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James Potter has betrayed me by maurader fan
Chapter 3 : The Hogwarts Express
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Disclaimer: JKR can have everything

Lily and James stared in awe at the Hogwarts Express.

“Now Lily dear,” Mrs Potter said fondly, “please write to us if anything is bothering you won’t you? The wizarding world is complicated and James won’t always be around to explain everything to you.”


“Of course he will!” Lily said defensively. “We will always have time for each other. We promised!”


“That sounds like a hard promise to keep Lily dear,” Mrs Potter said in a concerned voice, “but I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. Now, you better get on the train so you can get some good seats.”


“Bye mum!” James called.


“Bye Mrs Potter! Thanks for everything!” Lily added as they stepped on the train.


They had gotten there early, but the Hogwarts Express was already starting to fill up. Lily went first, peering into carriages.


“This carriage is empty.” Lily said as she went to open the door.


“We don’t want to sit in a carriage all by ourselves!” James said in a shocked voice. “Now is the perfect opportunity to make some cool friends. He looks cool.” James gestured to a small black haired boy sitting in a compartment with two friends.


“I don’t like the look of him.” Lily said wearily, but James ignored her and opened the carriage door.


“Hi, my name’s Potter.”


“Snape, Severus Snape.” the boy said, “But this compartment’s reserved for Purebloods.”


“Of course I’m a Pureblood!” James said, as though he was offended Snape could have thought anything less.

“Then by all means, sit down.” Snape said, “Not you girl, unless you’re a Pureblood too.”


“Um, what’s a pureblood?” Lily asked nervously.

“Get out!” Snape demanded.


“It was just a question!” Lily shouted back as she withdrew to the corridor. The compartment door slammed in her face.


Moving back to the empty carriage she had seen earlier he saw it was now occupied by good looking boys. They looked a lot cooler than Snape and his friends in Lily’s opinion.


Glancing at the quickly filling carriages, Lily gathered her courage and knocked on the carriage door.


“Excuse me, can I sit here or is this compartment reserved too?” She asked.


“Reserved for whom?” Asked the more casual looking of the two, “It might be reserved for gorgeous girls but you wouldn’t be affected by that would you?”


Feeling her face grow hot, Lily said “The compartment next door is reserved for Purebloods.”


“Excuse me for a moment.” The one who had spoken said, sounding much less casual as he brushed past Lily.


“This compartment isn’t reserved. Please have a seat.” The other boy said as he grabbed Lily’s suitcase and hoisted it above his head to store it in the overhead luggage rack. As Lily sat down he shut the compartment door.


“I’m Lily.” she said nervously.

“Oh, I’m Remus Lupin.” The other boy introduced himself. “My friend is Sirius Black, but don’t worry, he isn’t like his family.”


“What do you mean?” Lily asked.


“Oh sorry, I assumed you knew.” Remus lowered his voice “Sirius’ family are conservative Purebloods.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what that is either.” Lily said.


“Well, a Pureblood is someone only descended from witches and wizards. No muggle or muggleborn ancestors. Some Purebloods think that there better than people who aren’t, but everyone knows it’s rubbish. The Black family are really into the Pureblood stuff, but Sirius isn’t like them.”

“I’m back.” Sirius said charmingly as he opened the door with a flourish. “And look who I found quashed between Slimeball Snape and his stupid sidekicks.” Sirius said as he sat back down in the compartment, revealing a sorry looking James behind him.


“This is James, James, this is Remus and …” Sirius paused.


“Lily.” Lily provided. “I already know James, we’re next door neighbours.”


“I see.” Sirius said.


The rest of the train ride was filled with jokes and funny stories as James recovered from his embarrassment.

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James Potter has betrayed me: The Hogwarts Express


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