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Beautiful Disaster: The Portal To Life by al3x
Chapter 2 : Finding each other again
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Beautiful Disaster: The Portal To Life
Finding Eachother Again

A whisper spread across the supermarket and the hushed voices sent chills up Harry’s spine. He stared at the women stood in front of him with wide-eyes and she smiled back sadly. Harry slowly retreated backwards only to back up into a shelf, knocking various objects from it. The only sound that could be heard now was the shuffling of his feet as he pointlessly attempted to push himself up against the shelf.

A man made his way through the crowd with an angry expression on his face. The silence was broken by his disproving moans of “move out my way” and “what’s going on?” He broke through the barrier of people and stumbled over his feet as he caught sight of the man backing into the shelf. His mouth opened and shut a couple of times but being lost for words, he just stood there in shock.

Harry’s hands flew to his hair as he flattened it against his head as to hide the mark which gave him away. Hermione stepped forward finally and slowly walked to him. She held out her hand which he stared at momentarily before cautiously taking it and allowing her to lead him away from the audience which he had created. The whole time he stared at their intertwined fingers and the only expressions he made were the flinches at hushed mentions of his name. His feet shuffled as he walked and his back was arched. As Hermione glanced at him she noticed he was a mere shadow of the boy he once was.

Picking up her paced as she felt Harry nervously bump into her, Hermione carried on walking away from the supermarket; squeezing Harry’s hand in hers as she heard the applause from the people they had escaped. After what felt like too long she ascended the steps of her new apartment and jammed the key in the lock, twisting it momentarily before stepping in and switching on a light. Harry stood in the door way staring around uncomfortably.

Hermione smiled reassuringly at him. “Do you want to sit down?” she asked slowly, eyeing the man stood before her. Harry had grown slightly since she had last seen him. She noticed he no-longer wore glasses and his hair, which had also grown, fell into his eyes; not in a stylish way but almost as though it hadn’t been washed in quite some time. She thought to offer to take his coat but she wasn’t sure how many he was adorning. Hermione usually was extremely neat about her home and would never let someone as dirty as this man even step onto her plush carpet, but this wasn’t just some man.

Harry hesitantly stepped into the warmth of the room and scurried over to a soft settee, sitting down quickly and continuing to gaze around. He caught glimpses of Hermione every now and then but just couldn’t stop his eyes training on her once in a while. He knew he had changed, for the worst if anything, but she, well she looked better than ever. Her hair lengthened so that it fell to her waist in soft ringlets, he chuckled at the thought of what she had looked like up until her sixth year, and almost felt an old part of himself return. She dressed so much, older, now and he could tell she had found herself a well paid job as he stared at the wide-screen television and surround sound system.

“There you go,” came a soft voice causing Harry to be startled from his thoughts. He brought the hot cup of tea to his mouth and sipped at it. Hermione gasped, “Watch it Harry, that’s fresh from the kettle.” Her voice sounded amused but her eyes held that same worry and pity they had always held for him. A smile flickered across his face momentarily as he noticed; after all, she wasn’t so different.

“Always looking out for us ‘Mione,” he whispered gruffly into his cup.

“Well, someone has too,” she said affectionately. Harry’s eyes flicked up to meet hers but he looked away when he noticed how they had glazed over slightly.

“So,” Hermione said eventually, thinking she could manage talking now without breaking down. “What have you been doing with yourself all this time?” It was a hard topic, she knew that, but it was one she felt had to be brought up. At first she thought he wasn’t going to answer, but after a large gulp of his tea a sigh left his mouth.

“Not a lot really,” he whispered. “What about you? You must be doing something right,” he motioned round to the room. Hermione laughed and let out a deep breath.

“I’ve been working hard Harry,” she told him. “Luckily I was muggle born and able to find myself a decent job; I write for a daily newspaper. Its tough work but it brings in enough money.”

“I can see,” Harry replied.

“And it takes up a lot of my time,” she began slowly, fixing Harry with a stare which he did not return. “Stops me from thinking about things.” She noticed how his eyes stared at one spot on the floor, never blinking. She pleaded in her head for him to respond but when he never she decided to change the subject. “Well come on now, you must have done something in all this time; it’s been almost three years?”

“Well,” Harry began, settling his cup down on the small coffee table. “As soon as…As soon as it ended I did everything to keep myself busy. I did several interviews with newspapers which offered me thousands of pounds and I soon found myself pretty well off.” Hermione nodded knowingly; she had read every one of those articles. “But urm, I guess I soon got tired of the high life. Sure, I had new friends around every corner, a different woman to share a bed with every night. But it just didn’t feel right.” He gave a sort of wonky smile and his eyes fell to the floor once again. “So I secluded myself from everyone, and everything. Soon enough my money disappeared, more on booze than anything else,” he laughed slightly but Hermione could tell he found nothing funny. She smiled sadly and he continued with a hard stare fixed on her.

“I haven’t used it since the end Hermione,” he whispered with a determined tone in his voice. “My fingers twitch with the urge,” his eyes widened madly. “But I won’t let them,” he said quickly, retreating into the arm of the chair.

“I know Harry, it’s hard. It would be too hard to start using it again but it is part of us; I’ve struggled too.”

“Do you realise how easy it would be to end it all?” He asked menacingly, creeping out of his retreatment. “Hmmm? Have you never though of just making one movement and then swoosh!” His arms flew in the air, startling Hermione slightly. “It’s all over.” A satisfied smile came over his features and his eyes glazed over as though he was now not there any more, but rather in a place where pain could not reach him.

Hermione watched him for a few minutes in silence before taking his hand in hers, “It’ll be ok,” she whispered reassuringly. As a matter of fact she knew it wouldn’t be ok, nothing could ever make them forget magic, and Harry knew this too.

“It won’t be ok,” he shook his head slowly and some sanity seemed to return. “It’s been three years and it hasn’t been ok.” His gaze was fixed on Hermione who looked back at him; she felt tears defiantly fall down her face. “I have nightmares about it you know,” he said shakily. “I couldn’t count the amount of times that I have woken up whimpering and covered in sweat,” his voice was bitter and Hermione soundlessly watched his coffee spill from his shaking hand.

“I’ve had nightmares to,” Hermione said quietly and Harry’s head snapped up at this.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Don’t be, it’s not your fault…”

“Yes it is,” he cut in as she barely finished her sentence. “If we’d never been friends…”

“What Harry?” Hermione snapped. “I would never have been involved in the war? I would never have lost friends and…and love ones to that monster? The whole wizarding world was destroyed; I haven’t come across another witch or wizard in three years. Harry,” she said lowering her voice. “You need to stop blaming everything on yourself.”

Silent tears fell down Harry’s face and his body suddenly racked with sobs. Hermione’s eyes widened and she pulled him to her and wrapped her arms around him, whispering reassuringly into his ear. Twice she tried pulling away but his arms tensed around her, so they sat there for almost an hour, wrapped up in each other, completely silent.

Harry could feel Hermione’s breath even as he lay with her by his side. He lifted his head slowly, thinking it best that he left now, but as he looked down at her he was overcome by an immense feeling that he couldn’t describe.

Hermione’s hair was falling delicately out of her face and her eyelids flickered as though she were dreaming. Harry lent his face closely over hers and stared at her. A whimper left her mouth and her face screwed up slightly and Harry couldn’t take it anymore. He pressed his lips forcefully onto hers and felt her stiffen beneath him, a small push at his chest made him pull away.

Harry looked down into Hermione’s chocolate brown eyes which were wide in shock and he felt the need to kiss her again. Slowly he lent down and her hands came to his chest to push away. “Shh,” he whispered against her lips as he ran a hand softly up her thigh and over her stomach.

Hermione shook her head as she felt herself give into his kiss and told herself what she was doing was wrong. But it had been so long since she felt the closeness of another person, and Harry had been her best friend for so long she was reminded of better times, and it felt so right.

Harry slowly laid himself on top of her and placed his face in the crook of her neck as he placed passionate kisses there and she was sure she saw a glimmer of platinum blonde hair. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as her head began swimming and her back arched; if she focused hard enough, it was almost as though the man she was with was the one she had been wishing for.

“For Albus Dumbledore!” It sounded around him like an echo as it was mimicked by the hundreds of people which were scattered in the entrance to the great hall, all looking to him for guidance.

It felt so surreal, like it wasn’t really happening. Could it really be that any minute now the battle they had been waiting for, for 7 years, was finally about to begin? Could it really be that he, Harry Potter, a name known by every witch and wizard for longer than he’d known who he was, was about to face the man, the monster which had tormented his life even when he was too young to realise, and defeat him; or die?

It felt wrong that he, at just 17, was now being looked to too lead these people, some of who were years older than him, into a battle which he was unsure whether they would win. He felt the pressure now more than ever to defeat Voldemort.

He wasn’t sure where these nervous came from; it wasn’t like he hadn’t faced him before. Although, all those other times he had been acting on instinct. He knew only that this man had tried to kill him, and he was the reason his parents were dead. The magic he had used had been purely luck; how could he possibly of defeated him in first year when he knew only basic magic? Everything he had done was to stop himself from being killed but here he stood, looked upon by all these people to not only save their lives but their children’s, the next generation, and the muggle world also.

He hadn’t even realised his feet had been moving out into the grounds and glanced around at the people surrounding him, almost shocked to see them there. His eyes glanced up to the dark mark which hovered in the sky and he felt a pain in his chest for the person, people, who had died already. It was in that moment that he truly realised what all this meant. He’d known all along that this battle would be the end, or a new beginning. He knew that he had to defeat Voldemort to live and for everyone else to survive. But right then he realised that he didn’t have to fight him so that he would live and everyone else would survive…He just needed to defeat him, whether he lived through it or not. He realised that he didn’t care whether he survived, because today he wasn’t alone; he was surrounded by hundreds of people who didn’t have to be there, but they were. These hundreds of people believed in Harry; belief is what he lacked in growing up. These people weren’t fighting to keep themselves alive, he could see the determination in their faces; they were fighting to keep the wizarding world alive. And he was going to make sure it happened.

The people had left his side within minutes and headed off towards the forest. Soon enough he could hear shouts and screams but didn’t have time to be scared about whom it was; he had to find him. Numerous times he had come face to face with deatheaters but it was as though they danced around him. He wasn’t sure whether to be thankful for this or not; the more deatheaters he killed the less could kill his friends.

It was odd, but he was sure he knew where he was going, as though someone was leading him to Voldemort. He guessed it was probably his plan; not to let any deatheaters attack him and somehow have Harry lead straight to him.

He kept his eyes narrowed as he noticed a group of people stood in a clearing close by, knowing all too well who it was and what it meant. A small cold hand on his shoulder caused him to turn suddenly and he found himself peering down into the bruised face of Ginny Weasley. He hadn’t wanted to hurt someone so much as he did when he saw what had happened to her. He fingers were clearly broken and her left arm looked oddly out of place. She breathed heavily when she looked at Harry and he put his hands under her arms to support her when she wobbled unsteadily.

“Ginny you need to get out of here,” he whispered quickly. Ginny shook her head. “Ginny listen to me,” Harry tried again. “Just through that opening is where Voldemort is; do you realise what this means? You don’t have to fight anymore; it’s all down to me now. No one else can defeat Voldemort so there is no point in you fighting anymore; I’m going to do this Ginny.” He smiled down at her, feeling the need to kill him now more than he thought he ever could.

“I’m not going to fight anymore Harry,” Ginny replied breathlessly. Harry grinned widely and pulled her into him but she gasped under the pressure.

“Ginny what’s wrong?” Harry asked urgently as she struggled to get her breath back. “Ginny?”

“I’m sorry Harry, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to see you defeat him,” she said sadly but with a small smile on her face. Harry gasped as her legs went from under her and he slowly lowered her to the floor. “But we’re all so proud of you,” she struggled out.

“Don’t say that Ginny,” Harry began as tears fled from his eyes. “Don’t speak like this. You can’t go now; everything was about to look up for us,” he told her and she smiled.

“Tell me how it’s going to be Harry,” she whispered. Harry looked down at her and wiped the tears from his face.

“Well,” he began. “In a few moments from now I’m going to go off into that clearing to face Voldemort. And you…You’re going to head back to the castle under my invisibility cloak so that I know you are safe.” A smiled spread across Ginny’s face as she nodded for him to go on. “Once I’ve defeated him I’m going to come running back to the castle and there I’ll find you surrounded by everyone who fought so well that they all survived. I’m going to take you in my arms,” he wrapped his arms protectively around her as her body began to shake. “And whisper into your ear how much I…I love you. I still love you Ginny,” his voice broke when he looked down in time to see her flicker her eyes open momentarily to look at him. “Then…Then I’ll ask you to marry me and you’ll…You’ll…”

“Say yes,” Ginny whispered from his arms. Harry smiled sadly.

“And we’ll buy a big house with three dogs; because I know how much you love them. We’ll have lots of children; the boys will look like me with your eyes and the girls will be as perfect as you are. When they’re 11 they’ll get their Hogwarts letters and all be sorted into Gryffindor where they’ll excel in everything they do…”

“Especially quidditch,” Ginny managed a small smile.

“Of course,” Harry replied quietly as he felt Ginny’s body start stiffening in his arms. “And we’ll get to grow old watching them, without the fear of Voldemort because he’ll have been gone long before they were born. The wizarding world will be perfect and we’ll love each other until the end,” he sniffed. “I…I love you Ginny. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” she whispered back. “I love you to…” And as though that was what she needed to say before she went, her body relax in Harry’s arms and he slowly laid her body down on the ground, standing up to look at her perfection.

A.n Sorry it's been a little bit of a wait but i wasn't sure when to end this chapter. I ended it where i did because the chapter would have been probably about 6,000 words otherwise. He is dreaming about the war if yu were wondering =] and it hasn't ended yet... So yes, thank you the people who reviewed the last chapter, it's great to see people following the sequal aswel, even though it's completely different to BD at the moment ^_^ Draco will make an appearance don't worry =] I'll finish the timing between the 5 years that Dumbledore makes an appearance with the next chapter most probs...So Draco should be in the 4th chapter n_n Anyhoo...Please leave a review =P


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