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Well It's About Time! by Monica Heart Malfoy
Chapter 6 : Talk To Me
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Ron held his hands heavily in his lap as he, once again, took another look around him. The autumn air was so clean, so fresh. Almost as thought there had just been a brilliant rainstorm. He inhaled deeply, leaning forward, putting his weight on his elbows, and putting his elbows on his knees. He sighed as he relaxed a bit more. “Yeah, it sure is.” He said in response to Hermione’ comment of the place being beautiful.

Hermione looked around awkwardly during their several minutes of silence. All they could hear was the birds twittering around them, and Hermione was sure even that would go soon, as they'd be flying south for the winter. She took to staring at various things around them, such as the trail of slime a snail was leaving in its wake as it slithered along the dirt, or the path a leaf made as the wind blew it around.

Ron sat for a moment, trying to think of anything else to say. He rolled his eyes to himself after several minutes of empty thoughts. He put his head in his heads in frustration as he roughed up his hair. Then he suddenly thought of something. “So, how’s Ginny?” Ron asked as his head popped out of his hands, looking over at Hermione who was sitting next to him on his left. Over the past few summers, Hermione and Ginny had become a lot closer and it seemed as though she spoke to Ginny more than he himself did.

When Ron spoke she was grateful for his starting the conversation. A silence like theirs would only be acceptable if they weren't together; if one of them had found this clearing by themself. But since they were sitting right next to each other, the silence was no longer peaceful and contemplative, but rather strained and awkward.
"Ginny? She's good. Stressed out over exams, but that's how we were when we were in her year." she said, smiling faintly at the memory of it. "She regrets not being able to spend enough time with Harry though." she said, recalling one of their deeper conversations about the two boys.

Obviously the two girls talked about everything, from exams and teachers to boys they fancy and boys who fancy them. Ginny had mentioned several times for Hermione to take a chance with Ron and spend more time with him alone, but Hermione had always blushed pink and said nothing about the matter. Was it really obvious that she liked him, or did Ginny just know Hermione better than most people? Hermione hoped it was the latter; she didn't really fancy having the whole school know her private affairs.

Ron scrunched up at the mention of Harry and Ginny. He knew that they were perfect for each other, and that he’d rather have his sister with Harry than with anyone else. But still, Ginny was his only sister. Having her fancy anyone was odd. He shrugged off the normal sensation to slug Harry in the face and moved on. “She is?” Ron shrugged. “Yeah, she wasn’t herself all summer. Not that she mentioned much to me. But she was, y’know, not was happy, nevertheless.”

Hermione made a sympathetic face an gave a one shoulder shrug. "Yeah, I really wish Harry didn't have to do that." she said quietly, remembering Dumbledore's funeral last year. "I thought, y'know, things would change since Harry's back this year and the school's still open. Who knows, maybe things will." she said. "I hope they do. I haven't seen Harry or Ginny any happier than when they were together."

Ron’s eyes widened in agreement. “Yeah, come to think of it, neither have I. They’re good for each other, y’know. I guess everyone deserves that person.” He glanced at Hermione under his eyelashes as he spoke the last part of his sentence. “I guess Harry was just big enough to put himself out there.”

Hermione nodded in agreement, and blushed a faint pink when Ron had declared that everyone needs that special person. She looked at him from the corner of her eye, but she was unable to tell whether he was looking at her or not, so she went back to staring at the ground, her elbows on her knees now, her back hunched. "I was wondering when he'd do something about it." she voiced aloud, "Remember when Ginny couldn't even speak when Harry was around? I told her to loosen up; be herself more. That way Harry wouldn't be thinking of her as your little sister, but as her own person. I suppose it worked." she said, smiling a bit when she remembered how and when the two started going out. I wish it could have worked for me.. she added in her mind, her heart screaming out for Ron's attention. But then again, he didn't respond after six years. Why would he start now? Hermione thought to herself sadly.

Ron took in what Hermione was saying. He knew that advice worked for Ginny, but what about him. He already saw Hermione as her own person, and even though he hated to admit it, he liked that person. So now what? He had no idea where to go from there. But maybe if he took a page from Harry’s book and just went for it, everything would work out.

“Hermione. . .” Ron began as he looked over at her. Then he backed out and rolled his eyes before Hermione could even answer. “Ugh. Nevermind.” He said, kicking himself for his own defeat.

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Well It's About Time!: Talk To Me


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