. This story came from inside my head...and only inside my head!

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