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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14: Wallowing.
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Chapter 14: Wallowing. 

A.N.: I love Overdose x3 who has made this and every other so-amazingly-wonderful-that-words-cannot-describe banner!

Lily sighed sitting on her bed. She loved the Potter Mansion, and the Potter’s. Oh, but how was she to last a week here with James? Every time they kissed he tried to go further. Of course when she said stop he did, but then he’d act like he was mad at her. There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Lily called. She managed to hold in her groan when she saw it was James. James sat on her bed.

“Hello, love,” He said smiling.

“Hey,” Lily replied. James kissed her on the lips. Before things got too far, she pushed him away, “Valentine’s Day.”

“What,” James said, confused.

“Valentines Day, what are we doing,” Lily said.

“I…don’t know, it’s a month away Lils,” James said scratching his head.

“I want it to be a special night,” Lily said. James understood immediately what she meant.

“Ok,” James grinned. They turned on a movie and Lily realized this was the first time in a month they had been together without snogging. ‘February is a long time. Maybe he’ll say he loves me by then,’ Lily thought, snuggling into his shoulder.


“Ok, Rory, you have to learn,” Jamie said pulling ice cream out of the fridge, “Early what to do when a boy hurts you. It’s called wallowing.” Rory was sitting on the couch chewing on the remote to their muggle television. “Ew, Rory, that’s our clicker,” Jamie laughed. She gently pried it from her mouth. “Ok so you put on a sad movie, ours is,” Jamie pulled a tape from behind her back, “A Walk to Remember. Yes, love, I know. What is sadder then true love working out? Well true love working out and then the girl dies. Ah yes, very good question Rory.” Jamie laughed at herself. She was holding a conversation with herself as Rory stared at her in confusion. “Ok anyway, you watch a sad movie, cry, and eat junk food. But there’s something you always have to remember about this. It doesn’t get you over the guy, it starts it. And you are not crying over the guy, you are crying because you need to.” She put the movie in and Rory began to cry. “See you can do this!” Jamie laughed trying to calm her. She gave her a bit of ice cream before lying down with Rory on her chest.


Jamie was woken up by Rory pulling her hair softly.

“Mama, up! Up, up, up, up!”

“No, no, no, no,” Jamie moaned.

“Rory,” Rory cried mumbling incoherent stuff after. Jamie looked up from her pillow,

“Why are you so smart?” Jamie got up and lifted Rory up, “I mean your father isn’t smart, I’m not smart. It doesn’t make any sense.” Rory gave her a look of confusion. “Never mind.” She plopped Rory down in her height chair. “Rory you want eggs, because mommy wants pancakes, and some eggs. So we’ll share.” Jamie turned on her radio before cracking eggs into a pan. Jamie sang along before turning around.

“Mama ‘ad,” Rory said. Jamie sighed, her daughter could tell that she wasn’t the same and she was a year old.

“Yes, sad, love. But not heartbroken this time. Just sad that he broke his promise,” Jamie said, “Boys lie a lot and the sooner you learn that, the better off you are.”


“So she agreed,” James asked. He was talking to Sirius through his mirror.

“Agreed to what? James,” Sirius could faintly hear Lily moan.

“Jamie agreed to go to dinner with Sirius, love,” James said. Sirius stiffened a laugh as he saw James roll his eyes at her.

“What,” Lily said. James turned his body to look at her. She dropped her jaw, and looked utterly shocked.

“Sirius and Jamie are going to dinner tonight,” James said, Lily still looked shocked, “Jamie plus Sirius plus food equal date. C’mon Lil, I know you’re not that virginal.”

“But she hates him,” Lily muttered.

“Thanks, Lily, really boosting me up,” Sirius said. Lily yanked the mirror from James’s hands. James groaned, before flopping backwards on Lily’s bed.

“What happened,” Lily said, “You were dating Kara.”

“We broke up,” Sirius said, stretching on his bed, “Lily it’s no big deal.”

“But it is,” Lily muttered, “It’s the famous couple again.”

“Would an autograph make you feel better?”

“No, just a promise,” Lily smirked, “Promise to not hurt her again.” Sirius nodded, and Lily handed the mirror to James before leaving the room.

“So did you really break up with Kara,” James asked as soon as he was sure Lily was gone, “Because when we left you were still together.”

“Yes, right after Jamie and I kissed and I asked her out,” Sirius said gleefully, happy to get ride of the whore.

“Aww Padfoot, you broke up with her after you kissed Jamie,” James moaned banging his head on the wall.

“Yes, crap, what did I do wrong,” Sirius said snapping up. He didn’t know what was so wrong, but James did.

“Sirius, you cheated! Jamie’s going to find out,” James explained, “She’s going to find out one way or another.”

“I know,” Sirius mumbled, “But things with us… I need for there to be an us again. I feel like without her I’m not me.”

“Just, be careful mate,” James whispered.


“So you agreed, he’s not lying,” Lily said. Jamie nodded to her best friend’s head. Lily’s head was in her fire place. She didn’t know she could floo in her apartment.

“Yes, but I’m not going,” Jamie sighed, bouncing Rory on her knee.

“He didn’t mention you cancelled,” Lily said, then saw Jamie’s guilty look, “No, Jamie! You’re going to stand him up!”

“You can’t tell James because he’ll tell Sirius, and you can’t tell Sirius!”

“What happened,” Lily asked. Rory began to chew on Jamie’s hair so Jamie put her on the ground.

“He told me he was done with Kara,” Jamie cried, “But he was kissing her in the hallway! He told me, no he promised me. I’m just so over it, the drama that comes from dating Sirius Black.”

“Aw, Hunny,” Lily said sympathetic. Jamie didn’t want her to pity her just because she kept making the stupid mistake of trusting Sirius Black.

“Its fine,” Jamie smiled slightly, “I wallowed.”

“Good girl,” Lily smiled, “Oh, shoot. I got to go to dinner. I’ll floo again on Christmas, ok?”

“Ok, goodbye my love.”

“Bye love, bye Rory.” With a small pop she was gone.


When 7:30 rolled around, Sirius became nervous. ‘Where is she?’ He quickly glanced around the common room to see a group of first year girls giggling.

“Hello, ladies,” He said smoothly walking over to them, “Could I ask you a favor? Could you go up to the 7th year girls’ dorm and see if there is a girl in there. And if there is will you ask her to come down?” The girls all stared at him in shock, before one came to her senses. She quickly ran up before coming down five minutes later.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Black,” The girl squeaked, “No ones there.” Did she just call me Mr. Black,” Sirius thought, “Anyway, where’s Jamie. I told her seven, didn’t I? Maybe she thought a different time. Where else would she be. The map! Cookies! Wait what? That didn’t make sense. What is it when you are congratulating yourself on something? Goodies? I don’t know… I hate girls, they confuse me.' “Thank you very much, ladies,” Sirius said before jogging up the stairs. He rummaged through his truck, and when he didn’t find it went to James’s. It was at the bottom with the invisibility cloak. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!” He quickly looked over the Gryffindor tower, the library, and the great hall. She was in none of these. He spent the next hour going over the whole map carefully, looking for Jamie. When she was nowhere, he got worried. He took the map with him and ran through the hollow halls. Finally reaching the familiar Headmasters office. “Cherry Drops!” He quickly walked up the stairs two at a time, before lightly knocking on the door.

“Come in,” Said a soft voice. Sirius opened the door slowly, to see his headmaster reading something with concern on his face, “Ah, Mr. Black? What do I owe this visit?” The old man said. Sirius wondered what had happened to him, back in 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st year he would have said, ‘Sirius come in! Take a seat! Would you like a lemon drop? What prank did you pull today?’ He assumed it was due to age.

“Well, sir. I’ve been looking for Jamie Smith and I can not find her anywhere, and I was just wondering if you happened to know where she is,” Sirius muttered, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

“No, Mr. Black, I don’t. I do know, however, that she is safely in this school,” Professor Dumbledor said, “You shouldn’t worry.”

“I’ll try not to,” Sirius said backing out, “Thank you, sir.”

“Oh and Sirius,” Professor Dumbledor called him back, his eye twinkling, “If she’s gone, maybe she doesn’t wish to be found.” 

A.N.: Short, I know! Long wait I know! god school is almost over so I promise soon I will update more and more. So I have a new story idea about Fred Weasley's finacee and how he ruined her life, if I put it up would you read it? read AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“If you sleep with him, it will change things,” Jamie said, “It has to. And if he goes, you’ll have lost more than just him. So be sure, Lily. Be real sure.”

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