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Lines With Lily by UnderRugSwept13
Chapter 1 : Lines With Lily
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DISCLAIMER: I own the idea...that's it.
A new one-shot.

I will not verbally or physically assault a Prefect.
I will not verbally or physically assault a Prefect.
I will not verbally or physically assault a Prefect.
I will not verbally or physically assault a Prefect.

“Evans, is this really?-”
“Shut up Potter, and keep writing. You’ve got at least two hundred more lines to write. And don’t think for a second, I’ll accept anything less than three hundred.”

The rain splattered against the fragile windowpanes of the classroom, filling in the silences. Of course, there weren’t many silences, he always had to make some snide remark or whine like a child. Remarks that she would not surrender to.

Lily Evans sat atop a wooden desk in the empty classroom, occasionally swinging her legs as she read one of her textbooks. But, it was rather hard to read when she was being interrupted every few minutes by that toe-rag.

“How do you read a textbook?” James Potter inquired, trying to sound meticulously interested. Lily, however, knew exactly what he was trying to do. He was not about to get out of writing those lines.
“Write, Potter.” She demanded flatly, turning the page of her book. James, on the other hand placed his quill down, causing Lily to roll her eyes.
“No, really…how do you read a textbook?”
“How do you waste so much time asking pointless questions?” Lily retorted, looking sternly over the book at James. James, much to Lily’s disgust, grinned. He leaned back in his chair, folding his hands behind is head.

“What can I say? I‘m a master of procrastination!” Lily sighed, giving James a weary glare.
“Not if I have anything to do with it. Now, write those lines! Today!” She demanded, pointing at the parchment that was nowhere near full. James threw is hands up in defense.
“Fine, Evans, you win. I’ll write the bloody lines…but only because you asked so nicely.”

I will not verbally or physically assault a Prefect.
I will not verbally or physically assault a Prefect.
I will not verbally or physically assault

“When did I ever physically assault you?” James asked, yet again out of the blue. Lily lowered her book down, revealing her incredulous expression.
“You’re making me write, ‘I will not verbally or physically assault a Prefect.’, right?”
“When have I ever ‘physically assaulted’ you?” Lily rolled her eyes again, leading them back to the text of her reading.
“You hexed Bertram Aubrey’s head so that it swelled to twice its normal size. He was a Prefect.” She stated, her voice impatient.
“So?-” James trailed off, acting as though it were not a big deal. Lily huffed angrily.
“It was an illegal hex!”
“But I did that in fifth year! And besides, Sirius was involved with that too. You can’t prosecute me for something I did two years ago! I already served my double detention for that.”

Lily faltered.
Yes, Lily Evans faltered before she returned with her argument.
That never happened.

“Y-You still did that to a Prefect!”
“But I- wait a second, did you just hesitate?
“Of course not!”
“You did! You totally hesitated before your comeback!”
“I did not.”
“Did so.”
“Did not!”
“Did so!”
“Do your lines Potter!”

James grinned before dipping his quill back in the ink well and continuing with his lines. Lily scowled, trying to get back to her reading.
“You faltered.”
“Shut up.”
“You so faltered.”
“Do you want more lines?”
“You know you just want to serve more detention with me.”

Lily sent James another glare, her voice furiously sighing, though it sounded more like a hiss.
“You’re just mad because I’m right.”
“I’m mad because you breathe.”
“You break my heart-”
“I’ll break your face.”
“If that were the case, you would be the ones writing the lines-”
“You don’t ever shut up, do you?-”
’I will not...physically assault...James Potter...because he is...the most wonderful...guy in will also not...verbally assault...him because I,...Lily Evans,...faltered.’”

James snickered as Lily began to get even angrier. Her face began to flush as the lines in her brow increased. If James wasn’t careful, she’d probably strangle him.

“‘I will not...verbally assault...a Prefect because...Miss Evans is really...getting me.’” James recited as he wrote it down. Lily shrieked, finally losing it. She leapt off of the desk and stood right in front of him, her hands gripping the sides of his desk as she loomed menacingly overhead. James merely looked up at her, cocking his head to the side in silent question.

“James Potter will not verbally assault me, Lily Evans, because I am liable to throw him off of the Astronomy Tower because I think he is an inconsiderate git who has an ego the size of Mars!”

“I, James Potter, am apologizing to the lovely Miss Evans because I agree that I am an inconsiderate git and really only act that way to try to impress Miss Evans because I, James Potter, fancy her...a lot.”

Lily stood for a moment, her mouth hung open wide in shock. Not because James had said that, but because he looked completely and utterly honest about it. Lily inhaled deeply, biting her bottom lip and saying quietly,

“You know, you could have saved yourself millions of lines and just said that to begin with.”
“I know. But, I wanted to spend the time with you.”

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