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Neither Death nor Life by Yasery
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Our story begins a night in October with the Walker family. Outside, the weather was stormy, in fact so stormy that the lights had gone out in the little Walker house. Inside sat Mrs. Walker with her two sons, Fabian and Arthur, her husband working late that night. The three people were sitting in the sofa, Mrs. Walker in the middle with one boy on each side.

“Mum, would you please tell a story?” Arthur asked, looking into the fire, the only source of light in the tiny living room. The Walkers weren’t wealthy financially, but in love and compassion they were worth millions of golden coins.

“Yeah, mum, tell a good one,” Fabian said excitedly, his light grey eyes sparkling. “Tell us one about wizards and witches!”

Mrs. Walker laughed heartily. “Well, what else do we spend this stormy night with?” She caressed Arthur’s golden locks. “Where should I start?”

“Hmm…” Fabian’s face was all screwed up as he thought of a perfect way to start the tale. “A battle! Some damsels in distress. Something like that, mum!”

Looking at the Walker brothers it was hard to imagine them being brothers. Fabian Walker, the oldest, was tall and lanky for his nine year old body. He had wavy black hair and his eyes were a light colour of grey. Arthur Walker on the other hand was short and plump with big brown eyes and curly blonde hair. He almost looked like the spitting image of his mother, but Fabian looked neither like the tall and burly Mr. Walker nor the short and plump Mrs. Walker in appearance.

The neighbours always talked about it. How they thought that ‘that Walker kid’ as they addressed Fabian, was a child left on the doorstep. Not meant to be in the family at all, just a mere streetkid who got lucky to get under Mrs. Walkers wing. The Walkers had always denied it, of course. But they never convinced the neighbours no matter what they said.

But back to our family, we must follow them to be wiser in things we do not understand fully. Which have always laid in complete darkness, not meant to be seen ever again.   

“Alright children, listen carefully,” Mrs. Walker smiled grabbing each boy by the ear, tucking it kindly. “This battle I’m about to tell you about, wasn’t fought on a battle field like normal fights, no. It was far underground, deeper than our basement (at this point Arthur gasps, since the basement was the deepest and most scary thing in the house). In the deep chambers was all kind of amazing and rare kinds of things. But two groups were looking for the same thing, and this ended in a battle.”

The little boys grasped, looking wide-eyed at their mother. Waiting eagerly for their mother to continue the story.

“On each side were family members, but also enemies. One of the rooms was a big medieval one. It had a big veil, looking like a great opening to an old castle, but it was evil and not to be near of. The fighters didn’t know the secret of this veil, all they knew of was it dangerous nature. A woman, her name was Bella, and her cousin Sirius was battling near the dangerous veil. In a short moment Sirius thought he had won over his cousin Bella, but in the next second she had sent a hex after him. The force of this hex made her cousin Sirius fall directly into the opening of the veil not appearing on the other side…”  

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