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Speak by The_Dementor
Chapter 7 : Falling
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Disclaimer: JK owns it all. The plot line was inspired by the wonful book Speak written by Laurine Halse Anderson. I only own the characters you have never met in all your days of reading. Thanks A LOT to my beta-- KCchizzie_chiznit. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter Seven: Falling

A bright morning, I sat next to Kelly, once again outside of the circle. I was looking at the enchanted ceiling, the faded blue sky with a tint of gray. The clouds were moving a bit fast, which meant another windy day. I am distracted of course, I was seriously studying, teachers are laying homework on thick with the O.W.L.S. at the end of the year. I personally am not ready for them.

Looking up at the ceiling, I see the owls fly in to deliver the mail. I look down at the food, and Kelly and the Marthas look up, waiting for an owl to land in front of them. I pick up my toast, ready to take a bite, when a owl lands in front of me. I look at it for awhile. Then I look around to see if anyone is looking. No one.

"You got a letter?" Debbie asks me. Since when did she realize I existed? I then hear Jackie mumble something that itís a magazine. I ignore them and take the note off of the owlís leg. It then cries for a treat, so I throw some of my toast at it. I look at the letter to see who itís from. Itís from my mom and dad. They never write. Something must be wrong. Or I did something really bad. I tear it open, and read.


Your mother and I are very disappointed with you! Your failing classes now? One of your professors contacted us saying your failing his class, along with others. What has been going on? You havenít been talking, you havenít written. Now your grades are falling? Your mother and I are concerned and have discussed it and decided that you see the Hogwarts councilor. We are worried for you, and weíre doing this for you. Your first meeting is on Monday, at 1:15. She is expecting you, and we are expecting a letter from her saying you actually showed up.

One more thing. If you donít bring your grades up, we will set up after hour lessons for you. My daughter is not going to grow up to be a failing deadbeat!
Other then that, we hope everything is well!
Mom and Dad

I reread it again to make sure I didnít skip lines. Are they for real? The councilor? Hogwarts has a councilor?! And Professor Binns actually stuck to his word?

"What does it say?" Kelly says, peeling away from her conversation. Her voice startles me and I shrug.

"Nothing, just seeing how everything is...." I lie. Kelly knew I lied, she tilts her head at me and looks at me hard. She doesnít say anything and if she did, it would show the Marthas that she actually might care. Does she care? I take a deep breath, and walk out of the Great Hall to my first class; Transfiguration.

Iím one of the first kids in the class, and I take a seat in the middle by the window. As the class fills in, I watch the clouds, being blown by the wind, making different shapes. As the class gets filled, all the seats get taken, and when Lily, Eve, and Heather walk in, the only three seats next to each other, are by me. They donít seem to realize it and stand at the back, scanning for a group seat. Lily lets her shoulders drop, thinking she may have to sit next to a Slytherin, then Heather points to the seats next to me. Eve makes a face, and Lily shrugs, then they make their way over here. Lily gives me a small smile as she sits down between the two girls. Heather sits at the end and Eve sits next to me. Lovely.

"So, whatís going on with you two?!" Heather asks Eve eagerly.

"Nothing really," Eve says smiling to herself.

"Eve! Come on!" Lily groans. Obviously, Eve has been talking to a boy and he may not like her. When we were still friends, Eve never said anything she was unsure about. So she wasnít sure if this boy likes her.

"Okay well," Eve starts off but is cut off by Professor McGonagall. She begins her lesson about turning silk cloth into crystal glasses. . I actually try to pay attention in the class, I think I should try to get my grades up...or try, so I take some notes. It is actually pretty interesting, until she assigned the essay. The whole lecture, the girls next to me pass notes. I want to read it, but if I try to get a glimpse, I will be given a dirty look.
When the class ends, the talking begins, and I overhear the girls again.

"Did he seriously say that?" Heather says, picking up where the note said.

"Yes, he did. But he didnít speak to me yesterday, or this morning. What do you think is up?" Eve asked, looking down at their feet. They begin to leave and I trail behind, close enough to hear, but far enough so it looks like Iím not walking with them.

"Guys are like that. They say nice things and then they totally stop talking to you," Lily said, adjusting her school bag.

"Do you think I should talk to him?"


"No." Eve rolls her eyes, and they pick up the speed, and I slow down. I do wonder who they were talking about. Probably Sirius Black. Oh well, it will be around Hogwarts in no time.

The whole way to the greenhouses, my cloak flies into my legs, and my hair flies into my face. Girls around me scream about their hair being messed up. We have Herbology with the Slytherins, which means the room is split up into three parts. Slytherins on one side, Gryffindors on the other. Then me, some where in a corner. I pay attention in class again, and I actually learn something good:

In the beginning of lesson, she starts about how seeds of certain plants are spread. Some get blown in the wind, and others get attached to certain animals. She also started about how the plants grow, which was also interesting, and how the plants sometimes feed themselves (if they donít have a mouth). I was actually enjoying the lecture, and I actually jotted down a few notes. See, I donít need a councilor. I can do it on my own.

"Are we going to be doing something today?" Heather calls out, interrupting Professor Sprouts.

"Please raise your hand, Miss Krackly, and no, we are not. Just a lecture." The class groans. I was actually a bit happy about this. I adjusted myself in my seat, and listened more. Paying attention in class, makes it go by quicker. I should listen more often.

The wind has picked up. The hard wind blowing against me makes it harder to walk up the hill to the castle. There are squeals from girls as the try to run into the castle, a couple holding hands, thinking they will fly away. As I reached the top of the hill, I looked up only to receive a flashing light in my eyes. I almost fall back. As soon as the little dots are gone, I see Tim Leesh. The Hogwarts yearbook photographer.

"For the year book," he says with a crooked smile. He cracks his gum in his teeth, and moves on down the hill.

Tim is one of those people who think they have a lot of friends, but really doesnít. Everyone just sucks up to him; you be nice, and heíll put nice pictures of you and your friends all over the yearbook. Be mean, and youíll see yourself on the first page. A big picture that looks like a mug shot.

As I was making my difficult way into the castle, Kelly soon caught up with me. For the first time in a long time, she was alone.

"Hey!" she says smiling.

"Hey," I say back.

"Man, we havenít talked in forever! Iíve been so busy with projects the Marthas have been giving me,"

"Oh..." There is a moment of awkward silence. I donít know what to say to her.

"Guess what, Olivia!" she says with a sudden burst of excitement. I give an uninterested ďHuh?Ē

"Remember how I wrote Peter Pettigrew?" I nod. "Well he finally wrote me back! Iím not sure if he likes me though, but he walked me to Defense Against the Dark Arts." A tinge of anger runs through my veins. He wrote her back. "It took forever to get a note back though, but he said he gave it to one of my friends to give to me. I never got it thoughĖ Probably Meg. Sheís jealous Ďcause Remus Lupin doesnít like her." I felt my chest sting. Meg likes Remus? I bite my lip hard, feeling a cut being reopened.

She continued to talk about Peter all the way to the Great Hall, we sit down next to the Marthas, and then she blows me off, and I shut myself out of the world, not caring. Not caring one bit.

"Oh my god, here he comes!" Debbie says, fixing her hair in the reflection of her goblet. I look up from my notebook that I was scribbling in. There IT was. IT approached us. Smiling when IT saw Debbie. IT finally stops and leans over me to talk to Debbie.

"Hello, Ladies." He scans the Marthas and Kelly. "How are you today?"

"Good." Theyíre all giggling. They begin to go into a conversation as I sit frozen, under IT. ITís strong after shave being forced into my lungs, making me gag. I hold it back. They wrap up their conversation and he leaves.

"Your so lucky, Debbie!" Jackie squeals. "Iím so jealous!" I grab my notebook and stuff it into my bag and begin to run out of the Great Hall. As I pass Eve, she stares at me with some what of envy in her eyes. I felt her stare burning through me until I left the hall.
I run up the marble staircase, into the girls bathroom, and there I throw up my lunch.

I wash my dry face in the sink, biting my lip all the way to History Of Magic, luckily I get to leave early.

When I arrive, I show Professor Binns my parentsí letter to show him I have to leave.

"I know, Miss Grady," he says. He then writes me a pass and I stumble to my seat and watch the clock Ďtil 1:15.

The time came around quicker then I thought. Raising my hand, Binns nodded his head at me. I gathered my things and left the room.

The corridors were empty and cold. I looked down at my pass to see where I was heading too. I groaned when I saw that I had to walk to the fifth floor. Climbing up stairs and walking down corridors, I finally found the room, after I made the same circle four times.

I approached the door. On it there was a little plaque that read ďMS. HAMILTON.Ē I knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked on it again and then came a smooth, "Come in!". When I opened the door, the scent of vanilla hit me hard in the face. It was a small room with a little desk unlike the other Professorsí desks. The room had a fuzzy, blue rug in the center of it, and there were pictures of beautiful scenes; from a sunny lake, to a rainy street with a couple kissing in the center. There were also pictures of students graduating, and just smiling with friends. I looked around some more.

There was two chairs on the opposite side of the desk and off to the corner, next to a huge book shelf with books like ďLearn yourselfĒ or ďItís called Happiness,Ē was a big blue couch.

"Olivia Grady?" said Ms. Hamilton. I looked at her as she was looking down at her schedule of kids to see. Ms. Hamilton had to have just graduated from Hogwarts. She looked like she could be a seventh year, a sixth year even. She had brown, curly hair that fell a little past her shoulders. Behind her tiny black rimmed glasses was big brown eyes, that were looking at me, hard. "Sit," she said. Her soft voice sounded like she was singing.

She smiled at me, and I tried to smile back. Nothing. She was wearing jeans, and a Twisted Gargoyles t-shirt, a popular band among the students, and she was barefoot.

"Hi, Iím Ms. Hamilton, but pleaseĖ Call me Kim!" she said smiling, her perfectly white teeth shining.

"Hi, Iím Olivia." I said with a forced smile. I shifted uncomfortably in the too soft chair.

"Well, Olivia ,do you know why you are here today?"

"ĎCause Iím failing my classes?"

"And do you know why your failing classes?"


"Why donít you know?" she said. I looked at her hard, her smile faded into a phony one.

"Is there a point to this?"

"Well, Olivia," she said as she popped a jellybean into her mouth. I suddenly wanted one.

"This is a process I use. Itís called ĎQuestion Answerí. I ask you a question, you answer, and I question that answer." She was chewing on the jellybean, the smacking of her lips echoing through the room. I said nothing. Just stared at her. "So your parents say youíve been acting...different. They say you havenít been writing to them, and over the summer you barely spoke. Is something going on, did something happen over the summer?" Those words slashed me in the stomach and the monster inside of me roared. She was reading this all off of a piece of paper.

I said nothing. I just turned my head and stared out the window, looking at the dark cold clouds blowing, creating shapes.

"Olivia?" she stared again, I breathed in a shaky breath. "Is there something you want to talk aboutĖ"

"No." Silence fell again. She continued on about a story of hers, trying to relate to me. I blocked her out and watched the clouds again. Every time she paused she popped a jellybean in her mouth. And before I knew it, it was 2:15, my time was up.

"Okay, weíre out of time. It was nice meeting you, Olivia," she said, giving me her hand. I shook it. I picked up my bag, and walked to the door. Before I pulled it open, she spoke again.

"Next time, letís try talking, alright? And start working on those grades!" I nodded and hurried out of the room before she could stop me again. I had no plans of going to potions, so I made my way to my closet. I was tired and was ready for a nap. When I stepped off the staircase to the fourth floor, someone called after me again.

"Excuse me! Do you have a pass?" I stopped short and my stomach did a flip. I didnít have a pass. I couldnít get a detention. My parents would kill me.

"No," I mumbled.

"Thatís a detention then. Name please?" Stupid Prefects. I didnít turn around, I kept my back to him. "Name!"

"Lily Evans." I said, before I could stop myself. I heard him scribble something down, rip something off, and gave the small piece of parchment to me. I still kept my back to him.

"Now get to class, Evans!" And I took off running.

Once I reached my closet, I slammed the door shut, I dropped the detention slip, and collapsed on my chair. No crying this time, I just closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. Did something happen over the summer? Ms. HamilĖ Kimís voice kept echoing in my head. Why did I lie? I could have said yes, told her everything and everything would be fine. I would get this thing that weighs me down off of me.
I feel like Iím falling, like when you fall out of a tree. You have to fall; there is nothing there to stop you and you have to wait for yourself to land, knowing something bad is going to happen, something might break. Iím falling, and Iím scared of whatís going to happen when I land.

I bite my lip, reopening a deep cut. The blood trickles down my chin, and I close my eyes. Finally, I fall asleep.

A/N: Hello again! Well I hope you liked this chapter, It was fun to write, but a little troubling(is that a word?) at times. Haha.

There was a little foreshadowing in this...well theres quite a few spots of foreshadowing . Haha, maybe you caught them. But anywho, I hope you liked it. Okay I'm going to shut up now and let you review....and then I will give you a giant cookie.


A CLUE: #4
Iím hydrogen silicon dioxide and 10% H2O.
I come in every color of the rainbow and am formed from
the decaying of life.
White, blue and green and I show many sidesó
And once in awhile Iím tainted but it doesnít
Affect my shine.

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