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Class of 1997 by Fuego
Chapter 6 : Party
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Disclaimer- You should know by now that JKR is the smartest woman on Earth and I'm just an innocent follower.

"Oh my god!" gasped Hermione.

"Will you marry me?" Harry asked again.

Petunia looked at the two of them. Harry wasn't able to sink to one knee, so he turned towards her and opened the ring box revealing the most beautiful ring she had ever saw. It had a shimmering gold band with an emerald in the center. Petunia thought the ring looked very framilar, but where had she seen it before?

"Yes!" cried Hermione, planting a kiss on Harry's lips.

He slipped the ring on her finger and everyone cheered, the emerald glittered in the light.

"Is that Lily's ring?" blurted out Petunia.

"Yes, it's Mum's ring," answered Harry truthfully.

"Oh Harry, you gave me your mother's ring?" asked Hermione through her tears.

"Yeah, I have to give it to someone I love and I gave it to you as an engament ring, I could have gotten another ring, but I thought you would like the emerald because it matches my eyes."

"Oh Harry!" she through her arms around him, accidently hitting his temple with her cast.

"God, I can't wait to get this thing off. You're lucky that you could get the ring on properly with this thing."

"I hear ya! Minus the ring part though," Ron butted in.

"I think I'm lucky, I have full use of both of my arms," said Harry.

"Yeah, but you can't walk," pointed out Fred.

"Fred, did you have to ruin the moment?" questioned Harry.

"But of coarse," he interjected.

"I have a question!" bellowed Dudley's loud voice. It was the first time he spoke all night. "How did you three get hurt?"

The trio looked at each other for a while, sighed and Harry began to speak, "You know the man that has been out to kill me ever since I was about a year old?"

Dudley nodded.

"We were in a battle and it was not pretty. I took a really bad slicing curse that Voldemort invented and he kept throwing these, these thing at my leg until I collasped and I couldn't put an ounce of weight on it."

"I was battling Malfoy and he sent a dragon after me. I shot a spell at its eye and while I was running away, I slipped and fell on a rock and broke my wrist," replied Hermione.

"Well, I was kicking Avery's butt, and then he knocked this tree over top of me and it landed on my arm and I broke it," finished Ron.

"Why didn't you just use spell's to fix it?" asked Dudley.

"Our nurse, Madame Pomfrey was overtired by time we showed up in the Hospital Wing. She looked like hell had warmed over. I doubt she could have healed all three of us with pushing her limits. We told her that we wouldn't ming being healed the muggle way and that's what she did, however, we have taken magical remidies to speed up the process, but still, we have to suffer," answered Harry.

"Enough of this chatterm lets get on the dance floor and do some dancing and have some fun!" cried Remus.

"I'll go see if Luna is done waiting yet, I know she'll wanna dance!"

"You mean, your going to find a broom cupboard so you can snog!" reworded Harry.

Ron had found Luna and were now exiting the Great Hall.

"Come on Harry, lets dance!"


"Let's dance!"

"Mione, you know I can't dance like this!" responded Harry.

"I know, now get on your crutches and lets get on the dance floor."

He willingly agreed and with her help stood on his crutches and followed her onto the floor.

"They look so happy together," breathed Petunia.

"I know," Mrs. Granger said, while wiping tears from her eyes.

"My little girl is all grown up," cried Mr. Granger.

"Mine's not," replied Mr. Weasley proudly.

"Hey Arthur, look at the couple next to Harry and Hermione," pointed out Remus.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley both turned to the direction in which Remus was pointing and saw Ginny, dressed in a waitress uniform, dancing, a little to closely to Neville Longbottom. He whispered something in her ear, she giggled, their eyes met, and they began to kiss.

"Never mind."

Petunia looked around. She saw how happy her nephew was, how many people loved him, and how comfortable he was this them. She felt horrible, as though she didn't know a thing about him.

It was getting late.

The couples were off the dance floor, and were dozing on the table. Harry had his head resting on Hermione's shoulder and she played with his hair. Ron and Luna had not returned. Ginny and Neville were sitting with jis grandmother, talking quietly.

"We'd better go," said Petunia. Her husband and son agreed and leapt off the chairs.

"Us too," replied the Granger's, "Bye honey, we love you."

"Tonk's will be wondering what's keeping me so long. She was going to come, but with work and everything..."

"Okay troops!" called Mr. Weasley, "Let's head out!"

"Are you ready?" asked Proessor McGonagall.

"Where did you come from?" barked Vernon.

She had no answer, she merely handed them a goblet, and in a blink of an eye they were home. Dudley ran upstairs, hoping to catch his show and Vernon and Petunia sat in the kitchen, sipping tea.

"What a waste of time," complained Vernon.

Petunia did not agree, true, she didn't enjoy being in the presence of freaks, but she got to see things that no one has ever seen and saw an entirely new side of he nephew. Not wanting to disagree with Vernon, she said, "Yes, what a waste of time."

A/N- OMG it is over! But I may do an epilodge, I don't know. Should I?

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