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The Road to Your Door by PadfootsGirl
Chapter 1 : Knight in shining armour
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Harry Potter eg characters, locations etc. Dont bother trying to sue me, you cant get blood from a stone!

A/N- Well I hope people enjoy this story. It's my first Lily/James fic and probably going to be the biggest piece I've written so I'd appreciate if you could review and let me know what you think, whether it be a writing tip, plot suggestions or just if you like it or not! hope you like it :)

Lily Evans lay in her bed with her eyes still closed. She had just woken up and her head throbbed, but she wasn’t sure why. She finally decided to open her eyes to start the day but received quite a shock when she did. She was lying in the hospital wing with the most unexpected person standing over her, smiling. It was James Potter.

“Lily! How are you feeling?” he asked excitedly, like he had been waiting for her to wake the way a child waited for Christmas.

Lily was very confused. With her drowsiness and pounding headache, she couldn’t quite grasp what was happening. Then pictures began to appear in her head and the memories began to flow back to her. Yes, it had been that Serverus Snape again.

It had been the last day of term and lessons had ended. Everyone was out on the grounds, lying under trees and by the lake, basking in the sunshine for the last time that year. Lily was reading quietly enjoying the peace and quiet after her exams had ended, or at least she had been. When she had reached the climax of her book she had been startled by a series of loud bangs and screams from the clearing next to her. She knew immediately what it was, it had to be those damn Marauders again. She turned around and screamed in their direction “WILL YOU LOT SHUT UP FOR ONCE! SOME OF US WANT SOME PEACE FOR A CHANGE!!!” Those who didn’t know Lily would have been shocked that such a loud noise could emerge from such a tiny frame. Lily looked sweet, quiet and innocent with her wide, green eyes, bouncy auburn hair and petite form, but she could make her presence known when need be, and this was one of those times.

“Sorry Evans, didn’t quite catch that?” said James sarcastically, a cheeky grin creeping across his face. The others all snickered. Of all four Marauders James was the most annoying to Lily. She had at least some form of relationship with the others but could never quite find a good enough reason to try and like James. Out of the group she was closet to Remus Lupin, a tall boy with short blonde hair and misty blue eyes. He and Lily had met in first year in the library doing work and they often helped each other out with both school and personal problems. They had many things in common and were quite similar in the way that they both enjoyed jokes and pranks but also knew how and when to be serious. Quite the opposite, was Sirius Black.

Sirius and James had been best friends for as long as they could remember, they were almost inseparable. They were very similar as well. Sirius was the main joker; he was, in fact obsessed. If he wasn’t playing a practical joke, you could be sure he was planning one. He was also known as one of the best looking guys in school. He had dark, floppy hair and huge brown eyes which he often used to his advantage. This isn’t why Lily got on with him though. She liked him because he made her laugh, the saddest person in the world could not stay sad around Sirius. This was part of his charm. They didn’t talk often though, only when he was alone like when James was on a date, but she did have a good time around him and would leave feeling cheerier than before.

Then there was Peter Pettigrew. He was rather short and dumpy with dirty blond hair and watery blue eyes. Lily had tutored him for a while in third years charms and wasn’t too sure what to make of him. He seemed to be a very different person depending on whom he was with at the time. This confused Lily somewhat but all the same, she had seen nothing of him to think he was a bad person and he did always smile or say “hello” to her when they passed in the corridors.

So that left only James. He wasn’t a complete prankster like Sirius, and he wasn’t as sensitive as Remus. All Lily knew was that she got a feeling when she was around him that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, and that made her nervous. She liked to be in control. This seemed to be the reason that she never got to know James properly, that maybe she was frightened of what she would find if she did. James, therefore, got the brunt of Lily’s practical jokes rather than the Marauders as a whole. They had been fighting this battle for years, her and the Marauders, not because they hated each other but because Lily was the only person they could find who was on their level and willing to play their game. Luckily for Lily too that she knew Remus and Sirius, as this had stopped them from ever doing anything too nasty or dangerous to her, even though James had wanted to sometimes to get his revenge. On this day though, she was not in the mood to take their exuberance and was far too hot to fight back. She rolled her eyes at them and walked back to the castle to check that she had packed all her belongings before leaving tomorrow for the summer.

Before Lily had reached the stairs in the Entrance Hall however, she jumped as a figure suddenly appeared in front of her. The dark, cold eyes of Serverus Snape where staring down at her with an evil glint present in them. “What do you want Snivellus, I don’t have all day here?” The corners of his thin, pale mouth turned up into a nasty smirk that made Lily feel rather nauseous.

“Now, now Evans, cant I come and ask about your plans for the summer?” he said, noticing her agitation. She tried to push past him but he still blocked her way. “Why don’t you mind your own business and get the hell out of my way? Now what do you really want?” she said, eager to get up to her dorm and away from him. He caught her off guard though as she stared around to see if there was anyone else in the vicinity and he pushed her forcefully against the wall, pinning her there by the shoulders in a very tight grip.

“Maybe you need to learn some manners Mudblood. I always get what I want and I think you know what that is.” he hissed, seemingly enjoying watching Lily squirm to get free. She panicked, she couldn’t reach her wand under the firm grip of Snape, but she wasn’t muggle-born for nothing, she didn’t need her wand to get out of this. She shoved her shoulder as hard as she could in one direction and kicked him hard in the shins. His grip loosened for a quick second and she ran to the other side of the hall wrenching her wand out of her pocket and turned to point it at him. She hadn’t been this angry in a long time, who did he think he was?

Before Snape could stand up though he had pointed his wand at her from behind his back and disarmed her. She stood dumbfounded as she watched her wand fly out of her hand and into his. As he stood there triumphant she realised that someone else had entered the hall, Lucius Malfoy was standing laughing at the fight from behind her. This made Lily even more anxious as she knew that Malfoy had just completed his final year so he wasn’t likely to care about how much trouble he would get into for fighting, and she was right.

Snape was fuming with a huge bruise forming on his right shin and Malfoy always enjoyed hurting muggle-borns. They both raised their wands at Lily and yelled different curses at her but she managed to jump quickly out of the line of fire and the two spells crashed as they met, dissolving in a shower of red sparks. She started to run up the stairs, both boys curses and jinxes following her feet when a new voice jumped in. Lily recognised it instantly as James, closely followed by Sirius and Remus who all sounded furious at the nerve of Snape and Malfoy attacking Lily alone!

Without her wand Lily was useless but then she saw both hers and Snape’s wand going flying out of his hand and roll along the bottom of the staircase, spells flashing past, their colours reflected on the marble floor. She raced down the steps to reach them but was suddenly hit with a jolt of red light in her chest. She felt a blinding hot shock surge through her as she fell to the floor and felt her head bang against the banister before she fell into blackness…

James smiled at her as her eyes came back into focus and he understood that she had been recalling what had happened. “You got a pretty nasty bang to the head there. You were out cold! I had to carry you her and I tell you, I got some really funny looks on the way.” laughed James. Lily just groaned and looked at the clock. It read 11:15 am. Lily jumped up in her bed “The train, the trains leaving now! I have to get out of here!” but James just put his hand on her shoulder and chuckled at her. “We both had to stay her all night so we could have check ups this morning before we left but your potion made you oversleep a bit. It’s ok though don’t worry,” he reassured her, “my dad’s sending a Ministry car for all of us to get home this afternoon. It’s handy you live so close.” James’ father was a key figure at the Ministry of Magic and everyone knew the family. He and Remus had lived on the same street for about 7 years now and Lily lived not 10 minutes walk away from the two, not that she ever went to James’ house.

Lily let this register for a second before asking, “All of us? Who else is here?” and at that point Sirius and Remus popped their heads around the door to the infirmary, a big grin appearing when they saw Lily awake. James pointed at them as he spoke, “They wanted to make sure you were ok and Sirius had to wait for me anyway since he’ll be at my house again this summer.” After a quick hug though, both Remus and Sirius excused themselves to go and finish packing (disorganised boys!) and told Lily that they would see her later in the car.

James told Lily that the car would arrive to take them home at 1 pm and that he would come back down to meet her, but before he reached the door, Lily stopped him, “James, wait”. He spun around with a questioning look in her direction.

“I just wanted to say thank you.” Lily explained.

“What for?” James asked.

Lily blushed slightly, she wasn’t used to actually talking to James, never mind thanking him for anything. Plus he wasn’t the easiest boy to talk to in the first place as he was so good looking it was easy to forget what you were saying and even though Lily had been at war with him so long she could not deny that he was incredibly attractive. He had messy black hair and deep chocolate brown eyes that seemed to speak without words, framed in thin black glasses. “Well, just for everything,” she continued, “For helping yesterday and bringing me here and letting me come home with you, I just wouldn’t have expected it from you.” But James didn’t seem happy at this, in fact he sighed, “I’m not a bad person Lily, I’m really not.” She was very shocked at this response and couldn’t think what to say, but she didn’t need to as he carried on speaking. “I never started this battle between us, you did and I don’t even know why! I actually think you seem like a really nice person and you do some great pranks,” he said smiling slightly at this “but you insist on hating me for no reason.” Then he took a deep breath as if he had wanted to say it for a while.

Lily was still stunned somewhat and she thought for a second, she knew that she was in the wrong and with everything he’d done and said she would have to admit it. She felt very guilty looking up at him as he hung his head, she had had no idea that he cared that much about their not being friends. She decided then that she would try to make things better and stop singling James out and get to know him. “James, I’m so sorry,” she said sincerely, “I don’t know why this has gone on so long but I know I was in the wrong and I just hope we can be friends, you know, start afresh. I really am sorry.” She looked up at him to see his reaction and saw him beaming. “Truce” James said and held out his hand for Lily to shake, which she took smiling. “So, can we try and be friends now then?” he asked with the cheeky grin she had seen so many times before. “Definitely” she replied letting go of his hand and for the first time, reached over and gave him a hug. It wasn’t as difficult as she would have thought; in fact it was as though she was hugging a close friend. She felt a certain safety and comfort, which she assumed was down to his brave rescue the day before.

Neither of them said anymore as the nurse bustled into the room to check how Lily was doing. James just turned to the door and winked once at her before leaving to tell Sirius and Remus the good news. The journey home may not be as awkward as they had expected.

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