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A Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era) by LadyDux14
Chapter 5 : DeTeNtIoN
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Chapter 5: Detention


On entering the office, out of breath, they found a note on the table, it read:

            Potter, Black, Zuvie, and Mato,

I will not be present until the end of today’s detention. I expect the entire classroom to 

be spic and span, so to speak, I’ll inspect when I get here at the end of today’s 


                                                            Professor Slughorn.

P.S. Did I mention no using magic during this session either?



“Brilliant! Just bloody brilliant! We rush here for nothing and he isn’t even here!” Stacy 

said in one breathe, gasping for air.


“Great, and on top of that we have to do this Slug’s dirty work too.”


The four were upset by this, but none the less cleaned every inch of the classroom. 

They found so many contraptions, each of them wondering the purpose of each 

confusing instrument. The cleaning out of what seemed like hundreds of cauldrons 

took quite a while, and not to mention putting away all the spare ingredients left out 

from previous careless class periods.


Sirius then began sorting out the jars; he picked up an old ratty looking pickle jar and 

began to clean it out, “So, if you really know we are animagi, what are our forms?”


“Easy, you are a bear-like shaggy black dog, James is a stag with amazing hazel 

eyes…eyes”, it appeared as if Felicia just lost it and began to stare into space. Stacy
then snapped her fingers, causing Fe to ‘wake’ and continue, “Pete’s a rat, and 

‘Remy’ doesn’t have an animagus form because of his Furry Little Problem.”



Stacy then translated for the guys, “What Felicia is trying to say is, we know Remus is
a werewolf”


“SHHHH!!” Sirius exclaimed, “Most don’t know and we don’t really want them to.”


“Si Sofia, Ciete!”, Felicia screamed. Sophia happened to be Stacy’s Spanish name 

used in her first hour class back at her old high school, Zolland West.


Stacy and Felicia then began arguing over the meaning of ‘ciete’ (It means silence),
making sure that the guys didn’t hear.


“What’s with these side conversations you guys obviously don’t want us to hear?” 

James questioned.


“Sorry, second language, Spanish to be exact.” Felicia explained.


“Whoa! Sweet, I speak Elfish!” Sirius winked at Stacy.


“No you don’t!” James gave Sirius the ‘what in the world are you talking about’ look.


Sirius then leaned over and whispered to James, “Shhhh…I think Stacy is impressed
with the guys that are bilingual!”


James burst out laughing.


“Actually, I believe I speak elfish too, let me go get my dictionary.”


“Stacy, how are you going to get it if we are in detention, something you are not used 

to” Felicia said in her matter-of-fact tone.


“Oh. Yeah, erm, oh yeah. I’m a witch! Accio dictionario de elfish!”


“There they go again with the Spanish, ugh learning, I feel sick…” Sirius muttered 



After a few minutes of cleaning the pickle jars Stacy started rolling on the floor 

laughing with her dictionary earning her a few very startled expressions. In between
breathe she cried, “Eragon…has…a…myspace!”


Jokingly, Felicia began to jump up and down and pretending to be excited she 

screamed, “Oh My Lanta!” She then gave an abrupt stopped and laughed at herself.  


“And you guys are talking about…what now?” James and Sirius were freaked out at 

the recent actions of the American girls.


Stacy was still laughing so Felicia answered while trying to calm Stacy down, “Just 

this hot guy…from a future book/movie.”


Sirius, who was zoning in and out of the conversation, perked up, “Oh, so you guys 

were talking about me?”


“Sirius, no.” Stacy’s laughing fit stopped, “Back to Elfish. Eka ai fricai un shur’tugal.”


“English please… wait, Sirius!” James laughed, “What did Stacy say? You elfin 



“Um… well she said Sirius is hot! Although, I have no idea why she was stating the 



“Nice try, it means ‘I am a rider and a friend’. Fe, you might have known that if you paid 

closer attention to last night’s movie.”


“Oooh! Movie night! Wait, why weren’t James and me invited?”


Slughorn walked in, inspected a bit and told the four they were dismissed from 

detention, he really didn’t say much for it seemed like he was in a hurry. He then 

exited the classroom, nearly unnoticed.


Fe continued the conversation, “You weren’t invited for many reasons: A) It was in 

America, B) We didn’t know you yet, C) It was 2006!”


“You guys are from the future?”, Confusion was one of the only emotions James 

seemed to be experiencing lately.




“Stacy, should we be telling them this?”


“You are right Fe…um, I’m sick of lying. Actually we are seers and can watch all the
future movies we want!” Stacy then roughly nudged Fe in the ribs causing her to 



“Oh! Yeah Seers, she is right. “


“Okay, well, Sluggy dismissed us, so let’s go. It’s almost supper time!” After James 

made the comment about food Sirius got a very pleased look on his face, “And on our 

way there, why not tell myself and my pal Sirius here more of the future?”, he put his 

arm around Sirius, in a friendly manner, and they began to walk with the girls.


“I’m not sure either of you really want to hear of the future, right Fe?”


“Nope. James, Sirius, you don’t want to know. So let’s go!”


James stepped in front of the two ladies, “Why don’t we want to know what our future’s 

hold? I mean we certainly have every right. Do you guys know everything about us?” 

James eyes got extremely wide.


Stacy thought about how she would answer this and commented, “I know who you’re
going to marry, and how you’re going to die…”


“But not when!” Felicia added.


“Hmm…Do I end up with Lils?”


“You might, then again, you might not!” Fe loved to mess with her victim’s minds.


James grabbed Fe by the shoulders and shook her somewhat lightly, “You don’t 

understand, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME!”


At this point the four stopped walking and were in the middle of a corridor in the 

dungeons which was rather eerie, creeping the two girls out.


“Sorry we have a strict, no exposure of the future contract.” Stacy informed James.


“But… ugh. AHHH!!!!”




“I guess I just don’t understand why you can’t answer a few simple questions?” Sirius 

was quite sneaky when it came to these sorts of things; after all he was a marauder.


James quickly caught on, “Precisely.”


Fe, falling for the trap, said, “Maybe we can, but it really does depend on the 

questions simplicity.”


James flipped with joy, “Yes! Trust me you won’t be disappointed!” he told Fe.




“Do I become a Quidditch superstar?” James ruffled his hair once more trying to give 

it that windswept look after stepping off a broom.


Fe looked at Stacy, “I don’t know, he is an auror right?”


“That’s what I thought, No James, you are an auror.”


“SCORE! Those are nearly as good, fame and fortune wise, I bet. Wow, I am one darn
sexy auror-to-be.”


“Oh god,” Sirius was really hoping James didn’t make him witness that jig once more

, changing the topic, “so what am I going to be?”


“Not sure, actually. Stacy you better take this one.”


“You do get a flying motorcycle, but I think you are an auror as well. Any other 

questions? Yes? No? Didn’t think so.” Stacy turned around from the group and 

headed towards the staircase.


Felicia ran to catch up with her brisk walking pace. “Should we have told them that 



“Probably not, dang it, here comes that Black.”


“Wait, I do have one more questions. How many girls do I marry?” Sirius had a very 

large twinkle in his eye.


Fe answered, “None.”


Sirius almost appeared to be crushed.


“BURN!” James started laughing at Sirius earning him a relatively painful punch in
the gut.


“What?! You seers are wrong! There has to be a mistake.”


“Maybe we aren’t seeing it, but we don’t think you have enough time for a wife in the 

future, and now, before too much is given away, adios chicos!”



Once the two girls, or ‘chicas’, were out of sight James snickered, “Hah, you suck. At
least I get married.”


“Shut up Prongs!” Sirius then conjured a pillow on the spot and hit James hard right 

in the face.

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