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Library Assistant by Aligiah
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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Chapter Seven:

Rain beat on the train window, the classic sound echoed through the compartment as if it were empty. Regulus and Snape now know to me as Severus, sat across from me both were eyeing me closely. Regulus still hadn’t stopped thinking that I should cry, so he was still waiting for it. Dumbledore had insisted on only two things; One, that I was to take two others with me to the funeral, and Two, I was to take the Hogsmade train into kings cross station. I guessed that people had to go with me for moral support. I was happy that they had agreed to come… although Regulus would have sowed away in my bag if I hadn’t asked anyways.

Severus had become wonderfully understanding, so understanding, in fact, that I had taken to calling him by his first name, instead of his surname. Mutually we began to get along; no hateful words had passed since the day before, and to some that was surprising. People in potions class had gone into routine: Slughorn’s directions, Snape and Ophelia’s bickering, hateful nasty comments courtesy of Snape and Ophelia, Slughorn’s dismissal. Severus had stayed silent our next potions class, and I was grateful for it. Regulus had undoubtedly been right; Severus wasn’t too bad at all. I felt awful for pre-judging him, just like everyone else had done in Hogwarts. I can also say that not only was everyone in Potions class alarmed, Regulus had a smirk on his face ever since he found out.

That boy was up to something and I was determined to figure it out. It was uncomforting that I still hadn’t figured out what his game was. It was so upsetting I was practically ripping my hair out. But I would figure it out, I had to, or I would go positively insane! I directed my attention back outside. It was the day after I had received the letter, and we were to spend this night, Friday night, and Saturday night at the Orphanage. We would return back to school by dinner on Sunday night. We were to be ready for classes on Monday.

I had had no time to think back on the book, but it was safely tucked into my duffle bag. Anytime I would have decided to read it, Regulus interrupted, so I had given up for the time being. But the book was never far from some thoughts. Maybe Madame may have left something of an explanation for me about something. Lord knows I deserve it.

A cough interrupted me from my thoughts. I looked over to see a slightly uncomfortable Regulus.

“Why are we so quiet?” Regulus whispered.

“Maybe we’re thinking.” I offered.

“Who said Regulus had a brain to think with?” Severus stated in his normal drowning voice.

“Hey now,” Regulus protested, “That’s mean, ganging up on the little guy!”

“Would you rather it be the little woman you gang up on?” I ask.


“To bad,” I answered.

Regulus folded his arms in front of him and stuck his bottom lip out. I smirked and called him an overgrown child. To which he threw a chocolate frog at me. Something great about the Hogsmade express; no one cared why you were there. The adults didn’t question you as you walked by their compartments, and vise versa.

We all settled back down and I began to think. I thought about hw devastated the children would be, grins that are normally so wild will be set into mournful frowns. No laughter will be heard. I thought about the funeral service, how everyone would be crying, and I would just sit there, offering hugs to anyone who may need it. Then I thought of the funeral, in the graveyard.

The Graveyard.

I could feel my heart skip a beat, my eyes widen, and my breathing shallow. My heart was pounding and I quickly excused myself to the restroom before they could notice. I practically ran all the way there. Feeling sick as I was I bent over the toilet, but nothing came so I splashed water over my face.

In the restroom, I again began thinking. Yet this time I began to think about the past and the last time I found myself in a graveyard. The memories came back to me as if they had only happened yesterday.

One of the older girls at the point had died of phenomena. I was only nine at the time the funeral was literally uneventful and so many people were crying at the slightest movement. Mary was well known at the Orphanage, and every one cried, everyone except me. The burial came up on us quickly.

It had been a hot day in the summer, almost all of the Orphans just wanted to get home, but we all wanted to see Mary sent off as well, so no one complained. I was caught between the two said opinions. I wanted to go home, but I also wanted to see Mary for the last time. We weren’t friends, but she was the one who encouraged me to read, we were acquaintances, I never had to many friends.

After the burial the adults lingered in the graveyard. So the children were to silently do whatever they desired. Yet being as there were so many troublemakers in the Orphanage at that time, it was anything but quiet.

I strayed from the pack, looking at different gravestones, and calculating different lifetimes. Then someone tugged at my ponytail, causing me to squeak. The squeak was terribly high-pitched. I spun around to see the retreating figure of Jeremy Barrington, one of the said troublemakers.

‘Idiot,’ I had thought, turning back to what I was last reading. Soon I found myself out of eyesight of everyone else; I remained unfazed, until the most horrid scene was played before me.

The disgusting smell of decay invaded my nostrils, forcing me to cringe and become slightly nauseous. Two things: that could only be described as corpses; roamed the outskirts of the woods at the end of the graveyard. Their entire bodies were both covered in worms, being in the process of decomposition. The two of them were making there way over to me.

I stood frozen in place, not daring to move. Someone grabbed me by my shoulders and spun me around telling me to run. I did exactly as the man told me to do. I ran. I heard the last thing out of the person’s mouth.

“Damn Necromancers,” he said with a slight distaste to his tone.

Without anything else I was way out of hearing range. That night I had listened to every movement and every moan of every child in the Orphanage. That had been the most distinct thing about the Corpses, they were moaning, moaning as if they had just been woken from sleep.

For almost a month after the burial I lived in the library researching ‘Necromancers.’ This led me to the word ‘Necromancy.’ After I had been accepted into Hogwarts, I checked there to, learning all I could about this thing called Necromancy.

From what I gathered, Necromancy was a form of divination to summon “Operative sprits”. Summoning reasons could vary from spiritual protection to wisdom, and it was even said that spirits could have access to information of the past and future.

Necromancy was often used among people of Italy, Greece, and England; It was soon outlawed in England by the witchcraft act of 1604. It had been, since the Middle Ages, associated with the Dark Arts and Demon summoning. Straying from its essential purpose, this was for knowledge. Necromancy was never really a form of witchcraft, but the English believed it to be.

Instantly I didn’t believe this was true about me, but then since I was forced into the graveyard once more, I wasn’t so sure of myself. I wiped away my face one last time before returning to the compartment. Severus and Regulus were immersed in a heated conversation, so I decided not to go inside just then. Eavesdropping may be wrong, I know, but I was interested in what they were saying with out me around.

“Do you like her though?” Regulus’ voice was extremely persistent.

“She’s beautiful and kind…” Severus answered. He was cut off by the ever persistent Regulus.

“Yes yes yes, stop evading the question Severus, do you, or do you not, have a thing for our beloved Ophelia?” Regulus pursued.


“Severus!” Regulus all but squealed.

“Yes,” Severus’ voice was stressed, as though he didn’t want to admit it, “but don’t you even say a word about it!”

Regulus was now clapping his hands together, sounding extremely giddy.

“Aww, but what if she likes you back?” Regulus stated.

“She wouldn’t, Lupin is after her, and she would choose him over me any day. Hell, she would choose a dog over me any day!” Severus stated bitterly.

‘What makes you so sure?’ I thought to myself.

“I doubt it; she doesn’t seem to like him to much. You don’t see her talking to him ever do you? As for the dog… I would have to smack her that is disgusting.” Regulus declared.

Silence in the compartment. I smiled. That was defiantly a great conversation to overhear to.

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