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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 36 : Love Quidditch
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A/N:-I think i've realised the reason for my writers block, i'm not getting to the main bit as quickly as i would like to so i'm gonna try and quicken the pace slightly and i just people to know that i will be killing more people in the future chapters (NOT THIS CHAPTER) so please don't get angry with me if i kill a Character you like, it's for a good cause.....i promise.
The end of this chapter is especially for Valentines day...i Happy V-day everyone. I love you all and all my friends and people i know

Harry felt fresh and alive as he stepped onto the quidditch pitch. Katie was beaming.

“You could make this one of the best times of my life,” Katie said to Harry, “Catch that damn snitch and I’ll love you forever.” Katie said with a smirk. Harry grinned and nodded. He looked at the rest of this team. Jack and Andrew were talking and pointing out a few people while Ginny and Jenny were muttering about something quickly. Harry caught Jenny’s eyes and smiled. Jenny grinned and then looked up into the stadium.

“Come on mate.” Ron said clapping Harry. “I won the last one, your turn now.” Harry and Ron laughed as the Huffleppuff team, dressed in canary yellow walked out of their changing room.

“Oh, I have an idea.” Ginny said behind them. Ron looked at Harry slightly alert and then they both turmed to Ginny. She was busy handing Jenny some custard creams.

“Ginny, I’m really not hungry.” Jenny said.

“No, these aren’t for you.” Ginny said. She put them into a bag and then looked at Katie.

“No.” Katie said before Ginny could even say anything.

“Fine.” Ginny put the bag into her robes and mounted her broom.

“Teams, mount your brooms.” Madame Hooch said, “I want a nice clean game and no cheating.” The Gryffindor team mounted their brooms. Harry went to Jenny on his broom as she floated into the air.

“Good luck.” He said to her. She looked at him amazed.

“I don’t need luck.” She said cockily. She started laughing and Harry gave her a quick peck on the cheek, just as madame Hooch released the balls. Harry shot into the air and started to search for the snitch. After about half an hour of fruitless searching he risked a look down and saw Jenny lazily flying towards Ginny. Harry frowned and flew down.

“What’s happening?” Harry asked Jenny.

“Penalty shot.” Jenny said. Harry nodded and flew back up to where he had been. Ron was flying lazily around his goals. Harry really didn’t understand why Ron even turned up tot eh matches. Not many goals had been scored against Gryffindor that season and even Ron was wondering why he even bothered. They team that they had was so good.

“Gryffindor score again, that’s fifty pointed to Gryffindor, none to Hufflepuff. Come on Hufflepuff, you have to win-” Harry saw a glimmer of light as the sun reflected off the snitch. He immediately flew towards it and held his hand out as he got closer to the snitch. The Hufflepuff seeker Summerby was flying up next to him and held his hand out. Harry urged his broom forwards, he had to admit this match wasn’t as fun as Quidditch usually was. He was about to reach the snitch when a bludger came flying in his direction, causing him to fly off course. Harry cursed as he watched Summerby get closer to the snitch.

“ANDREW!” Harry shouted Andrew looked up and saw Summerby as Harry chased after him and understood. He intercepted a bludger and hit it towards Summerby. He just missed but it gave Harry the opportunity to overtake him and race towards the snitch. Harry clenched his fist around the snitch and held it tightly.

“Gryffindor win!” the Commentator said slightly disheartened. Harry grinned and flew down. Ginny and Jenny raced towards him estatic.

“We Won!” Jenny screamed as she put her arms around Harry. Katie and Ron soon joined them and they cheered loudly but Harry couldn’t hear any of their praising over the roar of Gryffindors that were deafening him. Soon the whole of the Gryffindor team were standing on the ground all hugging each other and cheering wildly. The pitch was then over run with Gryffindors who quickly hoisted the entire team onto their shoulders and started carrying them back to the castle. Harry hadn’t felt so happy in his life. He had won the Cup, again, most of his friends had helped him and Jenny was grinning wildly at him.

“GO GO GRYFFINDOR! GO GO GRYFFINDOR!” the Gryffindor’s all shouted. Harry saw Dumbledore in one of the teacher’s box. He was laughing at them and Cho looked quite pleased with him. The team weren’t put down until they got to the common room.

“I’ll be back in a minute” Ginny called. “Jenny, come with me.” Jenny wriggled between all the Gryffindors and slipped out with Ginny. Harry was finally put down alongside Katie and Ron. Ron’s face was red and Katie looked slightly flustered. Hermione burst through the crowd and gave Harry a hug then she went to Ron.

“Do you want me to give you a hug?” Hermione asked. Ron pretended to think for a moment then grinned. Hermione grinned as well and put her arms around Ron.

“Aren’t you going to tell us off for having a party?” Harry asked Hermione.

“No because we have someone here to watch over us.” Hermione said. Harry looked at her confused when Hermione nodded to the corner of the room where Lupin was standing with April.

“They are always following me.” Harry said.

“It’s for your own protection.” Hermione said. Harry looked at Hermione and she blushed slightly. “So Ron, lets go and get a few butterbeers.” Hermione pulled Ron away and Harry went over to April and Lupin.

“Very good flying today Harry,” Lupin said. “Though I think I have seen better”

“Why are you always following me?” Harry asked.

“We are here to protect you Harry.” April said, “Don’t worry, we’ll just sit here being inconspicuous.” She gave Harry a pleasant smile.

“It has been a long time since I was last in one of these Parties.” Lupin said.

“Maybe we should get Sirius over, he really knows how to have a proper celebration party.”

“Yes, he also makes a good paperweight if I remember rightly.” Lupin said with a smirk. April looked at Lupin and narrowed her eyes.

* * * *

“I can’t do this!” Ron complained. Hermione looked at his work.

“You can.” Hermione said. “How do you turn someone into a Stone?” She asked.

“You flick your wand and say that word.” Ron said. Hermione looked ar him amused.

“That word?” Harry asked. The three of them were working in the Common room. Most of the fifth years had retreated to the library so the sixth and seventh years had the common room to themselves. Most of the younger students had gone out to play on the sun filled grounds. Harry was finding it difficult to learn everything because everyone else seemed to be having fun and because he couldn’t concentrate, all he could think about was Jenny. That was effectively all he could tink about now, everything about her was so perfect, the way she had a few tiny dimples in her skin, the way she wore her robes slightly wonky and how her hair did a little flick at the end that really irritated her.

“Yeah you know-” Ron made a movement with his wand and Harry’s hand fell against the table with a loud thud. Harry gave a shout of surprise and Hermione tired to hide the smirk on her face.

“Turn it back!” Harry said as he picked up his stone hand. It felt very weird, his hand was made of stone and he couldn’t feel anything yet he felt like he could still move his fingers.

“Uh-” Ron started. Hermione rolled her eyes and got her wand out and tapped Harry’s hand. It turned back to flesh and Harry clenched his fist and unclenched it again.

“No more Transfiguration for you.” Harry said taking the book. Ron nodded and turned to Defence against the Dark arts.

“Do you think we need to learn all this?” Ron asked.

“How do you stun a troll?” Hermione asked as she delved into her large pile of history of Magic notes

“Um-” Ron said.

“You need to learn it.” Hermione said as she flipped through a few notes. Ron sneered and went to his notes. Harry smiled and was about to go back to his notes when there was a soft coughing behind him. He turned to see Jenny looking down on his sweetly. She had her hands behind her back and she was turning slightly.

“Can you come out for a walk with me?” Jenny asked Harry. Harry grinned and got up.

“Harry, you have to revise.” Hermione said.

“Why? The exams are only-”

“Two weeks away.” Hermione finished for Harry. Harry went slightly pale

“I’ll only be a little while.” He said. Hermione frowned while Ron snuck a glance at some of her notes. Harry took Jenny’s hand and they walked out of the common room and into the burst of warm sun.

“How can you stay cooped up in the common room all day?” Jenny asked pulling Harry’s arm over her shoulder and cuddling up against him as they walked.

“It’s a long acquired skill.” Harry said as he looked down at his beautiful girlfriend. She saw him smiling at her and grinned like she had read his mind.

“Come on, lets go and sit over there.” She said pointing to the large beech tree that Harry had once seen his father sit next to with his friends. Fortunatley there was no one there so Jenny and Harry sat down and Jenny put her head on Harry’s chest. Harry wrapped her arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

“It’s really great looking over lake, can you see the squid moving around under the water?” Jenny asked. Harry saw a few ripples and a dark shadow under the water.

“Yeah, it’s moving to that group of students there.” He said pointing out a few first years swimming in the lake.

“I used to come out here and talk to the squid when I felt really alone. Like last year, before I met everyone. I used to sit here and wonder what my mum was doing, what her latest adventure would be or what it would be like to have her around all the time and just sit here with her and talk to her.”

“But she’s here now.” Harry said.

“Yeah but not for long. This sounds stupid but I’m really scared of what my mum’s doing.”

“What do you mean by that?” Harry asked looking at Jenny.

“Getting closer to Sirius. He’s stealing away what little bit I had of my mum. I remember when I was like five, I would spend hours with my mum, before she went back to work and she would just sit there and cry over stuff. Or look at photos. I don’t think that it would be a good idea for mum to get involved with Sirius again. And she keeps talking about getting her own back. I’m really worried as to who she’ll get revenge on.” Jenny said. Harry could hear the fear and sadness in her voice. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her gently on the lips. She took the kiss hungrily, they hadn’t had much time together recently.

“You’ll always have me.” Harry said. Jenny looked at him worriedly.

“Are you sure about that?” Jenny said, “because you are the only one that Voldemort is after and-” Harry put a finger to her lips and silenced her.

“You’ll always have me, whether I’m around or not, you’ll always have part of my heart. I love you Jenny.” Harry didn’t know where that had come from. It just seemed the right thing to say and the right time. Jenny looked at him surprised.

“You’re just saying that because I’m upset.” She said though it didn’t sound like she believed it.

“I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.” Harry said. A smile crept onto Jenny’s face and she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I love you to.” She said, “I have loved you for a while now.” Harry grinned and placed another kiss on Jenny’s lips. She snaked her arms around Harry’s neck and returned the kiss. Harry shifted slightly and lay on the ground, pulling Jenn with him. A few people stared at them and whispered but Harry or Jenny couldn’t care less.

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