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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 34 : The Boggart
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A/N:- well it seems that the site might not be closing, this chapter might be a bit crap but i'm not really in an inspired mood. to be honest I have to get writing on a different story but i promise that i'll try and finish this series for you guys. I think there's going to be a seventh year, unless you guys just want it to end in sixth year. You call.....again, you guys shape the story as much as I do

The Winter months seemed to drag on and on until eventually it came to April, when the sun started to shine and the weather got hotter. To Hermione, the world seemed just as dull and dreary as it had been in January. No matter how much Harry and Ron tried Hermione’s mind always seemed to be on her parents or whatever plight for the house elves she was working on. She still wouldn’t tell them and she either spent her time in her room or studying in the corner of the common room.

The security measures on the school had increased so trying to set days and times for the DA became increasingly difficult. Harry, with the help of Jenny and Ron had managed to move onto far more complex spells then he could have imagined and the amazing thing was that everyone seemed to be able to master it. Half the People in the DA had lost a member of their family over the Christmas holidays and this led to greater motivation for the members. It scared Harry a little at how well they were actually doing.

“Harry, this stupid spell isn’t working.” Hannah Abbott complained as she flicked her wand.

“Oh, don’t worry, it took me a while to master the spell. You just flick your wand and say the incantation I told you earlier.” Harry said. Hannah nodded and flicked her wand again. Ernie, who had turned around slightly to talk to Ron while Hannah tried to sort out her spell turned into a pile of mush.

“Oh, Ernie, I’m so sorry.” Hannah said frantically as she went to the pile of Mush’s side.

“Ok, you missed the target, you know that Dummy but good.” Harry said, his voice slightly higher then it was meant to be. “Um, Hermione.” Harry said to where Hermione was teaching Luna how to produce a proper Patronus. Hermione turned around.

“Could you do that Counter spell for Ernie?” Harry said moving out of the way so that Hermione could see Hannah fussing over the mush and making sure no one trod in it. Hermione sighed and went over to Ernie and Hannah.

“So, is she doing better?” Luna asked Harry.

“Yeah, I think so.” Harry asked. At that moment, no one could do anymore as the door opened and Lupin walked in with April carrying a box.

“Hi.” Lupin said putting the box down onto a table that he pushed Anthony Goldstein and Micheal Corner off of.

“Professor!” Zacharias Smith said slightly alarmed. “What are you doing here?”

“Giving Harry that Boggart he wanted. Harry, we found it up in the Astronomy department. If you want you can keep it in April’s office until you need it.”

“No, can we try now.” Jenny asked.


“Oh, lets try that Boggart spell!”


“Yeah, come on”

“Be Quiet!” Harry said loudly. “I think the best spell to try first would be Riddikulus. That way at least we can get rid of the Boggart.” Lupin looked at April, who smiled proudly. “Now, when you come to the boggart just point your wand at it and say Riddikulus” The DA copied him and he made them do it a few more times before he turned to Lupin. April closed the door and stood by the side.

“You don’t mind if we watch do you?” April asked.

“No.” Harry said. He personally didn’t mind but he didn’t know what the others would think. Lupin lifted the top off of the box and a pearly white crystal ball floated out. Lupin merely raised an eyebrow then turned to join April.

“Ok, who wants to go first?” Harry asked. Neville stepped forwards and the Boggart immediately changed into Professor Snape. Smiles developed on the faces of those who had been in Harry’s third year defence against the dark arts classes. Lupin leaned towards April.

“You’re going to like this.” Lupin whispered.

“RIDDIKULUS” Neville shouted. And as had happened in their third year, the Boggart turned into Snape wearing Neville’s grandma’s clothes and a hat with a vulture on top. April laughed openly with Lupin and Neville grinned slightly then his face fell as he thought of his grandmother.

“Ok, um, Hannah” Harry said. Ginny stepped forwards and the boggart changed with a snap. The Boggart changed into a replica of Bellatrix Lestrange. Hannah cried in alarm and held her wand out.

“R-Riddikulus” She stuttered. Nothing happened and Hannah bit her lip in fear. Harry pulled her out of the way and indicated for the next person to go up. The nearest person was Ginny, the Boggart immediately changed into a deatheater. As Harry watched the Boggart change from one deatheater to another Harry had to wonder as to whether the members of the DA were normal at all?

When it came to Ron the Boggart turned into a brain, like the one that had attacked him at the Department of Mysteries. Hermione’s worst fear was, as before, McGonagall saying that she’d failed her NEWTs, Luna was scared of some strange looking creature that had blue leathery wings and a strange dragon like snout but it was crouched over slightly and walked like a little like a monkey, she gave a little scream when she saw it and quickly made it sprout hair. Cho’s worst fear appeared to be Cedric coming back to life, Harry had a feeling he knew why it was her worst fear. Harry was particularly curious as to what Jenny’s worst fear was. He found it quite interesting seeing everyone’s fears and seeing what they were all afraid of. April frowned slightly when it was Jenny’s turn.

Having seen everyone else almost fail miserably at fighting their Boggarts and a few people were in tears, mostly the girls but everyone could tell a few of the boys were fighting back tears. Jenny hesitantly stepped up to the place that Lavender had just left. She got her wand out and looked at Harry for reassurance. He gave her a smile and she looked at the boggart that had no changed into a replica of Harry. There was something different about this Harry though. He stood in front of them all with his eyes closed and his hands by his side. When he opened his eyes everyone could tell what was different about him. His eyes were still green but the pupils were cat like and his grin was evil and sadistic. Jenny swallowed whatever she had in her mouth and she stepped back slightly as he began to raise his wand. The Harry was about to speak when the real Harry interrupted.

“Ok, I think that’s enough for tonight.” He said as a dark chill swept through the room. Harry felt the happiness getting sucked out of the room and he turned around to come face to face with a dememntor. “Ah!” he shouted in surprise rather then fear “Riddikulus.” He said. The Dementor disappeared and Lupin put the lid back on the box that the Boggart had retreated to.

“Well, I think that went quite well. I’m pleased my old students still remember what to do” He said smiling at Harry. Harry nodded and gave everyone a smile.

“Ok, I’ll tell you all when the next meeting is.” Harry said getting his map out. He let a few people go a few at a time.

“What the hell was that thing you were scared of?” Ginny asked Luna kindly.

“It was a Crumple Horned-Snorkack.” Luna said quietly.

“I thought you liked them” Hermione asked her.

“I did.” Luna said, “Until one attacked my dad last summer” Hermione raised a sceptical eyebrow but didn’t say anything.

“Well, I better get going, I have to finish my Potions Homework” Padma said.

“I’ll walk you to the common room.” Ron said. Padma smiled and nodded. Ron glanced at Hermione to see if she was looking but she wasn’t. Ron left with Padma and soon everyone but Harry, Jenny, Hermione, Ginny and the two adults had gone.

“Well, tonight was an entertaining night.” April said with a smile, “Jenny, Castra brought your manuscript over from Grimmauld place and Hermione he has something to talk to you about.” April said the last bit like she didn’t approve of it.

“Thanks.” Hermione said. “Harry, shall we go back to the common room?” Harry nodded and headed to the door. Jenny quickly took hold of his hand, causing Harry to smile and look at her. She looked quite tired and suddenly slightly protective.

“We’ll take you back to the common room.” Lupin said as he got up from his seat on a bookshelf. April nodded and flipped her hair behind her shoulders.

“Come on.” April said. They all headed out and started for the common room. Jenny pressed herself against Harry slightly so Harry put his hand on her waist and held her close to him. Jenny smiled and walked along with her head on Harry’s shoulder. Hermione took a sharp silent breath and Ginny linked arms with her to try and reassure Hermione that she was single to, now. They got to the common room entrance with no trouble but April did meet one of the aurors and had to leave them in a hurry.

“Have a good night, I’m looking forward to the quidditch match in a few weeks.” Lupin said.

“Remus” Hermione said, “Are we going to be going to Hogsmeade?” Lupin thought for a while.

“No, Dumbledore still wants the rules to be enforced so no one is allowed in Hogsmeade, not even if you take your cloak or map.” Lupin said to Harry. Harry looked up suddenly from Jenny.

“Huh?” Harry asked. Jenny laughed slightly and Lupin smiled.

“Just go to sleep. You have lessons tomorrow.” Lupin said the password and the four went into the common room. About half an hour later Ron walked in. Everyone was spread over the sofas and chairs in the common room. He took a seat next to Hermione.

“Where have you been?” Hermione asked Ron.

“Oh, I took Padma back to her common room”

“Are you two an item?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t know.” Ron said, “But we’re getting quite close.” Harry could have sworn that Hermione’s smile was slightly forced.

“That’s good.” She said. Harry shook his head and looked at Jenny, who was playing with a strand of hair with one hand and playing an imaginary piano with the other hand. She had a slightly distant look in her eyes and it made her look so cute and beautiful. Harry kissed her cheek.

“I’m going to bed now” Harry said. Jenny grinned but didn’t stop what she was doing.

“Ok,” She said. “Night” She broke her trance like state and turned to Harry. Harry gave her a good night kiss and flicked a lock of hair upwards cheekily and dodged a pillow that Harry threw at her. She laughed and gave him a wave as he went up the stairs. Harry couldn’t believe he was dating Jenny, she was so funny, sweet, caring and he reckoned that she was quite brave. He went to sleep dreaming of Jenny and various other happy things, it was like his mind was trying to expel any badness.

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