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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 11 : Say No
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Say No
Hermione was sitting in her room alone. She did this often lately. George was running out of patience, Ron was getting closer to figuring out her game. Hermione would sit in her room and cry when she needed to only to let off some rage.

"Hermione? Ron is on the phone. He said it's very important, he'd like to talk." George said coming into her room almost spitting it out.

"Must I talk to him?" George nodded.

"We have to keep up appearances."

"Fine… What would you like Ronald? Okay, yes I'll meet you there in twenty minutes. No Ronald it isn't a problem. See you there dear." Hermione hung up and sniffled.

George wrapped his arms around her like he had to do so often. He kissed her forehead and soothed her.

"Hermione what is it?" he got worried.

"Ronald he didn't sound right. He was way to happy, why would he be so happy when his girlfriend is dating his brother and hasn't talked to him in a week?"

"Because he doesn't know about us. Plus he is busy too, maybe he hasn't noticed you are not talking."

"I'd better go George, he wants me to meet him half way across England. Well maybe not that far. What should I wear to dump a really good friend?" Hermione turned to look back at George she smiled and his smile grew.

"You mean it Hermione? You're going to do it today. Hermione babe I love you." He lowered his lips to hers and forgave her for how long she had waited.

"Well get out so I can prepare myself. I don't want to be thinking about why I'm dumping him." Hermione shooed George out of the room.

Hermione put on a tank top and shorts. She had on converse and put her hair up in a ponytail. She grabbed a bag and walked out of her room. She kissed George and left her building going to the park where she and Ron had had their first date.

Ron was pacing his house when he called Hermione. The phone rang only twice before George answered.

"Hello, who's there?" George said from the other side.

"George its Ron."

"Oh hey, what do you want?"

Ron fumbled with the box in his hands. He was silent for a few moments.

"I umm I need to talk to Hermione."

Ron could hear George mumble something then footsteps.

"Hermione? Ron is on the phone. He said it's very important, he'd like to talk." Ron could hear George tell her.

Hermione had said something that Ron couldn't understand. Then George mumbled something about appearances. Hermione took the phone after that.

"How are you Hermione? Okay I'll hurry up; I want you to meet me at our park in twenty minutes. If you can't then that's… Okay sees you there dear." Ron hung up.

He got himself looking very nice before heading off to the park. Ron had been afraid of losing Hermione for the past few weeks. He didn't want that to happen. He lived for Hermione; she had been his first love.

Ron had taken a cab to the park. He stepped out looking very elegant. He walked to the bench Hermione was sitting at. He could tell she was worried. He assumed she thought he was going to break her heart.

Ron sat down beside her. He took her hand in his, and kissed her cheek. He pulled her up and forced her to walk with him. He took them around the park a few times in silence.

Hermione was having trouble just walking with Ron. She didn't want to be there. She wanted to leave and go to George. She wanted to dump Ron and run off to his brother. That's what she wanted to do.

What she did do was walk around the park in silence with her boyfriend and not say anything about breaking up. He took her around so many times she couldn’t feel her legs very well.

It had gotten to be very dark and Hermione was worried about what was going to happen. She didn't like being out so late, not with Ron. She wanted to go home to her safe warm bed.

They walked around a few more times before Ron pulled her back to the bench. He opened his mouth and the words came out, the most dreaded words a girl in Hermione's position wanted to hear.


Just Joking!

Hermione hopped out of the cab as quick as she could she ran screaming up the stairs. Which brought many neighbors out of their rooms to yell about the time and such.

Hermione fumbled with the key but she couldn't get it to work. She was still almost frozen from her walk. So instead she hit the door so hard it would wake everyone within a mile of her room.

It took a few minutes but slowly the door opened. Hermione ran through dropping her keys the second she got in. She ran to the bathroom right away and George was able to hear her screams over the sound of the shower.

George didn't know when Hermione would be getting out of the bathroom so he sat down and read like he usually did. He waited for what seemed like forever until finally Hermione opened the door.

She was wrapped in a towel. She had wet hair that looked perfect in everyway. Her face was red and blotchy. Her nose seemed swelled and her eyes were puffy. George ran to her. He grabbed her and asked her if she had been crying.

"Yes I have been crying George. Why wouldn't I be crying? I went there to break his heart and… Oh!" she screamed out in frustration.

"Hermione tell me what happened are you still dating him? Did you go through with it dear?" George pestered her but never got a straight answer.

Hermione clung to his arm. He led her to the room that they now shared. He got her dressed like she was some sort of child. They both sat on the bed and she cried some more.

"Hermione please tell me what's wrong!" he cried in desperation hoping for some sort of help.

She only gave a small whimper and a sniffle. Then she wiped her face and went to the bathroom for a few minutes.

When Hermione came back to the bedroom she sat by George. She pulled him into a kiss. She licked his lips begging to be let in. He opened his mouth just a little more. They stayed that was for what Hermione wanted to be forever.

Hermione broke the kiss. She stared into his eyes and let out some more cries.

"George he asked me to marry him… and I didn't say no!"
A.N. I only own plot and OC's! JK owns the rest

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