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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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"OH," Draaco groaned as he stumbled back a few paces, clutching his nose. Ron took a few steps towards him and swung at him again, this time hitting Draco in the stomach. Draco doubled over in pain. Ron Pulled Draco's hair, making Draco lokk at him. Then he punched Draco again in the jaw, making Draco fall onto the concrete. 

Ron yanked Draco's coller making Draco's head rise. Then he started to punch Draco in the face continuly, all the while saying; "How dare you, you disgusting ferret!How dare you touch her! What have you done to her? You had to have cursed her or something! Tell me!" 

"Ron" Hermione screamed. She tried to grab hold of his arm so he would stop, but Harry grabbed her around the waist and dragged her a little way away. " Please stop! Harry let go! Ron, believe me, he hasn't done anything to me. Harry, let me go, please." She continued to struggle against Harry's arms but to no avail.

Draco's face was now covered in blood, and he wasn't putting up any fight. Ron and Hermione were still screaming, Harry was just holding onto Hermione, and a crowd was growing. 

"Weasley!" Someone yelled. A man jumped out of the crowd and graped Ron, forcing him away from Draco, (He had on a teachers robe). McGonagull stepped out of the crowd behind Harry, grabbed him by the ear, and pulled, hard. Harry yelped in pain and released Hermione. She flew by Ron and Snape, right to Draco's side. 

She knelt down next to Draco and pulled his bloody head onto her lap, not caring about her clothes. "Drao are you alright?" She asked, while wiping away as much blood as she could. 

Draco slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Hermione. He tried to smile at her but it just became a wince of pain. "Yeah, I'm fine 'Mione. Not the first time I've been beateen bloody." 

"Oh Draco, I'm so sorry. But you didn't have to defend me like that." She said, looking down at him adoringly. Ron made a sound of disgust. 

"Yes I did," Draco said. "It was obvious that they were hurting your feelings and I couldn't stand for that."  He tried to smile again, but he groaned thos time.

All of a sudden Hermione stood up and stalked over to Ron, murder in her eyes. She stopped not two feet from him and just stared.

Ron looked away but he could still feel Hermione's eyes boring into him. Finally he looked up. "Hermione I'm so-" 

As fast as lightning Hermione's hand raised up and hit Ron, backhanded. She did it with such force Ron jerked out of the man's grip. He looked up at the man and just said "Are you going to let her do that to me Sir?" 

"Why yes I am." He said. Ron looked at him and realised he looked familiar. but couldn't place him. 

"Professor, we really shouldn't allow her to do that. I mean it is against school rules." McGonagull stutterd. 

The professor looked at her and said slowly, "I guess your right but he did beat Mr. Malfoy up and from what he and Miss Snape were saying I think Mr. Weasley deserved it." He looked at McGonagull pointidly and she sighed  in agreement. "Mr. Weasley, and I hate to say it Mr. Potter, please go to the teachers compartment and wait there for your punishment." 

"What?!?!" Harry and Ron shouted. "But Proffesor, It was Malfoy who-" Harry started but the new teacher cut him off. "Miss Snape, did Mr. Malfoy, or you start this fight or took any part of it, besides that smack you just gave Mr. Weasley?" He stated straight at Hermione. 

"No we didn't sir." She said lightly glaring at Ron and Harry. 

The new teacher smiled and clapped his hands together. "Well then it seems that the entire fault is on you two,"He said looking at Harry and Ron. " Now please follow your orders and go to the teachers compartment." He smiled a sickly sweet smile at them, making them both glare daggers at him. Finally they turned around and stalked off towards the train without saying a word. 

Hermione looked at the new teacher and said greatfully, "Thank you so much sir. I didn't think Ron would ever stop."

"Neither did I" Draco said from the ground. He was still laying on it, and obviously still in pain. 

"Oh Draco I'm so sorry. I forgot all about you." She said as she knelt to help him up. "Obviously." He said through gritted teeth as he stood. ( Ron had also punched him in the stomach a couple of times.) 

Hermione looked back at the teacher. "Thanks again Sir."

He laughed a little and smiled at her. "Anything for my neice"

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