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A Soul Bonding by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 1 : Soul Bonded
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Disclaimer all characters, settings, etc, are the copyright of JK Rowling and Bloomsbury Publishing


I had never noticed much about Ginny Weasley during my first year at Hogwarts, well I wouldn’t would I. I was only eleven years old and girls were the very last thing on my mind, especially when you consider that I had known nothing at all about the magical world before that year. Actually I never gave girls a thought really, except Hermione, but she was one of my best friends. Anyway that was the year when my life changed so totally. I did not really get to see a lot of Ginny that year either.

In my second year I did notice Ginny was a little different from the other first years, she seemed I don’t know, more radiant somehow.

But I most definitely remember the first time I noticed what I have since called the ‘brightness’. It was on the first day I had seen her after the chamber of secrets. I had no idea where she had been taken to or what happened to her, or how she had gotten over the stress that she had been through. I’m glad I never have to go through the same sort of thing.

All I know for sure is that it had gotten to me. She was like family to me; I mean she was ‘Ginny’, one of the family that had taken me in as though I were one of their own. I also knew she had a crush on me. How could I not know when Ron, Percy and the twins kept up an almost constant stream of jokes about it? So it had gotten to me, really eaten away at my insides until I saw for sure that she was ok. I never let anyone know how I felt though.

Then there was that day during the holidays. We were all eating breakfast when she walked into the kitchen of the Burrow, just as she had so many times before. But this time she was different in someway. I was not sure at first what the difference was until I stared at her ‘maybe I shouldn’t have stared’, anyway there it was, a very faint glow around her. The area around her heart also had a sort of glow to it, though that part showed up as a slightly brighter patch of colour in her jumper.

I think I spent a lot more time watching her than anyone realised after that. I just enjoyed trying to see the ‘brightness’ as I called it. It seemed to be getting stronger as she got older.
It was not much after her thirteenth birthday that I first noticed that little Ginny, Ron’s baby sister was beginning to turn into a real girl. Course that could well have been because I was just turned fourteen and had started to notice girls were built a whole lot better to look at than boys.

We were at the Burrow where as usual I had been invited to stay for the summer. The weather was hot that summer and most of the family were wearing the lightest clothes possible.

Just after lunch Ron and the twins went out into the paddock to play Quidditch while I had decided to stay in the kitchen to finish an essay I had to do for Snape’s potions class at school. Ginny came in wearing a white sleeveless top that I now know is called a camisole (I think). It was cut extremely low with two thin straps that should have been worn over her shoulder, but one of the straps hung down near her elbow she was also wearing a light blue short skirt.

As I sat at the table staring at her as usual, I was slightly in awe at how bright the white area around her heart now was. It was then that Ginny bent down to pick something up from the floor and her top gaped wide open at the top. I could not take my eyes off the sight of two really small but perfectly formed breasts. It was the first time I had ever seen any real breasts at all and something in me began to stir it’s self.

After that day I spent a lot of time surreptitiously trying to get another peak at the two wonderful parts of her anatomy that had captivated me. I was rewarded three weeks later when we went swimming in the pool behind the house. We had all donned our swimming costumes under our normal clothes earlier that day, because we were going to play a game of Quidditch before taking a swim.

After the Quidditch game, feeling all hot and sweaty we made our way around to the pond. Ron and the twins ran off in front, calling back over their shoulders for us to hurry. I was two hot to run so I strolled, slowly following Ginny and marvelling at the brightness that was beginning to grow a little brighter every week. When Ginny and I reached the pool the boys were playing out in the middle having a lot of fun splashing each other.

I pulled my shirt off without thinking about it. When I turned around to put the shirt with the towel I had carried with me. I saw Ginny; her jeans were pooled at her feet, she was pulling the white tee shirt she was wearing, up over her head.
I think I must have gaped then because as her head disappeared from view, her smooth white skinned torso from just below her navel became visible and then those two perfectly formed little breasts were there right in front of my eyes.
Two pink nipples poked slightly upward as she raised her arms to pull the shirt the rest of the way from her body. I took a really good look then before turning to face the other way. Something was happening to my fourteen year old body and I was not sure what to do.

When I turned back to Ginny she had pulled the top of her blue bikini bathing costume back in place and was walking wearing just that small amount of blue material to the waters edge. I sat down to watch for a while before I felt safe to join the others. When I was no longer worried that I would embarrass myself I joined in the fun. The ‘brightness’ was a lot more visible with so much of her body no longer covered in clothing.

That day was the day that I began to wonder why only Ginny had the glow. I knew for certain that Hermione Granger best friend to me and Ron, and the other girls in my year did not have it. And I don’t remember seeing any other girl in the school glowing

By the time the fourth year Yule Ball came around the bright glow around Ginny’s heart was so bright it glowed through what ever she wore. I noticed it even when she wore her heavy winter cloak. Funny since the dip in the pool that day I made small mental notes about all the changes in Ginny’s body as she developed into an extraordinarily beautiful young woman.

Toward the end of my fifth year I was studying her more and more and still nobody seemed to have noticed.
When Ginny got her first boyfriend, for some unknown reason I was absolutely fuming. Each time I though that he might get to touch her breast, or thought of her kissing him.
It made me want to find him and hex him so hard that his grandchildren would feel it.

My mind kept drifting back to how her breast might look, because they were twice the size they had been when I first saw them. They weren’t as big as a lot of the older girls but they were just like the rest of her body ‘perfectly shaped’, they did not seem to sag when she did not wear a bra, unlike Lavender or the Parvati twins, they had what Seamus called ‘cor blimey’s’. Mind you I also noticed that the rest of Ginny Weasley had become rather curvy in all the right places.

That sixth year summer for me was one of the worst I ever had. Ginny was now a little taller than her mum and had a figure that all the guys gawped at. She had finished with the Corner boy and was thinking of going out with Dean Thomas. It’s a good thing for him I never saw him during my stay at the Burrow. I really think I might have done him some harm, I was so furious. I never even wondered why I was so angry at Dean, I mean he’s a nice enough guy, I just was.

Also last year somewhere deep inside I knew that Ginny was going to be mine, I knew that glow was for me because no one else seemed to notice it. I was going crazy as my now sixteen year old body raged with uncontrolled hormones and I spent every moment I could sneaking looks at her. She was the most beautiful thing on the earth.
Most of that summer holiday, or even most of that year was spent either watching her, or standing in the cold shower after watching her, or getting ready to watch her yet again.

I think it was about that time that Hermione cottoned on to my surveillance of Ron’s little sister because one day she came right out with ‘you like her don’t you’ I felt my face flush red hot when I nodded.

In my seventh year and just after she finished with Dean, well it was two weeks after, I found myself looking at a sixteen year old Ginny Weasley, longing to take hold of her and just plant a kiss on those wonderful red shiny lips. I nearly did when we were walking back from lunch but I chickened out, and I then sat all that day wishing I had the courage to ask her for a date, and wondering what it would be like to kiss her or simply hold her hand.

Try as I might I could not shake off the feeling of being drawn to her, I desperately wanted to be with her nearly all the time.

She was by far the best looking girl in the school, (all the boys said so), and I did not think, what with my glasses and awkward stick up all over hair that I stood any chance with her, even if she had once had a crush on me and besides we had become very close friends and I loved just to sit and talk with her and look at her. It was a lot to risk just to ask for a date she would not say yes too.

It was only two weeks after the day I nearly kissed her; I was called into the headmaster’s office. I had no idea what it was about as I entered; I have never felt so uncomfortable as I did when Dumbledore said.

“I have a feeling Harry that you see something about Miss Weasley that the rest of us do not see, and Harry I am not referring to how she has grown into an attractive young woman”

I felt my face turn red faster than it ever had before and believe me my face can almost match Ron’s when it comes to turning red. When I shuffled uncomfortably in my chair Dumbledore just continued as though he had said nothing out of the ordinary.

“Would you tell me what you see Harry? It could be very important” Dumbledore seemed to smile at my uneasiness.

What was it he wanted to know, I was almost certain it was about the brightness that was now bright enough for me to see from the common room window when she was on the Quidditch field.
I decided that he would not want to know that I saw the most beautiful girl in the world, or that I saw the most desirable body ever to walk the earth, nor would he wish to know about my feelings on Ginny’s perfectly sized bum or her slender yet shapely legs or how I longed to hold that wonderful five foot six inch beauty and never let go.

“Professor Sir Can you see it?” I asked wondering if I had been wrong and it could be seen by others.

“Sorry Harry but to me I just see Miss Weasley, just another student” Dumbledore said smiling like he knew something.

I knew then he had worked out exactly what I thought of Ginny Weasley.
While I considered how to tell him about the brightness, I mean I thought, I knew what the brightness meant, but how to describe it to someone who could not see it was not going to be easy.
I had actually thought the brightness was because she was the only girl in the Weasley family for many generations, the seventh child of the seventh generation and all that. It’s a powerful number is seven.

As I thought about it, Dumbledore put his head into the fireplace after having thrown in some floo powder, I heard him call out “Minerva” before his conversation was no longer audible.

Dumbledore sat back at his desk before asking me to describe as best I could what it was that caused me to stare at Ginny.

“Well Sir, it’s like I can see her aura but it’s more than just that, it is so bright I think I could see her from the astronomy tower even if she were in Hogsmeade.
Then there is the glow that surrounds her heart, it sort of makes the colour of the clothes she is wearing extremely vivid and so bright it some times dazzles me” I had just finished saying when there was a knock on the door.

“Please remain outside the door?” Dumbledore called to who ever had knocked “Please wait here Harry” he said to me as he rose and went through the door to talk to who ever was out side.

I sat there alone in the headmaster’s office wondering if I was in trouble for staring at Ginny. As the time dragged on I thought about how I really felt about her and it suddenly came to me. My jealousy and possessive sort of attitude toward my friend mounted to a dam sight more than just wanting to see the brightness. I also wanted, no needed to see Ginny, to be with her, hear her voice, I wanted to hold her close and kiss her senseless. She was the woman I wanted to spend my life with if I lived long enough; she was so much more than just the sister of my best mate, or a friend of which she most definitely was. I slapped my forehead as I finally realised I was in love with her.

I sat there alone for about five minutes before Dumbledore came back into the room, after glancing at me he walked over to the fireplace, throwing floo powder into the fire he called out ‘The Burrow’ then placed his head into the now green flames.

I thought then that I was really in trouble. I thought Dumbledore was telling Mrs Weasley that the boy she had as good as adopted was ogling her only daughter; I shrank back into my chair feeling like I wanted to die there and then.

Dumbledore sat back down in his chair then looking at me very seriously he asked “How do you feel about Miss Weasley?”

I must have been sat with my mouth open because he spoke again a little louder “Harry I asked, what are your feelings for Miss Weasley?”

I stammered as I tried to answer, I was not going to tell him a lie so I said it “I think I-, I- love her”.

“Have you ever told her?” he asked urgently.

“No Sir, in fact I only just realised it” I answered worried by the urgency in his voice.

“Have you kissed her yet?” he voiced

“No Sir, I don’t think I’ve so much as held her hand. Honestly I wouldn’t do anything wrong with or too Ginny Sir” I said suddenly thinking maybe I was being accused of something.

My head was reeling as crazy thoughts flashed like lightning in and out of my mind, I could remember nothing that was any thing other than a show of friendship, apart from the constant thoughts and dreams I had that all included Ginny, and were not always as innocent as they could have been.

“Ah good, good” Dumbledore said just before the fire erupted into green flames again and Mr and Mrs Weasley climbed out.

After saying a quick hello to Dumbledore they all turned to look at me before Dumbledore said “Molly dear I think you may yet get your wish come true but it will be have to be today”.

Mrs Weasley launched herself at me and hugged me so tight I almost felt my ribs crack.

A minute later they all left the office. I heard Dumbledore say to someone before the door shut “It’s ok they are not married yet”

Then I was once more left to wonder what was happening. I remembered hearing about shotgun weddings when I had been young, and wondered if in the wizard world young wizards were forced to marry a girl if they stared at them to much. The thought then came to me that I would not mind at all if I was forced to marry Ginny, in fact they would not have to force me I would do it quite willingly.

The next person that entered the room was professor Flitwick accompanied by my best mate Ron. Flitwick quickly went about taking my measurements while I stared confused at Ron.

While Professor Flitwick vanished into the fireplace Ron took a seat on the desk then with the most serious look on his face I had ever seen he began to speak.

“Harry mate I know you don’t know much about the wizarding world, being bought up by those awful Muggle’s n all. I know that things just sort of happen to you. What do you know about soul-mates?” Ron said his face red and his ears glowing.

Ron’s ears glowing usually meant he was angry about some thing so I was getting more worried, why was he here asking me these strange questions?.

“I heard about it some where it’s sort of like when two people are sort of made for each other” I muttered.

“Right, did you ever hear about soul-bonding?” Ron asked the colour slowly draining from his ears.

“I don’t think so, not that I remember, what is a soul-bond anyway?” was all I could think of.

“Well Harry, once every few hundred years there are two people who are born who have just the one soul” Ron said stuttering occasionally.

“I don’t get it, how can one of them live without a soul?” I asked getting a little puzzled.

“Dam I wish Hermione was here instead of me! They share the one soul Harry, half each. Then when they meet and touch or kiss something happens and the soul becomes whole, binding the two people together for all time. The bonding is legally recognised as a marriage,” Ron looked at his hands “least I think that’s how it works, but great aunt Tess said that a whole lot of things happen when a bonding takes place”.

“Good now I have some idea about soul-bonding, now would you like to tell me what this has to do with-?”

I stopped and gaped at Ron “Me and Ginny?”

“They think so, that’s why I’m here, best man an all that. Hermione is with Ginny. Did you know Ginny loves you?” Ron’s face was going red again.

“Ginny loves me- does she? How, how do you know?” I stuttered.

“Ye Gods Harry. How much time have you spent at the Burrow? You can’t tell me you never noticed it? You must have. The darn twins kept telling you for a start” Ron looked well out of his depth.

“So what happens next? Oh and by the way I love Ginny, I think I have for a long time” I said slowly.

“Well that makes sense if you think about it; you could not be soul-bonded without falling for each other. As for what happens next, I’m not sure why but Dumbledore thinks you should get together as soon as possible. There may be a small problem, tiny really” Ron said his eyes on the floor.

“Ron, what exactly do you mean by a small problem?” I asked.

Ron looked right into my eyes “thing is Dumbledore says you can both see the half soul in the other person. That’s never been heard of since it happened sixteen hundred and seventy years ago”

“And-?” I asked.

“Well according to Dumbledore and Bins there was some sort of magical backlash and the temple they were in fell down when they bonded. So if you do share a soul and you want to get together with Ginny then they want it to happen outside in the grounds” Ron looked sheepish as he then added “so you don’t blow the school up. Course if you and Ginny agree it’ll happen today then by tonight you will be my brother in law, it’ll happen anyway as soon as you two touch or kiss or something even if you didn’t know about it first”.

“So if Ginny says yes- do I have to ask her with everyone watching-? So if she says yes and we just kiss we end up being married, no wedding, no ceremony and all that stuff?” I whispered

Ron heard and answered “That about sums it up the way I understand it, thing is if you do it with people around, specially Mum and Dad then it will be like a wedding anyway, and if you want I would like to be your best man if you want me”.

At that moment in time shocked though I was, I could think of nothing that could please me more, it had to be the best thing to have ever happened to me.

Ron stood nodding then walked to the door opening it slowly he turned to me and said “I’ll tell Ginny you have been in love with her for ages and would have hexed Dean if she had not dumped him. Oh and Harry, I’m glad it’s you she loves. I’ll be back for you soon”.

A few seconds later the fireplace erupted into green flame again and professor Flitwick and then Remus Lupin walked in to the room. Flitwick was carrying a new set of robes in Gryffindor red and gold handed them and told me to put them on.

Remus gave me a hug as he gave me his congratulations, after the short version of the fatherly speech he handed me two platinum rings and told me they had been my mum and dads then he asked if I needed anything.

“There is one thing though- Oh I know, can you fetch Hermione for me? Tell her it’s important”.

A few minutes later a rather flustered Hermione entered the room and gave me a huge hug.

“I told Ginny about how you have been pining for her for the last two years, she said I’m to tell you that you are a prat and she only went out with the other boys while she waited for you to do more than just stare at her. Oh and she said something rather odd, don’t know if it will mean anything to you” she stopped deep in thought

“Hermione! What?” I asked

“Oh sorry Harry, she says tonight should be better than at the pool, what ever that means”

I felt the heat rush up to my face where it forgot to stop and carried on to the top of my scalp. Ginny knew I had been looking that day.

“Hermione, has Ginny got new robes, only I was thinking about those disastrous one’s of Ron’s”

“Oh Harry I never thought of that” Hermione said with a hand to her lips. “I have a rather nice ball gown that dad sent me I could do a little wand work on it and-. Got to go Harry, don’t rush just yet I’m going to need a little more time” she turned to leave.

“Hermione, tell her it’s a wedding gift or she might refuse it, you know what the Weasley’s are like about having no money” I shouted after her.

I was left alone in Dumbledore’s office waiting alone again. Time seemed to have stopped so I started to do as I always do when I am feeling impatient, I started to pace. How long I had been walking up and down when Ron came rushing in I don’t know.

“Right Harry, are you ready to face your future?” he laughed as he stood holding open the door.

I took a deep breath and followed him out to the main entrance. It was once I was out side that my nerve almost gave out on me. The entire school population was standing on the huge lawns all watching as I made my way slowly to the front. I told my self it was no different than being in the great hall having them all staring and pointing at me.

I reached the front of the crowd and was asked to stand beside the headmaster while we waited for Ginny to arrive. I had a sudden thought ‘what if she won’t do it, what if she doesn’t want me’ what if she doesn’t want to be married?

Then there she was walking toward me dressed in a white silk dress that began just below her neck line then clung to her body right down to the top of her thighs where it flared out. It was slightly shorter at the front reaching only half way down her calf but at the back it swept down to and slightly across the ground, the sleeves were short without frills.

Ginny Weasley was absolutely stunning; looking at her my knees began to shake so hard that they were beginning to knock together. My hands were shaking badly as well.

Ginny stood on the opposite side of Dumbledore while he asked her what it was she could see when she looked at me.

Ginny gave a smile as she looked at me and described almost the exact same thing that I had.

Dumbledore then asked us both if we understood exactly what it meant, I nodded showing I knew exactly what I was doing.

Ginny burst out laughing, after what seemed an age she finally managed to stop and she looked at me and said “sorry Harry, it’s just that they are all going on as if we could do something about it, when in fact the minute we embrace every thing will happen no matter what they do”.

My worries vanished and so did my nerves, I knew Ginny and I knew she meant we would be bonded before the day was over no matter what happened.

I pulled the rings from my pocket and walked around Dumbledore to give Ginny her ring, I kissed her gently as I put it on her finger. That’s when it happened I felt a great rush of power build up then it sort of spread out in a fast pulse of energy sending gold coloured sparks in all directions. It seems from what I have heard that the magical pulse was felt hundreds of miles away.

Suddenly I could feel Ginny in my head. I could hear her thoughts and feel the things she felt. I suddenly knew things I had never known before, all sorts of things flooded into my head like household cleaning charms, contraception charms, my mind was flooding with all the knowledge that was stored in Ginny’s mind. Through the turmoil of it all I could see Ginny. I watched her as the same thing happened to her. All the spells memories and knowledge I had gained over the years were now being shared with her.

The feeling was fantastic I could feel the love Ginny had for me, I could feel the sorrow as she saw images from my past just as I saw images from Ginny flood through my head.

Things began to settle down after ten long minutes and I was able to look around at the faces behind me. Faces that were all staring open mouthed in shock at the strength of the magic that still surrounded Ginny and my self.

I kissed Ginny again feeling the passion that filled both of us, when we finally broke the kiss that had started gentle and grown more fierce and passionate, I placed my dads ring on my finger and stood marvelling at how well I now knew the woman who had become my wife with just one small hesitant kiss. There were no secrets between us; we knew each other better than any normal married couple could ever know each other.

‘Harry this feels so wonderful’ I heard Ginny say while I was still kissing her, I knew she had not spoken, not a word had left her lips.

‘Ginny can you hear me’ I thought, just a second later I heard her reply ‘Harry how are we doing this’, we were interrupted by Dumbledore who suddenly asked if we were alright.

Dumbledore turned to the gathered school students and teachers, after smiling at Mr and Mrs Weasley he shouted for all to hear “I give you Mr and Mrs Harry James Potter”.

It took quite a while to explain things to Dumbledore and my new in laws, a lot of things we could not understand at first and we had only been a couple for less than an hour.
A feast was held in the great hall, by the end of the day a dance had been organised.

Now we have discovered that our magic has more than doubled, Ginny is no longer in sixth year having been placed in seventh year by Dumbledore, it was for the best because she now knows all that I know, we had no problems with our NEWT’s exams, and I think we both did well.

I still find it strange to be able to talk to Ginny with my mind, and it seems we can do it no matter how far apart we are.

Dumbledore says that he thinks that where the prophesy mentioned the power the dark lord knows not is the power of our love, love that grows stronger by the day.

I had no idea that Ginny loved me so much. I wish I had known before then we could have got together a long time ago. All that time I had longed to be with her and she was waiting patiently for me to make a move, to grow up and find my courage.

Ginny and I went to Gringotts where I was shown all the Potter finances and holdings. It seems that my family was one of the richest in the wizarding world, so that means Ginny and I have more money than we could spend in fifty life times.

Mrs Weasley, ‘mum’ as she keeps telling me to call her has been giving us lectures about not having babies too early and all that sort of thing.
Ginny and I had to laugh when Mr Weasley, ‘dad’ that is, said we should be just like they were when they got married.

I had no idea why Ginny began to laugh till she thought about her parents having Bill as soon as they got out of Hogwarts.

Eventually when we had stopped laughing Ginny told mum that she would rather not be like her parents, adding that she wanted to wait a year or two before thinking about having a family. I added just for luck that Ginny and I would wait till we had gotten to know each other properly before we got too intimate, which caused another bout of laughter.

Ginny thought that there was no way we could know each other more than we do and I silently agreed with her, but the look on mums face was worth a million Galleons of any ones money.

I have asked Mr Weasley to help with the running of the Potter estate and Ginny asked him if he would take us to see Potter Manor. My ancestral home.

That’s where we are right now. Ginny was down stairs talking to the staff, Hermione will just love them, they are all house elves. Me, I am in the master bedroom, I don’t think I ever saw a room so big before.

I am going to enjoy being a married man, if it were possible I would feel sorry for Voldemort because he now has to face both Ginny and me, and according to Dumbledore we are both more powerful than even Merlin was and the more we get to know each other the more our magic power grows and develops.

Ginny wants to invite the whole Weasley family here for a holiday. I am looking forward to it with relish; I am also looking forward to Hermione’s first visit. Must remember to tell Ron we have a Quidditch pitch.

Well that’s it for now because the wife I did not have a week ago, a week ago I did not even have a girlfriend. Any way she wants to try out the bed and apparently it needs two people to do it properly so I’ve just volunteered to help. Bye till next time.

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