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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 38 : Death of the Famous Harry Potter
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A/N:- I hope this chapter is good, i personally think it's a bit rubbish but oh well. PLease keep R/R coz it's helping me focus on the story.

Harry, Hermione and Ron headed towards the main entrance hall. All the teachers were rushing around and they had to inch along the walls not to get bumped into.

“Mum!” They heard Jenny said as they turned a corner.

“Jenny, get back to the common room now” April ordered. Harry, Hermione and Ron all stopped as they watched the mother and daughter look at each other.

“No. I just want to say something.” Jenny said.

“Does it have to be now?” April asked.

“I just want to say something.” Jenny said. Harry saw some tears in Jenny’s eyes. “Can you be careful.” She said, “I don’t want you to die or anything and I don’t really want to go and live with Sirius or anyone. Do you have to go and fight?” Jenny said. April’s stern expression seemed to melt away and she hugged her daughter tightly. Jenny was a little bit smaller then April.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been doing this for a long time.” April said as she let go of Jenny, “I have to go now. Go to my rooms if you want to, it’s closer.” Jenny nodded.

“I love you mum.” She said. April gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead and ran off to the Slytherin Common room. Jenny sighed tiredly and leaned against the wall. Harry looked at Ron and Hermione. Hermione had tears in her eyes and Ron looked a bit distressed. Harry pulled the cloak off.

“Jenny are you ok?” Harry asked. Jenny started in surprise.

“What are you doing?” Jenny asked wiping away her tears. “We have to get back to the common room.” Jenny said walking to Harry and started to push him towards where he had come from.

“Jenny.” Harry said. Jenny stopped and looked at him. “I’ll be ok. I think you should-” Hermione let out a shout and Harry turned to see a few Deatheaters coming towards him.

“Harry.” Ron said pulling the invisibility cloak off. Hermione got her wand out and made the cloak disappear. Harry pushed Jenny behind him.

“Get to the room of Requirement.” Harry said as he pulled Jenny behind him. The four set off at a run and bundled themselves into the room of Requirement. Cho, Padma and Luna were standing there in front of him. Hermione said a locking spell as she shut the door behind her.

“What’s happening?” Padma asked concerned.

“Cho, could you get to your aunt and tell her to get here now?” Harry asked. Cho frowned.

“Aunt Lee is in China right now.” Cho said.

“It’s important!” Harry shouted at her, “VOLDEMORT’S ATTACKING THE SCHOOL!” Cho started in alarm and then immediately began to search the room. She found a small pot of Floo Powder and threw it into the fire.

“Chinese Auror Headquarters, Ministry of Magic China” She said as she ran into the fire. She disappeared and the fire died away.

“What are we going to do?” Padma asked, “Why did you call us?”

“Because I thought we might need back up” There was a banging on the door and everyone stepped away

“How did they know where we are?” Hermione asked. Padma clutched onto Ron’s arm as Harry pulled Jenny closer to him. He had his wand out.

“They-” The door burst open and Ginny stumbled in with the Gryffindor DA members.

“Ginny what are you doing?” Ron shouted at her.

“You think we want to miss out on this?” Ginny asked.

“It’s what the DA is for isn’t it?” Pavarti asked slightly annoyed.

“Yeah but-”

“And you did train us to fight Voldemort” Lavender said.

“Who is attacking right now.” Pavarti said. Harry stared at the two in surprise.

“They scare me sometimes.” Jenny whispered to Harry. Lavender and Pavarti both smiled.

“Is You-know-who really attacking?” Colin asked Harry. Harry nodded.

“Are you sure it’s safe in here?” Padma asked. Pavarti turned to her sister to see her holding Ron’s hand tightly. Hermione was also looking but slightly more annoyed then Pavarti. Pavarti turned to Lavender and smiled.

“Well, it’s as safe as anywhere, the safest place would be probably Dumbledore’s office.” Harry said. Cho stumbled out of the fireplace coughing.

“She’s coming.” Cho said. She coughed a few more times and went to the foe mirror. “My Hair!” she said in slightl dispair.

“Well I think your hair is fine” Luna said. Harry stared at everyone in disbelief, the only one’s who seemed to be taking this all seriously was himself, Jenny, Ron and Hermione.

“What is wrong with all of you? We’re under attack and all you can think about is your hair and gossip?” Harry asked.

“Well what else are we supposed to do?” Cho asked, “We’re under attack by Voldemort and no one can kill him but Dumbledore so there’s no point in going out there and fighting him.”

“You’re wrong, Dumbledore can’t kill him.” Harry said.

“Dumbledore can kill anyone if he wants to.” Padma said.

“No, he can’t kill Voldemort.” Harry said. Hermione looked at Harry worriedly.

“You’re not going after him.” Hermione said, “It’s suicide.”

“I haven’t got any choice.” Harry said looking at Hermione.

“You don’t know how to kill him.” Hermione snapped. Everyone turned to them. It was obvious they knew something no one else knew.

“I do, you worked it out for me remember. Love. I can work on that and I’ll improvise.”

“Improvisation could get you killed.” Hermione snapped. Harry stared at Hermione when his scar started to throb.

“He’s near” Harry said looking at the door. Harry started for the door.

“Harry, don’t go.” Jenny said. Harry looked at Jenny.

“I have to.” He said,

“No you don’t” Hermione isad.

“How many times have I told you Hermione, I am the only one who can kill him.” Harry said. Hermione went quiet but she still scowled.

“What are you talking about?” Ron asked.

“Let him go. He’s right.” Hermione said huffily. “But if you go I’m coming with you.” Harry felt like cursing Hermione for her loyalty to him. All the time they argued over it Harry’s scar began to hurt more and more. Eventually the fire erupted into a shower of green flames and five Chinese aurors stepped out. Cho turned and gave Lee Chang a sombre smile. Lee said something in rapid Chinese.

“Outside.” Cho said in reply. Lee nodded and ordered her aurors out of the room. They left.

“Will you be safe here?” Lee asked. Cho nodded. Lee was about to leave when Harry made for the door. Lee held her wand out and the door slammed shut.

“No!” Lee said.

“Let me out, I can fight him!” Harry said rounding on Lee.

“I am not letting your parent’s death be in vain.” Lee said.

“Tough.” Harry said. He got his wand out “Stupefy” Cho turned in shock as Harry stunned Lee. He went to the door and pulled it open. He could hear some fighting going on and he headed towards the Main entrance.

“Harry!” Jenny screamed as she ran after him. The DA that he had been with all ran after Harry and they stopped dead at the top of the main staircase. Below them they saw their teachers fighting against deatheaters and a few students. Harry scanned the scene below him for April and Dumbledore. Harry couldn’t see them anywhere below him. Lavender let out a shriek as she saw Firenze kick a deatheater half way across the main entrance hall.

“Jenny, get back to the common room.” Harry said.

“No!” Jenny protested. Harry looked at each of his friends.

“This is it.” He said. He made eye contact with Hermione, she pulled her gaze away as she turned to look at the scene below them.

“Little Harry Potter is trying to get into a fight that is too big for him.” Came a high babyish voice behind him. The DA turned and came face to face with Bellatrix Lestrange. Lavender went pale and Cho frowned. The others had fought against deatheaters before and Colin just didn’t have much of a clue.

“Bellatrix.” Harry said.

“Now, we’re not on first name terms Potter.” Bellatrix said. She held her wand out.

“Stupefy.” Harry shouted. Bellatrix dodged out of the way and managed to make her way around them quickly to join the fray. Harry followed her quickly. He soon got caught in the fray and saw Bellatrix standing a little way off cursing Flitwick. Flitwick managed to deflect it but Bellatrix was already cursing her next victim. Harry tripped over something and a green light shot above his head and crashed into a statue. Harry turned to see a deatheater right behind him. The DA had dispearsed and Harry knew he was now on his own.

“Expelliarmus” Harry shouted. The spell hit the deatheater and his wand flew in a high arc and got lost amongst the teachers and students. Harry scrambled to his feet. “Protego” He said just in time to deflect a spell that was shot his way. He dodged a few more spells when he bumped into someone. He turned quickly and came to look into the cold grey eyes of Draco Malfoy. Harry raised his wand ready to curse him when Malfoy put a hand up and turned around. Harry hesitated when Malfoy grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

“Come on Potter.” Malfoy said.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked pulling his arm back.

“I’ve been looking for you. I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away from something like this now come with me or you won’t get the chance to kill the dark lord.” Malfoy said. Harry looked at Malfoy surprised.

“What-” Malfoy pushed Harry out of the way into a darkened doorway.

“Malfoy, have you seen Potter or any of his small friends he came with?” said Bellatrix as she walked down the corridor.

“No miss. I was going to go and inform the dark Lord that Potter has joined the fight.”

“Good, hurry.” Bellatrix said. Malfoy nodded and turned. He made brief eye contact with Harry before running down the corridor to the dungeons. Bellatrix looked around the corridor before turning around. Harry felt himself being pulled into a classroom and the door shut.

“What are you doing?” ordered Sirius.

“Lumos” Harry said. He shone the light on the face of Sirius

“What are you doing here?!” Harry said.

“I'm waiting for Dumbledore to return. He told me to wait here until April could get to me”

“Dumbledore’s not here!” Harry shouted.

“No he’s not.”

“Oh no.” Harry said. He pulled the door open and ran out.

“Harry!” Sirius shouted. Harry ran back into the fray of teachers. He saw Crabbe grab Hermione by the back of her robes and throw her against a wall. She winced and fell to the floor. He turned away and saw Luna casually throwing spells and kinxes at deatheaters. Harry saw a deatheater coming up behind her.

“Impedimenta!” Harry shouted. The spell cut through the air and flew inches from Lune’s head and into the deatheater behind her. Luna turned in surprise and tumbled down the last few steps and tripped over Padma’s unconscious body. Harry frowned and looked for Jenny, Ginny and Ron as well as the others.

“Harry!” Cho screamed. Harry ran in the direction of the scream to see Cho fighting a deatheater who had Jenny bound and was performing the Crucio curse on her.

“Stupefy!” Cho shouted but the spell missed as the deatheater moved out of the way.

“STUPEFY!” Harry shouted. Cho said the spell again at the same time and both hit the deatheater. Jenny stopped convulsing in pain and sat against the wall breathing heavily. Cho and Harry both ran to Jenny.

“Are you ok?” Cho asked as Harry untied the bonds around her. Jenny nodded slowly and put her arms around Harry. Harry gave her a quick kiss and pushed Cho down just before a spell hit the wall.

“Cho, take Jenny to Classroom six” Harry said helping Jenny to Cho.

“Why Classroom-” Cho ducked again as Harry sent a spell her way but it flew over her and into Goyle.

“Just take her.” Harry said. Cho nodded as she helped a weak Jenny to the classroom. Harry frowned and felt his heart tearing slightly. At least Cho was willing to do as Harry said. Harry was about to turn around when the fighting suddenly stopped. He stood up and turned around. In the middle of the large crowd stood Voldemort. Harry could now see exactly how many people there were.

The number of Deatheaters largely outnumbered the number of teachers and students fighting for Hogwarts. Harry saw Neville, Colin and Ron standing a little way off. Neville was clutchin his arm in pain. Hermione was unconscious near the doors. Luna had managed to revive Padma, who looked very confused. Ginny was also lying on the floor a little way off but Harry could see she was breathing.

“Harry Potter, we meet again.” Voldemort said. “I am really getting tired of you escaping. Sieze him.” He ordered. A large number of Deatheaters ran to Harry. Harry gripped his wand and threw stunning spells and impediment jinxes at them. He couldn’t hold them all off and soon he found himself being dragged out in front of Voldemort with his hands tied behind his back.

“Make sure his friends won’t go anywhere, I want them to witness the death of the famous Harry Potter.” Voldemort said.

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