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The Heir of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw by Looney_T_Luna
Chapter 3 : New Power
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The next morning, Harry woke up before dawn, as he often did. He sighed. He was still tired, but he couldn’t sleep for so long without nightmares. Luckily last night he had none. Rolling over, he looked at his nightstand and saw that his clock read half past five. No one should be up at this time, which gave him awhile to be downstairs and have a nice quiet time just drinking his coffee.

After Harry took a quiet shower and got dressed, he walked quietly downstairs. On the way down, he noticed that Mrs. Black’s portrait was no longer there. He chuckled, realizing that he didn’t hear any screaming or yelling when he arrived last night.

He walked into the kitchen and saw that Tawny was already up. Sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, she looked like she was deep in thought. She didn’t really drink her coffee really; she was just staring at it. Harry studied her for awhile. There were bags under her eyes, a strong indication that she hadn’t had a good night sleep in days. He could see a few scratches on her hands and face. She looked like she had been through a few fights in the past months.

For a second he felt really sorry for her. She looked like she had been through hell and he was only stuck at the Dursleys most of the summer. Shaking it off, Harry walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup, and then, taking a sip, he turned to face Tawny who was still staring at her mug. “So why are you up this early?”

Tawny jumped out of her seat, grabbing for her wand. “Holy shit! Don’t ever do that again!” she yelled, when she realized it was Harry, she put her wand down and glared at him.

Harry chuckled, “sorry, so why are you up this early?”

The girl sat back in her seat, still glaring at him. “I couldn’t sleep, I’m usually up at this time anyway,” she mumbled.

Harry nodded and took a seat across from her. They sat in silence for a while, just taking sips of their coffee. Harry tapped his fingers on the table, waiting for Tawny to speak. She only stared at her mug, tracing the outline of the mug with her finger; she looked tense every time he looked up at her.

“I’m sorry about your parents,” he said.

She looked up at him, “it wasn’t my parents who died.” She looked down, “my parents died along time ago. It was my aunt and uncle who died.”

Harry sighed. He felt bad for making her brought up her parents and her aunt and uncle. “I’m sorry, did Voldemort kill them?” he growled at the name.

Tawny looked up at him again. “Voldemort is not the only dark wizard out there, ya know.”

“Yeah I know, but he is the strongest,” he replied.

“How would you know? You only lived in England your whole life, you wouldn’t know if there were other dark wizards just as strong as Voldemort!” she snapped.

“Alright, then who else could be as strong as Voldemort?” he yelled. Tawny’s face went blank, which he smirked at. “I have to go,” she mumbled, leaving her cup of coffee on the table, and ran up the stairs.

Harry sat back in his seat. He didn’t even remember getting out of his seat. Shaking it off, he went back to his coffee. “Harry,” someone called from the kitchen door. Recognizing the voice, Harry couldn’t help roll his eyes. “Yes, Professor Dumbledore,” he said, facing his headmaster.

“Can I speak to you in the library?” the old wizard asked. The raven hair boy nodded and followed Dumbledore out of the kitchen to the library. Dumbledore sat on one of the chair, signaling Harry to do the same. “Would you like some tea, Harry?” he asked once Harry was seated.

“Yes Sir,” Harry answered.

Once the two were settled, the old headmaster spoke, “Harry, I know you don’t trust Ms. Parker, but I am asking you to.”

Harry sighed with frustration, “Sir, you are asking me to trust a girl that I don’t even know. Right now there is a dark wizard out to kill me, for all we know she could be a spy for him. YOU don’t even know her.”

“Harry, you have to. She could help you in so many ways…”

“Have to! I will not! Last time I trusted someone, they lied to me, telling me that I was the chosen one! The one who has to kill Voldemort! What about you?! You trusted Snape! And look where that got you, if it weren’t for, darn I say it, Malfoy, you would be dead!”

Dumbledore sighed, “Harry, I know the things I’ve done in the past were not always the right choices and trusting Snape was a bad idea, but you have to trust her. She could help you find the Horcuxes, she could help you train. I can’t help you with everything, Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley will help you, but you need all the help you can get.”

“Professor, how can she help? If she helps, that means I have to tell her about the prophecy. I don’t want to tell anyone else, she could get hurt.”

Dumbledore looked at the boy in front of him, touched that he still cared if this girl got hurt. “Harry, she has been taught to know what a Horcrux is and she’s been trained to duel and fight. Give her a chance; you will be surprised how much she can help you and your friends.”

Harry sighed, “I will let her train us how to fight, since I know everyone around here will be too busy to help out, but I will have to talk to Ron and Hermione about this and get to know Tawny a little better before I tell her anything about the Horcruxes.”

The Headmaster nodded. “Very well. I have one more thing to talk to you about, but we will talk more about it tomorrow with Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley. Now, I believe that you and Mr. Weasley have a test to get ready for,” he said, holding his hand out to the door. Harry nodded and walked out of the library, leaving behind a smiling wizard.

Harry walked back into the kitchen to see Mrs. Weasley already up cooking breakfast, while Remus, Tonks, Moody, Fred, George and Mr.Weasley all at the table drinking tea or coffee and reading the Prophet.

“Oi Harry,” Fred said, waving him over to sit next to him and George. He did and talked to Fred and George a least for an hour before Hermione and Ginny came down.

Harry looked over at Hermione. She looked beautiful this morning, even though to him she always looked beautiful. Her hair was pulled into half a ponytail, she wore jeans and a light blue polo shirt, and if Harry looked closely, he could see her wearing a little eyeliner and mascara. To Harry, it was weird seeing her wearing make up. Not that it didn’t look good on her, it’s just that she had never really worn make up before.

“Good morning Harry,” she said cheerfully, sitting next to him.

“Morning Hermione, did you sleep well?”

She looked at him with a big smile. “Yes, I did. Thank you for asking.”

Harry smiled, “anytime.” He looked over at Ginny who sat across from them. She looked a little hurt, but then went back to her cheery smile. “Morning, Harry.”

“Morning Ginny, where’s Luna?” He noticed that only Ron, Luna and Tawny were missing from the table.

“Oh, she’s still getting ready. She was the last one up. Have you seen Tawny? She wasn’t in her bed when I got up this morning.”

Harry shook his head. “No,” he said, pouring himself a cup of tea.

“I didn’t either,” Hermione said. “I hope she’s alright, she looked a little upset last night.”

“I’m sure she’s fine, dear,” Mrs. Weasley said, putting a plate in front of them. “Where’s Ronald? He should be up by now. He and Harry have the Apparation test this morning.”

“I tried waking him up a little while ago, but of course he wouldn’t get up,” Ginny said, rolling her eyes. “Honestly, my brother could sleep all day if you let him.”

Harry and Hermione laughed at her comment. “Don’t worry little sister, Fred and I have a way to wake him up,” George said as the twin walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“Oh no, I can only imagine what they’re going to do to him,” Hermione said.

After a few minutes, they all heard screaming and than a pop and Fred and George came into sight, laughing. “What did you two do?” Ginny asked trying to hold back a chuckle as her brothers rolled around on the ground.

“They wet me with ice cold water!” yelled Ron from the kitchen door. Harry turned to look at his friend. Ron was soaked, water dripping from his hair and his pajamas, and his face was as red as his hair. “You two are so dead!”

Fred and George Apparated from the room and called Ron from the living room. Ron growled, running out of the room only to hear laughter and yelling, “Ronald, you better be ready in a few minutes!” Molly yelled from the door.

After Ron was finished with getting ready and breakfast, he and Harry got ready to go to the Ministry with Mr. Weasley. “Alright Harry, Ron, let’s go. You don’t want to be late for your test,” Mr. Weasley said. The three men flooed over to the Ministry, leaving everyone else to get ready for Harry’s birthday party.

“Alright dears, we have a few hours before Harry gets back,” Molly said, pulling out a box with decorations. “That gives us enough time to get it ready.”

Hermione and Ginny was taking the silly string when Tawny walked back into the kitchen. “Tawny, there you are. We were starting to get worried,” Mrs. Weasley said, putting a plate on the table for her to eat.

“Yeah, where were you by the way?” Ginny asked.

Tawny sat down, thanking Molly before answering Ginny, “I was outside, thinking. It’s really nice back there, a good place to relax.”

Hermione nodded and went to the living room to decorate, but Ginny stayed behind, watching Tawny talking to Fred and George. Tawny would smile and laugh at whatever the twin would say. That smile, Ginny would recognize that smile anywhere. It was like Harry’s. Ginny stared at her in shock only to be snapped out of it when Tawny looked at her. Tawny’s eyes were honey brown, almost like Hermione’s. They had that sparkle that was in Harry’s eyes when he was happy. Now Ginny was really starting to get scared of this girl; she reminded her too much of Harry.

“Ginny, are you okay?” Tawny asked, noticing her stare.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking, that’s all.” Ginny answered hastily before walking out of the room.

Ginny walked into the living room and saw the silly string was almost completely all over the room. “Hermione, do you think there is something weird about Tawny?”

Hermione was finishing putting string on another corner before answering, “I think she’s a little off, but it might be the fact that she’s new. She likes to keep to herself right now.”

“No, I mean she kind of reminds you of someone, doesn’t she?”

Hermione got off the ladder, thinking for a moment. “No, she doesn’t. Why?”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “She reminds me of Harry. Just by looking at her, I can see Harry’s smile and that sparkle in his eyes when he’s happy. Do you think I miss Harry that much that a girl I hardly know is reminding me of Harry?”

Hermione tensed when Ginny said she missed Harry. It brought back memories of Harry and Ginny cuddling on the couch in the Gryffindor common room, or of them kissing. Hermione put those memories to the back of her head before Ginny noticed. “Ginny, I just meet the girl last night, I don’t really know if she looks like Harry or not. I think you just need to move on with Harry. I don’t think he is going to ask you out again.”

“I don’t want to get back together with Harry. It’s just that I miss him. I can’t get over my first love overnight, you know. And it’s not just Tawny looking like Harry, she looks like you too. Can’t you see that she has almost the same eyes and hair as you? That’s kind of weird if you ask me,” Ginny said, sitting on the couch.

Hermione sighed and walked over to the couch to sit next to Ginny. “Gin, I don’t think she looks like me. One, she has honey brown eyes, I have chocolate. Two, her hair is wavy, mine is frizzy and curly. Three, I don’t think that Harry was your first love. I mean, were you in love with Harry or the boy who lived?”

“Hermione, she looks like you. Are you sure that you don’t have a long lost sister or something? And I know that I was in love with Harry. Ever since he saved me, I know that I loved him, but like I said last night, I believe that I was in love with the boy who lived and Harry as a brother. It doesn’t matter anyway, I found someone else that I think I like,” Ginny said with a dreamy smile, thinking of Draco.

Hermione sighed with relief. She really didn’t want to know if Ginny still loved Harry. The truth was ever since third year she had liked Harry and over the years it had grown into love. But it hurt to see Harry drooling over other girls; she knew she wouldn’t stand a chance with girls like Ginny and Cho. They had beautiful straight hair, not bushy out of control hair. They wore make up and cared about the way they looked, Hermione didn’t. She just wore something and just cared about her studies. The girls Harry had dated loved Qudditch, she had no idea how the game worked and she hated flying. That was why she ignored those feelings, knowing that she would never have a chance with him, but after thinking and talking to her cousins over the summer she tried to care about the way she dressed, putting on a little make up and tried to tame her hair. Still, Harry hadn’t really said anything about her new look.

“Hermione, are you okay?”

“Yes, Ginny, I was just thinking. Do you know who Harry might like? I mean, you did say that he has that look in his eyes when he thinks about her.”

Ginny shook her head. “No. I’m sorry, I don’t.” But Ginny did know who he liked. Just the way he would stare at Hermione at lunch or that time at the Yule Ball, she knew that Harry had liked Hermione for years. She would just have to talk to him sometime. Maybe tonight before the party she could talk to him. Ginny started to think about Draco she hadn’t written to him for a few days and he was probably waiting for her to write back.

“Hermione, I’ll be right back,” Ginny said, leaving the living room and walking up to her room. When she got to her room, she saw a black and gray owl sitting on her bed post. Smiling to herself, she walked over, took the note from the owl, and read it.


I have some bad news. My father has escaped from Azkaban. I will have to go into hiding. I don’t know if I’m going to return to school or if I’ll ever see you again. Just know that I love you and I will find some way to be with you.


Ginny gasped. Draco’s father is out of Azkaban. That would mean that anything could happen to Draco. She remembered in a letter when Draco had told her why he was changing his ways. Snape was sure to tell Lucius what his only son did the night he was supposed to kill Dumbledore. Ginny had to talk to Dumbledore about finding a place for Draco to stay safe.

Ginny ran for the door only to run into Tawny. Ginny gasped, closing her eyes, the only thing she could see was a blur of black and white. The seen started to come into focus,

It was a battle, Death-eater, Hogwarts student; Order members and Professors were everywhere. Hexes and curses were flying lift and right. She was right in the middle of it, but no one could see her, the hexes and cures went right through her. She looked around seeing her fellow classmates fight for their lives; at the corner of her eye she could see Tawny fighting a man in black robes. They were fighting with swords, dodging each others attacks and blows.

Tawny jumped away as the man swung his sword, she didn’t have enough time to dodge his next blow, as she turned the man puncture his sword into her abdomen. Tawny gasped and dropped her sword as she slowly took her shaky hands to her stomach, feeling the warm blood soak through her robes.

The seen started to fade as Tawny dropped to her knees looking up at the man.

Ginny gasped again. She saw that she was in her room again, and Tawny was standing next to her, giving her a weird look. “Ginny, are you okay?”

Ginny didn’t answer at first terrified of what she just saw, “Ye-yeah, I’m fine. I was just a little scared when I ran into you,” she said, leaving a very confused girl in the room.

Ginny ran down the hall, thinking about what she just saw. Was that a vision of the future or the past? Did she really just have a vision? ‘No,’ Ginny thought. ‘That would mean I was a Seer and I’m not. No one in my family is a Seer. I should talk to Dumbledore or even Mum, but right now I have to talk to Dumbledore about Draco.’ Ginny ran downstairs and into the library. She saw Dumbledore sitting on one of the chairs, reading a letter.

“Professor, I just got a letter from Draco. He said that his father had escaped from Azkaban! We need to find him a place to stay; it’s no longer safe for him!”

Dumbledore held up his hand. “Ms. Weasley, I just got a letter from the Ministry about young Draco’s father. I will do anything I can to get him to a safe place; maybe even here will be safe for him. I just need to talk to Mr. Potter about it.”

Ginny nodded, “Sir, there’s something else I need to talk to you about.” She paused. Dumbledore nodded to let her know he was listening. “Well, sir, I had this kind of vision thing. I ran into Tawny and saw a vision of Tawny getting killed by a man. I-I didn’t see who the man was, but I think it was a death-eater, but I don’t know. Sir, I really don’t know what to think. I’m kind of scared, seeing something that has happened or might happen.”

Dumbledore was on his chair, combing his beard with his hand, “hmm,” he said, getting up from his chair. “I think we should have your mother in here,” he then walked out of the room, leaving Ginny in her thoughts.

Thank you Potterholic for being my beta
Thank you tehcutieEM @ TDA for the Chapter Image!

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