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Hermione's Addictions by PlatonistAmaya
Chapter 1 : Addictions
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It was a stormy night just like the night before. There are two kinds of rain, one that is warm, and cleansing to the world. The other, like what was falling from the sky this stormy night is cold, and seems to force one to reflect on the past.

            Hermione sat by her window staring out at the rain. As expected, it was forcing her to revel in the past. She had been out of Hogwarts for about seven years now. And her life hadn't been what she or anyone else had expected since then. She, like everyone else, expected herself to do something great, not end up how she did.

            At twenty-three Hermione had survived the war, and lost the love of her life to an addiction she couldn't beat. Hermione, due to loosing Ron, and Ginny, and Harry having been in a vegetative state since the night he finally fulfilled the prophecy, turned to something to deal with her pain. She, coming from the muggle world, knew all about the ways to escape pain. She became a cocaine addict. This happened when she was at the tender age of nineteen. 

            There had been a time her life when she'd been happy, even after the war…when she'd been with him.

            'Him' was Draco Malfoy. Yes, the Draco Malfoy. He had turned back to the right side after Voldemort had killed his mother to punish his father. Once on the right side, he fought harder than anyone except maybe Harry to end the war. 

            Hermione's eyes glazed over as she remembered this time with Draco….

            "Hello? Is anyone there- bloody hell! Hermione, what's happened to you?" Draco swore. He'd come to Grimmauld Place at request of McGonagall. Detectors had gone off that someone was inside. It was after the war, sure, but there were still some death eaters on the loose. 

            "Oh, hey Draco," Hermione said shakily. They were both twenty now. She was far to thin. Her eyes were sunken in and she was shivering.

            "Hermione," He said quietly as he came towards the stairs she was sitting on, "What happened to you? No one has seen you in a year. We all thought you'd never come back," Draco whispered as he sat on the stairs next to her. It was quiet, for once, in the house since they'd finally managed to get Sirius' mother off the wall.

            "Draco, it’s a long story. Do you really want to, or have the time to sit here and listen to the whole thing?" Hermione asked wearily

            "Yes Hermione, I want to know. What's happened?" Draco asked.

            With a weak smile she began, "Well, with most of the Weasleys dead, as well as Harry being in a coma- how's he doing by the way?" Hermione interrupted herself.

            "Fine. Good actually, the healers have seen some brain activity at last, but go on," Draco urged.

            "Yes, with nearly everyone I cared for being incapacitated, I felt at loss. I went back to my parents for a time to discover that their dental practice had gone under and they were getting a divorce. I felt as though I had nowhere to feel safe, so I ran," Hermione explained. She took a breath then continued: "On the run, I did anything I could for money, because I had no job. I was still practicing magic, but there were some things I needed that couldn't be magicked like that." Hermione stopped for a moment. "So, I started doing odd jobs. Some days I'd help unload fruit. Another day I deliver messages, but although I was doing all right for myself, I wasn't happy. I was depressed.

I did something really stupid to try and stop it. I started using cocaine. Do you know what- oh you do?" Hermione stopped as Draco nodded that he knew what is was impatiently. "Yes, so, I became addicted. I've tried rehab and cold turkey, and everything, but I can't stop. I cleaned out my account at Gringotts and I've been living here. I haven't used magic until yesterday, so I guess that's why you came? Anyway, the money from Gringotts has helped nurse the addiction, and I've just been living here I guess…" Hermione finished.

            "Oh god…Hermione, why did you do this to yourself? Did you really think there was no one left who cared? There were many people who were just as hurt as you. What about poor Fred, who was left with no one but Fleur, his sister in law? Don't you think they were hurt when you disappeared…." Draco paused for a moment, then continued, "And look at you, you're skin and bones…you're coming home with me, c'mon."

            "NO!" Hermione said violently. Then she softened slightly, "No…I just don't want anyone to see me like this."

            "I won't tell anyone. I'll just tell McGonagall it was a false alarm, but I'm not leaving you here," Draco assured her. Slowly Hermione got up from the stairs, but her legs were weak and shaky. Hermione tried to walk but fell into Draco.

            "Here, let me help," Draco said kindly. He scooped Hermione up into his arms bridal style. She fainted in his arms…


            Draco and Hermione grew closer over the next year. She told people she'd returned, but never telling where she'd been. Draco kept his word as well, and didn't tell until she chose to let everyone know. Everyone was glad to see her. There was no judgment on her, only joy at her return. Draco helped her when she suffered withdrawals. She'd nearly bitten the damned addiction when disaster struck. Her father died in a car crash…with that she went back to the cocaine. Draco caught her buying the shit… Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. She grew afraid of being caught as well…and again she disappeared. 

            Draco searched in vain for her. He had people from the Order look as well. Blaise Zabini, an old friend of Draco's, even put out a reward if anyone were to find her. No one could find her. Finally, Draco came to the conclusion that she didn't want to be found. And addiction or no addiction, if Hermione Granger didn't want to be found, she would not be found.

            Another year went by. Draco tried to move on. He was set up on countless blind dates. He moved out of his manor for a little while to try and forget her. He took an extended vacation, got a new job, and he even tried living as a muggle for a time. Nothing could pull the thoughts of the beautiful brown haired woman from his mind. Soon, Draco was living like an inferi. He went to work, he ate, he slept, and he thought about Hermione. That was his life for the past year.  

            Hermione fared no better in her year alone. To stay hidden, she used glamour charms to change her appearance. She went by a different alias in every town. She sold her wand and bought another so she could not be traced. Soon the money she'd had from her Gringotts account vanished. Despite her efforts, Hermione could not stay clean. She moved to America in hopes of a fresh start. She knew it wouldn't make the addiction go away but she needed a change. With that in mind she set of for New York. Once there, the old habit reared its ugly head, but she had no money. So she had to come up with new ways to pay for her addiction. She helped the dealers for a while, until a nasty deal with the police came up that got several of them put in jail. Everyone assumed it was her, and after that the only thing they'd have to do with her is to sell her what she needed. After that, Hermione had to sink even lower to pay for her addiction…I won't go in to detail, as that part of this story is not mine to tell, but I will say she had to drop to doing highly unsavory things to pay for her problem. 

            So how did the addiction finally stop? An old friend she hadn't expected to see…

            "Ermiohninny?" A voice called behind Hermione. She'd been near the quidditch stadium outside New York for some reason. Something had drawn her there. Maybe she wanted to see if she'd get a glance of someone from her old life. She didn't really know. But she did recognize the voice coming from behind her.

            "Hello Victor," Hermione replied. She drew herself upright and tried to appear normal. He was in street clothes, a pair of baggy jeans and a hoodie. 

            "Mi," Victor used his old nickname he'd given her since he could pronounce it, "Vhat has happened? You don't look vell," He said in a concerned tone. Hermione noticed his English and accent had greatly improved. 

            "Victor it’s a long story. I don't want to dump it on you; I've been there before," Hermione replied and continued to walk.

            "Mi, don't walk away from me. You are not vell. You look sick," Victor ordered. Hermione continued to walk.

            "Fine, if you won't come to me, I will come to you," Victor replied. With that he jogged to catch up with her. He grabbed her arm and in a flash they had apparated to his flat. He was now living in New York.

            "Where are we?" Hermione asked wearily. 

            "My flat. I live in New York now. After I hurt my shoulder I knew I'd never play again. I took the money I'd put away built the stadium you saw and put a team together. Now you know what's going one vith me. Now vhat about you?" Victor explained.

            Hermione took a deep breath and began. An hour later she'd cried all her tears, and Victor was holding her securely.

            "Ve are going to beat this Mi. Just wait and see," Victor comforted.

            "How? I've tried Victor…I can't do this," Hermione trailed off.

            "You're going to beat this by keeping you busy. You are going to live with me, no, don't question it. Because of my job, I have a schedule that I make. You'll stay with me at all times. I'll keep you too busy to let that habit come back, you'll see," Victor promised….

            And he kept his promise for the next year; he and Hermione managed his stadium and his team. They traveled with the team. They almost never just 'sat around the flat'. Now, Hermione had withdrawals, sure, but Victor would simply hold her tight, wipe her brow, and wait it out with her. Sometimes he'd give her a cigarette, as the nicotine seemed to help. And Victor wasn't lying. Ever since he'd found her that day, she'd been clean. And Hermione discovered Victor too, was dealing with a problem. Quidditch had left him broken hearted. So, she, in turn, comforted him as well. And eventually, they became involved, but Victor knew something wasn't right.

            "Mi, you know I love you, but something isn't right," Victor began calmly. 

            "Victor, what are you talking about, everything is fine," Hermione replied.

            "No it isn't. Vhen you look at me, you're not seeing me, you're thinking of someone else. I know you aren't cheating, but you might as well be. I don't think he's anyone recent, but I know I'm not what you need. Once that vas true, we were vhat each other needed, but not anymore. Whoever he is, that's who you need," Victor answered her calmly.

            "Victor…" Hermione said softly. She ran a hand down his cheek. "I'm sorry it had to be like that. I'm sorry you had to deal with me for the past year. Thank you though. Without you, I may have been dead by now. I owe you more than you know. If you ever need anything, find me. I won't be impossible to track down anymore. Just go back to London, and you'll be able to find me. Thank you," Hermione said gratefully. She gave him a gentle last kiss, and apparated.

            And that's where we finally begin to reach the present. Hermione stayed clean. She now had her own apartment, and she continued to work with Victor. She thought of Draco often, but could never bring herself to go find him. A month went by since she moved, and the Avatars, (Victors team) were playing in England against the Tornadoes. Although Hermione was no longer hiding, she didn’t want Draco to be the first person from her old life to discover her. She wouldn't get that wish though.

            Hermione and Victor were in the top box as per usual. They were sitting going over some paper work when Hermione heard a familiar voice coming towards the top box.

            "Harry, no way are the Avatars going to beat the Tornadoes. I mean, American leagues are hardly existent. Am I right Draco?" Fred laughed. Hermione might have stayed if she hadn't heard that last statement. But, thank god, Harry was out of the coma. Fred had beaten the depression. But Draco looked horrible, but she couldn't see him just yet.

            "Victor, I've got to go. Come to my place after the match," Hermione said hurriedly as she got up to apparate. 

            "Mi, vhy are you going?" He asked, concern in his voice.

            "Remember that ghost of my past? He's here, and I can't face him yet," Hermione replied quickly. With that she apparated before Victor could protest. But it was not fast enough. Draco had seen her. And Hermione had long since stopped using the glamour spells. But she felt as though she was falling into depression all over again. She'd never let the drugs have control again, but Hermione was going to let my fear of seeing Draco win at least this battle.

            And finally, the present is here….

It was a stormy night just like the night before. There are two kinds of rain, one that is warm, and cleansing to the world. The other, like what was falling from the sky this stormy night is cold, and seems to force one to reflect on the past.

            Hermione sat by her window staring out at the rain…

            Then, someone came bursting out of her fireplace just as she'd expected. Hermione knew he'd follow her. 

            "Oh my bloody god Hermione," Draco whispered hoarsely as he stared. It was really her. Finally.

            "Hello Draco," Hermione replied, maintaining her composure.

            "Where have you been? How'd you stay hidden? How'd you get clean? I can tell you are, you look so healthy," Draco rushed all of that in one breath.

            "Yes Draco, I'm clean, but you look like I once did," Hermione said quietly, fear ebbing into her voice. 

            "I'm clean…but I've been battling depression since you left. Two brutal years I've been hoping you'd be back," Draco said. 

            "I'm back now, and I'm not running away anymore," Hermione attempted to comfort him.

            "I know you're not," Draco began, "because I'm never letting you go again. I gave up looking a year ago Hermione, but now that I've found you, I'm not letting you get away." 

            Draco walked towards Hermione, pulled her to her feet, and kissed her more passionately than he ever had in his life. 

            Hermione has new addiction now; him. Hermione loved Draco so much, and now that she had killed the old addiction, she was free to have the new one to him. 

            It was a stormy night just like the night before. There are two kinds of rain, one that is warm, and cleansing to the world. The other, like what was falling from the sky this stormy night is cold, and seems to force one to reflect on the past.

            That's the third time I've written that and I'm sure by now you've realized that I am neither Draco nor Hermione. So I'm sure you are wondering who I am. I'll tell you, although, I don't know if you'll believe me. You see, everyone assumed that I had died when I disappeared during the battle. My name is Remus Lupin. I'd had a vision of what was in store for Hermione, so I knew I had to seem to disappear during that battle. That way, I could follow Hermione without her suspicion to make sure she would be okay. You may ask, why didn't I intervene? Because the same thing would've happened if I tried as what happened with Draco when he tried. I did help her though. Who do you think told Minerva of the person in the Black house? It was no coincidence that Hermione was near the Quidditch stadium just as Victor came out. And I anonymously mailed the tickets to Weasley. 

            Hermione and Draco had a happy life together, the details of which are not mine to share. Hermione continued to work with Victor, and eventually the Avatars did win the championships. Victor did find what he needed in Fleur

            Now that Hermione has made her return, maybe its time I did as well. I know there is a Nymphandora Tonks who will want to kill me when I do. However, I will return, but that is another story to be told another time. 


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