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The Hard Life by killthatrat
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16 St Mathis
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“Honestly Harry you have to start putting more into your letters,” Hermione said. “Three or four lines is no where near enough information,” she said in a motherly tone.

“Sorry,” Harry said sheepishly.

Hermione’s Father had conveniently needed to travel to London today to speak at a dental conference, hence giving Hermione a chance to see Harry before he went home. She and her Father had come by car late that afternoon, and had only arrived minutes before Harry was discharged.

“Hmmm well your forgiven. Just don’t go getting into anymore trouble all right? I don’t appreciate vague letters from Ron saying you’ve been hurt up in some kind of accident.”

“So that’s who told you then,” Harry said as the watched the many cars go by on the street, Sirius and Hermione’s Father standing behind them talking interestedly.

“Yes. So, are you keeping up with your study?”

Harry laughed loudly. “Trust you to be worrying about homework when we don’t have any!”

“Well!” Hermione said indignantly. “You should be looking over your school books so that you don’t forget everything,” she said pointing her finger at him.

“I won’t forget everything!”

“Well, you should be getting prepared,” she said. “For…other things,” she said trailing her voice off. Catching on to what she meant Harry turned around to make sure Sirius wasn’t listening.

“Shush!” Harry replied smiling. “You don’t want the wrong people hearing now do you?”

“What?” Hermione said confused.

Harry looked at her incredulously, before whispering in her ear dramatically, “The street lamps have ears!”

Hermione laughed out loudly at this and let both the subject of homework and Horcruxes drop. They continued talking for a little while longer before Sirius and Hermione’s father approached them.

“Come on miss. I’ll be late,” Mr Granger said affectionately.

“Oh Ok,” Hermione said. She turned to Harry and gently hugged him, kissing him on the cheek as they parted.

“I’ll see you soon. And write longer letters,” she added sternly. Harry smiled back at her as he shook Mr Granger’s hand.

“Bye.” Harry said as they quickly left and headed back towards the parking lot.

“Come on,” Sirius said plopping his hand down on Harry’s shoulder, as they went out of sight. “We got to get going. We’ll be late.”

“Where are we going?” Harry questioned as he followed Sirius’ lead along the footpath.

“We are going to get you sorted out.”

“Oh ok, because that makes so much sense,” Harry said sarcastically.

Rolling his eyes, Sirius continued. “Were on our way to St Mathis Hospital for Non-Magical Maladies and Injuries. Which just so happens to be not very far.”

Harry blinked, confused. “St Mathis?”

“For non-magical maladies and injuries. It’s pretty much like a Muggle hospital, except it’s wizard only and they use magic.”

“Oh. Since when has that been around?”

“Well when people would break a leg or something everyone would just go to the one hospital. And everything would just get crazy, so they split into two hospitals. One for magical problems, and one for other problems. And that’s where were going.”

“Oh. Fair enough. So why are we going there?” Harry said as they crossed the busy road at the pedestrian crossing, walking a little slower than normal on his sprained ankle. They continued walking along the opposite path, the hospital behind them growing smaller.

“Duh! To get these ribs and everything sorted out properly! It’s not far, about ten minutes walk. It’s hidden like Diagon Alley and St Mungos.”

Harry nodded and they continued walking slowly, Sirius refusing to let Harry carry his own backpack.

“You know you could let me carry my own bag,” Harry said casually.

“No. You’re not feeling your best. The last of that morphine stuff is beginning to wear off I can tell. So until I’m sure you’re capable of carrying your own bag, I will.”

Harry looked at him incredulously. “Hey! Who are you? What have you done with my Godfather! You know, the man that moans when he has to put his own plate in the sink!”

“Oh now that’s not funny!” Sirius replied laughing. However his face fell and he suddenly stopped in his tracks, Harry too stopped as realization slid over Sirius’ face.

“We’ve gone past it,” he moaned as he turned on the spot and headed back the other way. “Come on.” He motioned to Harry who followed, quickly catching up. Sirius scanned the various shops as they walked, annoyed with his mistake.

“Here we are,” he said stopping in front of what looked like an abandoned shop.

They approached the door, observing the mess various vandals had made of the door and windows. Sirius pushed open the old wooden door and passed through it. Harry followed, passing through what felt like a sheet of water, entering into the busy waiting room of St Mathis hospital. His eyes were drawn to the many people in the waiting room, some with what looked like everyday injuries, others looking as though they had a bad case of food poisoning. Harry followed Sirius as he approached the reception desk that was shielded by a pane of glass.

“Sirius Black. I have an appointment with Healer Denton,” he said.

The witch at the desk looked up at him, slightly shocked. It had been a little over a year since Sirius’ name had been cleared, however people were still often shocked to see him walking around like a normal person. However the receptionist collected herself and riffled through a large book.

“Come right through,” she said, indicating to a door on her left. “Head straight down the corridor, eighth door on the right.”

“Thank you,” Sirius said. He turned and motioned to Harry to follow as he held the door open for him. Harry passed through the open door and looked down the long cream
colored corridor. Together they slowly walked down the corridor, looking interestedly down the ones that came off this one, as they counted the doors they passed. They stopped at the door labeled ‘Number 8,’ and Sirius knocked loudly.

They heard a scuffle from inside as a chair slid back with a loud screech. A moment later the door opened wide, and Healer Denton greeted them warmly.

“Mr Black? Mr Potter?”

“That’s us.” Sirius replied as the Healer stood back to let them in, his eyes flashing briefly to Harry’s lightning bolt shaped scar. Healer Denton was tall with dark curly hair with a moustache that didn’t seem to suit him. Harry took note of the pale blue robes he wore, bearing a symbol much like the St Mungos one.

“Good afternoon. Come in come in,” he said as he rounded behind his desk. “Well take a seat, how are we today?”

“Good,” they replied unanimously as they sat down on the two chairs on the opposite side of the desk. Harry looked around briefly, observing the certificates that were magically hung on the wall, and the bed that stood against the far wall.

“Very well then. Well I believe you’ve had an accident Harry. Can I call you Harry?”

Harry nodded to both these questions as the Healer continued.

“Ahhh and I believe you found yourself stuck in a Muggle hospital. I can only imagine how frustrating that was.”

“It certainly was,” Harry said smiling.

Healer Denton smiled kindly as he looked at a sheet of paper that sat on his desk.

“Well anyway I managed to get a copy of your report from the Muggle hospital. Seems you’ve got some fractured ribs, a sprained ankle and some severe cuts and bruises.”

“That’s pretty much it,” Harry agreed, looking at Sirius with a smile.

The Healer leaned forward on his desk, observing the stitches Harry had on the side of his face.

“My, my,” he said in awe. “Who would think of sewing a person up? Then again I have seen this type of thing before. Muggles.”

Sirius laughed softly as he squirmed slightly in his seat.

“Well,” Healer Denton said standing up and clapping his hands together. “Lets get this sorted out then shall we? Come and sit up on the side of the bed for me and I’ll have a proper look.”

Harry nodded standing up from his seat and approaching the bed, sitting on the edge of it as Sirius stood up in the background. The Healer approached his as he snapped on a pair of magical rubber gloves, the same as Muggle ones, yet they were self-cleaning with no need to replace them.

“Right then. Lets start at the top shall we.”

After much discussion with the both of them, Healer Denton decided to remove all the stitches from Harry’s face and body, which was less slightly painful than he thought it would be, only stinging slightly as each separate one was removed.

“The problem with Muggle stitches is that they can sometimes scar when the wound is fairly deep,” he said as he removed the last of the stitches from Harry’s stomach. “But not with magic.”

After removing them he had magically closed the wounds, and no scars were visible, a fact which Harry was greatly thankful for.

After the stitches were all removed and taken care of, he moved on to Harry’s broken ribs and bruises.

“All done,” he said as he tapped each of Harry’s broken ribs with his wand, relief flowing through Harry as each one was properly healed.

He now stood back, observing Harry’s bare chest and back which both bore many painful bruises. Sirius winked at Harry, who smiled in return as the Healer came to a decision.

“Alright you can put your shirt back on. I’ll give you some cream for the bruises,” he said turning around and heading back to his desk. He pulled out a purple jar roughly the size of Harry’s fist, and handed it to Sirius.

“Rub that onto every bruise morning and night for a couple of days and they’ll be gone in no time,” he said as Harry pulled his T-shirt on over his head, nodding as he did so.

Leaning casually against his desk, he continued. “I’ll leave your ankle to heal by it’s self. It doesn’t seem to be giving you too much trouble, as you can still walk on it. If it gets painful though, start rubbing some of that cream onto it as well.”

“Ok. Thank you,” Harry said genuinely.

“You’re welcome. All right then. I’ll arrange for a fake letter to be sent to the hospital you were taken to, saying that you’ve been for check ups at London General, and that should be about all,” he said cheerfully.

“Good to meet you both,” he said shaking their hands.

“Same here,” Sirius said.

“Yeah,” Harry said.

“All you need to do now is see the witch at reception and she’ll have some papers for you to sign,” he said looking at Sirius.


“Alright then. Have a nice afternoon then,” Healer Denton said as he opened the door for them.

The two looked at each other as they quickly walked down the hall the way they had come.

“He was nice,” Sirius said casually.

“Yeah atleast I can move properly now,” Harry replied with a laugh.

Sirius looked at him worried. “Was it really that bad?”

“No!” Harry replied laughing. “No just exaggerating,” Harry said as he pushed open the door to let Sirius pass.

Sirius shook his head in wonder as he signed the papers the witch had prepared for him. Hitching Harry’s bag back over his shoulder they left the hospital together, passing through the sheet of water and entering Muggle London once again.

“So where are we going now? Home?” Harry said hopefully.

“Why don’t we go visit the Weasley’s?”

Harry smiled at this thought, he hadn’t seen them very long this morning. “Sounds great.”

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The Hard Life: Chapter 16 St Mathis


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