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Teach me Something Good by the_real_diamond
Chapter 7 : Forgotten Issues
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It is Sunday at noon, perhaps the longest Sunday of all the Sundays at Hogwarts. There was a very tired looking Sirius Black, and when I say tired, I mean grumpy. And this Sirius Black looked nothing like himself. It was really kind of, icky. His sleek, usually combed hair was all out of whack. He was slouching wherever he went, which was not very many places, because he didn’t feel like moving. He had dark circles under his eyes, obviously from sleep deprivation.

He couldn’t sleep anyway. He was thinking too much. He had taken account of Professor McGonnagol had told him. He had checked all of his work he had gotten from Slughorn. He made sure not to miss one sentence. There were papers and open books all over his floor. He had been dipping his quill in the inkbottle so many times that he had spilled it, and stained the rug on the floor. He didn’t really care that much.

There was another thing on his mind, too. Had he really been working harder on the work given to him from Alex? He must have. The proof was right there in his Professor’s hands. He still didn’t get it. He wondered how he could do that without even knowing it.

His head was pounding. His companions weren’t helping with that. Peter was yapping about… something. James was trying to explain the impossible theory that pigs came from a different planet. Remus was retaliating to that impossible theory.

They were doing all this in the great hall. Lunch didn’t seem as good as it usually did to Sirius. The chicken all tasted like old bologna and the mashed potatoes tasted like plain, un-flavorful mush. He desperately needed to clear his mind from all this stress. It was Sunday, after all. He should do something for himself. He could join the next prank that his friends were going to do. He hadn’t done that for a long while, and thought it was about time he should have some fun.

But then again, he really didn’t feel like it. He also hadn’t done something else in quite a while. Date. The thing that he was most famous for. One of the few things that keeps him sane through his school life. That was taken away from him.

Who was there to date? A lot of people had started to ignore him for the whole tutoring thing. Even though a lot of other people had forgotten all about that issue, it was still there. Sirius had to think on this.

There was one girl he could think of that didn’t care much about the matter of his recent extra teachings. But it was dangerous. Very dangerous. His entire physical and mental being would be very much at steak. Would he take the risk?

He stared at his ranting friends and thought about leaving them behind once again. They might be used to this by now. And besides, there is always next weekend, isn’t there? He could hang out with them then. They would understand.

Or would they? Well, his mind was made up, and there was no way he was going to change it. He just stood up from the table and left the rest of the Marauder gang with food in their mouths. They looked a bit disappointed, but, as Sirius had predicted, they had gotten used to it. They just watched him walk away.

Sirius started to rethink this but stopped. He figured if he thought about it more, he would chicken out. He had to admit, this was the only time he ever got nervous in asking out a girl. But this was a girl that was horribly scary to him, but he was desperate.

By now I think you know exactly whom I am talking about.

He knew where to find her. It was the very spot where she always was when she was not in class, right in the courtyard.

He walked right up to a reading girl with brunette hair and gleaming blue eyes, staring into a rather large book, as she always seemed to be doing.

Just do it. He pushed himself up and decided to give it a try. Alex wasn’t even paying attention. She was too intertwined with the subject of her reading material.

“Um,” was all he could say at the moment. Alex looked up and saw a face she didn’t quite like.

“If it’s a question about your work, go look it up.” She thought that he would walk away at that moment, but he planted his feet.

Just do it.

“Alexwillyougouotwithme?” as you can see, that came out perfectly smooth.

Alex just looked at him a little strangely and slightly confused, “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.”

Sirius tried to calm himself. He took in some deep breaths and cleared out all unnecessary thoughts.

Just do it.

“Well, um I was thinking, well, if… you know, maybe-“

“Just get on with it.” The girl was getting impatient.

Just do it.

“Well, perhaps, we could sit together at… lunch?”

For the first time in his life, Sirius saw a puzzled expression on his tutor’s face. But, puzzled as she was, she was still her hard self. “What do you mean?”

Now the poor boy had to explain. He just thought that one sentence would be enough, and all she had to do was say yes or no.

Sirius was really perspiring now. He could almost feel the drops of sweat running down his face. He couldn’t take it. It was eating him up right there, and maybe perhaps this was one of the most painful moments of his life.

Luckily, Alex was coming up with a response. She had realized what he was trying to say.

At least, what she thought he was trying to say.

 “Black, we have a bargain.”

Huh? I’m not following. This girl is so different that she refers to dates as bargains? Simple negotiations? She is a strange one, she is.

“I suppose I can help you with questions at lunch. I guess you really do care about your grades. Your not as big a bumbling idiot as I thought.”

Shock. Nothing but that was happening to Sirius. Pure shock. More work? At lunch? No. This couldn’t be happening. Not happening at all. Alex completely misunderstood what he was talking about. He was prepared to protest. The girl is mad. She can’t even see when she is being asked out. All the signs were there. The stuttering, the fidgeting hands, the constant sweat, it even went all the way down to not looking her in the eye.

Ok, maybe he never looks her in the eye.

What’s more, he was now scared. Eating next to Alex? The girl he had referred to as “The Devil Girl” would be right at his side. He wouldn’t even be able to eat without knowing whether or not she had poisoned his food when he looked away for just a moment.

Maybe this could be a good thing. He could take advantage of this situation and get some learning done. No, it was impossible. She still scared him in his nightmares. This was bad. Bad, bad, bad.

As he came back from the world of his thoughts, he realized the girl he had been talking to vanished a while ago. Man, did he waste pranking time. And only got less time at lunch to plan for the weekends. It was now going to be study central for him and he had gotten himself into it.

The worst part of it all was that he still didn’t have a date.

A/N~ yes I know. Any normal person would not have gone and even tried to ask their worst enemy out, but hey! I need a plot, and this is all I could really think of. What can I say? He’s desperate!

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