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Telling Apart Twins by Aaliyah93
Chapter 1 : Fred and George's Game.
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Summary: Fred and George Weasley decide to test their tight friendship with Angelina Johnson.

Disclaimer: Angelina Johnson and the Weasley twins may play less prominent roles in the books but that does not mean I own them in any way. They still are in the ownership of the powerful J.K Rowling.

Author’s Notes: This story is written in dedication to all the twins I have had the privilege of knowing in my life. May your mischievousness continue to irritate me; also, the Sprouse twins’ antics on The Suite Life reminded me so much of Fred and George that I had to write this one-shot as dominance to the Weasley twin’s famous traits.

Credits: Thank you to my classmates Lyn and Nina for giving me the idea to write this after you both annoyed the crap out of me. :)

Telling Apart Twins

A one-shot written by Lia


One of the disadvantages of being best friends with twins, particularly identical twins is…well, they’re twins and identical…they look the same. Some people may disagree with this pointless disadvantage of befriending twins. After all, they’re just two people who look and act alike, even having same personality traits.
Sure, they’re just twins, but if those twins happen to be the Weasley twins? It spells hidden disaster waiting for us all. Okay, well not for all but having them in my life does spell disaster every once in a while.

I remembered the first time I met them on the train in our first year. It was a rather embarrassing moment as they were hiding in the girl’s changing room. Apparently they were hiding from their older brothers Bill, Charlie and Percy who were appointed by their mother to keep a watchful eye on them both.

Being the mischievous twins they are, they decided to torture their older brothers by making them worry off their whereabouts.

Fortunately for them, I was the only girl in the changing room and I thought they both looked cute – in a twin-like sort of way; of course I had never seen two people who looked so alike, right down the last freckle, so I was quite fascinated by them.
I took them back to my compartment and we started talking and playing Exploding Snap until we reached Hogwarts. We became inseparable friends from then on. Of course, I did feel like the third wheel whenever those two hatch a plan of some sort to cause havoc but they’re twins, so who could really blame their closure?

One of the questions I asked them when we started becoming friends was, “Do your parents know how to tell you guys apart?”

With mischievous looks in their blue eyes and their Cheshire cat-like grins, they’d reply, “No,”

That’s another disadvantage to our friendship; the fact that they could practically read each other’s minds. Now, I know it’s a twin telepathy thing that all twins have but still, it makes me shudder that they could finish each other’s sentences; it’s also rather disturbing at times.

Frankly, I know that not all twins are bad, especially if they’re well-mannered and sophisticated like the Patil twins but Fred and George? Well-mannered doesn’t exist in their vocabulary; mocking a bow to me and taking me to a ball is as sweet-natured as they can get.

I am the only girl at Hogwarts who know of the disadvantages of being friends with those two. Sure, it has its perks at time but most of the time; I try to restrain myself from stabbing them both with a pitchfork.

My point is; being one of Fred and George’s friends is not what I would consider a vacation; especially when they decide to make an issue over the simplest matter.


It was just another usual day at Hogwarts; classes had just finished and students were hustling about to get to their own matters, whether it be a study-date, mountains of unfinished assignments or just have a little chat in the Common Rooms.

Angelina Johnson, after finishing a Transfiguration class along with the other Gryffindors, headed towards the library for a well amount time of studying. A few more months before N.E.W.Ts examinations begin and she wanted to make use most of her time revising and receive passing grades; she may not be the brightest witch of her year and spent most of the time thinking of new Quidditch tactics but studies were still her priority.

As she entered the half-full library, she passed by the Weasley twin’s little brother, Ron, along with his two best friends, the infamous Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, who were busily revising for their O.W.L exams.

Angelina found a spot and quietly took out the day’s homework; she figured if she finished it before dinner, the remainder of the night could be spent doing oral revision, such as practising her Charms. She decided to first plunge into her Potions assignment, not exactly her best subject but easily enough to receive an ‘A’ in her O.W.L exam.

The hour passed by and Angelina’s determined studious mood was giving her brain a major migraine. She decided to continue her work back in the Common Room where the mood wasn’t so serious. With that, she packed her parchment and textbooks, placed the revision books back before Madam Pince had a row with her and walked out.

It was in the hallway towards the Gryffindor Common Room when she saw one of the Weasleys walking in the opposite way, most probably heading towards the Great Hall. She found it a bit unusual that he was alone; as the twins were joined by their hips, in a matter of expression.

“Hey Fred,” she greeted cheerfully as he passed her.

“Fred?” he repeated, turning around to walk beside her.

“Angelina, I’m George,” he corrected in a serious tone resulting with Angelina rolling her eyes. Silly boy, she didn’t have time for his silly practical games. Even at the age of seventeen the twins’ maturity level was of that of five-year-old boys.

“Very funny, Fred, but it’s getting old, and I’m not really in the mood at the moment,” she replied, rubbing her scalp as they both continued walking.

“No really Angelina, I am George,” he pressed on.

Angelina sighed and turned around to face the redhead behind her. She studied him for a moment and shrugged.

“Mistakes happen,”

“Yeah, mistakes happen, but with other people. You’re our best mate, Ange; you should know how to identify us both,”

Angelina sighed and admitted to herself; it was true. But she had seldom acknowledged the boys one-on-one. It was usually “Hi guys,” or “Hello boys,”; never “Hi Fred” or “Hi George”. After all, they were identical twins with same hair, same eyes, same Hogwarts robes, same smirks, same freckles; they were exact reflections of the other.

Difficult, that’s what they are.

“George, your mother makes mistakes in identifying the both of you,” Angelina pointed out. “True, but over the years, she has developed a good sense in identifying us, unfortunately, guess it comes with the motherly instincts,” George said.

“Yeah well, first time for everything, George,” Angelina shrugged again and continued walking.

“But Ange, you’ve seen us everyday ever since five years ago!” George pointed stubbornly.

“I thought this conversation has been terminated by yours truly,” Angelina replied maliciously.

George stayed silent.

“Look George, it’s not a big deal, you guys are identical twins, even your best friend can make a mistake in identifying you even though we’ve known each other for five years. Really George, you act as if the end of the world or something,” Angelina continued exasperatedly.

Before George could utter another word, Fred casually came from the other side of the hallway, humming to himself.

“You seem chipper,” Angelina noted as he joined them; but before Fred could reply, George interrupted.

“Fred, Angelina Johnson here, our so-called friend, doesn’t know how to identify us!” he exclaimed.

Fred gasped in mock horror and Angelina had to restrain herself from slapping him.

“Wait, what do you mean she doesn’t know how, she’s our best mate!” Fred pointed out. George nodded solemnly. “That’s what I thought but apparently, she doesn’t know us enough like we had hoped,” he said, glaring at her and Angelina rolled her eyes.

“How could you, Ange?!” Fred asked her, upon hearing his brother’s words.

“How would you feel if we mistook you for someone else?” George added.

The question took Angelina by surprise and she broke out in hysterics. After all, it was a ludicrous question; no one else at Hogwarts looked like her.

“Really Angelina, how would you feel?” Fred pressed on, ignoring her giggling fest.

“Don’t be absurd, Fred Weasley, no one else at Hogwarts looks like me, I’m one of a kind –”

Fred and George made small coughing noises but Angelina chose to ignore them and continued on, reaching the first floor staircase.

“Of course you and your brother will never mistake me for anyone else. It was simple enough for me to mistaken the two, so please, stop pestering me about it. This discussion is over,” she said as they all started climbing the stairs.

“And why is it simple-”

“-for you to mistaken us?”

Was that a rhetorical question or were they just really dense?

Angelina sighed and faced them. “Very funny, but apparently I’m not laughing. Have you two looked in the mirror lately?”

“Why, George has a zit?” Fred asked incredulously.

“I do?!” George asked frantically, touching his face.

Watching the twin’s antics in disbelief, Angelina continued her way back to the common room. She was a little bit ahead of the twins but she couldn’t help but hear them whispering about a ‘plan’ of some sort.

“Here’s what we’ll do!” George said enthusiastically, rushing up to her side, making her jump. Fred went to her other side and smirked at her.

“What?” Angelina dared to ask.

“Tomorrow, you – Miss Angelina Johnson – will have to start identifying us both-”

“-Whenever you see us-”

“-As we’ll be going around the school separately-”

“-So that you can really prove-”

“-That you’re our best friend!”

“WHAT?!” Angelina shouted, turning around to gawk at them.

“You didn’t hear us?” George asked in mock sadness.

“Would you like us to repeat ourselves?” Fred asked with a grin.

“NO! And I will -” Angelina started.

“Then it’s settled then! Let the games begin,” George said excitedly, interrupting her.

“Absolutely not, listen here you two, I am not going to take part whatsoever in your idiotic game!” Angelina was practically shouting. Students passing by stopped to observe but one look from Angelina made them scurry off like rats.

“It’s not a game…it’s a test-”

“To prove you’re really a genuine best friend-”

“To us Weasleys!” George finished.

“We’ll start first thing tomorrow morning.” Fred added.

“Now we’re off –”

“See you Ange!” they both said and went off before Angelina could object.

Angelina continued to curse under her breath as she climbed the stairs towards the Common Room.

Surely the twins must be joking

And if they’re not, I’ll go see if Professor Snape has any ingredients for a Vanishing Potion…


After a long night of revision and some good night sleep, Angelina was up and early the next morning. The first thing she saw when she came down to the Common Room was one of the Weasley twins, acting a bit too enthusiastically once he saw her.

“What?” she asked him, a bit taken a back by his presence as she knew both boys weren’t early birds; Lee Jordan practically had to drag them out of bed just so they wouldn’t miss breakfast.

“Well, who am I?” he asked, stretching his arms widely.

Angelina frowned. “You can’t have been serious; I thought it was meant to be a joke!”

“When it comes to pranks and jokes, we don’t joke, Miss Johnson,” he said and Angelina rolled her eyes at the irony of it.

“Well, who am I?” he persisted.

“Fine, I’ll play your stupid idiotic game, just promise me it’s just for today and today only or else you’re going to see a side of me that you’re not going to like,” Angelina said threateningly.

“You’re already an angel, what’s there not to like?” he flirted.

Angelina circled him and studied him from top to bottom; from his beaming face down to his dirty trainers.

“Fred,” she implied and picked up her beg before heading to the portrait hole.

“Lucky guess,” she heard him mutter before going out of the common room.

Angelina merely smirked and thought at what an interesting day it would be today as she headed towards the Great Hall.

Yawning slightly, Angelina was nearly scared out of her wits when a red-headed someone jumped right in front of her. In fact, she was really taken a back that she fell and landed on her butt onto the floor.

She looked up at the grinning Weasley with dagger eyes.

“The least you could do is by helping me up… Fred,” she said pointedly.

Fred frowned and his shoulders slumped but helped her up nonetheless. Angelina dusted herself off and continued her way to the Great Hall where she sat in between Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell.

How Fred caught up with her so fast was beyond her imagination.

Feeling angry, she grabbed all food within reach and started stabbing them with a fork.

Alicia and Katie looked at each other at their friend’s odd behaviour.

“Err, Ange, why are you angry at the eggs-”

“-And the bacon-”

“-And the toast-”

“You’re Alicia…and you’re Katie,” Angelina muttered, still stabbing the said food with the fork, sending bits flying across the table.

“Yes, err, thanks for pointing that out,” Alicia said sarcastically.

“Has this something to do with the twins?” Katie inquired.

Before Angelina could answer her, one of her nightmares came and sat in front of her, grinning at her like there was no tomorrow.

You have the fork in your hand, he’s right in front of you, the teachers aren’t looking; this is your chance…

“Well?” he asked her.

Angelina took a peek below the table without moving an inch and looked back at the twin sitting in front of her.

“George,” she said, surprised at how calm her voice was at started eating the mess she was now forced to call breakfast on her plate.

George snorted. “Yeah right, I’m Fred, silly,” he said.

“No you’re not, you’re George, now shut up and go jump into the Black Lake,” Angelina growled angrily. George groaned but went off, knowing not to cross her, this early in the morning. Alicia and Katie gave each other puzzled looks.

“I don’t even want to know,” Alicia said and Katie nodded in agreement. Both girls grabbed their bags and headed off to their classes, leaving Angelina alone.


The day seemed to drag on for poor Angelina. It seemed as if every ten minutes, one of those infuriating…twins…would pop up out of no where and give her seconds to guess who they were. And she guessed correctly every time.

At one time, Angelina, who had just a horrible time in Potions, actually shouted out, “You’re killing me!” instead of “You’re Fred,” before running off before the other twin found her.

She didn’t see them again till after dinner when she was doing her homework. She had just finished her Charms essay and was clearing up her things when the twins stepped into the common room from the portrait hole.

“Oh no, not you two again,” Angelina groaned.

“Relax Ange, truly we have been good to you all day,” George (and Angelina was sure of it) said.

Angelina snorted. “Good my arse” she said.

“You did exceptionally well today in identifying us both-” Fred began.

“But we’d like to know one thing-” George continued.

“How’d you do it?” they both asked eagerly.

Angelina sighed and placed her bag on the floor before placing her hand on both boys’ shoulders.

“Fred, George, like I said the day before, I’m your best friend, you guys are like my brothers; of course I’d know how to identify the both of you,”

She grabbed her bag and headed for the girl’s staircase. Before going up though, she turned around and gave them a reassuring smile.

“Oh and Fred, you should really find the time to wash your dirty trainers,” she informed and left with a smile on her face.

Fred and George looked down and indeed, the trainers were brownish compared to George’s white clean ones.

Oh, that’s how…

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