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Moonlit Nightmares by MickeyMadison
Chapter 4 : The Library Meeting
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Moonlit Nightmares

Chapter IV – The Library Meeting

“Well, what happened?” Lily asked as you sat down for lunch about fifteen minutes later.

“Um…not much.” You said. “But we’re meeting in the library tonight.” You feigned girlish excitement.

Lily had no need to feign anything. “Lacey! I’m so happy for you!” She flung herself on you, hugging you. You laughed sheepishly and scratched your head.

“Why are we happy?” Jodie asked, sitting next to Lily.

“I think Lacey might finally get a boyfriend!”

Lily and Jodie engaged in a girly conversation. You ignored Jodie’s strange and sudden out-of-character behavior and ate lunch quickly, soon heading out on the grounds for a break. Upon seeing the Marauders however, you turned and quickly fled to the common room to start on homework. You didn’t want to run into them. What if Remus had told them about what happened? You hoped not, because that would mean he told them you were a werewolf.

You sat down in front of a piece of parchment and fumbled for an ink pot. Did they even know he was a werewolf? It could explain their friendship more. But it didn’t seem likely to you. The Marauders seemed more likely to ridicule a werewolf rather than care for it. It was a mystery, and it most likely would remain that way. You didn’t really see yourself being friends with Remus, even though Lily was right, he was sweet. And you had to admit that he was cute….


You arrived very early for your rendezvous with Remus, so you gathered some books and finished up a potions report. After a bit, you looked down at your watch.


He hadn’t shown yet. So you worked on other homework. It was all right to be late, and this was a good chance for you to finish your work.


He was ten minutes late. That’s understandable, right? All your homework was almost done by now and you were getting skeptical. Should you leave?


Ten minutes before curfew. Your homework was done and Ms. Pince was starting to watch you curiously, so you went and checked out a book on phoenixes. You sat down and read it, but found that you couldn’t pay attention. Your foot tapped the ground nervously.


You sighed and gave in. He definitely wasn’t coming. You gathered your things and headed back towards the common room. Maybe something came up.

Yeah, like a very important prank…. you thought bitterly and then mentally slapped yourself for it. Remus probably had a good reason for not coming. He could have just easily forgotten. That didn’t make you feel better, but it was better than thinking you were being ditched for a prank.

Lily looked up eagerly when you walked into the common room. Jodie had gone on to bed, but Lily was faithful…or just nosy. “Well…how did it go?” she asked.

“He…he didn’t come.” You said and bit your lip, looking away. You could act when you needed to.

Lily drooped. “Lacey….”

“I’m just gonna go to bed.” You smiled a hurt smile, and headed up the stairs. You didn’t like Lily thinking you were heartbroken, but it would just have to do until you finally told her the truth….


The next day you got up before Lily and skipped breakfast. You instead went out by the lake and sat down under a tree, hoping you were hidden from view. Lily would be all sympathetic and huggy today, and you didn’t even need it. You sighed, realizing you would have to tell her that night.

You pulled a novel from your bag (Fire Arrow by Edith Pattou), opened to your marked place and began to read. You were able to concentrate on your book today; so this explained why you didn’t hear footsteps coming up from behind.


You jumped, dropping your book, and looked up to see Remus looking down at you, a bit startled by your reaction. You sighed and looked at your book. “Crap, lost my place….” you muttered and picked up the book, nervously flipping through the pages.

Remus kneeled down next to you. “I’m sorry about not showing up last night.” He began to wring his hands some. “I couldn’t get away from James and Sirius….”

“It’s okay, Remus.” You found the page you had been on and marked your place, then looked up at him.

“We could talk now, if you want?”

You shrugged, “Sure.”

Remus sat cross legged and ran a hand through his sandy hair, pushing it back. “What did you need to know?”

“What am I supposed to do about the full moons?” you asked.

Remus nodded. “You know the Shrieking Shack, right? Well….” He began to explain to you about everything. The Shrieking Shack was actually built just for Hogwarts werewolves to hide in during the full moon and be away from people. You stayed in there all day before the full moon and went back to the castle early the next morning, were you would be allowed to miss that day of school if it was a weekday.

You smiled some, relieved to know you wouldn’t be seen. “Thanks a lot.” You felt much better now that you knew what to do.

“It might be wise if we locked ourselves in separate rooms.” Remus said. “Werewolves probably fight and…other reasons.” He turned a little pink.

You laughed, blushing some as well. “That’s a good idea.”

Silence fell over the two of you and you just stared out at the lake. One thing checked, now for another.

“Have you told Lily?” Remus asked ironically.

You shook your head. “I plan to tonight if I get the chance.” You bit your lip.

“Lily is understanding, I don’t think she’ll stop being your friend.” Remus said and smiled to comfort you.

You smiled at him. Scratch not being friends with him! He was a lot nicer than you thought he was going to be about this. “You know…when you didn’t show up for our first meeting, I thought it was because you thought I was crazy and just told me we’d meet so you could get away.” You smiled sheepishly.

He laughed. “Of course not. You did catch me off guard, I was shocked all afternoon.”

“Sorry.” You said, but grinned. “I think I knew what you thought I was going to ask.”

“What’s that?” Remus blinked at you.

“You thought I was going to ask you out, right?”

Remus turned pink again, and so had you. “Well…yes.” He answered slowly. “It was the way you acted.”

“I could tell you were ready to reject me.” You said and smiled, though for some reason you couldn’t smile fully. The fact that he was going to reject you seemed to strike something in your heart.

Remus opened his mouth to say something, but seemed to change his mind. “I need to get going, Lacey….” He stood up, seeming to be very flushed. “I have to find James and Sirius. Talk to you later?” Without waiting for a response he rushed off towards the castle.

You blinked, confused and wondered what that was all about. Shrugging it off, you grabbed your things and headed towards the castle.

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Moonlit Nightmares: The Library Meeting


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