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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 13 : Alli and Draco's Day out
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Yay another chapter Enjoy!  =]

“So, when did you and my mom meet?” Alli asked. She and Draco had been walking for over a half an hour and they had already seen the Owlery, Dungeons and Kitchens, and in every one Draco was shocked at how much she was like Hermione and himself at the same time. In the Owlery, she made many new friends with the school’s owls. In the Dungeons she walked around with an aura of confidence that only a Malfoy could pull off and in the Kitchens, she immediately became friends with Dobby. Because it was Sunday, there were kids in the hallways walking around and everyone one of them stared at them both in confusion.

“We met in our first year here and through out our whole time in Hogwarts, we hated each other.” Draco said, “Potter! Don’t play around with your damn broom in the hallways!”

Draco was yelling at a boy with jet black hair, that looked like it was messy on purpose. He was riding a broom and after Draco yelled at him, he jumped off the broom while it was still about six feet off the ground and landed on his feet, receiving a cheer from the people around him. He messed up his hair more and winked at Alli.

“That was wicked! I wish I could ride a broom” Alli said, smiling flirtatiously at the boy, “I’m Alli Granger.”

“I’m James, James Potter.” The boy said, taking her hand and kissing it. Ignoring the glare he received from Professor Malfoy.

“Let’s go Alli.” Draco mumbled, glaring at James.

“Well James, James Potter. It’s nice to meet you; I hope I’ll see you again sometime.” Alli said, smiling at James and walking away with Draco. She made sure that she moved her hips an extra little bit, because she knew he would be checking her out. Everyone does.

James Potter’s POV (Point of View)

James Potter was having a normal Sunday, he woke up, took a shower and walked down to have breakfast. He sat down with his best friend, Markus Finnigan and talked for a while about Quittage when he got his post. There was a letter from his mother saying the usual, the family is fine and everyone misses them. It also said to take care of Miya. After he was finished eating, he went out to Quidditch practice. He was captain of his team and he was sure he’d get the Quidditch cup this year.

“Ok team, that’s enough for today. Remember, Tuesday night at 7.” James shouted to his team before flying to the change room. When he was finished, he walked out and walked up towards the castle with Markus.

“So, anything important coming up?” James asked, Markus was a Prefect, so he knew what was happening in school.

“Nothing, except for the end of the year dance in a month, Yawn” Markus said, rolling his eyes.

“Oh joy.” James said, switching his broom from one hand to the other.

“So, what do you want to do for the rest of the day?” Markus asked as they got into the castel.

“Well… we could torture first years again… or we can practice catching things.” Markus said, motining towards his broom.

“Naa too easy. How about this, I bet you a gallon that I can get five people to scream in five minutes.” James said, grinning mischievously.

“Your on. Five minutes starting… now!” Markus said, checking his wrist watch.

James jumped onto his broom and started flying over people’s heads, he flew over a third year upside down and he got his first scream, he then got two more people when he heard Professor Malfoy shout at him.

“Potter! Don’t play around with your damn broom in the hallways!”

James turned his broom around to see Professor Malfoy standing in the middle of the hallway next to one of the most beautiful girl James had ever seen. She looked a lot like Professor Malfoy, she had the same blonde hair and blue eyes and instead of wearing a uniform, she was wearing a pink tank top and jeans. James realized he was staring and he jumped off his broom, not really noticing that he was about six feet off the ground. Luckily, his Quiddich skills came in handy and he dropped on his feet. The people around him all clapped and James just messed up his hair and winked at the gorgeous girl.

“That was wicked! I wish I could ride a broom” she said, obviously flirting with James, “I’m Alli Granger.”

“I’m James, James Potter.” James said, taking her hand and kissing it. Noticing a glare he got from Professor Malfoy.

“Let’s go Alli.” Professor Malfoy said.

“Well James, James Potter. It’s nice to meet you; I hope I’ll see you again sometime.” Alli said, smiling at James and walking away with Professor Malfoy. James couldn’t help but check her out as she walked away.

“Weet Wooh! She’s fit!” Markus said, standing next to James.

“Yup.” James said, messing up his hair an extra little bit.

“… Your five minutes is up.” Markus said, looking at his watch.

“It was worth it.” James said, laughing.


Hermione’s POV

After washing out her cup, Hermione went back into the painting room and cleaned up, she was almost all finished when she heard a knock at the door. She walked out into the common room and opened the door to find a frazzled looking Nate.

”Hermione!” Nate said before hugging her.

“Nate! Oh my god! I was so worried!” Hermione said, kissing Nate.

“I was too! I had to go to work for an hour and when I got back, no one was home and the door was broken open!” Nate said.

“I know, we were attacked by Deatheaters but we’re all here safe. How did you get here?” Hermione asked, bringing Nate to sit on the couch.

“Well, I was really starting to freak out when this owl came in saying that you were fine and I could get my stuff ready and come here today. I was so worried that I don’t think I even brought anything of mine!” Nate said, bringing in a suitcase and showing all of Hermione’s things.

”Oh, I’m sorry you had to wait, you must have been so worried.” Hermione said, hugging into him on the couch.

“I was. What happened?” Nate asked, kissing Hermione on the forehead.

“Well, a well known Deatheater came to the front door and attacked us, so I got the kids and apparated off to here. I made the kids run into the castle and get help while I fought them off, but then the strangest thing happened! Alli and Tom used magic! They fought off the Deatheaters for me! They all ran away and I was brought to the hospital wing to check if anything’s alright, which it is.” Hermione added after seeing Nate’s face, “And then Dumbledore let us stay here for the night. Tom is asleep right now and Alli is getting a tour from Draco Malfoy.”

“You mean her father?” Nate asked, looking startled.

“Yeah…” Hermione said, becoming quiet.

“How’d she take it?” Nate asked.

”Well… she didn’t look that bothered. She said she always knew that Ron wasn’t her father. She also thinks that Draco and I are her parents. I still think that she’s more bothered about it than she’s letting off, but she never was the one to tell me her secrets, she keeps it all bottled up, I mean hell, I didn’t know she got her period until she was 14, when she actually got it for the first time when she was 12!” Hermione said, smiling at the look on Nate’s face.

“Ok, not something I want to talk about.” Nate said, coughing uncomfortably as Hermione laughed.

“So, do you know how you got here?” Hermione asked.

“Well… Another owl came and attached to it was an empty salt shaker and a note saying hold onto it. I thought that it was just a joke but as soon as I touched it, I was teleported to that Dumbledore’s office. He basically told me that you were here and he put some spell on me so I could be here even if I’m not magical. Then he got some kid to being me here.” Nate said.

“Well, I’m just glad you’re here, I was so worried!” Hermione said, smiling at him. Just then, Tom walked into the room. His hair was a big mess and he looked like he was still half asleep.

“Hey honey, how are you feeling?” Hermione asked, getting up and kissing Tom on the forehead.

“Tired.” Tom said, walking over to the kitchen and looking around for something to eat, “what they don’t get Captain Crunch here?”

“Here.” Hermione said taking out her wand and conjuring a bowl full of cereal for him, “Man, I forgot how useful magic was.”

“Thanks.” Tom said, not taking that much notice.

“So after this, do you guys want me to give you a tour?” Hermione asked, looking at Tom and Nate.

“Sure.” Nate said, getting up from the couch and standing next to Hermione, with his hand around her.

“Where’s Alli?” Tom asked.

“She’s gone out with an old friend, she woke up early.” Hermione said, smiling.

“Ok, let me quickly get changed and you can give us a tour.” Tom said, finishing his food and walking back to the room.

Alli and Draco

“So, what’s the deal with your father? I mean he’s like evil or something and you aren’t.” Alli said as they walked around on the grounds.

“Yeah, he’s always been like that.” Draco said, not looking at Alli, “So are you popular in school?”

“Don’t try to change the subject! I’m old enough to find out what’s happening here. Who were those people that attacked us? And what has happened here that nobody wants to talk about? I can feel that there is something so don’t deny it.” Alli said, refusing to move another step until he told her.

“Do you really want to know?” Draco asked.

“Of course!” Alli said, sitting on the grass and patting the ground next to her.

“Fine.” Draco said, sitting down, “A long time ago there was a really evil wizard. He was so evil that even the name would frighten people and still no one will say his name. He was called Voldemort. He hated muggles and muggleborns.”

“And they are?” Alli asked.

“Muggles are non-magical people and muggleborns are people who have muggle parents but are magical. So anyway, Voldemort had a large following called Deatheaters and they murdered people and tortured people for the fun of it. About 35 years ago, they went to The Potter’s house to kill the family. They killed Lily and James Potter, but when Voldemort tried to kill baby Harry Potter, Voldemort was killed himself, or so we thought. Voldemort was gone, and the whole magical world celebrated, except for the Deatheaters who hid. My father was a Deatheater but because he was so high up in power, he got out of a jail sentence. For the next 14 years, Voldemort was in hiding while myself and Harry Potter went to school. My father taught me to hate him and everything else, so we would always fight. Harry had two best friends and they did everything together and they were my sworn enemy’s. Together they were Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, or more known as the Golden Trio. In our fourth year, Voldemort came back. And his Deatheaters went back to him, well the ones who weren’t dead. My father went back to him also. By the time that I finished school, I stood up to him and got away. After Voldemort died, my father went into hiding. No one has been able to find him in years, and recently we’ve got information that he’s trying to be the new Voldemort. The new Dark Lord. He hadn’t attacked anyone until yesterday, when he went to your house.” Draco said, looking at Alli who was staring into the lake’s waters in deep thought.

“So he’s probably going to keep trying to kill my family?” Alli asked.

“Yeah. I’m sorry.” Draco said.

“So… okay. Thanks for telling me the truth.” Alli said, smiling and getting up.

“…okay.” Draco said, amazed at how she didn’t seem to be surprised at anything, “So… what do you want to do now?”

“I want to start practicing magic.” Alli said, smiling.

“We’ll need to get you a wand. And we can’t just leave the school.” Draco said.

“Why not? Haven’t you ever done something you know you can’t?” Alli said, smirking.

“Your mother would kill me.” Draco said.

“We could not tell her! Just let’s go and get me a wand and we could hide it or something and use it as a spare.” Alli said, practically begging.

“No… we can’t.” Draco said, he had to admit, it did seem sort of exciting.

“Chicken shit.” Alli said, smirking. She really wanted to get a wand and start practicing and if Draco was anything like her, he wouldn’t be called names.

“I know what your doing it won't work.” Draco said, trying not to smile.

“What are you afraid of my big scary mommy? What is she going to do? Beat you up with a rolling pin?” Alli taunted.

“It’s not working.” Draco said, shaking his head.

“Are you afraid of a girl? Because if you are you might want to do what I say because I can beat the crap out of your scrawny ass.” Alli said, starting to laugh.

“Fine!” Draco said, smiling slightly.

“Yay!” Alli said, doing a tiny victory dance, “Lets go before mom finds out.”

“Fine. Come with me.” Draco said before walking towards the gates. When they got there he put his wand up and waited for a couple of seconds. After about 30 seconds, a large three story purple bus appeared in front of them.

“Welcome to the Knight Bus. I’ll be your conductor Sean. Where to?” A man said when they got onto the bus.

“Diagon Alley please.” Draco said, he passed the man some money and they walked to the back of the bus to two empty chairs. Draco spent the rest of the bus ride explaining the magical currency. When the buss stopped, they got off and Draco showed her through the pub to Diagon Alley. Allli was amazed at how colourful it was. She and Draco walked through the alley until they got to the wand shop.

Half an hour later and 26 gallons lighter, Alli had her new wand. It was a six inch unicorn fur. Alli was really excited and she couldn’t wait to get back and start practicing. Alli and Draco quickly had an ice creame and took the bus back. When they got into the castle they bumped into Hermione.

“Draco, Alli! I’ve been looking for you guys everywhere, where were you?” Hermione asked.

“We… uh…” Draco stuttered.

“Chill mom, Draco was just showing me the grounds.” Alli said, smiling sweetly at her mother.

“Well, come on. Nate and Tom are waiting in the dorm.” Hermione said, walking towards the stairs.

“Uh, well I erm have to go. I’ll see you guys later okay?” Draco said, smiling uncomfortably.

“Bye!” Alli said, hugging him and slipping her new wand in his back pocket before walking back to her mom.

“Oh and Draco?” Hermione said, turning around.

“Yeah?” Draco asked.

“Thanks.” Hermione said smiling. 

Awwwww =]  So Alli and Draco finially got to talk to eachother, and she already knows how to control him haha Good thing Nate's alive eh? There was a couple of readers who was afraid of what would happen, but I couldn't just kill him off now! That'd be just mean! Haha. 
  Alli has a crush =] On Harry Potter's son!! =] I wonder how that's gonna work out... =]

Please review!! It's really easy! Just write something in the box below and press the Submit Review button =]  Than you can sit back and watch "Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" On You Tube. Belive me it's awesome!!
   XOxoxox HurtfulEyes

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