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Who Could Ever Love? by MinervaRiddle
Chapter 1 : Behind The Mask
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15-year-old Severus Snape paraded down the corridors of Hogwarts, a trail of white toilet paper was attached to his shoe; he tried his best to ignore the giggling of pestering students, some were actually his very own housemates even the occasional girl snickered at him. But there was on expection as he finally made it towards the entrance to the courtyard, it was Gryffindor housegirl Luella Bullhorn who was at least only a few days younger than Severus; her personality was just as handsome as her features. She smiled a gentle smile and knelt down to the ground, removing the scrap of paper and stuffing it into her houserobe.

"Thank you." Severus whispered

"Well, I couldn't of very well let you walk into a class looking like you just came out of the lavatory." Luella giggled

Severus hardly ever smiled, but a slight wince spreaded across the left side of his profile. Luella smiled back but it was shorter than she would of liked when she felt someone grab her and drag her off, it was Lily Evans who had a scolding looking written all over her face.

"Lily, I was just talking with Severus Snape he needed some help and-"

"He's in Slytherin! What would Dumbelorde say if he saw you even making eyes at an opposing housefellow?" Lily asked

"I was just helping him, like I said before. Besides, I couldn't watch him be ridiculed it was too embarassing for him." Luella explained

Lily's reaction turned from scold to angry in three seconds flat, Luella shrugged her shoulders a bit.

"All he wants is to fit in." Luella added with a sigh

"All he wants is to get himself expelled." Lily remarked

"You know, Lily. Sometimes it wouldn't hurt..."Luella began

"It wouldn't hurt to do what?" Lily asked with a roll of the eyes

Luella turned her head slightly to watch Severus continuing the opposing hall, trying to carrying all of his schoolbooks.

"To look beyond the mask." Luella finished as she finally turned her head back and powered down the long corridor

Luella's golden locks were so long that they began to pester her eyes, she couldn't see her own two feet as she finally tripped and landed on something soft. A houserobe...But had she fallen? No, she had just stumbled into somebody's arms. She finally pulled back her hair to meet the face of her best friend in the entire schoo 16-year-old Remus Lupin.

"I'm sorry, Remus." Luella blushed

"It's all right. What is the matter with you and Lily? Have you had a fall out?" Remus asked

"It's nothing, believe me. We better get to class." Luella insisted

"Are you sure you're all right?" Remus asked worryingly

"I'm perfect..." Luella turned and saw Lily was making a sort of nudging movement, she gave her an odd expression and then back to Remus

"I'm just bloody perfect." Luella said with a smile as she and Remus proceeded down the hall, a reluctant look still covering her face.

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