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Library Assistant by Aligiah
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight
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Chapter Eight

Stepping off the platform I wiped the smile off my face patently. I knew that it wasn’t a time for fun when I saw Chef’s face staring at me from the platform. Her eyes were dark from lack of sleep, her hair unkempt, and her normal smile was inexistent.

Laugh time was over.

When I reached Marie she broke and sobbed into my shoulder. She shook with fury, sadness, and loss. I repeated over to myself that I couldn’t cry, that I wouldn’t cry. I had to stay strong, stay strong for everyone else. It was five minutes before she finished crying. When she was done, she wiped her tears and laughed at herself.

“Look at me, blubbering like a baby, introductions are in order now. And none of this ‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ business. I never liked that.” She said smiling at Regulus and Severus.

“Marie, this is Regulus Black, and this is Severus Snape.” I introduced pointing at each individual.

“Call me Chef.” Chef stated.

The car was parked outside the station and I quickly called shotgun. Although Regulus didn’t look like he knew what I was talking about, Severus glared. I half smiled and walked next to Chef. The ride was silent in the beginning. I had a few questions for my dearest Chef.

“How are they taking it?” I asked.

“Some of the children are so young that they don’t comprehend the situation, the rest spend their time crying over everything. April Clearwater has been asking me when you were coming. I couldn’t stand it any longer; I left early this morning just to avoid it! So be prepared.” Chef warned.

I chuckled. April was the one child who always came to me with her problems. She was one of the children who looked up to me at the orphanage. She was a cute little seven year old with white blond hair, almost Malfoy blond. Her eyes were as green as that of Lily Evans’ eyes. They were gorgeous. She was slightly on the chubby side, not sever at all, but it was just more to love! April was as sweet as sweet can be.

I looked back at Regulus and Severus. Severus looked content, staring out the window with the usual dark stair. Regulus, well, Regulus was another story. He was sitting with his head in his hands, grumbling something about ‘stupid muggle contraptions’. I just had to laugh. He was having the worst experience in this car because the shocks were so horrible.

“I don’t see why this is so funny.” Regulus grumbled.

“So what house are you boys in?” Chef asked, opposing from laughing herself.

“Slytherin,” they both answered proudly.

“I was as well. You know, back in the stone age, with the cavemen and everything.” Chef beamed in approval.

Somehow I knew that she would approve. Hell, she would approve of a Gryffindor; she was that type of Slytherin who didn’t care about the schism between the houses.

“Three Slytherins, one roof… should I duck for cover?” I asked.

“Defiantly,” both Regulus and Chef answered.

“I’ll watch my step.” I noted.

“You do that then,” Chef stated.

“I will.”

We all laughed at each other. We laughed until a large shadow overcast the car. W had arrived at the towering building that was the Lynchĕ orphanage. I frowned; the place was so devoid of life. It looked as though a dark cloud had enveloped the entire building and would never spit it back out.

Immediately I saw a blond head come bounding out the front door. April grabbed a hold of my waist in a bone crushing hug. She was the shortest seven year old I knew. She didn’t sob, so I plucked her up off the ground, seeing as how she was so small I could still hold her. She hugged me around the neck.

“She’s never coming back, is she Opal?” April asked.

“Not physically April. But she will never ever leave right here.” I stated, poking her where her heart is.

She smiled slightly, making her look even sadder.

“Alright, I knew you would make it better, you always do. Look!” she indicated her mouth.

She was missing her two front teeth.

“So that is what you’re getting for Christmas then? Your two front teeth?” I asked.

“N-not, not just those!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, that’s what you get!” I stated.

“Chef, Opal is being meanta me!” April yelled.

“Tattle-tale,” I hissed, putting her down.

“Who said put me down?” she protested.

“You told on me! I don’t like you anymore.” I stated.

I turned my back to her, while folding my arms. I saw Regulus’ grinning face and Severus’ amused expression. I stuck my tongue out at them immaturely. That was alright though, they were my friends, they could deal with it.

April just stomped over to Regulus and looked at him pointedly. He looked down at her and raised his eye brows. She shook her head at him stamping her foot. He shrugged as if to say “Aw what the hell!” and plucked her up off the ground. I kept myself from laughing at the sight.

“Annoying, meet seven year old Annoying.” I introduced.

“Pleasure to meet you Annoying,” Regulus grinned.

“The pleasure is all mine, Annoying,” April smirked as they shook hands.

“Annoying seven year old, meet Sanity,” I directed towards Severus. ‘Or should I say insanity, because he likes me…’ I thought.

After introductions were over we all smiled as Chef directed me to go to my room and take the boys with me. I thought about why Chef would allow two boys in my room with me, but then I let it slide. She was out of it, and I would rather them be in my room then another one. It could become disastrous.

I led us up to our temporary room, which happened to be my old room. I wondered where my old roommates went, but they were probably moved into another room. The two other beds were empty.

I muttered a spell to put all clothes into the directed wardrobes, plopping onto my bed. I was to lazy to get up and unpack. My bed felt so great to my poor back.

“When did you turn Seventeen?” Severus asked from his bed.

“October 30th of last year,” I answered.

“So your almost eighteen now?”

“Yes, on devils night, also known as Hollows eve, wonderful night for me that always is.” I answered.

Under my smart, anti-social, and secluded demeanor was someone with the prank capacity of Black and Potter. Especially on my birth night. The only difference was that I only played one once a year and it was well thought out so I never got caught.

As a child I always refused to go outside on Halloween. Something about it was always unsettling. People dressed as monsters and princesses’, I just never liked it. The night before what always just so much more fun.


“Yes Chef?” I asked.

“Could you come to Laverta’s room, I need to speak with you?” She asked.

I gulped but obliged. I flung my legs over the bed and cast a mock-frightened look at Regulus. He just got up and shoved me out of the door anyways. He must have wanted to just talk to Severus about me again. That was nice, behind my back and all; I realized that he was trying to set us up, playing matchmaker, if you will. I flinched as I went into the room, feeling as though I was invading Madame’s privacy.

I looked for a hint of anything from Chef. She looked nervous, unhappy, and a mix of other emotions. I inwardly questioned her behavior, she was acting quite serious. I almost gulped at the thought.

“Before I begin you must promise me that although you may act angrily, you won’t hate me or Laverta for that matter.” Chef said.

“Sure what is it?” I asked. She took a deep breath.

“It’s about your true family,” she stated, I stayed quiet so she continued, “It was your third birthday, a storming night, mind you. I thought that the thunder would wreck my house. I locked my home and apparated to my sisters’ home. My sister was your mother, Kayla Melrose, and Todd Warner was your father. You recognize your mothers’ surname then? I wouldn’t doubt it; you are, in fact, a descendent of Arietta Melrose. Other than me, you are the last. At was always tradition to never take your man’s surname in our family. Sabrlen Slytherin didn’t mind it, he actually suggested it. Anyways, once I arrived at the house I noticed two things. One; it was silent, which was never normal with you living there, and two; Kayla hadn’t greeted me.”

“I panicked, and I ran into the backyard where I saw both Kayla and Todd on the ground. They… they were covered i-in w-worms and decay. I-I checked their pulses. They were still warm. I-I wondered h-how they could still be warm if they were d-decaying. Newly killed. Two dead things came my way. They left with one warning. ‘Take the girl, tell her what you can when the time is correct, she is a vital Necromancer’ they said.”

I couldn’t believe it. After all those years of quiet, assured explanations concerning that I had no blood family I find out I have one! What the hell is their problem? I could have handled that explanation a long time ago! Then I thought of the face of my mother in my locket, and pictured it covered in worms, decaying. Then what Chef said about dead things made since to me, somewhat.

“Do you know what Necromancy is?” Chef asked, I slowly nodded my head.

“You are vital to the dead because you are one of the last Necromancers around. That is really all I can say, because I have really no idea what that is. If you need help, you can just ask me.”

I felt so betrayed. My whole life was known to Chef and she said nothing? I trusted her with my secrets, and still she said nothing? I asked her about my family for years and still she said nothing? I couldn’t help it, my blood was boiling.

And what was worse, she was my Aunt! This whole time I had family right by me and she didn’t tell me! How could she? No, how dare she? Like I have no right to know what the bloody hell is going on in my life. I had never felt more pissed in my entire life!

“No, you’ve done enough,” I whipped out coldly. I sounded like Severus on a bad day.

I turned and headed straight to the front door. I unlatched it an walked out into the cool air. I was extremely aware of the fact that I was being followed. Regulus wasn’t quiet, and Severus wasn’t quiet in telling Regulus to be quiet. For Slytherins, they weren’t to sly.

I walked all the way to the forest and plopped by a tree. They came up and sat down right next to me, one on each side, and threw one arm each around me. I fell back into the embrace. These two were my family and that was all in needed.

“We weren’t eavesdropping on purpose, we just over heard.” Regulus stated. “Are you alright?”

“For now, we just have to wait and see what the future holds.” I shrugged.

I don’t even remember how it happened, but I ended up waking up in my room with Severus and Regulus’ beds pulled right next to mine, both of them sleeping on each side of me. I chuckled to myself and went back to sleep. The funeral was today. I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to pull the cover up over me and never get out of bed. But as soon as I moved Severus shook himself awake. I took one look at me and narrowed his eyes.

“Trying to go back to sleep?” he asked.

“Maybe,” I answered.

“How about no, its eight, funeral is at eleven. Two hours to get ready, time starts now,” he said.

I grunted and pushed him over so I could crawl to the end of the bed. That was the longest crawl I ever had. They just had to push their beds next to mine, didn’t they? Severus got his laugh of the day when I fell off the edge onto my butt, waking Regulus. I laughed at my own sore butt and cast them both dark looks and took off to shower and get dressed.

I came out feeling refreshed and happy. Both boys snickered when they saw me and I used a profane hand gesture their way. Regulus snickered even more, but took a step back in mock surrender. Typical, on the Funeral date no doubt.

I dressed in all black, one sign of grieving. Chef led us into the car, not speaking at all. She knew I was still pissed at her. I wouldn’t be talking to her for a while still, if ever again. I knew that I was being harsh, but I couldn’t help it! What would anyone else do?

The funeral home looked exactly like a house. I walked in and saw a couch, chairs… and the casket. It was open. I took one look and ran. I don’t know what powered me to do so, but I did, my legs taking me where they wanted. I collapsed around a corner and did the one thing I swore to myself I wouldn’t do.

I sobbed.

I sobbed for Laverta’s death, I sobbed for Regulus’ loneliness, I sobbed for Marie’s loss of her sister and brother-in-law, I sobbed for my parents’ deaths, I sobbed for every child at the orphanage. I just sobbed. The last person I sobbed for was me; for all that I had been through. I sobbed for what I had been told the night before, I sobbed for never knowing my family, and I sobbed for the loss of my only mother-like figure.

Laverta was not Laverta when I saw her. Her face was puffed out, her make-up was too heavy. I felt like I was in the wrong funeral. That was not the Laverta I remembered.

I two pairs of arms wrap around me. I had never been more grateful for them. I threw my arms around Severus’ neck and cried, making sure not to get his shirt wet, he wouldn’t like that. Regulus had me around the back, whispering that it was alright. But it wasn’t, it wasn’t alright. I hugged Severus tighter every different thought I had. He wasn’t complaining, I was grateful, but I loosed my grip.

“Feel a little better?” Regulus asked.

I nodded.

“Alright, let’s get you back before you’re missed,” Severus said.

I nodded again. Not bringing myself to talk to them.

People had arrived while we were out. We took seats up front. I was in the middle of both of them. No surprise there, but throughout the service I was grateful for it. While Chef was speaking she mentioned something of a memory including me and Laverta and I almost lost it again at the thought. I buried my face in Severus’ shoulder, squinting my eyes as I heard my name mentioned. He grabbed my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze while Regulus rubbed my back.

The rest of the Funeral was full of many people telling me about how nice of a woman Laverta was. Even some ex-orphans came up to me and told me they always admired me. I remembered every orphan who came to me. But I didn’t speak to them, just as they had never spoken to me during their time at the orphanage.

April begged for attention, so I just held her until she wanted down. Then came the worst part, we were off to the burial. My stomach hurt as soon as it was mentioned. Especially because I saw that Jeremy Barrington was here again, with that same foul look on his ugly face. I wasn’t wearing a ponytail, but I had enough hair to pull. Lord knows he probably never grew out of that stage.

Chef took off to take the children back to the Orphanage, forcing me to go to the Burial. If I didn’t go who would? Those wretched ex-orphans that thought they knew Laverta? I would not condone people making a mockery of Laverta in her resting place. I would kill them before they will be endured.

Upon arrival to the graveyard I gulped in almost fear.

I knew my place.

I knew what I had to do after the burial.

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