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Playing Cat and Mouse by SkinAndBones_
Chapter 5 : [5] Teasing and Note Passing
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A/N: I need to address something before we continue.

I apologize if I have not make it clear enough, I really do! But now that I have realized it hasn't been clear, I am stating now that this story is a SLASH FIC! (bold, italic and underlined!) That means there will be same sex relationships, and they will be described in the same way that I describe my opposite sex relationships. That's just the way it's going to be. I'm sorry if you do not support that sort of thing, or don't like that style of writing in a story, but I am not changing or giving up my story just because a few people don't agree with it.

I truly am sorry if this is an inconvenience to any of my readers, but, to put it bluntly, all you can really do is continue reading and deal with it, or don't read at all. I will not be offended if you stop, it's your choice completely, just as it was everyone's choice who is reading this at the moment to even started reading.

Ok, now that I have that said, we have no need to address that again. And I've rambled on for too long, onto the story :)

Chapter 5
Teasing and Note Passing

Draco had know that Blaise had been keeping an eye out for Hermione all morning, he could always tell when the boy was trying to be discreet, and this was probably the reason why he was looking for her too. He had noticed her come into the Great Hall while looking out of the corner of his eye. It had been during mail delivery, and the paper that he had been set out in front of the blonde's company had distracted his icy blue eyes. Draco had been somewhat surprised that he himself had noticed the girl, because usually he liked to watch Blaise read. There was just something about him when he was reading, his eyes turned from his usual playful to serious, and it was always intriguing. He would love to catch Blaise with his nose in a novel every now and then in the dorms, because it gave him time to sit and watch those blue eyes skim over the font on the page, his lips turning up into a grin every now and then, off in his own world.

Hermione didn't stay for long, and soon after Draco noticed her shape stepping swiftly back out into the halls of the school. He let his lip curl gracefully, putting the empty glass that he had been holding down on the table and turning his attention to Blaise for a moment.

"Excuse me, but I have a Muggle-born to stalk." He said in a quiet tone, not exactly afraid of his girlfriend hearing considering she was in a very deep conversation with Pansy, but still feeling it necessary to speak in a low tone to keep from being heard by eavesdroppers. Blaise let his eyes roll slightly, a smirk on his features as he turned his gaze back down to the paper in front of him, then Draco got up elegantly and snuck off. He had been surprised that no one paid much attention to his departure, but then again, usually when he didn't want to be followed, some way or another people knew it.

He was lucky he got out so quick. When he was out of the hall he saw the girl just finishing walking up the main stairway to the second floor, and he went off after her, a casually quick pace, something that could be disguise as simply walking if need be. He wouldn’t want someone he knew to see him and question why he was trying to catch up to Granger.

Even with this pace he ended up being able to catch her quickly, for she was walking heedlessly, as if in no rush to get anywhere in particular, a rare occurrence for the girl in his opinion. He followed her for a little while without her knowing of his presence, finding himself enjoying the slight sway of her hips a little to much, and deciding it would be best to stop watching incase she was simply pretending to not know he was there and turned around to catch him staring.

"Don't make me hex you." Draco called out to the girl, making her flick her head around quickly in surprise, confirming that he had been following her without her knowledge for the while now. She let her brows come together slightly before returning he head forward and continuing walking.

"And why would you hex me?" she asked, not even turning around to look at the boy during the inquiry.

"Well if you make me ask you to walk with me, I'll have to hex you to level it out. Don't want it getting around that I'm a nice guy." Draco replied, finding a smirk fall over his features as her feet stopped, her shoulders dropping slightly in defeat as she waiting for him.

"And yet your willing to risk it getting out that you fancy me?" she asked while starting to walk again once he had reached her side. He could tell just by her tone that she was looking for confirmation, fishing for a little bit of something that could perhaps explain his behavior. He let out a bit of a chuckle before turning around to walk backwards slowly, to see her face to face as they strolled, putting his hands comfortably in his pockets.

"No one would believe you even if you told them, so there's no risk. That's the brilliance of it." He replied, letting his smirk turn slightly cheeky as he saw her roll her eyes, knowing he had not supplied her with what she had wanted. For some reason he loved how she rolled them though, not when she was doing it out of stupidity towards someone like in class when someone got the answer to a professor's question wrong, but when she was rolling them to signify how stupidly charming someone was being. She'd do it with the smallest smile on her face, something perhaps not even noticeable to the regular person, but when you were trained in the art of reading people like Draco, you caught the little things like that smile.

"I guess you're right. I don’t even believe it." She replied in a slightly forced unimpressed tone, letting her head swagger slightly with confidence, as if daring him to prove it somehow. Well if she was going to be like that. Draco stopped, causing her to nearly run into him before she got the sense to stop also. She frowned slightly, looking up at him to question his abrupt pause in their stroll, but he would explain it soon enough.

"Do I need to prove it to you?" He asked, letting a slender eyebrow raise ever so slightly at his own question, seeing her face fall nervous for a moment as she realized what that inquire suggested. She cleared her throat after a moment, then shrugged her dainty shoulders.

"I think you might. You have yet to prove anything except the fact that you're very good at mind games." Hermione replied, holding a strong tone to her voice as she replied, Draco watching as her height grew about a half an inch when she stood straight to perhaps intimidate him a little. He wouldn't exactly say that it worked. Draco couldn't help but let his surprise at her boldness show on his face, before letting his head tilt slightly, contemplating her invitation.

Before she had a chance to oppose he had taken the hardcover book that she had been hugging to her chest and moved it to hang from his hand by his side. With the other hand he brushed her hair away from her cheek, holding the nap of her neck to bring her quickly to him, her body pressed close to his frame. He could see the surprise that fell into her eyes, and awkward aura falling over her as her cheeks quickly turned a violent red. Draco leaned his head down to her feeling a hitch in her breathing, her chest pressing more against his as she took in a deep breath. Catching a hot exhale on his lips as it left her mouth, a smirk crawled over his features as her eyes fell shut and her body nearly melted.

He paused hardly a hair from her lips, letting his own breath graze over the tender skin of them before bringing the hand that was in her hair and letting the thumb trail gentle over the line of her mouth. He felt her holding back a frustrating sigh as he leaned in to instead whisper to her ear.

"You're not ready for that. I don't want to scare you off." He murmured, letting that hand move from her lips to graze over her neck gently, her skin breaking out in goose bumps, causing a grin to break out over his face at her shiver. He pulled away, holding out her book to her and she took it with shaken hands before he turned away, setting back down the hall.

Oh, he was good.

Hermione rushed into the second floor bathroom, letting her book fall to the floor ungracefully as she hurried to a sink, letting the water run on cold before bending down and splashing her face with the liquid. He heart was still racing, not exactly helped by the fact that she had taken off so quickly, but she knew the fact that she could hear it as if it was inside her head was because of him.

She looked up at herself in the mirror, freezing water dripping off her small nose and pink lips, the curly hair that made up her long bangs also slightly wet from the hurried splash, but her cheeks were still furiously red, and her breathing was still heavy as if she had just ran a marathon. She turned away from her reflection, annoyed with it, and tried her best to calm herself, taking a few deep breaths as she let her eyes fall shut to try and relax. She lifted the bottom of her robe and whipped her face dry with it, her mind still so shocked that it was yet to awake from the state.

A finally breath was released as she relaxed, shaken and long before she moved to the wall and let herself slide down to sit on the floor, grabbing her potions book that she had tossed nearby and let it sit on her lap.

What. Was. That?

As if on cue her mind sprang to life with a million different reasons as to why Draco would even come that close to kissing her, why she had melted into him like that, why on earth she was still red with the heat of their encounter. Most of the ideas said he was playing with her. He knew how much it was affecting her; he had to know, as much as Hermione hated to admit how obvious it was. That had to be it, but even so, he wouldn't do this just to bug her. He did a perfectly find job of pushing her buttons by calling her mud-blood ever other minute.

So, what on earth was that?

Hermione found herself letting out a very frustrated huff, completely perplex and exasperated. It was like going into an exam with absolutely no time to study, and not even knowing what subject. She felt completely helpless. And only knowing a very small part of the situation only made it worst.

Draco was flirting with her, and it was weird.

Blaise had been absolutely no help either. He had seemed to dance around the subject better then a ballerina, and it practically had her fuming with frustration. Then again, did she really think it would be that easy to figure out what was going on? With her luck Blaise was probably in on it all, it would make sense considering the two of the boys were so close. Only, Blaise had been showing just as much interest.

Ginny said to act as if it hadn't happened, and if they were at it again to go with whatever she felt. Well, she felt completely annoyed, but at the same time couldn't ignore the heat that had fallen over her being that close to the Slytherin Prince. Then again, perhaps it was all in her head. After all, it was only common for a girl to act in such a way when approached as such. It was the way that the body reacts. She hated Malfoy, even if he was gorgeous, she did not have any feelings for him except mutual hatred.

Her eyes rolled at her own mind trying to convince itself into an explication. If someone that could read thoughts were nearby they would seriously think she was having some sort of mental breakdown.

"I love life." Draco said to Blaise from his perch on the railing of the Entrance Hall staircase. He had watched the boy slip out from the Great Hall moments before, unaware the Draco was watching him, and almost walked completely by him on his way to the dungeon. At Draco's voice Blaise had shook slightly from being startle, drawn away from his casual thoughts as he turned his head quickly to bring attention to Draco, his long form laying delicately on the thick banister.

"Oh really, and what exactly do you love about it?" Blaise asked as Draco lifted himself and pretty well bounded over to his friend. Blaise, afraid of being attack, hunched himself slightly for protection, but was only greeted by Draco's arm wrapping around his shoulders. Blaise was once again aware of the boy's scent, feeling an unusual comfort take over him as he strolled with the blonde's arm hanging lazily around his neck.

"Well, I have a beautiful girlfriend, a best friend like no other, and I am currently winning the heart of a filthy mud-blood, in turn winning this stupid little game that you thought up." He replied, a grin spreading on his prefect thin lips tauntingly. Blaise couldn't help but grin when he was mentioned in that phrase, knowing very well that he was the best friend that Draco could possibly have, for numerous reasons. Blaise dared a hand around the boy's waist delicately, letting his thumb sneak under the fabric of the blonde's trousers then allowing his hand to hang at the boy's thin hips. If anyone was around they wouldn't even noticed the movement, it being away from spying eyes thanks to the heavy robes that both the boys wore. Draco did nothing to acknowledge this movement except perhaps come a little closer.

"And what makes you think she falling for you already? It doesn't count if you tripped her and she fell you know." Blaise replied through his smile, letting out a laugh when Draco's hand came into contact with the back of his head playfully.

"Why would you think that I would trip her? I'm thoroughly offended that everyone has this horrible perception of me." Draco tried his best to seem as if he really was offended, but that curl at the corner of his lips gave away his lie.

"You don't look it. Maybe because you know that you've tripped her at least a dozen times before, and of course enjoyed it more and more with each fall." The dark haired boy commented, catching his company's lips open the slightest bit more into a coy grin that confirmed his words.

"And yet you're still friends with me." Draco retorted, sending him a glace out of the corner of his silver eyes that showed intrigue. Blaise, not even stirred by the look, let a shrug roll over his shoulders.

"I like my friends sick and twisted. It makes me seem like an angel." Letting his own blue eyes turn a suggestive look towards the boy, he caught a slender eyebrow raise slightly.

"Oh really," Draco paused and dragged on his word for a moment before letting a hand mixed with the dark hair of his friend. Using the hand he brought the boys head slightly closer to him, enough so that he could breath words into his ear.

"And the fact that I can make you moan louder then any of your girlfriends has nothing to do with it?" His voice had went husky in his whisper, hot on Blaise's skin, a faint reminder of the night before, and the boy couldn't help but let out a sharp breath as goose bumps flowed over his skin. The hand that he had around the blonde's waist formed into a fist tangled with some of the soft cotton of his shirt, and at this motion those lips that had been all over his skin too many times before let a grin pass them.

"And this is why you're sick and twisted." Blaise replied, getting a bit of a chuckle from the blonde, only realizing then that they had stopped in the middle of a dark dungeon corridor, plainly out in the opened if anyone happened to be heading to or from the Slytherin Common Room. Blaise found his hand slipped from around the boy as well as realizing the absence of the slender arm that had been around his shoulder as they ended up facing each other, barely inches apart.

"You wouldn't have me any other way." Draco replied, those slender fingers grabbing at Blaise's belt and jerking him closer so that their chests ended up touching, resulting in another sharp breath from the dark haired boy as their lips came dangerously close. Blaise fought off the urge to pull the boy behind a suit of armor as he stood there, determined not to give Draco the satisfaction of toying with him, even though it was clearly obvious he was faltering.

"Careful Draco, if someone sees, they might get the wrong idea." Blaise said this with an amazingly level tone, shining a bit of playfulness in the words even though his eyes were roving with an animal hunger over the lips of the blonde. His shoulder blades hit the stone of the wall, not even realizing that they had moved away from the center of the hall, the cold of the rock biting at his back through his robes.

"I would hardly think you would care. After all, doesn't the risk make it all the more exciting?" Draco's voice was tauntingly smooth as he quoted his company from the night before, as if showing up Blaise's steady reply, and revealing exactly what he was toying with the boy for. The teen couldn't help but let out a hopeless laugh as he let his head fall back slightly in his realization. Draco took advantage of the bit of revealed neck and placed a kiss on the boy, Blaise immediately regretting his action when he found himself melting at the other Slytherin's gentle attack.

"Of course, I wouldn't want to jeopardize anything. I think maybe I should stop." These words where once again spoken in a husky murmur into Blaise's ear after the blonde's lips had trailed over skin. Once finished his words Draco released the other boy completely and started off back down the hall as if nothing had happened. Blaise let out a groan of annoyance, finding himself thoroughly ready then to do whatever the blonde wanted to do right then and there, and feeling horribly disappointed when that 'whatever' was to continue walking.

"I hate you." He called out to Draco, watching the boy as he sauntered down the hall. Blaise willed himself to start walking again, a few paces behind his friend. The blonde threw his head back in a taunting laugh, then turned slightly to reply over his shoulder.

"Only because you want me so bad it hurts. Now you know how Granger feels, and now you know why I'm winning." Draco said, a wicked grin finding his features, the boy getting a bit of a shove from Blaise in reply to those words.

Blaise never really liked potions, and honestly, Draco had to be the only person that the dark haired boy had ever met you actually enjoyed it a little. It was probably because it was the one class that Draco excelled at, and when he did shine he got much more praise then necessary because Snape was positively in love with the kid. Draco had stuck himself to Blaise a few years ago as a potions partner, only because Blaise was the smartest of his friends and would be the one Slytherin who wouldn't leach off Draco's natural talent or pull his mark down in any way. Blaise didn't mind honestly, because he found it very easy to work with the blonde, therefore they usually excelled in potions together, every once in a while even getting a better mark then Hermione and whomever she ended up partnered with.

In turn the two of them ruled their potions class that they shared with the Gryffindors. Of course, when you had to rule a class along with the Slytherin Prince himself, it made it rather difficult to be appealing to a well-natured Gryffindor like Hermione, and considering it was one of only two classes that Blaise shared with the girl, it limited his chances of catching her attention easily.

Blaise remembered of course the year before when Draco and he had gotten the Golden Trio a weeks worth of detention when the two Slytherin's had told Snape it had been the Trio who spilt the goat stomach acid that they had been using for a potion, in turn leaving a horrible green stain on the stone floor. Of course, it had been Blaise and Draco who had done it, but Snape was not going to believe that if he didn't have to. The Trio were livid, and Blaise was sure that he would be making up for that, and many other times he had done Hermione wrong in Potions. Of course, she seemed to channel most of he hatred towards Draco usually, which made things a little easier, but not much.

Draco and Blaise were already in the classroom with a few other people when Harry, Ron and Hermione entered. The two boys were talking quickly about something that neither Draco nor Blaise really cared about. Obviously Hermione couldn't have cared less either, because her eyes were somewhat glazed over as she walked, as if deep in thought, and it proved what she was thinking about when her eyes flicked back to reality and landed on Draco. With the lack of her usual livid, burning stare, she simply moved her gaze away from him timidly, as if startled that she had been caught stealing a glance in his direction, an obvious flush coming over her cheeks.

Draco let his head fall back slightly, turning it in Blaise's direction, as if looking for a reaction to that glance that they had both seen. Blaise let his eyes roll quickly, catching a smirk on his friends lips.

"Watch this." Draco whispered to the boy as Hermione and her two friends approached. Ron and Harry passed with nothing more then the usual glares in the blonde's direction, but Hermione, who had a bit of discomfort in her eyes, tired her best to pass without looking at him. She adjusted her bag on her shoulder and went to plow forward, nose slightly in the air, but Draco cut her off when he let himself slip off the desk he had been sitting on with Blaise and stand right in her way. Hermione pulled to a fast halt in front of the blonde so that she didn't run into him, then, her nervousness turning into annoyance, she set her jaw and folded her arms delicately across her chest.

"Excuse me Malfoy, I'm trying to get to my seat." She said, her voice venomous, eyes glaring daggers like the usual Hermione that both Slytherin's knew so well.

"That's hardly a pleasant greeting Granger." Draco replied, side stepping when she had tried to sneak her way around him, only making her give up on the attempt by giving a very heavy sigh.

"I really don't think a pleasant greeting is in order. When have you ever done anything to me that deserved anything pleasant in reply?" Hermione said in a pointed tone.

"Why don't you shove off Malfoy?" The words were heard from Harry's mouth, but Draco didn't even seem to take notice to the scared head of Harry Potter, or anything coming from his mouth for that matter. He simply let his eyes roam over to Blaise for a moment in a offhand manner, receiving a smirk from his partner in crime before laying those silver optics on the girl in front of him again.

"That hurts Granger, and I would have thought you'd at least try to be polite after our chat earlier today. The least you could do is call me Draco like I requested." Draco let an eyebrow rise as he dared a step forward, only making the girl step back.

"I'll stop calling you Malfoy once you actually act in a way that your father wouldn't." She spat in a low tone, enough for only the few people around them to hear, Blaise included. The dark haired boy moved to his feet, seeing the look that had fallen over Draco's face for the moment after she had let those words escape her mouth, as if she had slapped him across the face. Draco hated being compared to his father, he had hated it ever since he was young, and Blaise had a feeling that it was because he knew exactly how much he was like Lucius. That comment coming from Hermione's mouth had been a low blow.

Blaise went to move over to the boy, perhaps to comfort him, or hold him back from hexing the girl, whichever he decided to do, but Draco sent a warning glare his direction, which caused Blaise to stop in his tracks. Draco then turned his attention to putting out his arm to catch Hermione again as she tried to move around him, making a block between him and the desk over with his slender arm, and causing her to run into it as she had tried to get away at a bit of a run.

"I hardly think my father has anything to do with this, considering he wouldn't even converse with someone like you. I thought you would at least realize that I'm not my father. Don't make me pay for things my father has done." Draco's voice was a low whisper, but Hermione heard it, and she wasn't sure if she could feel guilty because of the hurt tone in his voice, or annoyed, because he had once again suggested that she was of a different species of creature from him, like an animal. She brought eyes back up to his steel ones, once again glaring daggers, but surprisingly finding her glare soften the slightest bit when she met his eyes.

"Can I please get past, Draco." She spat his name like it tasted awful, much worst then she would ever say his surname, and Blaise saw those silver eyes narrow slightly, knowing it was time to intervene.

"Ok Draco, why don't you just let the girl go?" He said, putting a hand on the blonde's shoulder to pull his attention away from the bookish girl in front of him. Draco flicked his eyes in Blaise's direction, giving him another bit of a warning glare, but Blaise sent it right back, almost making Draco's jaw drop. He allowed his arm to fall, giving passage to Hermione, all while staring at Blaise with a rather alarming annoyance.

Hermione looked slightly surprised that the blonde had given up so easily, but never the less let a smile cross her lips when she glanced at Blaise. The boy returned it, knowing that had been a silent thank you, before Harry and Ron pulled her off to the other side of the room where their desks were, both boys muttering annoyance under their breath.

Blaise's attention was pulled away from Hermione when Draco smacked him across the head. Blaise flung up a hand to rub his skull, turning blue eyes back to Draco, questioning what on earth that violence at been for, but seeing it immediately when he caught eyes with the boy.

"Sorry, but, you were going to far." Blaise said, trying his best to perhaps relieve himself a little of that stare.

"Sorry? I thought we agreed that there would be no intervening. You buggered everything up." Draco said, his voice starting out rather loud but decreasing into a silent hiss as he followed the boy to sitting.

"This is class. It's neutral grounds. And I hardly think I buggered anything up, on the contrary I think I might have saved you from killing her." Blaise replied, expected another hit, and letting out a bit of a thankful sigh when one didn't come.

"Yeah well, you didn't need to do it like you did. Now she thinks you’re a bloody saint for helping her, and I'm sure I'm back to square one." Draco complained, letting himself hunch over to lay his head in his arms on the desk as he muttered quiet complaints. Blaise smiled slightly.

"Aw, poor thing." Blaise said in a teasing tone, having Draco send him another glare. The dark haired teen rolled his eyes and glanced around the classroom, assessing how low he would have to speak, then leaned slightly closer to Draco.

"How bout I make it up to you?" He said, coping Draco's almost silent tone that the blonde had used moments before in the hall, taking on a husky tenor that represented exactly what he meant by that suggestion. Draco didn't even look at him, but Blaise could tell that his annoyed gaze had softened, because his silver eyes had widened slightly from their narrowed glare, and his eyebrow had lifted the slightest bit, showing consideration.

"I hate you." Draco said playfully after Blaise had giving a very small mischievous smile when catching Draco's contemplation towards the suggestion, making a rather modest one crawl over Draco's lips also.

"Only because you want me so bad it hurts." Those words were said as serious as Blaise could manage, but when Draco buried his head in his arms to laugh slightly, Blaise couldn't help but let out his own chuckle.

"Quills and parchment out! We're taking notes." Snape's voice boomed after slamming the door to the room open and hurrying in, his robes flowing behind him. The sound pulled the two boys out of their playful bantering, both of them quickly turning to their bags to grab the necessary tools, before having a silent laugh at each other for how quickly they had moved. Snape waved a hand and what they were to copy appeared on the board, he then turned to his desk and put his eyes down onto papers that he had rested in front of him.

Blaise moved to copying notes immediately, dipping his quill in the ink pot that he had Draco shared and scribbling away on his parchment, hardly impressed with his fast, messy writing, but concluding that perhaps he would rewrite the notes later. Snape's notes tended to move fast, so if you delayed at all, you usually missed them. Blaise forgot how much he hated copying notes. It was one of those things that you tended to forget until you were giving the unfortunate task to do them again. Blaise was pretty sure that taking notes was so bad that your mind decides to spare you the horrible feeling of remembering times when you had to copy notes by just forgetting about the process all together, but that just tends to make it even worst when you have to go back and do it again.

He found his mind straying as he scrawled, thinking about that afternoon, to the night before, the rules, the game, then finally Hermione. At the thought of the girl he found his eyes turning from the board to the Gryffindor, her back to him, a seat over and a few up from were he and Draco sat.

Blaise had gotten an idea after glancing at Snape, who seemed nowhere near attentive to the class. The boy took a moment to glance his blue eyes at his potions partner again before bringing his gaze back to the girl they were both fighting for, biting at his lip as he tried to decide between the brilliant idea or taken down this notes.

They were probably important notes, Snape usually made them copy down important information, but then again...

Blaise found himself writing on a new piece of parchment before even realizing what he was doing. It seems that the dark haired boy would never know what the concluding pages of those notes would be.

He folding the paper he had wrote on up and set it on the edge of his desk, pulling his wand from his pocket and giving it the smallest wave. The paper sprung to life and quickly folded into the shape of a small snake, then slithered it's way down his desk, across the floor and up to Hermione.

Hermione had shook a little in surprise when the note had reached her, not seeing it until it had curled up beside her arm and gave her a small hiss. She frowned, her quill pausing from her fast scrawls, and she took a moment to look around, finding blue eyes staring at her immediately. They looked at her playfully, the smallest of smirks curved on Blaise's lips as he gave a little nod to beckon towards the note. She couldn't help but smile slightly at his antics before placing a hand around the snake shaped note. It unfolded back into a square under her palm, and then she grabbed it and quietly opened the note in her lap.

I hear in muggle fairy tales when the Prince saves the Princess he gets a kiss.

Hermione couldn't help but let her mouth gap slightly, despite the large grin that was twinkling in her eyes, willing herself not to look back at him again for fear that be might see that smile shining through her features. She resisted letting out a bit of a playful huff before bringing her quill away from her copying and putting it to the crimpled piece of parchment in front of her. When she finished she set it down again, using her own charm to make it return over, this one being in the shape of a cat, which pouched and rolled playfully along the floor as it made it's way to him.

Blaise was surprisingly anxious for the response, and when the cat shaped parchment jumped onto his desk he snatched it immediately, unfolding it and letting his eyes skim over her big, neat writing.

I would hardly consider you a Prince or me a Princess. But you did help me. Maybe a compromise is in order?

He couldn't help but let a grin come over his features, finding her words overly charming, and quickly grabbed for his quill to reply. This time he didn't even bother putting a fancy charm on it, and just let it fly over to her as a wade of crumpled paper.

I'm falling behind is History of Magic. Planning on taking a walk out to the lake during my open block today to study. Care to tutor?

Hermione let yet another playful smile crawl over her features as she read, once again scrawling a reply and hexing it to return to Blaise.

I hardly think you're falling behind. You sound like your fishing for something Zabini.

Blaise found a very coy look come over his face as he looked away from the note for a moment, catching eyes with the girl, the brown of her gaze shining mischievously before she sent back a nod that told him to look at the note again. He glanced down at her writing again, noticing he had yet to finish what she had written.

I'll see what I can do.

I'll see what I can do? Blaise shot his eyes up again to send her a questioning look, to perhaps request conformation to those words, but she had already returned to taking notes, her back turned to him.

Had he just gotten Hermione Granger to agree to spend time with him? Blaise let his lips curve again, resisting a bit of a chuckle at himself that he wished to release to show his joy, shoving the note in his pocket before he too returned to copying what was written on the board in front of him.

A/N (again): Ok, so yay, long chapter. and I promise, next chapter we will FINALLY get into the Blaise/Hermione part. Promise. I actually condenced this chapter so that we would get to it sooner (this one was supposed to be two chapters xD)

hope you liked

xx SkinandBones_ aka Danielle

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