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Prism by SereneChaos
Chapter 1 : Prism
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Betrayal. It’s the only word that comes to mind when I think about what Bella and I are about to do. There’s no turning back for us, but as we walk down the dark street to the cherry red house on the corner, I really wish that there was a way out.

In fact there isn’t and there never has been. Our fates were sealed from the moment we said ‘I do’ to our respectable husbands. They were sealed from the moment we decided to take the mark, sealed when we pledged our allegiance to the Dark Lord.

I am loyal to the Dark Lord.

But I can’t understand why my eyes feel hot, why they feel watery, why there are pearls running down my cheeks and dripping off the edge of my chin. I don’t understand.

I take the long black sleeve of my robe and wipe my face. I have to look somewhat decent for this occasion, I just have to.

Bella and I have made it to the cherry red house on the corner. There is a soft glow coming from the downstairs window, probably from that muggle contraption Andromeda used to call a television.

I look at Bella; it looks like her face is set in stone. She’s staring straight ahead, looking at the door with such a penetrating gaze that if I didn’t know better I would say she could see right through it. She takes a breath, raises her finger and rings the door bell.


I hope against hope that she won’t answer it, that she won’t get up. But she does, and now I’m staring into the doe-like eyes of my big sister, Andromeda.

“Narcissa? Bella...What, I mean…what are you doing here?” Poor girl, she doesn’t know what’s going on, she doesn’t know about us.

Bella replies softly, “We need to talk to you.” She looks into her large brown eyes and adds, “Anda, please, it’s important.”

I feel a sinking feeling in my stomach. Anda is the name me and Bella used to call our sister, it’s our special nickname, and no one else ever calls her that.

Andromeda looks at us and nods, moving over so that we can enter.

Because I haven’t seen nor heard from my sister in such a long time, I haven’t actually seen the inside of her house. I take everything in quietly and notice Bella does the same. Our eyes dart around slightly, but mine rest on one particular photograph.

It’s a picture of Andromeda, and her husband, and a baby. The sinking feeling comes back, this shouldn’t be happening, it just shouldn’t.

I look at another picture. It’s of three little girls, hugging each other very tightly and smiling brightly at the camera. Andromeda notices me looking and comments, “Those girls are daughters of a friend of mine and Ted’s. They’re cute kids.”

They remind me of us.

In my house, there’s a photo album that I keep hidden away in one of the closets. I never take it out, but I don’t need to; I’ve memorized every photograph, every emotion, and every action that we’ve captured between those pages.

The photograph I’m thinking of is one my uncle took of the three of us. It shows me, Bella, and Anda looking with marvel at something Bella is holding in her hands. Although the picture doesn’t show it, I know what it was. It was a prism.

I remember Bella had just come back from Madame Harrison’s School for Young Witches and she was holding something very tightly in her hands. She had raced to her room to put her bag away and Anda and I were curious as to what she was holding, so we followed her. She was sitting on her bed making rainbows out of a piece of triangular glass.

I remember watching for a minute before exclaiming, “Bella! I’m gonna tell Mama, you’re not allowed to use magic.”

Bella looked at me before smiling slightly. “It’s not magic, stupid head; it’s a muggle thingy they use to make rainbows. I got it from one of the girls at school.” She turned it around in her hands.

Anda looked at her and raised her eyebrows, “Bella, you’re not allowed to have muggle things. If Mama finds out you’ll be in so much trouble…”

Bella looked at her daringly. “You wouldn’t dare tell!”

Andromeda puffed out her chest defiantly. “What are you going to do to stop me?”

I could see Bella weighing all the possibilities in her head, she couldn’t jinx her, she’d get in trouble and besides that, she could do nothing but bribe her.

“I’ll let you borrow my prism…once a week. Deal?” She looked at Andromeda expectantly.

Anda smiled and said, “Sure, but my first day is today.”

Bella groaned, but gave her the prism. She had no other choice; she would have been punished severely for having that thing in the house.

Bella and I watched as Andromeda turned the prism towards the light, separating the single ray into a myriad of colors. 


Bella and Narcissa are taking everything in about my house. They’re both looking at the photographs that adorn the room and Narcissa now has a rather glazed look, as though her mind is elsewhere.

I don’t know what compels me to do this, but I start babbling on about some stupid things, really, whatever happens to pop into my head at the moment; I need to kill the awkward silence.

“So…Bella, Cissy, why don’t you have a seat? I’ll get us all something to drink.” I peer into each of their faces, trying to find out what they want.

Bella’s dark brown eyes narrow critically and she gives me a small smile. She nods to Narcissa and they both sit down quietly.

I go into the kitchen and pull out my wand. Three cups of hot coffee find their way onto my old silver tray and float into the living room. The tray offers itself to Bella and Narcissa and finally to me. I take a sip of coffee and look at the others expectantly. Narcissa’s innocent blue eyes seem to be clouded with fear, and I can’t help but wonder why.

Bella starts making small talk. “So, how’s Ted?”

I shrug. “He’s fine. He’s had to work late at the office recently though, so I’ve gotten into the habit of waiting up. Usually I don’t stay up this late.” I give a small laugh, “I like my sleep…”

Narcissa gives a sad smile and Bella looks around the room thoughtfully. “Who’s the baby?”

I smile again, I love talking about Nymphadora. “She’s my baby. Her name’s Nymphadora, she’s one now.”

Narcissa lifts up a photograph of Nymphadora. “She’s beautiful and she looks just like you…but I think she has Ted’s nose…”

Bella looks at me and her usually serious, dark eyes light up ever so slightly. “Nymphadora?! That name…” She laughs quietly. “I’m assuming that she’s fast asleep right now, isn’t she?”

I nod. “Yeah, if she was awake I’d show you, but right now she’s sleeping.”

Bella looks at the picture in Narcissa’s hands and sighs. “Anda, as much as we would love to talk about your baby, that’s not the reason we’re here. There are more important issues at hand.” I nod and she continues. “You are aware that the Dark Lord is rising in power, correct?” I nod again. “Well, Narcissa and I…we…” There is pain, or maybe guilt written on her face. “You ought to know that you’re a target. You’re a target, not a very big one, but a target nonetheless. It’s because of Ted.”

I look over at Narcissa to see if it’s true, and her innocent blue eyes seem so full of pain that I have to believe it.

I look at the both of them somberly, before a thought comes to mind. “How do you know?”

Narcissa has tears running down her cheeks and she lifts up the sleeve of her robe. On her forearm is the Dark Mark, looking fresh as if it had been put on yesterday. It might have for all I know.

Bella frowns at what Narcissa has just done but reveals her own mark, burned into her pale skin menacingly.

“You’re Death Eaters…” I can’t help but gasp. “But you warned me anyways…”

I can feel my eyes filling with tears at the thought of them still being loyal to me despite their new master. Then again, this shouldn’t surprise me, they’ve protected me before, when I first started going out with Ted…

Mama and Papa would have killed me if they had known I was going out with a muggleborn. Honestly, their good, intelligent, Slytherin daughter shouldn’t be within ten feet of a muggleborn, much less dating one.

And yet, during school, ever since fifth year, I had dated Ted Tonks, not even knowing he was muggleborn, falling in love every minute I was with him.

Bella had been the one to tell me he was a mudblood, and she had been the one to tell me to date him anyways. I suppose it never occurred to her that I’d actually fall in love with him. It must never have occurred to her that Ted was more than just a careless fling.

I remember…

Bella and Narcissa had been waiting up for me when I entered the Common Room after my fifth date with Ted. Narcissa was curled up in a chair, half asleep, and Bella was pacing in front of the fire.

Bella’s head shot up as I entered. She immediately started asking me questions. “Is it true, Anda? Did you really go on a date with Ted Tonks?”

I could feel my cheeks getting hot. “Yes…”

Bella looks at me before throwing her hands up in the air and exclaiming, “Are you serious? Anda, do you even know what he is?”

I shook my head; all I knew was that Ted was a very sweet, smart, good looking Ravenclaw in my year, besides that I didn’t know much else about his background.

Bella looked like she was going to have a fit. “Anda. He. Is. A. Mudblood. Do you hear me? A mudblood. What on earth would Mama and Papa say if they found out?”

I felt the warmth from my cheeks drain away as I sank down onto the green tinted leather couch. “A mudblood? Really? But…he seemed so nice, and he was so good to me. We have a date set for Valentines Day at Hogsmeade…” I knew my eyes were filling with tears but I couldn’t help it, I was getting rather fond of Ted.

Narcissa got up and gave me a hug. That was the nice thing about her, she couldn’t bear to see anyone she cared about in any type of pain and would do whatever she could to lessen it, if only for a minute.

Narcissa gave Bella a pleading look. I could hear Bella groan slightly before she added, “I won’t tell you know, it’s none of my business…yet. Just make sure you break up with him after Valentine’s, alright?”

I looked at her and knew I was pushing it, but I asked anyways, “What about the Spring Ball? We were going to go together; can’t I keep him until then?”

Bella looked at her feet before nodding. “I promise I won’t tell, but you’ve got to break up with him sometime after the Ball, okay. I can’t protect you forever…”

I got up and gave Bella a grateful hug. She flinched slightly at my affection and muttered something about being too nice.

And three months later, after the Spring Ball, I pretended to break up with Ted. In those four extra months I had fallen in love with him, and couldn’t bear to think of what Mama and Papa would do if they found out. I knew Bella had said she wouldn’t tell, but I preferred not to take chances with things like that. 


I think I’m missing something here. Andromeda is looking at me and Narcissa with something akin to happiness. Why on earth is she happy to hear that she’s a target? Can’t she put two and two together? Narcissa and I are Death Eaters, we follow Lord Voldemort’s orders, and we’ve just told her that Lord Voldemort’s orders are for her to die. Why isn’t she seeing this part of the puzzle?

I blame the mudblood; she wasn’t this stupid before she met that Ted.

Narcissa gives me another look; I can tell she’s getting a bit antsy about us still being here, this is probably mental torture for her. Narcissa was always a little too caring; it was cruel for Lord Voldemort to give us this particular mission as our first assignment.

I don’t even know if I can do this, I mean, I know Narcissa isn’t going to do it, she couldn’t hurt a fly even if she wanted to, which leaves me in charge.

I gather myself up and stand. “Anda, get up.”

She looks at me and arises as well.

I take a breath. “Anda,” Why am I calling her Anda tonight? That’s my sister’s name, and this woman standing before me is not my sister. This is Andromeda Tonks, blood traitor. My sister was a pureblood Black. “Anda, there’s something you’re not quite getting about this…you see, Narcissa and I…we’re Death Eaters…and you…just so happen to be our target tonight.”

The color drains out of Andromeda’s face. “What- what do you mean?”

I gasp for breath, why is it so hot in here? “Anda,” Again with the Anda, she is not my sister! “Anda,” This is killing me, why are there tears in my eyes? Why am I choking? Why? “Anda, we have to kill you…” I can’t look at her, but I have to.

She is NOT my sister…anymore.

I meet her soft eyes, so full of pain and betrayal, and I can’t help but gasp for breath.

Why can’t I breathe?

Andromeda takes a breath. “What?”

I raise my wand and look at her. I try to say the spell but I can’t.

I have to; she is not my sister anymore, she betrayed me.

Me, of all people.

Me, her big sister.

In the end, she couldn’t even tell me she was getting married…

I remember sitting at home one morning, drinking a cup of orange juice. The Prophet had just come in and I was fishing for some coins to give the owl. Once the owl had flown off, I opened the paper to one of my favorite sections, the announcement section. I don’t know why, but I love reading about who got married, or engaged, or had a new baby on the way. I loved making fun of some of these people for being so excited about something as trivial as marriage.

I opened the page.

Ted Tonks and Andromeda Black would like to announce their engagement

I spat out my juice. That wasn’t right. Ted Tonks was a thing of the past; Andromeda had dumped him ages ago.

At least, I thought she had. I took the paper into my room. I wouldn’t have to worry about Mama or Papa reading this section, they thought it was stupid, which was probably why Andromeda hadn’t been afraid of putting it in the paper.

I couldn’t believe Andromeda was going to marry that man. It wasn’t right.

I wrote Andromeda a letter, asking if it was true, and all I got back was a plea begging me not to tell.

No bridal shower date.

No registry.

No wedding invitation.

Just a plea.

I don’t know how the wedding went; the last I ever saw of Andromeda was a picture of their honeymoon.

I look at Andromeda again and all I feel is rage.

“Why the hell couldn’t you trust me?!” I shout.

Andromeda looks at me, “Trust you? How can I trust you when you’re waving your wand in front of my face?”

She looked at me incredulously, and I take another breath of air, a calming breath.

The pain comes back. My voice is considerably smaller now. “Why couldn’t you trust me with Ted?”

Andromeda licks her lips and stares at the wall beside me. “I…didn’t think I could…”

Tears fill my eyes…I hate the tears, why am I so weak?

I need to strengthen my resolve. I need to get this over with.

I raise my wand above my head.

I see Andromeda go for her own wand.

I see her realize it’s not there; she left it in the kitchen when she got us our coffees.

I try to speak, but the words don’t come out.

I swish my wand uselessly and the tears overflow, dripping off the end of my nose quickly.

I can only look at my little sister and shake my head. I…can’t…

And then the words come… “AVADA KEDAVRA!”

I watch in shock as a green halo surrounds Andromeda and the light fades from her doe like eyes. Her body falls to the ground in slow motion and standing behind her is Narcissa, wand outstretched, shaking like a leaf.

She looks me in the eye and whispers, “I couldn’t bear to see you in so much pain…”

I nod and watch as Narcissa kneels on the ground next to Andromeda. She cries softly, but I stand in shock above the two, my two baby sisters.

“Narcissa, stay here. Guard the body; make sure we don’t get any surprises, okay?” I gulp, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I walk up the stairs, looking for the bathroom. I need to throw up. I open the first door I see and wish I hadn’t. It’s Nymphadora’s room.

The walls are painted pink, the crib itself is white, and there are several shelves located at various heights around the room. A nightlight is glowing softly next to one of the shelves.

I peer into the crib and see my niece. She’s so tiny, her little hands are no bigger than a cat’s paw, and they’re curled up into little fists. She’s got light brown hair and Narcissa was right, she’s got Ted’s nose. But that’s not important.

What’s important is that she looks just like when Andromeda came home from St. Mungo’s all those years ago, a little wrinkled baby wrapped in a fluffy pink blanket.

Her eyes are closed now, but I know that when she opens them, they’ll be the same trusting doe eyes of her mother.

I should end this now, I was ordered to leave no survivors.

Again I raise my wand, but all I can do is look at the baby sleeping peacefully and I walk away.

Before I leave, I look at the shelf right next to the night light. There’s a triangular glass object sitting there, making rainbows out of the faint beam of night light.

I pocket the object before leaving the room completely, going down stairs, grabbing Narcissa’s arm and apparating home.

I’m tired, and I do like my sleep.

Hopefully the Dark Lord will forgive my betrayal.

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