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To Lose It All by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 20 : January 7, 1984
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Although it was the first Monday back in classes, Jasmine decided to have a 'class' of her own - she would normally prefer to wait a few weeks so that everyone, namely herself, could get back in the swing of things.

Today, due to Steven asking the not-so-simply-answered question in the direct quote of  "So, Jas, no offense, this class is cool and all, but why'd you decide to teach it? It's not like it will be much help against You-Know-Who's supporters, will it?" the entire 'class' was in the midst of a discussion.

"Well," Jasmine, who was wearing Nymphadora's present - a sweater she had made with her mother's magical help, answered, "whenever I would fight a battle against Death Eaters, I'd always like-"

"Wait. You fought against Death Eaters?!" Alec asked, amazed. Not one person there didn't know what Death Eaters were.

"Yes, but don't even bother asking about that. I'll tell you what I tell you. Anywho, I'd always like, or feel more comfortable, having this knife with me." She pulled out the knife she carried and continued. "It has, believe it or not, saved my life."

"How?" Even though the students weren't all from pureblood ancestry, they still were wondering how a Muggle device, however dangerous, could help in life threatening situations against the biggest practicers of the Dark Arts.

"Well, if ever I fell or was pinned and couldn't move or get up, the blade has a strong mirror effect... which I put on it, and I could use it to deflect any curses, etc. if I couldn't get to my wand. Believe me, the more you prepare to lose your wand in a battle, the more it happens. Plus, if you need to take something a step above defense Muggle weapons aren't easily traced by the Ministry of Magic, and the Muggles, well... aren't really a problem." Jasmine had said this while resting her chin in her hand, but when she finished she realized that those ending words probably weren't the best, and close her mouth putting a few fingers in front of it, and her expression read 'Uh, oops.'

A couple of the boys exchanged knowing looks. "Do Death Eaters ever fight back using Muggle weapons?"

Jasmine effortlessly recomposed herself when asked the next question. "Sometimes, yes. I mean, everyone once in a while one or two of them will, just to, you know, 'rise to the challenge.'"

"So you've actually used swords and arrows against Death Eaters?"

"No, just the knife and sometimes a sword. Archery was just a hobby. Yeah, Gryffindor actually had a magnificent sword, swordplay, or fencing, whatever, just kinda went out of style. But yes, I have used a sword, and hand-to-hand combat."

"Wow," Annie and Nancy whispered together.

"Did You-Know-Who ever put a price on your head?" Steven asked, almost jokingly.

Jasmine gave him a look suggesting superior knowledge and raised an eyebrow. "Well, you never really know, do you?" She wasn't about to tell them she had been a spy for Dumbledore.

"Well, have you ever fought, um... fought You-Know-Who?" Patrick asked nervously.

"What, you mean dueled one-on-one against Voldemort?"

The class all either shuddered or gasped, seemingly involuntarily.

"Yes, I have, only once, and don't ask me to tell you about it, because I won't," she said, cutting off the unasked question that would remain unanswered.

There were some signs of disproval among the class, but Jasmine cut those off as well. "Oh, crap. If y'all don't get back to your Common Rooms in the next five minutes you're going to be outta bed after hours."

"But why do you care?" Brittany asked, accusingly.

Jasmine sighed. "Cause I'll get blamed, now go!" In all truth and honesty, she didn't care, she was just done with the conversation.


When nearly everyone had gone, including Nymphadora, Jasmine asked, "So whatcha still doing here, Steven?"

"Seventh year," he replied simply. "I don't need to be back in the tower for another hour yet."

"Ah, yes, a privilege denied to those in my year."

"Really? Why?" Steven asked, sitting up on a desk.

"Because of the Marauders," she answered casually, hoisting herself onto her desk, sitting Indian style.

"So they were real."

Jasmine looked at him as though he had just sprouted three additional heads. "Duh. Are you saying you thought me to be a liar?... Well, I am a liar, so nevermind."

"Well, not a liar persay, so then, who were they? I know you know, and you did say that when I take that job I get to know everything."

Jasmine raised a dubious eyebrow. "Everything?"

Steven shrugged. "You give the impression that you know everything."

"Yeah, because I do know everything. And you'd do well not to forget it. Well, I guess I can tell you, after all, you'll need to know sooner or later..." Jasmine broke off, as if talking to herself.


"Oh! Well, once you get to the Ministry... at the Ministry-- Well, you'll just need to know for future reference."


"Just remember this is all information been classified, and if one bit of it gets out... Let's just say that you won't be able to tell another."

"You'll kill me?" Steven asked, not believing that.

"No, I'll just rip your tongue out."

Steven believed that.

"Ok then, the Marauders. M, W, P, P, W. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs, and Whitetip."

Steven made a noise, as if he were going to say something.

"No interruptions or no telling of informative knowledge."

The teenager's mouth shut.

"They were, without a doubt, the best pranking masters in the history of Hogwarts, better than Peeves, even. Actually, there were times when Peeves was honored to help them out-"

"One interruption?"

Jasmine sighed. "If you must."

"You can stop saying 'they.' You wouldn't be saying this if you weren't one of them, and I can guess that this information was 'classified' by the Marauders?"

Jasmine just looked him over for a moment, nodding slightly. "I knew I liked you. Alright then, we-"

"Which one were, sorry, are you?"


"Mrs. Norris and Filch, I'm guessing that wasn't an accident."

"Oh, for crying out loud. Steven, what the hell?!"

"Um, what?"

"Your grades! You're obviously a smart kid, so why don't you just apply yourself so you can actually get the damn job!"


"Oh, crap, I sound like... well, not my mother, she didn't want me to get job just to get out of the house..." Jasmine finished off, again, as if talking more to herself than Steven. "Anyways! Marauders, yes- I am Whitetip, or Tips-"

"For a reason?"

"Yes, 'for a reason,' and you only said one interruption."

Thinking fast, Steven said, "I meant one at a time."

"Yeah, whatever. Anywho-" Jasmine proceeded to tell him about how she had one witch friend, whom she liked because she didn't swoon over her four nincompoop wizard friends, all of which she had since first year. She got through how one of those nincompoop friends was a werewolf and how they decided to become Animagus to help him out before another interruption.

"Hold it, hold it. You're an illegal Animagus?"

"Yes, now shut up."


"That's ok. Well, the animals were turned into gave the inspiration for our nicknames and we continued our pranking, uh, entrepreneurship. That's the story of the Marauders, the end."

"Wait, that's not the end, because you didn't tell me the end. Besides, I asked who the Marauders are."

Jasmine, again, sighed. "I knew it wasn't gonna be that easy."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm going to throw some names at you. You tell me if they ring a bell, and I'll try to fill in whatever I need to. It could also help you understand why you'll need to know this all sooner or later."


"Moony, Remus Lupin; Wormtail, Peter Pettigrew; Padfoot, Sirius Black; Prongs, James Potter."

"Ok, I'm guessing that your witch friend must have been Lily Potter."


"And that Sirius Black is related to you, but you're here now because he killed two of your friends and was taken to Azkaban?"



"No. Sirius is my cousin, yes, and so I'm guessing that you read about me in the paper since I'm also guessing that was your main source of information?"

Steven nodded.

"Well, here some more stuff to wrap your brain around: Harry Potter, son of Lily and James, is my godson, of course I'm only seen as his guardian in the Wizarding World, and there my rights are being held back by- I'm not going into that, Remus was the boyfriend I told you all about, and Sirius is innocent."

Steven just thought for a moment. "So that's why you're here then, you're waiting for your godson. Now this whole class thing makes sense. But how can Sirius Black be innocent, he murdered thirteen people in the middle of the day!"

"Yes, that's why I'm here, but as for Sirius..." She couldn't talk about it, still. "I'll get into that another time. Now you have to go back to the tower."

Steven sighed this time, recognizing defeat before a battle could even begin. "Alright, then. 'Night Jas."

"Yeah, you too."

The door shut, and Jasmine was left alone in an empty classroom.

"My class hasn't made sense until now?" she questioned herself, then shrugged. "Ah, fu- screw it."

She smiled, almost momentarily being brought back to her old self.

A/N: Sorry for taking such a long time to add the new chapter, major revision so I hope you liked it!

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