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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 5 : The Prank
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, blah, blah, blah. 

“Can we do it now?” Sirius whined, barely able to contain his excitement. The others became excited, too as they remembered what they were about to do.

“Prongs, you can have the honors.” Remus joked. James smirked and with a flicked his wand, the prank took action.

The whole hall went silent as the lights turned from regular white to bright green, hot pink, and dark purple. The Slytherins outfits changed to red ball gowns and red high heels, even the guys. They stood on their table and began to do dance, horribly I might add, and sang to the school:

Welcome to a new year
In this wonderful atmosphere
We enjoy everyday
In a very different way
Those Marauders help us enjoy
A prank to annoy
Us silly Slytherins!

James, the quidditch pro
Tells us what we need to know
Sirius, the gorgeous beater
*sighs from the Slytherin girls*
I a very big eater

Remus, the brilliant charmer
Is quite a heart-warmer

Peter, the sneaky prankster
Is quite a devious fool

The Marauders are the only reason
We keep coming back to Hogwarts! 

“Thank-you for all of your hard work!” Lucious curtsied, along with the rest of the Slytherins. The Great Hall broke out in laughter and clapping, as the Slytherins turned bright red.

The Marauders thanked the Slytherins through laughter. The Slytherins tried to change their outfits, but to no avail, the Marauders were smarter than that! The Slytherins realized that the Marauders had put a spell on the dresses, and dashed towards the double doors. Sirius whipped out his wand and slammed the doors, not allowing the Slytherins to leave.

“Don’t you want to be congratulated for that wonderful performance?” Sirius asked. The Slytherins huffed, and sat down at their table. They didn’t dare do anything in front of the professors. It was a while before the hall stopped laughing, but when they did, Professor Dumbledore stood with a smile.

“Thank-you, Slytherins, for performing for us.” The Slytherins scowled at him, “Marauders, thank-you for a job well-done, but you have detention for the rest of the week. Now, after the first day of school, I believe you all want to get to sleep, so off you go!” The hall was suddenly alive with students milling towards the doors.

James looked around for Lily and saw her laughing at something Tyler had said. He frowned as he saw how close they were. James decided to impress Lily with some maturity, and left the hall without a word. Of course, Sirius and Remus noticed this, and gave each other an approving nod.

Once they were dismissed, Tyler had come over to Lily. His smile had a hint of nervousness in it, but Lily didn’t see that. She smiled back at him as they walked towards the doors together. Lily briefly saw James, but he wasn’t looking their way.

“That was hilarious!” Tyler eased into conversation, “I’ve never seen Malfoy more red in the face!” Lily remembered the look on his face and broke out in laughter. Tyler laughed as well, relieved that Lily was comfortable around him.

“Listen, Lily, I really like you. I… Will you be my girlfriend?” Tyler asked out of nowhere. Lily was startled, and didn’t answer right away. Lily looked up at him, and smiled. Tyler was a cool guy; nice, good-looking, smart, and sweet.

“Yes, I will.” Lily answered, and Tyler smiled brightly. He held out his hand, and Lily took it, somewhat shyly. They continued to the Head’s Dorm with minimal conversation.

The Marauders, other than James, had seen this. They didn’t glare at Lily and Tyler, but they gave them a disdainful look. They knew James would be crushed, but wouldn’t give up. They decided right then, and there that they were going to do everything they could to help get Lily and James together. They started revising their plan, until they had it set up exactly how they needed it to work. 

A/N:  I hope you like it!  I know it's short, but live with it!  The next one will be longer, I promise!  PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW!

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