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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 20 : Make the hair on my Neck Stand Up
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cherrypie3601^ from the dark arts
Chapter 20:

Draco had never been so frustrated on deciding what to wear to breakfast. It was so weird. Before he could just throw on a shirt and jeans and it would look fine. It would feel fine. But now, it seemed much more. He went through every pair jeans, but couldn’t find one that was not too faded, and not too less. He couldn’t seem to find a shirt that didn’t look too goofy.

He was on the verge of pulling his hair off his head (precious, precious hair!). He let out an irritated sigh and settled on khakis and a buttoned up shirt.

It was that woman’s fault. She was driving him nuts. Draco Malfoy had never cared about what he looked like, until she came along and poked an arrow through his heart.


Backpack, backpack! YAY!” Noel sang, already ready, sitting in the living room. “The orange! He can eat the orange!” She screamed at the television screen.

“The orange!” the backpack yelled seconds later, to Noel’s utter delight.


Hermione sat staring at herself in the mirror. “To wear a dress, or not to wear a dress. That is the question,” she murmured to herself.

She picked up a multicolored sun dress from the closet and held it to herself. “To wear a dress. That is the answer,” she said definitely.

She slipped into it, and curled her hair in tiny little ringlets and sat staring at herself. She frowned, it still wasn’t perfect. She topped it off with some lip gloss and headed outside. Besides, it was just breakfast. No big deal.

She went into the living room, and saw Noel. She smiled automatically as Noel said, “Good morning, Hermione.”

“Morning, Noel,” Hermione said, as Noel reached up to give Hermione a hug. She never took her eyes off of the television screen. She was wearing a red dress, her hair was pulled back behind a headband. Her tiny feet were clad in silver flats. Hermione was discouraged, Noel seemed to look better than she did.

She sat down, waiting nervously for Draco to come out.

Meanwhile, Draco was sitting in front of the mirror. He combed his hair one way, then the next. In the end he pulled it back into an elastic band and walked out of the room. Noel was watching Dora the Explorer (again!) and Hermione sat looking beautiful. He frowned slightly, thinking about himself and how horrendous he looked.

“What? Does it look bad? I knew I should have just worn jeans, God,” Hermione said hurriedly, walking to the door, after she saw his frown.

“No!” he put his hand up, “You look great. It’s just me, I feel like I look ugly now.”

“Daddy, you’re not ugly!” Noel popped up from around the sofa.

“You look fine!” Hermione said. “When are we leaving?”

“Yeah! I’m hungry!” Noel said.

“Well, let’s go,” he said, picking her up with arm, and taking Hermione’s hand in the other.


They were there ten minutes later.

“I want the biggest pancakes they have!” Noel said to her dad, “With lots of syrup, please.”

“And how about you Hermione?” he asked her.

“Pancakes too, with more syrup then Noel,” she teased Noel.

Over breakfast, they didn’t say a lot. It was mainly Noel talking.

“How come the pillow hit Noah Daddy?” Noel asked. Her big blue eyes were round and curious.

Draco gave an uncomfortable look towards Hermione.

“It’s kind of complicated. But, pumpkin, you can’t tell anyone about what you did, okay?” Draco said slowly.

She seemed to ignore the pumpkin part, her face showing awe, “I did it?”

Draco nodded. “Uh… we…me, you and Hermione… kind of special people,” Draco explained. He was ready for this, he totally was. He had practiced this all night long.

Noel looked confusedly at Hermione. “Just listen to your Dad, Noel,” Hermione said in a very motherly tone. She had not expected to sound like that, but it just came out.

Draco noticed.

“We can do things,” he continued. “It’s called magic, Noel. Kind of like Cinderella, but a bit more fun.”

She looked at him like he had just said she was Princess Jasmine and he had just bought her a flying carpet. Eyes rounding in excitement even more, “Can you show me a magic trick?”

“It’s not a magic trick, Noel. But you have to promise me, that you won’t tell anyone,” he said.

“Why not?” she pouted, “Tony’s going to get off the hook!”

Draco sighed. “Where did you learn to say that Noel?”

“Tony,” she replied.

“I don’t want this kind of language, young lady,” Draco said.

“Think of it as our little secret,” Hermione cajoled, “we don’t need to share it with anyone. That way they can’t take it from us.”

“Okay!” Noel’s face lit up like a light bulb, as she stuck a fork in her stack of pancakes and ate like nothing at happened.

Draco gave Hermione a look that said, “Where did you learn to do that?”
She shrugged, gave him a smile that melted his stomach, and ate. Unintentionally licking her lips after the syrup leaked, sending Draco Malfoy into a hot frenzy.


It was well past ten o’clock when Draco was assured that Noel was asleep and safe. He came back to the living room and fell on the couch., exhausted.

“I don’t know why,” Draco said to Hermione was sitting on the rug watching a Grey’s Anatomy rerun. “But I am insanely tired. All I did was eat food all day.”

“I think it’s your sleepless nights catching up with you,” Hermione said, “They’re trying to lure you in. Stuffing you with pancakes and pizza until you can’t move, and then are forced to shut your eyelids in frustration, and eventually fall asleep.”

“That is a very nice explanation, it may even be true, but I think I have gained my senses,” he says, sitting behind her on the sofa.

He lifted her hair out of the way, and put it on her shoulder. She straightened up as he began to trace his finger along the back of her shirt’s neckline.

He smiled at he saw the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She continued to watch Derek and Meredith make out., but she was only staring at the screen, but her mind was sitting somewhere else. Her mind was on that finger of his, and what the slightest touch of seemed to do to her.

She reached behind her, and caught his hand before it could tease her any further. She got on her knees and turned around so they were level. She put his hand to her heart, looking at him straight in the eye.

“You have no idea, what that did to my pulse,” she whispered, feeling her heart thud.

He could feel it going almost as fast as his.

His mouth came crashing down on hers in a matter of seconds, she had no time to think. So, all she was left with was the most sensual feeling in the world, pulsing through her veins.

Adjö (Swedish! Yay!)

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Married By Mistake: Make the hair on my Neck Stand Up


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