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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 19 : Chapter 19 - Bump and Grind
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Chapter 19 – Bump and Grind
“You have way too many jobs,” Sirius commented as Georgia rushed about the house on the Friday night.

“Well I gotta pay for this crap-hole somehow,” she said gesturing at the apartment.

“True,” he nodded.

“So how many jobs do you actually have?” Lily asked as she finished her dinner – hamburgers from a local fast-food place.

“Um…” she hummed before beginning to count on her fingers. “I think maybe seven. There’s the radio gig on Monday mornings, Tuesday’s Benny’s and then the telemarketer, Wednesday’s the CD store, um… Thursday’s sales advertising at the mall, Friday morning I walk dogs and then there’s my job tonight which is also tomorrow.”

James let out a low whistle.

“And what would your job for tonight be exactly and why would it require you to wear that?” Faith asked giving her the sticky eyes.

She was clad in a very revealing halter top that seemed to be made up of some metallic fabric that tied around her neck with a small strap around the back and hung loosely across her chest revealing great amounts of cleavage and midriff as well as back. Then on the bottom she was wearing some low cut, hipster leather pants tucked into knee-high black kitten-heel boots. Here eyes were smothered in eyeliner. (A/N – Keira Knightly, Bend It Like Beckham: when they are at the club in Germany)

“Well tonight and tomorrow are my best jobs of all,” she explained a wicked smirk playing her glossy lips. “You see from eight to about three in the morning I work at a club basically as a bartender but they also pay me to dance around and encourage others to dance.”

“Jealousy,” Faith sighed flopping onto the couch and leaning on James’ legs.

“Ooh but you are all invited tomorrow!” she said bounding over – a great feat considering the size of her heels.

At this Faith perked up.

“See I don’t work Saturday mornings or at any time during the day so I figure that the guys can stay home with Jesse and then I’ll take you and the Lilsmeister for a bit of a pre-club, post-trip shop! Then we get all dolled up and party like there is no tomorrow!” she said all in one breath before inhaling and continuing. “It was sort of my ‘going home surprise’ but you know me couldn’t keep a secret to save your life!”

“Why must you always gamble my life?” Faith play-huffed, pretending to get cross. “Why can’t you bet your own?”

She sat up her arms crossed and her bottom lip sticking out in a playful pout.

“Because,” Georgia sighed putting on a serious expression as she sat down and wrapped her arms around her sulking friend. “I am just so much more prettier than you and are therefore more valuable to society!”

Faith rolled her eyes before shoving her friend off. “Begone she-beast!”

Georgia jumped to her feet and skipped over to her black trench coat and bag.

“See you later kiddies!” she cried blowing a kiss to Faith. “Don’t wait up for me!” 


“Urgh!” Georgia groaned rolling over.

She jumped slightly when her hand made contact with someone. She smiled softly when her eyes landed on Remus who had been sleeping in her bed for the past few nights

“Morning,” he grinned.

“Pfft,” she groaned again putting her arm across her eyes to shield them from the light.
“Long night?” he smirked.

She attempted to swat him but ended up just hitting her self.

“Someone’s a little hung over,” he laughed.

“Nope,” she sighed shaking her head a little. “I think I might be still a little drunk.”



“Ooh, that hurts G, that really hurts,” he said placing his hand over his heart in mock pain.

“Shut up,” she groaned burying her head under her pillow.

“GET UP LOSER WE GOTTA GO SHOPPING!” came the voice of Faith as she thumped on the door.

These words seemed to sober Georgia up instantly.

“Did someone say shopping?” 


“Ah shopping, I haven’t been here in ages,” Faith said as she, Georgia and Lily sipped caramel lattes – a must have shopping beverage according to Georgia.

Georgia looked around the small mall in which they were doing their shopping. It was filled with mostly factory-outlets and small vintage shops as well as a few cafes and coffee shops similar to the one they were sitting in now.

“Well I personally come here most of the time,” she shrugged. “It is so cheap and really quite cute.”

“I’ll agree to that,” Lily said.

“Well,” Georgia said placing her empty coffee cup down. “As delicious as that was I think that it might be high time we hit the stores.”

Lily and Faith followed suit with the putting down of the cups and walked out of the coffee shop.

“Where to she with the knowledge?” Faith asked slinging her arm over Georgia’s shoulders.

“Well there is this little boutique down here that is quite nice.”

Faith started laughing.

“What?” Georgia asked stopping.

“You just said ‘boutique’.”

“You really need help,” she sighed continuing walking.

“Aw, you love me.”


They continued to walk until they reached a small store tucked away in the corner. It was like the front of a terrace with large glass windows filled with the most random assortment of things pilled around some mannequins wearing different styles.

They walked through the front door and Georgia immediately began throwing armfuls of clothes at them. Before they new it Lily and Faith were in the change rooms trying on different outfits.

Faith was standing outside her cubicle examining the black corset top she had tried. It was strapless and laces up at the back. She was looking her reflection over when a pair of hands covered her eyes.

“Georgia, you know full well that if you don’t remove those hands then I’ll kick your ass.”

“Never changing,” came a male voice.

Faith turned around and screamed out loud when a six-foot blonde smiling broadly fell into her gaze.

“What is it?” Lily said worriedly coming out of her change room.

“Sam you jack-ass! How the hell have you been?” Faith cried hugging the man.

“Not too bad,” he strangled out. “Oxygen becoming an issue.”

“Oops,” Faith said sheepishly, releasing her choker-hold hug on him.

Georgia and Faith had met Sam back when they started magic school together. He was gay and was being picked on by a couple of the older students. You could say Georgia and Faith … taught them a lesson.

“Well at least you brute strength is never faltering,” he smiled.

She laughed and punched him lightly on the arm.

Lily coughed nervously in the background.

“Oh sorry,” Faith said turning Sam around to face her. “Sam this is Lily, a friend from England, Lily this is Sam.”

“Hey,” Sam said, waving slightly.


“OH MY GOD LILY!” came a shrill screech.

“Urgh, G I think you just burst my eardrums,” Faith groaned rubbing her ear.

“Sorry but have either of you taken a look at her?”

Faith and Sam looked at Lily.

She was wearing a little black dress. It was micro mini baby-doll style dress that was strapless. With a satin top that was fitted then it fell loosely from under her bust to about halfway up her thighs. The loose part was layers of a sheen material with a lettuce trim and black sequins starting at the bottom that scattered on the way up.

Faith let out a low whistle. “Lils.”

“Honey you look FABULOUS!” Sam cried.

Lily, who had turned a light shade of red, fidgeted nervously with the hem. “You think?”

“Honey,” Georgia said draping her arm across her shoulders. “The man has got style and taste, he knows more about clothes than most designers. If he says you look fab, then you look fab.”

“Ooh!” Sam squealed. “And I know the perfect shoes for it!”

He exited the change room and a couple of minutes later came back holding a pair of knee-high black leather boots.

“Twirl!” Georgia demanded.

Lily twirled around in her new outfit as Sam, Georgia and Faith examined her.

“Definitely,” Faith said nodding her head.

“Yep, most certainly the outfit for tonight,” Georgia agreed.

They purchased Lily’s dress and boots before saying goodbye to Sam and continuing on their expedition.

“What about this one?” Georgia said exiting a change room wearing a micro-mini dress that was really just an extra long t-shirt made up completely of silver sequins.

“Very seventies,” Faith nodded examining the skinny-leg jeans she had tried on.

“Mmm,” Georgia hummed cocking her head to the side.

She re-entered her cubicle as Lily exited hers wearing some dark jeans and a black Sex Pistols t-shirt.

“Well aren’t you just the little groupie?” Faith teased.

Lily just rolled her eyes.

Two pairs of jeans, four t-shirts, one LBD, two camisoles, a leather jacket and four pairs of shoes for Lily, three halter-necks, a pair of kitten-heeled pumps, some new leather pants, a sequin dress and four tank-tops for Georgia and a pair of jeans, a corset top, three camisoles in red black and purple, a black halter top and a new pair of combat boots for Faith later, the girls decided to head back home. But not before making a little pit stop.

“No,” Lily said firmly as Georgia and Faith practically dragged her into the tattoo parlour.

“Oh come on Lils!” Faith said. “If it helps Georgia and I’ll get matching ones!”

“Yeah! It’ll be like your initiation into the Boston babes society!”

Lily looked at their pleading faces.

“Oh all right!” She caved throwing her arms up in defeat.

“YAY!” the other two girls cried in unison.

They walked into the small shop and had a look at some of the designs on the walls.

“That one!” Lily said pointing one out after a few minutes of careful browsing.

“Ok mam,” the large man who worked there said as he led them over to a chair that resembled something from a barbershop. “Right this way.” 


“Hey you’re back!” James said as the three girls came into the apartment their arms overloaded with bags.

“’Bout bloody time too,” Sirius added. “Weren’t we planning on going out soon?”

Georgia consulted her leather cuff watch.

“Pfft,” she scoffed. “It’s only seven. We’ll grab a quick bite to eat then get dressed and go!”

Lily and Faith followed her into her bedroom where they dropped their bags on her bed before walking out to the kitchen.

“Hey wasn’t Jesse supposed to be looking after you guys?” Faith asked as she pulled up a bar stool next to James.

“Yeah where is he?” Georgia said just noticing his absence.

“Well,” Remus began. “He left about an hour ago.”


Georgia began searching through the cupboards before pulling out some packets of something than beginning to cook.

A little while and a small fire later they sat around eating the macaroni and cheese that she had prepared.

When they finished Georgia began collecting everyone’s plates. The bent down to get Sirius’ whose was the last one when the door burst open and everyone froze.

There stood Jesse who was holding onto a length of rope. Tied to the end was a small goat.

“Estoy llamando a su Cassandra!” he exclaimed before leading the goat over to his room.

“What did he say?” Lily asked Remus.

“He said that he’s calling her Cassandra,” he muttered.

Everyone turned to look at Georgia.

“He’s from Barcelona!” she shrugged before picking up Sirius’ plate and walking over to the kitchen.

When Georgia had “washed up” in other words dumped everything into the sink, the girls said that they’d change in Georgia’s room so that the boys could change in Lily and James’.

Once safely inside they began pulling their purchases from their bags and dressing themselves. 


“HURRY UP!” Sirius yelled as he thumped on the door. “Bloody women.”

There was a small crash and a lot of giggling coming from the locked room.

Ten minutes later the door clicked and Georgia stepped out with Faith.

Georgia was wearing a black leather micro mini skirt with a tight gold t-shirt that wrapped around her body. She teamed it with black wedges that wrapped all the way around her legs up to her knees. Her hair was strait and sticking up as usual and her makeup was black and gold making her look slightly Egyptian.

Faith had her black skinny-leg jeans on teamed with big boots and what appeared to be a strip of purple satin that was wrapped around her to form a strapless tube-top. She had a leather cuff adorning her wrist and black smoky eyes with pale lips.

“Who’s ready to party?” Faith said slinging her arm over Georgia’s shoulders and Georgia wrapped hers around Faith’s waist. They let their heads rest on each other.

“Umm aren’t we missing someone?” Sirius said.

Faith and Georgia placed identical confused looks on their faces.

“Lily!” Sirius said.

Faith and Georgia turned to face each other identical smirks playing their lips.

James looked like he was about to pass out when Lily stepped out of Georgia’s room.

She was wearing the very short strapless black dress that was fitted to her upper body then fell loosely. It was satin around the top and layers of sheer material on the skirt with a lettuce trim. Sequin were scattered around the skirt. She was wearing the boots that Sam had picked to go with it and her hair was in loose wavy curls. She had smoky black eyes and pale lips to match Faith.

“Wow, Lily,” James managed to choke out after a few minutes of open staring.

Faith and Georgia shook their heads and walked over to Remus and Sirius closing their mouths.

“You’d think she was ugly before,” Georgia said to Faith.

They both laughed a little before linking arms on either side of Lily and heading towards the door.

“What is that?” James said suddenly.

“Hmm?” the three girls said in unison turning to look at him over their shoulders.

“What is what Jimmy?” Faith asked feigning innocence.

“On her shoulder,” he said pointing.

The three girls looked to Lily’s right shoulder. There printed permanently in black ink was the silhouette of a small dragonfly.

“I don’t see it,” Faith said dumbly.

“Me neither!” Georgia whined.

“There! Right there!” James said pointing at the tattoo.

“Oh, that!” Faith said.

“What did you do?” James asked Georgia.

“Me?” she said innocently. “Initiated her to the Boston babes society.”

“What?” he said genuinely confused.

“We all got one!” Faith said showing him an identical tattoo on the inside of her lower arm.

“Where’s yours G?” Sirius asked.

Georgia smirked. “Here,” she stated simply before flipping down the top of her skirt to reveal the small dragonfly printed next to her lower hip on her stomach.

“Too much skin G,” Faith said.

“Sorry,” she smirked rolling her skirt back up.

“Well are we good to go?”

“This is your last night my new Pommy friends,” Georgia said wiping away a fake tear. “I just want to say it was great while it lasted. And I’ll never forget you and-”

“Shut up and let’s go.” Remus said wrapping his arm around her and pushing her towards the door. 

A/N - there you go, the last of boston. and before you jump off to your reviews saying "why didn't you put the club in?" i will tell you right here and now that i didn't have enough creativity left in me to do it any justice. i know i know, you all are upset. hehe. BUT! i am very proud of me, i managed to keep the promise i made in the last chapter and wrote chapters 20 and 21 AS WELL AS 22! you love me! well even if you don't i do. hehe. as always read and review! :o)

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