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Symphony of Life by Leanne Malfoy
Chapter 1 : Getting in trouble
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything Harr Potter and sadly, I don't even own the plot. I just twisted Harry Potter to fit this plot. This story is based on the movie Step Up. Product of Touchstone Pictures and Summit Entertanment. Directed/ Chorographed by Anne Fletcher.

Freindship in an Unlikely Way
Getting in trouble


     Draco Malfoy danced with a muggle girl at a party in the muggle Getto of London. Draco was pretty good at hip-hop dancing if you could belive it. He was dancing pretty close to the girl when a man came over and pushed him.

   "Hey! Don't you dance with my girlfriend." said the man viciously in Draco's face.

   "Sorry man, I didn't see your name on her." Draco said back.

    He didn't mean any harm by dancing with this girl. He didn't even know her. He just wanted to have fun. If he know that this girl was that man's girlfriend he wouldn't have danced with her. That was TJ. TJ was a muggle ganster and would shoot you without thinking twice. Draco know he had more money than all of them, had a better house, and didn't have to hang out here in the Getto but him, Blaise, and Zach liked hanging here anyways. It was exciting. 

   "We were just dancing." said the girl from behind TJ. 

   "Yeah." said Draco, agreeing with the girl.

   "Yo, shut up bitch." TJ said from over his shoulder to the. 

    Blaise emerged from the crowd with Zach but before Draco could even look at them, TJ pulled a gun out from his jacket pocket. Blaise came forward and put a hand on both Draco and TJ's chests. He was going to say something but the host of the party came forward and said to Draco, Blaise, and Zach,

    "What's going on here? Draco? Hey, you guys just leave. Don't you be causin' problems here." 

  Before Draco could object Blaise said,

     "Come on man. Zach, come on." and he led them out of the party.

  They ran out and didn't stop until they were at the end of the road. They were laughing when Blaise said,

    "Why do you got to start suff like that?"

    "I don't." Draco said.

    "Well, you always got to finish it now don't you." Blaise argued playfully. 

    "Yeah. You know that I'm gonna do stuff like that when I'm older. I'll start tons of fights." said Zach. Zach was fourteen and Draco and Blaise were sixteen. Zach had black hair like his brother and brown eyes. He looked up to them and wanted to be just like them when he got older.

   "Sure." said Draco, picking up an empty beer can off the ground and through it at Zach. Zach dodged it and said,

    "Is that all you got? Where are those Quidditch skills?"

  Draco and Blaise started throughing anything they could get thier hands on at Zach. Draco picked up a rather large rock and through it at Zach, who dodged it. It fit the window that was right next to Zach and it shadered. 

   They all looked as if they were scared they were going to get in trouble until Blaise made that 'oooohhhh' noise and they started laughing.

     "Oh. I know this place." Zach said going over to the now broken window and kicking it in so that he could fit through.

     "Hey! What are you doing?" said Draco, going over to the window as Zach slid through.

     "Get out of there." said Blaise, coming to stand next to Draco.

     "This is some Art School for rich muggles." came Zach's voice from inside the building.

      "Get out of there." Blaise repeated. When there was no reply he said,

      "Come on. We have to go get him."

    Draco and Blaise went through and saw they were in a hallway. It looked rather nice. They went over to the trophy case where Zach was and saw dancing, singing, art, and anything else you could think of trophies. There were pictures of ballet dancers and some where guys.

      "Hey, look at that. They look like they have there shirts spray-painted on or something." Draco pointed out, looking at the pictures of the boys doing ballet. Blaise laughed and agreed.

      "Yeah but it does show off thier muscules off pretty nice though." said Zach in an all to dreamy voice.

    Blaise stopped laughing and they both just looked at him.

       "What? No-no, not like that." said Zach, trying to defend himself. He went over to Draco and put a friendly hand on him shoulder to make Draco belive him but Draco said,

       "Hey man, don't touch me." He backed away a little when Zach trying to touch him.

        "You know I didn't mean it like that." Zach tried with Blaise. Blaise backed away too and when he did, a room caught his eye.

        "Look." he said, going into it. Draco and Zach followed and Draco saw it was a stage with a bunch of props on it.

        "Cool." Blaise said as he picked some of the stuff up. He didn't really like it, he just found it fasinating that the kids that went here did. They played with the things on the stage until Draco found a pillow. He picked it up and swung in around so it hit Zach in the face. The pillow exploded and Zach stumbled back, knocking over a vase in the process. Draco and Zach looked the same way they did when they first him the window with the rock. Suddenly, Blaise wisked over to them with a red cape on and a weird hat, covering half of his face with the collar of the cape dramatically.

      "It's ok guys. These muggles can aford this." he said in a much deeper, dramatic voice.

    As if agreeing with Blaise, Draco and Zach started trashing the place with Blaise. They smashed vases, rode on racks that had clothes on them, and smashed everything in sight. At one point Blaise and Draco started sword fighting while Zach skipped around in an old colonial looking dress.

   It had been dark while they did this but suddenly the lights turned on. A security gaurd came running out from behind the set and grabbed Blaise. Draco hid behind the clothes rack and Zach ran yelling,

    "Blaise! Blaise, come on!"

   Draco waited for the opertune moment and ran out from behind the clothes rack. He couldn't let Blaise get in trouble like that so he pushed him out of the grip of the security gaurd, who grabbed Draco instead.

    "Draco! Draco!" Blaise said, reluctant to let his friend go down without him.

    "I'm fine! Go!!" he yelled. Blaise did as he was told and ran. The security gaurd said once Blaise had run,

     "That was a pretty noble thing you did there." He was still struggling to hold Draco down. The gaurd was fat and wasn't that strong but being pinned under that fat, it was hard for Draco to get up.

      "Shut up, you stupid muggle!" Draco yelled. He still struggled even though he know he was caught.


Draco stood in a muggle court room with his lawyer who wasn't really a lawer. He was a wizard.

        "Is it true that you broke into the Maryland School of the Arts and did 1,000 dollars of damage?" the judge asked.

   Reluctantly, Draco stood up and said,


         "Mr. Malfoy, are you by any chance a student at that school?" said the judge.
         Draco snorted and snarled,


         "And where are your parents right now, Mr.Malfoy?" the judge questioned.

   Draco shrugged.

          "Can you answer me in a sentence, Mr. Malfoy?" said the judge.

          "I dont' know. I think my mother in trying to get here." Draco answered, very annoying.

          "Well then, you get 200 hours of community service at the scene of the crime: The Maryland School of the Arts." concluded the judge, slamming his hammer down on the hard wood infront of him.


      Draco sat in a wooden bench, waiting for his mother to show up. She finally did, looking quite scared.

        "What happened?" Narcissa asked.

        "I have do preform 200 hours of community sevice at the Maryland School of the Arts." Draco read from the paper he was given that told his sentence in writting.

    Narcissa shook her head. If he had to do 200 hours of work this would be a long summer, let alone in a building full of muggles. They were lucky Lucius was in Azkaban or he would be furious and even beat Draco for what he did. Yes, this was going to be a very long summer.

A/N: Hey everybody! Nice to see you've read my story! Please R&R! The next chapter will, hopefully be up soon. This story had been a plotbunny for almost a year now so I really hope you like it!


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