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The Muggle Effect by ifonlymylove
Chapter 6 : Gryffindor Gossip and Dirty Little Secrets
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Dirty Little Secret

By: The All American Rejects

It’s eating me apart

Trace this life out

I'll keep you my dirty little secret

Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret

I’m a Gryffindor.

“Yes, Addie!  You are a Gryffindor now, so could you please get up off your bunk and hurry?  We’re going to miss breakfast!” Fae complained as she shook my shoulders.  I simply sat still, my eyes glued to the badge.  Fae sighed and tapped her foot.  “You know how I get when I miss my breakfast,” she warned.

That got me up.

We flew through the common room and Fae simply muttered, “Black,” for an explanation.

What did Fae think?  Sirius was going to propose and then bind me to him.

Oh, wait.  He’s already done that.

Fae was practically galloping through the corridors and I knew that the inevitable was about to happen.  I could virtually count the seconds…


“We’re nearly there and Sirius hasn’t managed to find you.”


“Fae, perhaps you should slow down.”


“Slow down, oh yeah.”


“Wait!  No!  Speed up, speed up!”


Too late.  Damn.

Fae flew through the doors and left me behind.  She left me behind in the arms of the person she was trying to get me away from.

“Red suits you,” Sirius murmured in my ear.  His breath on my neck was sending shivers down my spine.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I twittered breathlessly.  I struggled to escape him, but his arms tightened and he drew me to him, my back flush with his chest.  His hand drifted, almost lazily, to the new crest sitting on my chest and I nearly melted.  I was struck numb for a moment before I squirmed out of his grasp, only to have him push me against the stonewall, plaster himself against me and kiss me.

I was so overwhelmed that I simply stood there before I realized that we were standing in the brightly lit corridor.

“Get off of me,” I hissed, but Sirius just smirked.

“Fine, I’ll just be you’re dirty little secret.”

You and a million other little things.

“Go be dirty with someone else,” I groaned and batted Sirius away.

I didn’t mean it.

Sirius looked resigned as he pushed away from me.  “If you really want me to…”

He was a few paces away when I finally said something.  “You know I don’t,” I sighed.  Why did I have to be so weak?

Instantly Sirius had me against the wall, one hand on my hip, the other on my face.  His thumb was slowly tracing my lips.  “I know, but hearing you say it makes it a whole lot sweeter.”

I smiled.  He smiled.

You know what happened next.

And it happened until we heard the large doors to the Great Hall creak open and then both of us disappeared. 

I have an issue.  A big issue.  Ok, a HUGE issue.  You know all about Black, our little engagement, and I well of course people know about it, but the worst thing is the gossip.  Yes, the gossip.

Gryffindor girls.  Gryffindor girls and the huge mouths.  Ok, in particular, Fae.

My God, Fae.

May Merlin strike you down.

Fae Morgan told everyone that I was pregnant.

So, it may not have been those words, but the wretched rumor originated from her.  Oh hell, it originated from her.

Now, I know you are all giving me strange looks, but I’m afraid it’s true.  Sirius Black and I are going to have a baby.

Why am I always the last to know these things?

“So I hear-”

“What you heard was bloody gossip Black so could you please be so kind as to remove you lips from my neck and your wondering hands from my waist so I can continue looking for the Potions book I’m in need of,” I muttered fiercely and then took a deep breath.

“So formal Addie?”  Sirius asked as unwrapped his limbs from around me.

“Yes,” I stated and then began to ignore him as my fingers brushed the dusty spines of the book ahead of me.

What was I looking for again?

Sirius whirled me around and backed me against the shelf.  “You forgot what you were looking for didn’t you love?”  He questioned teasingly. 

“Damn you Sirius Black,” I moaned.  “And don’t call me love.”

“I’ll call you whatever I wish to call you.  We’re en-”

“Yeah, yeah.  We’re engaged, but the funny thing about that is that, like the rumor about me being pregnant, us being engaged is exactly the same thing.  A lie.  A hoax.”  I didn’t look down from Black’s stony gaze and the look in his eyes made my knees go weak.  I clutched as his arms for support.

“How thick are you Harris?”  Sirius inquired before giving me a peck on the lips and patting my head.  “Now get back to that essay, love.”

I let out a strangled gasp as he sauntered away.

What the hell did that mean?

I am not thick!


Where’s Lily when I need her?

“I heard your dirty little secret,” Lily laughed as she slid down into a chair opposite from me.

I sighed and looked up from my drying essay.  “Which one?  You’re going to have to be more specific.”

Lily looked rather shocked.  “How many dirty little secrets can you possibly have?”

Let me think.

I’m an Empath.

Sirius Black and I are engaged and having a baby.

And I think I may be in love with the person who tricked me into getting engaged with him just to get back at his parents.

He may actually be in love with me.

I make lists in my head and talk to myself.

I just gave Lily a blank stare.

“Well, whatever you’re hiding, please tell me you’re not pregnant!”  She grasped my hand and I had to stifle back a stinging remark like, “You’re bloody insane!”  It took all I had not to laugh at her.

“I’m not pregnant,” I slowly reassured her, holding back the laughter that would have exploded from my mouth.

Lily look relieved before she suddenly burst into laughter, which, in turn, led me to do the same.  

“I can’t believe some people.  Sirius Black really isn’t as much of a… playboy as everyone thinks his is,” Lily stated after her laughing fit petered out.

“What do you mean?”  I inquired and quickly pushed my Potions essay aside, nearly spilling my ink.

Lily smiled.  “Oh, of course he goes on dates, but he doesn’t do much chasing.  Girls just chase him.  His reputation is really all talk.”

Déjà vu?

“Everything about him seems to be like that,” I murmured softly to myself.


“Never mind, but tell me more,” I prompted and sneaked closer to her.

“Sirius-wait!  Why am I telling you this?”  She asked as she suddenly realized she was divulging valuable information to the enemy.

“Oh, who cares?  Spill,” I nearly screamed.  Lily looked uncertain, but that only lasted for a second.  She shrugged her shoulder and continued.

I am good.

“Sirius is more to himself.  Most people only see the part of him that he chooses to show.  Like when he’s hanging out with the oafs, he calls friends.  Then he’s prick.”  Lily had sort of hissed the word oafs so I assumed se meant James.

“So,” I began conversationally.  “How is old James?”

“Shove it Harris,” Lily huffed and pulling her head down into her arms.

I was about to ask her more when Fae came sprinting through the portrait and headed straight for us.


Well, if the whole school didn’t know about it, they sure do now.

I gave Fae a scathing look and before replying rather calmly, “No Fae, I’m not.”

She looked relieved, but not the thank-god-you’re-not-pregnant kind of relieved.  It was more of a thank-goodness-my-rumor-didn’t-make-her-pregnant kind of relieved.

Sure, like that makes any sense.

“Why so relieved Fae?”  I asked innocently.  She looked dumbstruck (or guilty) before she finally found her voice.

“Because, er, you’re not pregnant?”  Fae tried, but I shook my head.

“You got anything better?”  Fae looked away, shamed.

Lily stared as us both.  “What’s going on?”

Fae clenched her fists as I blurted out, “Fae told the rumor!  She started the rumor that I was pregnant!”

Oh, the drama.

“Come off it Addie, I didn’t actually say that.  People just twisted my words around.  I would never-”

“What did you say then?”  Lily asked as she stepped between us, cleverly stopping me from ripping out Fae’s throat.

“I said, er, I said that Addie and Black were getting heated and that maybe there was a surprise waiting for all of us,” Fae finished off weakly.  Lily and I looked at her, our eyes bulging and our mouths agape.

“How could you say that?”

“Black and I are not getting heated!”

“Ya, Black and her are-” Lily paused and bit her lip.  “Well, I don’t know Addie.”



I am so royally screwed.

Fae gleefully stepped in, a triumphant smile glittering on her face.  “See, I wasn’t completely lying!”

“But what the hell was the surprise about?”  I screamed and silently begged that the two wouldn't notice that I didn’t disagree with them about Black and me.


A girl gets tired of lying.


Fae bit her lip as she racked her brain.  “You know how I get when I’m the center of attention Addie.  It just spilled out.  I was just giving them what they wanted.  They just wanted gossip,” Fae pleaded.

“And a scandal,” Lily giggled.

I sighed and fell back into my chair.  “But it was at my expense Fae.”

“I know, I know,” she whispered and sank into Lily’s chair.

Lily whirled around, daggers in her eyes, hands on hips.  “Now where am I supposed to sit?”

I patted my lap.

And got a whack on the head.

Everyone has been really welcoming here in Gryffindor.  I get a smile everywhere I go.  Let me tell you all the kinds of smiles I receive.  First off there’s happy ones, then sympathetic ones, creepy ones, I-don’t-know-you ones, you-took-Sirius-off-the-market ones and my personal favorite keep-away-from-me-you-freakin’'-Gryffindor-wannabe.  Yup, pretty damn hospitable here.

Whispers.  Smiles.  Whispers.  Smiles.  I think I’m about to blow!

And I almost did except that a hand skillfully covers my mouth and drags me away from the milling Gryffindors and their ugly common room.  I didn’t make a sound as I was being tugged away.  I didn’t try to fight.  I knew who is was and I wasn’t even going to deny that I was happy to see him.

Sirius pulled me into a room, whose door I could have sworn appeared from nowhere and I felt my breath fall away from my lungs.

Before us was a huge library and boy do I mean huge.  There were wall-to-wall bookshelves; each of them overflowing with books.

“What is this place?”  I murmured in awe.

“A secret hide-away.  We call it the room of requirement.  When you enter it, it turns into whatever you want it to,” Sirius explained as she gently tugged on my arm and led me down one of the aisles that was especially teeming with books.

“My god.  This is-”

“Break taking?”  Sirius laughed and I nodded.

“But why did you choose a library?”  Not that I mind in the least.  I bet there are a million books on Potions in here!

Sirius tapped my chin and smiles knowingly.  “Because I know you better than you think and besides, most of our memorable experiences have happened here.”

I snorted.


“Why did you bring me here?  I asked as I dragged my fingers along the spine of a random book.

“Excuse me for tearing you away from making a fool of yourself,” Sirius teased playfully.

“I was not going to-”

“You were about to explode,” he protested and tilted my face up to his.  “I could see it in your eyes.

I shifted away and let out a nervous laugh.  “So I suppose I owe you a thank you…”

Sirius’ eyes glittered.  “That would be delightful.”

I smiled charmingly, stood as far away as I could, grasped his hand, shook it and said my thanks.

Take that.  Just please don’t stick out your tongue.

Sirius’s eyes were wide with shock, but he simply pulled me towards him using our handshake.

Blast him!

“I was thinking perhaps a more physical thanks, much more physical,” he whispered thoughtfully in my ear before kissing it.  I let out a ragged break and tried to grasp my bearings.


“Shut it Harris and thank me,” he growled, his lips close to mine.

To close.  Much to close.

I tried to push him away, but he only held me tighter.

“Sirius please,” I groaned and wrenched my head away.  I didn’t see the wicked grin appear on his face.

“And thank-you,” he chuckled as he again lifted my head up to his, his eyes entrancing mine.

I can’t believe I’m going to do this again.  You think a girl would learn.

“Oh bloody hell,” was all I managed to get out before I pressed my lips desperately against his. 

Sirius’ hands were like water.  They moved all over my body, touching me in places that really, if I had been thinking at all, would have defiantly scored a screech from Madam Prince.

I bit my lip as his lips moved off mine and ran rampant across my neck.  I tilted my head back, wanting, no, needing more.  I was drowning him, his eyes, his smile, his body and his lips, oh god, his lips.

Once more Sirius’s wonderful lips returned to mine and I seized my chance to be closer to him.  Forcefully pushing him backwards, I was able to use his own move on him.  I pressed him against the bookshelf and plastered my body to his.  There wasn’t a breath between us and all too soon, we both come up gasping for air.

Sirius knocked his forehead with mine and gave me a crooked smile.  “How about round two?”  Before I could reply, he had smoothly switched positions with me and forced me hard into the bookshelves.  His lips attached to me, but this time his kiss was something different.  This time it shook me on a whole other level.

Sirius cradled my face with his hands and tenderly plucked at my lips.  His teeth tugged my on bottom lip, which caused a moan from somewhere deep inside of me to escape.  My fingers curled in his hair and suddenly I realized that my legs were wrapping around his waist and that he was the only thing that I had for support.  His hands were clutching at my bottom and I let out an uncommon giggle.  His mouth moved fluidly over my neck placing kisses everywhere.  I sighed and gripped him tighter.

A few more moments of this bliss washed over me before Sirius placed me on the ground.  His fingers threaded through my hair and he tilted my face up for one last kiss.  Whatever he put into that kiss made me fall even deeper into his web, but I couldn’t care in the least because with his arms around me I was on Cloud 9 and I didn’t want to come down to my fake reality.

“I despise you Black,” I mumbled breathily as I moved around him.  “Why do you do this to me?”

Sirius turned with me, a frown tugging on his rather puffy lips.  I imagined mine looked the same.  “You can’t lie to me, Addie.  You can’t pretend that you don’t like me and whatever I do.”

I groaned in protest as Sirius laid his hand on my arm.  “So I can’t pretend, but you can?  Doesn’t that seem a little unfair?”  I faced him and found that I could look him in the eye without wanting to kiss him.

Looks like anger just put out the flames of desire.

“Pretend?  What are you babbling on about?  What am I pretending?”  Sirius’ eyes blazed and his hands covered my shoulders to prevent me from turning away.

“Everything,” I hissed.  “This whole relationship is a hoax.  You just created it to get back at your parents.  Oh, poor Sirius Black.  I wonder what your parents must have e done for you to hate them so much.  At least you bloody have parents.  At least you have parents to hate! (I was crying but this time.) I can’t even get angry at mine!  Mine aren’t even-” I collapsed onto the floor and felt as if I was wasting away to nothing, but a head of sobbing emotions.  I tried to control them, but they escaped and I felt them rush through the room; looking for something to attach themselves to.  I continued to sob even harder when I unexpectedly felt strong arms circle me and gather me into a solid chest.

“Addie, you need to stop crying,” Sirius’ voice did little to comfort me.  It was a hard tone and I couldn’t understand why my emotions hadn’t affected him.  “We need to talk.”  I tried to hush my sobs and then looked up into his face through bleary eyes.

“About what?”  I hiccuped.

“About why I’m really doing this,” he whispered more softly.

“Why are you doing this?”  I asked and steeled myself for the truth.

“I’m doing this because,” he paused and I felt him stiffen.  “I’m doing this because I thought it would be funny.  Just another good laugh.”

I made a noise of disgust and struggled to move away from him, but he pulled me back.  “Let me go,” I said coldly.

“Please Addie, forgive me.”  The manner of his voice set me off guard, but my emotions were still sitting on anger.

I forced myself to look him in the eye before I replied, “Why?  So we can continue snogging?  No thanks Black, I’m done.”  My cool attitude didn’t affect him and frankly, it didn’t shock me.

“You’re not done Harris.  You’ve been enjoying yourself to much lately to be done with me,” Sirius retorted confidently and I glared harshly at him.

“Stop doing that!”  I cried and hid my face in my hands.

Sirius looked confused.  “Stop doing what?”

“Stop reading my mind and confusing me even more,” I confessed.

Not fair!

I’m the Empath.

He doesn’t know that.

Oh yeah…

“That’s supposed to me my jo-” I stopped and looked away, desperately praying he hadn’t heard my words.

If he did, he ignored them.  “You’re not the only one confused,” Sirius laughed and then tugged me onto my feet although he still didn’t let me go.

“Sirius,” I started hesitantly, “We don’t even know each other.  How can we do this?”  Sirius eyes sparked as she realized I had forgiven him.

“Well perhaps you and I should have ourselves a little chat that doesn’t end up with us snogging each other to death,” Sirius teased and I swatted his head.

“You start that!”

“I think you could take some of the credit, love,” he chuckled.

Yeah, I probably should.

I bit my lip and gave him an innocent look.  Sirius gave me a peck on the lips then held out his hand.  “To a partnership?” he questioned and I sighed before diving headfirst and gripping his hand.

I’ll never learn.

“To a partnership,” I agreed.

As I listened and watched Sirius talk about himself, I couldn’t help but have a nagging feeling that this was all fake.


Bloody hell.

This just means more gossip!

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