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Tennis Queen by meggy_knows
Chapter 1 : Stupid Beginnings
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Stupid Beginnings
Chapter 1

A/N: Yay, a new story!  Hope you guys like it, look for the note at the bottom as well.
The one thing that kept Rebecca Johnson sane was the steady thwack the tennis ball made against her racquet as she hit it. Nothing other then that steady beat would calm her, other then her best friend. The bright yellow ball against the dark green court; the power she controlled behind the racquet; the warmth outside and the bright blue skies, mostly cloudless; hushed noises of the crowd. It all culminated into the best sport, at least in her mind, in the world.


Such a lovely word for such a lovely sport. Who could not love it? Rebecca just lived and breathed it, living only for the next moment she could hold her favorite forest green racquet tight in her hand, toss the ball up, and bring her racquet upon the ball with force. 

It was a very pretty wall though, and she loved to stare at it for a while, before starting again. It was part of her school walls, in an unused area, which meant that there was going to be undergrowth in the area. Little plants grew among the cracks, and there was ivy on the sides of where Rebecca had cleared the area. It’s impossible to describe accurately, but it reminds her of the Secret Garden, almost. The book that she had once read just sprung to mind when she thought about her place, and it fit almost perfectly.

The ivy, the disrepair, the absolute beauty of the place. Or maybe it was just her. But she loved the place, and at every spare moment she got, she would run down there and just start hitting the balls against the wall, for what other life did she know? Her childhood had mostly consisted of tennis, no other happy memories of long-past hobbies there, and school work wasn’t her main priority. Sport was. Her passion, her hobby, the one thing that kept her on a straight path, besides her best friend Leda Fisherman.

For Leda, schoolwork was one of the main priorities, and seemed to be the complete opposite of Rebecca. Leda was quiet, the teachers loved her, and she didn’t play any sports. They really did put the phrase ‘Opposites Attract’ to use. When they first became friends, everyone was stunned but they soon saw that it just had to happen. Rebecca bright, loud and sporty, Leda dark, quite and a slight nerd.

They were inseparable. They did everything together. Went to classes together, did homework together, ate together, there was no end of the things they did together. They were a pair, and they would do anything for the other. Anything. Best friends until the end, they were.

Completely, utterly and absolutely inseparable. Until Rebecca’s parents decided to move her to a school closer to home. Since Rebecca grew up in England, it had been quite unusual for her parents to decide not to send her to Hogwarts, but instead to Beaxbatons, not that Rebecca particularly minded. She loved Beaxbatons, and liked how the system worked. Instead of the ‘silly’ houses, they were just organized according to year and gender. Each year had it’s own wing, a common room, and a room for every two people. One side was for girl’s, the other boys. All rooms came with their own bathrooms. 

And it was with tears, many, many tears, that Rebecca said good-bye to her dear, dear Leda. She too shed tears and now who was she going to do everything with? It was seventh year, and everyone had their set groups. They had hugged each other tightly and whispered promises to write often and long. It was the only way to keep in touch truly with each other. They whispered that it was only one year, and then they could rent a flat together and Leda do the smart thing, and Rebecca the sporty.

They were torn apart by Rebecca’s parents, a firm hand on each of her shoulder, and they waved desperately to each other as they left. Rebecca was bundled into the muggle car, and Leda stood disconsolately as they left. It was grey, rainy and overcast. The falling rain suited the way she looked as she stood huddled there, with no one else to say good-bye.

Her arms were crossed obstinately as they pulled up at King’s Cross Station. “I don’t want to go and I’m not going to be getting out of this car of my own free will.” Rebecca glared heavily at her mother and father as they bent their heads around to look at her.

“Rebecca, act your age for goodness’s sake. You’re sixteen, almost seventeen! Switching schools should not be this much of a hardship for you. Now get up and out.” Her mother scolded angrily, her father nodded along with her.

Rebecca grumbled and rolled her eyes. “I don’t care. I don’t want to go to this stupid school.” She remained in her seat, unmoving and unyielding. Her parents looked at each other, her mother giving her father a look. He started to look a little nervous as he turned back to look at his daughter.

“You wouldn’t.”

“We would,” her mother said, keeping up the game.

Rebecca stewed for a few minutes before suddenly deciding. “Fine.” She said shortly, swinging the car door open. Stepping out, she slammed the door closed loudly and went to the back. Opening the back, she lugged out her trunk, her tennis gear and beloved racquet. Wheeling her trunk, her gear hanging from her left shoulder and her racquet in hand, she went to her mother’s window and tapped on it. The window slowly rolled down.

Her mother sighed heavily before turning to Rebecca’s father and indicating to leave. He pushed the pedal, and they were soon gone. Rebecca continued her storming off, just barely remembering what she had to do. Nine and three-quarters? What’s with that anyways? Twisting her lips a little, some anger momentarily disappearing, she headed down the station looking at the signs.

Six… Seven… Eight… Nine! Smiling triumphantly, she pulled back for a moment and pretended to look at her watch as instructions ran quickly through her mind. Okay. She was supposed to… run at the pillar that’s three-quarters between the ninth platform and the tenth. When she had first heard this, Rebecca had laughed long and hard, until she realized that her parents were dead serious. Then she had sobered up and grew angry.

No time for emotion memories, but for action. Glancing around secretively, she started forward slowly, aiming at that pillar. Soon, she was there and she slipped in without a sound and barely lifting a foot. Once beyond the barrier, she realized something. 

This was so not her way. Really. She wanted the flying carriages back and the gorgeous meadow where they met to be taken. That was the way to go. In style, with a sense of fashion. Casting her head from side to side, Rebecca could hardly keep herself from retching at the sight of all those tears. In her mind, it was stupid to waste tears on this occasion. It was only for a year. Now, for her and Leda, that was a different story. Of course.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” A whisper came from over her shoulder, and she barely kept the impulse of turning around and punching the person under firm restraints.

“Ew. No.” Was all she said to that person, before she continued on her way. Rebecca heard some laughs behind her, but in no way was she going to deign them by turning around and glaring at them.  To her, these Hogwarts people were crude, rude, put up with nasty weather and were altogether so English. So what she was English, she still dislike them. It’s not like Rebecca wants to be English, she would snap at the chance to be French, with their style, flash, beauty and all that. Who wouldn’t?

And she’d still retain all her awesome tennis skills, or so it was in her mind. The French were just wonderful people and nothing could ever dissuade that idea from her mind. 

Grumbling some more, she continued to roll her trunk behind her down the corridor in the train. Nothing could appear unusual since it was Rebecca’s first Hogwarts Express. But it still was a mad-house. People were running back and forth between compartments, things were flying. Rebecca stood there for a moment, just blinking and regaining her senses. This was an adventure to be had.

If she wanted it, that is. Which she didn’t at all. Who would at this point? She’s an inch of being killed by a quaffle ball that was thrown across the corridor at what must have been at least 100k/h, and so far she’s not liking it one bit. And then someone had the audacity to grab her by the collar and yank her back and to the side. 

“What do you want?” She snapped at them, already irritated by the way they were staring at her. “And stop staring at me!” Did they not have any manners? They looked away for a moment, before resuming looking at her.

“You looked kind of lost out there, and Moony decided to pull you out of there, do you a favor and all.” One said, his voice growing pompous. Rebecca’s eyes narrowed.

“What kind of name is Moony, and what gave him the right to do that? I was perfectly fine!” Or so she told herself.

They laughed a little. “Sorry then,” said one of the four guys. She presumed that he must be ‘Moony’ then. “My real name is Remus Lupin.” He said, and then the other three clamored to introduce themselves as well. Rebecca was momentarily overwhelmed as they did so.

“I’m James Potter,” said another guy, pushing a pair of glasses up his nose, while his eyes twinkled at her.

“Sirius Black,” said the one, the pompous one. Her eyes narrowed slightly at him, for 
the pompousness.

“And I’m Peter Pettigrew.” The last boy squeaked, and Rebecca eyed them all.

“Rebecca Johnson,” she said shortly, before peering out the compartment. It was still a wild jungle out there, and Rebecca had to concede that it may be a little better if she stayed in here. Turning her head around, the four guys were watching her. Still. She scowled again. “I guess I’ll stay with you guys,” she admitted as shifted her tennis bag on her shoulder and changed her grip on her racquet. The suitcase was sprawled on the floor, from when she was pulled inside, and she righted it. “Where do I put my bags?” 

It made her tired. That suitcase had been heavy. And the none of the four boys had moved to help, though Remus looked a bit concerned. “Thanks a whole lot for helping me, you know,” she said sarcastically. “Now move so I can sit.”

Sirius shifted over, leaving some room for her to sit between him and the wall, making Peter shift down as well. “Thanks,” she said, as she sat down, setting her racquet on her lap and her tennis gear behind her feet.

Sirius rose an eyebrow at the extra. “What’s that for?” He asked, his hand reaching out to grab her racquet. Without a thought, Rebecca slapped his hand and growled. He withdrew it speedily.

“Don’t touch it, ever. It’s for tennis, I play. If you keep up with it, you’d know that I’m one of the best players in the country, or France before I was forced to come here.” She sneered slightly. Even though she was sitting with them, it did not mean that she liked them. Definitely not, and that was a mark against Sirius for trying to touch her racquet.


James’ and Sirius’ eyes widened slightly and their mouths opened slightly. Remus raised an eyebrow, and let out a laugh, though he too was surprised that she mentioned that she was… French out here, in front of such stanch English people.

“You’re from where?” James exploded, leaping to his feet. Sirius leapt to his feet too, they always did the same thing at the same time, didn’t they?

“France,” she said, jutting her chin out.  “Why? Have a problem with someone from France? I think that this place is going to suck anyways, it’s just so… ugh!” She said, in a typical girl fashion. “It blows, really it does.  France was wonderful, it was beautiful too, not to mention.  Nothing can beat Beaxbatons, or France at all. It’s just too bad that I’m not a drop French, but English.” She shook her head while glaring vehemently at the two boys, who were still staring at her in shock.

“How could you?” Sirius asked, stunned.  “France sucks! The bloody Frenchmen have taken your soul!  England owns France, I’m telling you.”

Rebecca curled her lip in disgust.  “Ew. no. France could beat England any day.”  Sirius suddenly choked, and looked at her with a little memory.

“You brushed me off on the Platform!” He near shouted, suddenly connecting the phrase  of ‘ew, no’ together. “You didn’t like it either!”

Remus let out a chuckle. “I see it now, you have the same hair.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Yea, that could be because we’re the same person.  Yes, I did brush off someone on the Platform,” she said, her tone one of disgust. “I did brush someone off. It was you then.” Sirius had a ‘duh’ look on his face, but it quickly wiped off at the glare Rebecca sent at him.  

Why was she here again? These people are so stupid. Rebecca felt like ditching, something that’s her trademark to people she doesn’t like.  But they were her only link to her new, completely stupid, school. They could tell her about the place, who to avoid and all that.  It would make things easier for her, but it does ruin the surprise and fun out of it for her.


Rebecca decided to stay as a girl sauntered past their compartment and got horrified at the fact that it wasn’t here next to Sirius.  She got a feel for him there.  Obviously, he was a womanizer. He was gorgeous too, she had to admit, though not really her type.  Shooting another look at James, she thought that he’d be in on it as well.  The two seemed the best friends out of the four. But not Remus, he didn’t seem that way. First off, he had tried to help her.   That and he had a book sitting right next to him.  Peter was harder to classify, but she supposed he had his redeeming qualities, he looked like a good listener.

Rebecca took on a sweet face.  "So what can you lovely guys tell me about Hogwarts?"

A/N:  I apologize if there are any English or French people out there who may be offended by what is written in this chapter.  I do not mean any harm by it, so please, forgive me?

If you liked this, review!  If you didn't like it... review anyways!  Hah, got around that barrier ;)

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