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Once Again by Ink Laden Quill
Chapter 26 : Howlers
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This is more of a transition chapter. Well, not really. It has purpose, but it's not action packed. It does have some humour at the end though. I'm rather proud of that. haha. 

Disclaimer: Harry Potter does not belong to me at all. I'm just a huge fan.

Lily and James made their way to Dumbledore’s office later that day.

They entered and saw the headmaster standing over a stone basin an looking at something in it. Upon seeing the Head boy and girl he set the container in a cabinet and closed the door. 

“What do I owe this pleasant surprise?”

“We got back to the castle yesterday and I have come by to see if anything new has happened that we should be aware about,” said James.

“Well Mr. Potter. There has been no change within the castle. The only differences have been outside in the wizarding world.”

“What’s been going on?” asked Lily.

‘Have you not read the papers, Miss Evans? The man naming himself Lord Voldemort is becoming more powerful and has eluded all possible means of capture. Terror rakes the wizarding community. Each person believes themselves to be the next victim of this man.”

‘That’s one of the reasons we’re here, Sir” said James, “About six months ago you let slip a mentioning of the Order of the Phoenix.”

“Did I? Well then, it is my greatest hope that you did to run to the Ministry with the news.”

“No, of course not, Sir,” said Lily, “Just to our friends. They, along with James and I, want to join.”

“The Order is for overage witches and wizards who have left school.”

“Well, yeah,” blurted out James, “We want to do it after graduation. We want to help.”

“Who are the people in question?”

“Uh, me and Lily,” said James, “Sirius, Emma, Remus, Peter, Alice, and Frank. I’m not really sure about Nathan and Sarah. I think they’re semi interested.”

Professor Dumbledore pressed his long fingers together, “So in shorter terms, all of the Gryffindor seventh years.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“You have to remember, Mr. Potter, that it is one thing to want the glory of being in the Order, but another thing completely to realize what it means to serve and fight. We do not look at grades because test scores do not matter. What matters is the amount of courage and bravery one has. Would you be willing to sacrifice your life for the one you love? For your friends and the community around you? Would you be willing to sacrifice your life if it would restore peace to the world around you?”

“Professor Dumbledore,” said Lily, calmly, “We want to help. We know that if you be dangerous and we’re willing to take that risk.”

The old man sighed, “I realize that there is no way to stop you. Next Saturday you and your classmates report to my office at nine o’clock at night. If anyone asks the head boy and girl are escorting students to my office.”

Lily and James nodded and headed back to the Gryffindor common room. 

They opened the portrait hole and were surprised to see all the seventh years sitting together, waiting for them to come back. The two of them went over and sat down on the sofa.

“So what did he say?” asked Emma immediatly .

“He wants us to see him on Saturday night at nine o’clock. And bring all of you guys. He’ll probably talk to us then,” said Lily.

“Did he mention what the requirements were?”

“You just have to have left school,” said James, “He also said that to join the Order you just have to have bravery and courage. We have to be willing to die for what we believe in. Can you guys do that?”

“Of course,” said Sirius, holding Emma’s hand, “I would rather die fighting than any other boring way.”

“So, is that what we’re all going to do?” asked James, “Are we all going to join the Order?”

“I don’t know,” said Nathan, “It doesn’t really appeal to me, but we’ll keep secret about you guys.”

“We?” asked Alice.

“Me and Sarah.”

James raised his eyebrows. “Okay, that’s fine. So I’ll see all of you next weekend…after the house cup.”

He stood up, along with Sirius, Remus, and Peter, “We’re going back to the head dorm. See you guys later.”

Five minutes later they flopped down on James’ bed.

“You know,” said Sirius, “We haven’t pulled a prank on Snivellus in a long time. What do you say?”

Remus rolled his eyes.
James checked to make sure that the door was closed tightly, “I’m in.”

“So, what do we do?”

“How about,” started James, “We hire some exotic dancers under his name.”

“Sirius started howling with laugher. “That would be really funny. But there’s a lot of ways that could go wrong. We need something simple, yet disastrous to him.”

“Imagine if we somehow find some way to give him turrets?”

“You can’t give someone a mental illness,” said Remus, rolling his eyes. 

“Wait!” said Peter. Everyone turned to look at him, “What if we send him something like twenty howlers tomorrow at breakfast. We can disguise our voices and write a bunch of insults. They’ll all go off at the same time and make a huge commotion.”

“That,” said Sirius, rubbing his hands together, “Is the most brilliant idea you’ve every come up with Wormtail.”

The boys spent the next hour writing on different pieces of paper.

James nibbled on the tip of his quill, “What do you think of The grease has stiffened your hair so much that the scissors would break if you tried to cut it.”

“Nice,” said Sirius, “I put, The reason your nose is that shape is because your mother dropped you on your face when you were a baby and you broke your nose…and she never bothered to have it fixed.”

The boys all burst out laughing. Even Remus started chuckling slightly, “You guys are horrible…but I’m friends with you anyways.”

“It’s because you know that you can’t live without us.”

James and Sirius pulled out their wands and began performing the charm that turned them into howlers.

“Okay guys,” said James, “Lily cannot find out that it was us. I worked really hard to get her to go out with me…and I’m not going to loose her. So, when the howlers go off we only start laughing after everyone else does. Then we start naming out people who could have done it.”

“But that’ll take away the fun,” complained Sirius.

“Just do it.”


The next morning the marauder’s exchanged looks as they sat down at breakfast. They played it normal and started up a regular conversation with the girls.

Then the post came.

Owl after owl pelted at Snape, until there were not less than thirty-two howlers sitting on his plate. 

Exactly four seconds later it sounded as if a bomb had gone off. The disguised voices of Sirius, James, Peter, and even Remus started screaming out insults. It all blended together and was so loud that many of the glasses on the table broke.

Two minutes later it was over. Everyone was dead quiet.

James looked over at Sirius and saw that his friend was biting his lip so hard to keep from laughing that he was bleeding. 

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a kid at the Ravenclaw table started laughing.
The whole hall joined in.

The marauders let loose. Sirius and James were falling over each other, laughing so hard that they were crying.

Finally they sat up and turned to the girls.

“I wish that whoever did that had let me in on the secret,” said Sirius, wiping his eyes.

“I know!” complained James, ’They were brilliant. I guess someone’s taken over out position here. We’d better find out who it is.” 

“I bet it was that kid at the Ravenclaw table who had started laughing first. We should mug him.”

The girls never found out who the real culprits were.

Okayyy..that's my bit of comic relief at the end. Next chapter is the Quidditch House Cup. It's definately different then any quidditch match I've read about. The Slytherins threw a bit of a spin on it. Reviews would be greatly appreciated. :) 


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