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In His Eyes by silverotter1
Chapter 1 : Back To School
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Disclaimer:  Harry Potter and all related characters belong to JK Rowling.  This plot is entirely a figment of my imagination.  

 This fic takes HBP into account, but not DH.

 Summary:   Hermione Granger seems to have the perfect life. Voldemort is dead. She has her dream job teaching at Hogwarts.  Life could not be better … or could it?  When Draco Malfoy resurfaces, unexpected circumstances set in motion a chain of events that could change her life -- forever.  

In His Eyes by silverotter1

Chapter 1 Back to School

 Hermione Granger was preparing to head back to work after the summer holidays. She had spent the summer relaxing with her parents at their beach house. Although she enjoyed her time off, she was definitely looking forward to getting back to work. She was now the current Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and had been for the past two years. She was also Head of Gryffindor House. Indeed, Hermione truly loved her work; teaching at Hogwarts was her dream job.  It was nice to feel grounded, to have something predictable in her life; especially after all she’d been through in the last five years. 

After her 7th year at Hogwarts, Voldemort had come out of hiding with his army of Death Eaters and Hogwarts had closed for two years while the war raged.  She, along with Harry, Ron, and certain DA members had joined the Order of the Phoenix to help bring Voldemort down.  The Order eventually fell in league with the Ministry of Magic due to needing resources and workers.  After all, Rufus Scrimgeour was gone, replaced by, none other than, Percy Weasley.  Percy had finally reconciled with his family, who received him with open arms.  Weasley’s popularity grew when he began working with a trusted double agent that gave inside information to the Ministry and, in turn, the Order.  The information proved very valuable as it helped Harry and the Order gain the upper hand in the war.  Ultimately, the tips gave vital information of a last ditch plot by the Death Eaters to turn the war in their favor.  Harry, Ron, Hermione and other key members of the Order, ambushed their plan.  Harry destroyed the last Horcrux, and finished off Voldemort for the last time.  Only a few Death Eaters escaped their demise or Azkaban – one who did was Lucius Malfoy.  His son, Draco, had not been seen since the night of Dumbledore’s murder four years before and neither had Severus Snape for that matter.  

Hermione shuddered at the recollections. Why am I thinking of all that again, she mussed. This year should be exciting; what with McGonagall adding Defense Against the Dark Arts back to the school’s curriculum … and hopefully the Headmistress has found a decent Potions Professor.  With Slughorn retiring and Snape, labeled a traitor, apparently, it’s not very easy to find a gifted Potions Master or Mistress.  The last three were less than adequate.  

Hermione jumped, her thoughts shattered at the sound of her doorbell.  Who could that be?, she wondered, a little annoyed.  She dashed downstairs to the foyer and checked the peephole. 

“Harry?” she asked as she swung open the door.

“Hey, Hermione!” Harry replied. 

“Harry! How are you?” she gushed giving him a huge hug.  There stood one of her best friends, Harry Potter, himself.  “Come in, come in. I haven’t got long though, I need to leave for Hogwarts in half an hour. 

“Yeah, me too, that’s why I’m here.”  He said while entering her flat.

“What?”  Hermione looked confused, “Does the Auror’s Office have business at Hogwarts?”  Harry was Head Auror for the Ministry.  

“Well, not exactly,” he said grinning, “I’ll be working part-time at Hogwarts and part-time at the Ministry.  You’re looking at the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher!”

“Harry, that’s fantastic!  We could not have anyone more suited for the position.  I’m so pleased!” Hermione beamed at him.

“And I’d like you to know Ginny will be there this year too.  She’s doing her Healer Internship with Pomfrey,” Harry added.

“Brilliant!” Hermione laughed. “It will be like old times with us all back at school. You know, Neville’s teaching Herbology and Luna teaches Charms …

“Yeah,” Harry interjected, “just like old times. Now if could just find something for Ron …

“Oh, yeah, but he’s really happy working at the Ministry …” her voice trailing off. Why would Harry mention Ron? He knows it’s a sore subject.

At his mention, Hermione recalled her failed relationship with Ron, if you could even call it a relationship.  Real relationships require communication and Ron could never open up to her or even be honest.  What a disaster the whole thing had been!  She wished she had never slept with him.  At times, she thought that’s all he had wanted from her.  

 “Right.  Well, got your things ready?” Harry’s voice broke over her thoughts. “I’ve got a Ministry car waiting. I reckon we could go together?”

“Yes that would be great Harry.  Have a seat; I’ll just be a few minutes more.” She disappeared up the stairs to her bedroom, finished packing the trunk and magicked it down to the waiting car. Before going down herself to meet Harry, she pondered the coming year.  

“Well, that’s one surprise revealed,” she said aloud to herself.  “Now, if Minerva had as much luck filling the Potions position, it should be an excellent school year!”

Hermione really had no idea of the bigger surprises that lay in store for the coming year, but she was about to find out.


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In His Eyes: Back To School


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