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Black Dog by IrishVeela3
Chapter 5 : Problems at the Potter's
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Black Dog
Chapter 5- problems at the potters

Authors Note: Sorry about the slight wait for this you guys. It was prom week last week and I had entirely too much stuff going on to even think about typing up this chapter. Also this week I had to deal with the after prom drama so once again no chapter. Plus prom weekend was also memorial day weekend and the bennies came and the Guido’s from north Jersey and long island came and clogged up our beaches and roads : ( life’s better now that most of them went home. They’ll be back this weekend though : (. so anyway without further ado…

It was Monday morning, the first day of Christmas break and the Marauders, Caitlin, and Lily were dragging their trunks up the Potter’s front walk.

Well, the Marauders were dragging trunks.

Caitlin and Lily were walking ahead of them. Lily was holding tightly to Caitlin’s arm, ready to catch her should she slip and fall on the icy walk. Sirius and James were carrying their own, as well as, Caitlin and Lily’s trunks. The girls had reached the steps and were patiently waiting for the boys to catch up while laughing loudly as they slipped, slided, and struggled with the heavy trunks.

Halfway up the walk, James threw his and Lily’s trunks on the ground and said

“Are we dumb?! We’re of age!” James pulled out his wand and levitated his and Lily’s trunks, the other boys followed suit.

Finally everyone made it into the house alive.

They stood in the foyer of a grand old house, it was large, but not a mansion. The foyer had worn mahogany floors and a polished wood staircase stood to the left of them. The foyer opened to a large living room, there was a fire crackling merrily in the fireplace. Two winged back chairs sat in front of the fire. Mr. Potter was sitting in the chair to the left reading the Evening Prophet and Mrs. Potter was knitting. It was the perfect image of family happiness and stability. An image Caitlin had never seen in real life.

Mrs. Potter looked up “John! They’re here!” Mr. Potter gazed over his newspaper and smiled at the band of teenagers. He had messy hair like James and wore glasses as well. His hair was obviously black at one point but was starting to grey. Mrs. Potter got out of her chair and walked as fast as she could over to the kids.

“Caitlin!” She yelled walking over to Caitlin, hugging her tightly and kissing her cheek. “Look at you!” she said holding her at arms length. Mrs. Potter kissed her hand and placed it on Caitlin’s stomach, a gesture of well wishing. “You are absolutely glowing!”

If Caitlin was one to blush, she would have been at that very moment. But boys are the only creatures who blush and the only ones that need to, so she didn’t. Caitlin loved Mrs. Potter.

“How far along are you now darling?” She asked, smiling widely.

“About four months.”

“Oh darling!” She gushed, hugging Caitlin again. “And there’s the Father to be!” Mrs. Potter said releasing Cait and embracing Sirius. She kissed Sirius’ cheek and released him suddenly growing stern. “Now Sirius you are being good to Caitlin darling right?” she asked, shaking a finger at him.

“I wouldn’t dream of being anything else.” Sirius said, smiling at Caitlin as she hugged and kissed Mr. Potter.

“Hello.” James said walking up to his parents. “I’m you’re son, James Potter, perhaps you haven’t met me yet?”

“Oh James!” Mrs. Potter said “Stop being ridiculous and come here!” She hugged and kissed him and unnecessary amount of times then moved on to the others. James said hello to his father just as Mr. Potter said kindly

“Now don’t smother the kids Lynn, they’ve had a long trip. Let them breathe.”

Everyone filed into the living room and collapsed into chairs, warming up by the fire. They talked and laughed and had a great time talking with the Potter’s. After and hour, Sirius’ grumbling stomach could be heard over the din of all their voices.

“Dinner I think.” Mr. Potter said.

“Sirius I find it impossible to believe that you eat more than me and I’m four months pregnant.” Caitlin said, The whole room burst into laughter. After everyone had their laugh Sirius said

“Well at least I eat normal things. Not pickles followed by a bowl of ice cream and washed down with prenatal vitamins.” The laughter was so loud Caitlin was sure the neighbors could hear. Even Caitlin joined in.

“Has she woken you up at three in the morning and asked you to get some ridiculous thing that no kitchen or twenty four hour store would have yet?” Mr. Potter asked

“Several times.” Sirius responded “The strangest of all was a slice of pineapple and anchovy pizza but, thankfully the Hogwarts kitchen has everything and a most willing staff even at three A.M.”

“Oh you kids.” Mrs. Potter said smiling fondly at them as she got up to make dinner.

“We’ll help Mrs. Potter.” Lily said looking at Cait who nodded.

“Why thank you girls.” Mrs. Potter said.

Caitlin attempted to stand but got stuck halfway.

“Babe.” She said “I think we should invest in a fork lift.”

“Oh hush you’re not that big.” Sirius said Cait snapped her fingers to get Peter’s attention (he was sitting to the left of her)

“Help please boys.” Sirius and Peter each grabbed one of Caitlin’s elbows and pulled her to her feet, making unnecessary grunting noises in the process. “Remind me not to sit for the next five months.” Caitlin said, walking with Lily into the kitchen.

. . .

They entered the kitchen and Cait sat at the table.

“Five months went by fast.” Lily said smirking at Caitlin. Cait laughed and shook her head.

“So Caitlin how are you feeling?” Mrs. Potter asked

“As good as the condition warrants I guess.” She said rubbing her stomach. “I don’t really know what to expect.”

“You’ll do fine.” Mrs. Potter said putting a chicken in the oven. “What are you going to name he or she?”

“Jack if it’s a boy and we don’t have a name if it’s a girl. We can’t decide on a name we both like.”

“Really? Not one?” Mrs. Potter asked.

“Well, the problem is, Sirius has some kind of mental issue with naming his potential daughter the same name as one of his ex- girlfriends and since Sirius had half a million ex- girlfriends you can see why the situation is problematic.” Mrs. Potter laughed along with Caitlin and Lily.

The chicken was done in five minutes along with the mashed potatoes and corn. Cait and Lily set the table and the Potters and their guests gathered around the kitchen table for one of the most memorable dinners Caitlin could ever remember.

. . .

After dinner Cait and Sirius retired to their room. They were the only ones who would be sharing. Caitlin showered, changed into her pajamas, and sat down at the desk she had turned into her makeshift vanity in her and Sirius’ room.

Sirius took off his shirt and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

“How’re you feeling?” he asked, spitting in the sink and looking at Caitlin brushing her hair.

“I’m fine I’m so sick of everyone asking me that.”

Sirius spit in the sink again and looked at her back through angry eyes. “Sorry for caring.”

“Apology accepted.” Caitlin replied.

“Why do you always have to be such a bitch Caitlin darling!” Sirius asked throwing his toothbrush down into the sink.

“What the hells your problem crazy?! Someone needs some anger management classes if your going to freak over dumb comments!”

“Oh so now I’m the crazy one?!”

“Since when have I been the crazy one Black, you’re the one who ran away from home last summer, you’re the one who has had a different girl everyday of the week since you were 12 years old!”

“Oh get over yourself Caitlin. All you are is a skirt with a smile that gets her whatever she wants. I’m wishing on every star I know right now that you don’t have a girl so she won’t be a carbon copy of you!”

“You’re no better than your father and Regulus, Sirius, why don’t you just go back to your evil family and go be crazy with them!”

“What are you implying Caitlin huh? That I’m not fit to be the father of our baby?!”

Caitlin wasn’t angry anymore. Sirius had revealed in his last sentence why he never wanted to talk about the baby as an actual living thing that needed to be named and whatever.

He was afraid. Sirius Black was afraid.

Caitlin looked at his face, his bare chest, his abs and arms and eyes and even his hair that he loved so much. She was so lucky to have him. To love and be loved by him.

“Oh Sirius, you’re so sexy when you’re mad.” Caitlin got up and walked to him. She sat on the sink and pulled him close, his head resting over her heart.

“Sirius we’re going to be fine.” She said lifting up Sirius’ head and placing her hands just under his sky high cheekbones. “Contrary to popular belief we will do fine at this parenting thing.”

“No we won’t.” He said avoiding her eyes.

“Yes we will Sirius. You know how I know?” he shook his head no.

“Because you’re everything a good dad should be sweet and kind, loving and forgiving, we’ll do just fine.” She kissed his nose and then his lips deeply.

Sirius planted kisses down her neck and collarbone sending shivers down her spine. Caitlin closed her eyes and ran her hands over Sirius’s back. She felt his muscles contract as he moved his arms. This is when she felt most alive. When she was this close to another living, breathing, person who she could touch as she wished.

Sirius her so passionately, fiercely, and tenderly all at once. He was such a good kisser, she never wanted to let go of him. She wanted to sit there, in the Potter’s bathroom, wrapped up in him forever. Caitlin rested her cheek against his,

“Thank you for telling me what’s on your mind Sirius.”

“Thanks for making my insecurities go away. It’s not an easy task.” Sirius said as Cait smiled and kissed his cheek. “It’s not an easy task. I’ sorry for what I said about not wanting a daughter. I didn’t mean it I was just trying to hurt you.”

“It’s O.K. Sirius. I’m sorry for telling you you’re just like your family. You’re different than them in everyway possible.”

Sirius backed up slightly and looked out the window. “lately I’ve been wondering if I am so different.” Caitlin looked at him quizzically. “I mean, isn’t how I treat girls that aren’t you and Lily just as bad as what my families into? Isn’t it just as evil?” Cait looked away from him. “You can’t deny it sweetheart. I know you’re lying if you do.”

Caitlin took his large rough hands in her small soft ones. “the salvation of your soul doesn’t matter to me baby. All that matters is that I love you and you love me that’s it.”

He smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips. “You know babe it’s almost worth it to fight.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because making up is so wonderful.”

Cait rolled her eyes at him and tickled his back making him twitch and jump in the air.

“Don’t tickle me!” He said, shaking his whole body like a dog in an attempt to get the tickly feeling off him. “I need a cigarette after all this, I’ll be out on the balcony.”

“I’ll come with you”

“No you won’t, your coats downstairs and all you have on are those shorts, tanks top and flimsy silk wrapper. You’ll freeze. Plus, I don’t want you inhaling the smoke.”

Caitlin pouted.

Sirius covered his eyes with his hand so he wouldn’t give in.

“Go to bed sweetened I’ll be in in a minute.” Caitlin begrudgingly obliged. A few minutes later, Caitlin heard the balcony door open and felt Sirius’ body climb into bed with her. She felt his lips on her neck and shoulder and his arms wrap around her.

Sirius Black, the love of her life, would always be there to take care of her. She was sure of it.

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