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LOOK! It's a SEQUEL! by dimezlilsis2006
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12: The Wedding Day
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Chapter 12: The Wedding Day

The morning of July 10th was a very busy one, full of happiness and tears.

“Oh my little girl is getting married,” Mrs. Weasley cried for what seemed like the 50th time in half an hour.

“MUM!” Ginny replied, slightly embarrassed.

“Oh Ginny,” Kim sighed, squeezing into her dress. “You’re her baby girl; of course she’s going to raise a fuss over you.”

“Are you having troubles?” Hermione asked, fussing over Ginny’s veil.

“Nah, I’m good,” she wheezed in return after zipping up the back. “Oh Ginny! You look so beautiful!”

It was true; Ginny looked like a vision in white. The dress was strapless with an intricate bead design on the bust and trailing down the front of the dress and along the bottom seam. Her train was detachable, for the reception afterwards, and was made of silk with the beading running along that seam also. Her hair was twisted into a bun with a diamond and ruby clip attached to her veil. The roses in the bouquet matched the bride’s maids’ dresses perfectly. The dresses were very simple. They were strapless red dresses; the overlaying fabric was twisted about at the top. Each of the bride’s maids’ had diamond earrings and a diamond necklace, to go with their hairpieces, the diamond hair combs on the side of their French twists.

“Are you ready dear?” Her mother asked as her father entered. Ginny smiled nervously and nodded her head, taking her father’s elbow as the maids lined up in front of her.

The little flower girl and ring barer were adorable, by anyone’s standards. The bride’s maids looked gorgeous. Even Harry and Ron thought the American cleaned up nicely. Mrs. Weasley, though her make-up was a teensy bit smeared from crying, looked radiant in a simple cardigan and skirt set with Bill, the oldest Weasley son, leading her down the aisle, though he wasn’t adorned with his usual piercings. At the start of the wedding march, the attendants stood and turned towards the middle aisle, towards the blushing bride and her proud father. Hermione watched as Dean stood a little straighter and Ginny blushed a little brighter. Though Theodore and Draco were friends with the bride and they agreed she looked beyond beautiful, especially compared to her Hogwarts years, they were concentrated more on how drop dead gorgeous her maids of honor looked, especially when they beamed at their best friends.

“Oh Gods, she looks beautiful,” Theodore whispered to Draco.

“Stop being so melodramatic,” he instructed as the priest motioned the attendants to sit.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the priest said to the audience. “I would like to present Mister and Missus Dean Thomas.” The audience clapped and cheered as the groomsmen led the bride’s maids down the aisle in front of the ecstatic newlyweds.

“Do you remember how to do the bloody dance?” Seamus whispered to Hermione through their smiles.

“No, do you?”

“Not really.”

“This should be interesting.”

“Do you realize that Mr. Nott keeps staring at you?” Neville asked as the wedding party was photographed within an inch of their lives.

“Yes, your point being?” Kim responded as they switched up the positioning.

“Nothing; just you two would look rather cute together.”

“Alright Cupid,” she replied before turning her attention to Seamus.

“There is an open bar right?”

“Of course; are you going to try to out drink me again?”

“Sweetie, I am going to drink you under the bar!”

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LOOK! It's a SEQUEL!: Chapter 12: The Wedding Day


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