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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 4 : Confused
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Disclaimer: I do not, and never will, own any Harry Potter characters, settings, animals, spells, or anything. The few characters that you don’t recognize are mine. *Sigh*   Those characters aren’t even that good. It makes me sad sometimes… Anywho, on with the story!! 

The last class of the day was Care of Magical Creatures. Lily didn’t like this class that much because there was no certainty on handling animals; there were no notes to make sure you did it right.

Needless to say, Lily enjoyed working with animals, but didn’t like the sense of not truly being in control. And, Professor Admin was a very kind and fun old woman, nearing 60 years of age.

Of course, the Marauders loved it; being able to get away with almost anything. Actually, almost the whole school loved Care of Magical Creatures. It would have been even better if they didn’t have it with the Slytherins.

“Alrighty! I’ve decided to give you an easy day, today.” Professor Admin explained with a welcoming smile, “We’ll be reviewing, and the student who answers correctly gets points for their house.” Immediately, it was a battle between Slytherin house, and Gryffindor house.

Of course, Lily know her house was counting on her to answer right, and that didn’t shake her. She also believed that the Marauders could answer a lot correctly, too. Their prankster ways made them seem stupid, but they were all actually pretty smart, except for Peter. She still couldn’t figure out why the others hung out with him.

“OK! What is a hippogriph’s favorite food?” Professor Admin asked. The students began to shout out the answer while Lily raised her hand.

“Lily?” Professor Admin ignored all the shouts.

“Hippogriphs prefer squirrel, or fish.” Lily stated.

“Correct? 10 point to Gryffindor!” Professor Admin announced, “Now! What does a dementor wear?”

“Sirius?” Sirius’ hand had shot up in the are first, and he wore a smirk when she called his name.

“They wear long black cloaks with hoods to hid their faces until they give their victims ‘the kiss’.” Sirius explained.

“Brilliant! 10 more points to Gryffindor!” Professor Admin seemed pleased the Sirius answered a question correctly, “OK! What does a fire-breathing dragon do to burn buildings?”

Everyone just sat there and thought. The question seemed to confuse everyone. It was a while before Remus, Lily and James put their hands in the air; it seemed they had figured it out.

“Hmm… How about you, James?” Professor Admin asked him because he didn’t answer many questions either.

“It breaths fire!” James shouted to show the class’ stupidity. Everyone who didn’t put their hand up, sat there, kicking themselves for being so stupid.

“Obviously!” Professor Admin agreed, “Let’s see… Who can tell me what symbol represents leprechauns?” Everyone had their hand up this time, so she gave it to a Slytherin.

“A four-leaf clover.” Lucious Malfoy drawled.

“Good, good. 10 points to Slytherin, and 10 to Gryffindor for James’ answer!” Professor Admin was really starting to get into the games, “Okay, dokay! What has a horn, is white all over, walks on four legs, and has a fluffy tail?”

“Prongs!” Sirius shouted with his hand up. The class, except for James, Sirius, Lily, and Peter (who wasn’t paying attention), gave him quizzical looks.

“Err… That’s not the answer I was shooting for.” Professor Admin explained, not sure if it could be a suitable answer or not, “OK, any Slytherins want to take a guess?”

“A unicorn!” Narcissa squealed, and was correct, earning Slytherin 10 more points.

“Oh, I know! Why do most girls dislike Veela?” Professor Admin questioned.

“Because the veela can entrance a man and make him do stupid things.” A Slytherin girl, Nancy, said with spite dripping from every word. Lily shuddered at the way she said it.

“Yep! 10 points to Slytherin!” Professor Admin announced, “OK! This one decides the winner! What is small, has curly fur, long fluffy ears, and a tail?”

Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Lucious, Nancy, and Narcissa threw their hands up at the same time.

“OK, pick a number between 1 and 50.” Professor Admin chose a fair way to pick the winner.

Remus chose 25, 32 for Lucious, 2 for Narcissa, 24 for Lily (which caused Remus to stick his tongue out at her), 26 for James (Remus pouted), 33 for Sirius, and Nancy chose 47.

“Number 25!” Professor Admin announced. Remus smirked, and everyone else pouted.

“A puppy!” Remus exclaimed, winning the game for Gryffindor.

“20 points for Gryffindor!” Professor Admin shouted, and the Gryffindors cheered for Remus. Sirius and James lifted him up on their shoulders.

“We just earned 50 house points!” Lily jumped up and down. That was a record for the first day of classes.

“Cool!” James and Sirius high-fived, accidentally dropping Remus. After finding Remus fine, they engulfed him, and Peter, in a group hug. Lily laughed at the ‘Help!’ looks Remus was giving her.

“Alright, then! That’s all for today! You’re dismissed!” Professor Admin called above the cheering seventh year Gryffindors.

Everyone dispersed, with the Slytherins trying to start a fight. They were such sore losers! Besides, they earned 30 house points! They should by happy about that! But, of course they couldn’t settle for that, being their snobby selves.

“Hey, Lily, want to…” James came up behind her, but didn’t get to finish his sentence.

“Pureblood shouldn’t mix with mudbloods, Potter!” Lucious sneered to their left. James’ eyes flashed; he was VERY angry now. Lily quickly saw this, and laid a restraining hand on his arm. 

“James, don’t . It’s not worth is; he’s not worth it.” Lily tried to stop James from getting into a fight with Lucious. He know he’d get hurt; with all the huge Slytherin boys waiting to back Lucious up. Lily really didn’t want James to get hurt because of her, or for such a stupid reason.

“He deserves it, for calling you such a foul name!” James pulled away from her, and stepped toward Lucious.

“James, please don’t!” Lily really didn’t want him to get expelled, either. He had been warned that another fight with Slytherins would result expulsion.

“Lily, just let me go!” James warned. Thoughts whirled in Lily’s head; how could she stop him? One thought popped into her mind, and she quickly acted.

With all her strength, Lily turned James to face her, causing James to become angrier. Standing on her tip-toes, Lily pressed her lips against James’ lips. James eyes became wide with shock, but they slowly closed as he pulled her closer to him.

Before it could go further, Lily pushed James away. Everyone stared at them, and Lily felt a blush creeping on her cheeks. James stood grinning like a maniac, and Lily looked at his immaturity in disgust.

She turned and walked to the castle. She was angry at herself for kissing such an immature prick, but… she had actually liked it. She had actually let James pull her into his arms, and it felt like she belonged there…

NO WAY!!!!! She couldn’t stand that man, and refused to go out with him.

She had to think of something, anything, else! Umm… Tyler! Yes, Tyler! OK, he’s really smart, but so is James… HEY! STOP THAT!!!

OK, OK, Tyler is very nice and sweet. Yah, that’s it! And, err, he is good looking! Uh huh, James is better looking with his muscles form quidditch and glorious black hair. OH, and those eyes! Thos lovely brown orbs are worthy of losing yourself in! *sigh*

Ugh! What’s wrong with her? Lily became so frustrated with herself. How could she be falling for the guy that she spent six years trying to get rid of? It just wasn’t possible!

Lily was so confused as she walked into her common room saying the password, still hippopatomonstrosousquippedaliophobia. Tyler was sitting on the couch reading, and Lily flopped on the couch beside him.

“Hey, Lils.” Only her friends were allowed to call her that, but Potter always ignored what she told him. Ha, a good reason not to like him!

“Hi.” Lily greeted him, feeling a bit better, “Us Gryffindors just earned 50 points in Care of Magical creatures, beating the Slytherisns at a review game.” Lily bragged.

“Good job!” Tyler congratulated the beating of the Slytherins.

“Why, thank-you!  I’m just brilliant, aren’t I?” Lily pretended to have an over-confident self-esteem.

“I think not!” Tyler disagreed, and jumped at her.

“Hey!” Lily cried when he pinned her arms with one hand. Looming over her, Tyler smirked and started tickling. Lily was soon shrieking with laughter.

“Stop! Please!” Lily begged through bursts of laughter.

“Only if you say I’m the brilliant one!” Tyler demanded of her.

“Fine! You're brilliant!” Lily quickly gave in; tickling was her greatest weakness, and Tyler knew that.

“Ha! I win!” Tyler stood over her like a man who had just won a wrestling match. Lily stood and pushed him onto the couch. She made a run for her room, giggling all the while. There, she changed into comfortable shorts, and a tank-top for supper.

It seemed Tyler had the same idea, because he was sitting on the couch in a wife-beater and a pair of shorts. Lily had to admit that it looked good on him, but it would’ve looked even better on James’ six-pack. Thinking of James reminded her of what had happened outside. Great! How could she go into the Great Hall, right by James, and pretend nothing happened?!?! Well, she’d have to give it a try, and once James started talking about it, lie.

“Come along, Tyler.” Lily said as sophisticated as she could. Tyler laughed, and stood while offering her his arm. She took it, and they walked down the halls laughing. Lily’s laughter was short-lived, as James was waiting for her at the doors to the Great Hall. He saw her, and grinned; not smirked, grinned. That caught Lily off-guard, seeing as he never really grinned at her.

“Hi, Lily.” James said once she reached him. Fortunately, Tyler left for food at the Ravenclaw table.

“Hi.” Lily said, awkwardly. They stood there in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, not knowing what to say to the other.

“Well,  you, err, kissed me.” James stated the obvious. Surprisingly, Lily didn’t roll her eyes, instead she looked away and blushed.

“Ya.” Lily agreed quietly.

“Well, err, why?” James asked. He desperately wanted to know if she liked him or just felt sorry for him being turned down by her every day.

“Because, well, I didn’t want you to get in trouble because of me and that’s the only thing I could think of to make you stop trying to fight Malfoy.” Lily explained very fast, but James still understood her.

“So, you still don’t like me?” He asked, just to be sure.   He looked kind of disappointed.

“Well, not enough to go out with you.” Lily said slowly. It took James a moment to comprehend this, then his grin returned.

“So, are you saying that you are willing to be my friend?” James asked cautiously.

“I wouldn’t go that far, James. How about, acquaintances?” Lily suggested.

“Deal.” James quickly agreed and stuck out his hand. They shook on it, and Lily felt a weight lift off her shoulders. Now, she didn’t feel as sorry about the way she treated James; they were acquaintances.

They sat at separate parts of their tables, but both felt a little happier. Especially James. As soon as he sat, he excitedly told his friends about Lily’s new stance with him. They all agreed that this was a lot better than before. Hey, James might actually have a chance, and it seemed like the beginning of the plan was doing great. Now, it was time to increase acquaintanceship to friendship. It would take a while, but he was going to do it. 

A/N: I hope you like it! It didn’t take as long to update this time! Yay. And, school’s almost out, so I’ll be updating a lot more in the summer. We all will! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW! I will really appreciate it! Please tell me if you like it, and how I can improve.  Thank-you!!      ~Ashley~

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