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James Potter has betrayed me by maurader fan
Chapter 4 : I have faith in James
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The sky grew dark, and soon the train reached the grounds of Hogwarts. Sirius left the compartment first, followed by James, who was sticking to him like a shadow. Remus paused by the door and glanced at Lily, who was still fiddling with the owl she had bought at Diagon Alley.

“You go ahead,” Lily said as she realised he was waiting for her. “I’ll catch up.”

“No, I’ll just hold your owl for you…” Remus said as he grabbed the cage and proceeded out the door. Lily hurried to catch up, and saw to her dismay that all of the students were leaving her behind. Frantically, she and Remus hurried towards James and Sirius, who were dawdling behind the rest of the first year students.

As they came over the crest of the hill, Lily and Remus saw a vast, glittering lake, illuminated by the moon. On it, were a cluster of small boats. By the time Lily and Remus caught up, Sirius and James were already sitting in a boat, along with a beautiful looking girl.

Lily heard a rustle behind her and turned, to see a giant youth, his face obscured in the darkness!

Ahhhhhhhh” she screamed.

“Don’t worry,” the youth said, lowering his face down to Lily’s so she could see him better, “the giant squid is as tame as a flubberworm!”

Lily feverently hoped that her blushing was not apparent in the darkness.

“Don’t worry, it’s a mistake lots of people make when I first say giant squid.” The youth said.

Great, her blushing was visible.

“Now, four to a boat!” The youth projected as he strolled away.

Lily turned back to the boat and saw Remus had gotten in with James, Sirius and the girl. Drat, Lily thought, that makes four.

As she turned away to find another boat, Remus called out, “I’ll move, and you can sit here if you like.”

“No, you’re fine.” Lily called out, “I’ll just go sit…” She paused, she couldn’t see any free spots in boats, apart from the boat holding Snape. Not wanting a repeat of the train compartment issue, she ignored that boat.

“Still looking for a boat are we miss?” The giant youth had reappeared. “There’s a seat over there.” He said, pointing to Snape’s boat.

“I’d rather not sit with him if you know what I mean.” Lily said hesitantly.

“Oh,” said the youth. “Not a problem, you can sit with me in my boat. I’m Hagrid by the way, I help Dumbledore out.”

“I’m Lily.” Lily said, as she clambered into Hagrid’s boat. Hagrid tapped the side of the boat with an umbrella, and all the boats began to glide across the lake.

“Well Lily,” Hagrid said, “If you ever need help with something, you can always ask me about it.”

“I will,” Lily said, still slightly intimidated.

Hagrid escorted the children up through the castle, and into a small chamber, where they were met by a lively looking man with a long beard.

“Good evening, my name is Professor Dumbledore and I am Deputy headmaster at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.” The man introduced himself. He led them into a huge chamber, filled with students sitting at four long tables.

There was an old hat on a stool, and when each of them tried it on, the hat called out one of the houses. Sirius and Lily were both sorted into Gryffindor, and they were then joined by Remus, who squeezed in beside him.

When James was sorted into Gryffindor though, there was a slight technical problem. There were no more seats by Sirius, Lily and Remus, and there was nowhere a foursome could sit on the Gryffindor table.

James looked at Sirius for advice on what to do, as Lily spied two seats next to each other down the end of the Gryffindor table. She got up, intending to sit with James down the end instead of leaving him to sit by himself.

“Thanks Lily!” James said as he promptly sat in her seat, clearly oblivious to Lily’s plan of leaving no-one sitting by themselves.

Now Lily was the one with no one to sit with. Her insides squirmed, and she knew that for the third time that day, she was blushing bright red. She felt too embarrassed to explain her plan of two people sitting down the end.

James obviously didn’t notice her discomfort, he was to busy laughing at one of Sirius’ many jokes about Snape.

Luckily for Lily, Remus saved the day.

“Hey, Fay!” He called to a girl who had just been sorted into Gryffindor. “Do you know Lily?”

“No,” Fay replied, “I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting her.”

Remus turned to Lily, “Fay is really nice. You’ll love her!”

As Lily sat down next to Fay, she decided that she probably would love Fay. But she felt confused at James actions.

They had been friends for how many years? Yet James had already blown her off for some complete strangers! She remembered what she had said earlier that day…

“Now Lily dear,” Mrs Potter said fondly, “please write to us if anything is bothering you won’t you? The wizarding world is complicated and James won’t always be around to explain everything to you.”

“Of course he will!” Lily said defensively. “We will always have time for each other. We promised!”

“That sounds like a hard promise to keep Lily dear,” Mrs Potter said.

Maybe Mrs Potter was right, Lily wondered.

No, she decided. She had more faith in James than that!

“Isn’t this just so exciting! But I am sooo nervous!” Lily heard Fay say.

“Yeh, I am too.” Lily said.

I hope that I haven't bored you all to tears by now. If not, please leave a review! 

(I will admit that it takes more than two seconds, as pointed out by one of my reviewers, but it doesn't take more than 30 seconds.)

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