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When A Rose Blooms by JerseyDreamerx123
Chapter 1 : Morning and Boarding the Hogwarts Express
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Chapter 1: Morning and Boarding the Hogwarts Express

Sixteen year old Jennifer Woodbridge was shaken awake by her eleven year old bother Liam.

“Jenny, get up! It’s the first day of school!” exclaimed Liam with pure excitement in his voice.

Jennifer opened her eyes and gazed at her clock which read 7:30, “Bloody hell, Liam it’s 7:30 in the morning! Go back to sleep!”

Liam did not leave Jennifer’s bedroom, “Well Mum wants you to get up so you can finish packing and also because we’re having a big breakfast before we leave.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes, “Fine you win Liam. I’m getting up. Just please go bother someone else with your excitement of Hogwarts.”

Jennifer could’ve sworn that Liam left her bedroom skipping. That’s pretty strange because eleven year old boys don’t skip. Girl’s maybe, but not boys. “I must’ve imagined it,” mumbled Jennifer to herself.

Jennifer stifled a yawn as she untangled herself from her bed sheets. Just as Jennifer was about to go into her bathroom, her thirteen year old sister Emma entered her bedroom.

“Oh god, I thought I was gonna save you, but it looks like Liam woke you up too. You know how it is on your first day of Hogwarts ever, right?” asked Emma.

Jennifer nodded, “Yes, but this is my seventh and final first day of school so I should at least get to sleep later than 7:30 in the morning.”

Emma nervously nodded, “I suppose. Liam’s just too excited because he can’t wait to make friends and learn magic and most importantly meet our friends.”

Jennifer gasped, “Say what? He want’s to meet our friends? You have got to be kidding me. I’m almost seventeen and almost to freedom and he wants to me my friends?”

Emma then said, “Well it’s not like he can then bug your friends for four more years. You’ll be lucky and you’ll be free while I’ll be stuck with Liam trying to be best friends with my own friends.”

Jennifer then said, “Well little sis, I’m gonna make him make friends. I’m gonna force him to find some friends before the end of the year.”

Emma agreed, “Thanks Jen. You’re the best sister ever. I don’t know what I would do without you. I know that my friends wouldn’t want a first year hanging around them.”

Jennifer laughed, “What’s wrong with your friends? You’re friends with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, and loads of other people.”

Emma sighed, “Well yeah, but I don’t think that they would like Liam very much. Liam can be a pain all of the time especially when he asks you all of these personal questions. It’s very annoying.”

Jennifer nodded, “Yeah I know. Remember that time that my friend Tina came over during the summer two years ago and Liam was asking her questions about her boyfriend. That is why I don’t have friends over anymore.”

Jennifer then added, “Well I’ve got to go get ready sis. I’ll see you at breakfast.” Emma then left Jennifer’s room.

Jennifer then proceeded to go into her bathroom where she looked into her full length mirror. Her reflection showed her shoulder length blonde hair, her baby blue eyes, and her tanned complexion because of all the sun she got from the past summer. Her normal complexion was pale.

Jennifer was 5’0 which was short for her age. All of her friends towered over her at the average height of 5’4. Jennifer didn’t mind being short most of the time, but she didn’t like it sometimes.

Jennifer then quickly washed her face and then put her hair into a short ponytail. After that Jennifer went back into her bedroom and went over to her trunk to see if she packed everything.

She then added some forgotten items to her trunk and then closed up her trunk and carried it downstairs and placed it by the other two trunks.

Jennifer was greeted by their house elf, Blinky. “Good morning, Miss. Jennifer.” Jennifer saw Liam and Emma waiting at the breakfast table with Mrs. Woodbridge.

“Good morning Jen. How’d you sleep,” asked Mrs. Woodbridge as she signaled Blinky to bring out breakfast so everyone could eat.

“Good. I’m so excited that after this year, I’m free!” exclaimed Jennifer. Breakfast was then served as everyone laughed at Jennifer’s remark.

Breakfast was eaten in silence until Mrs. Woodbridge started to get emotional as the last bits of breakfast were consumed.

“I can’t believe that I’m going to be all alone this year. Last year, Liam kept me company and now all three of you are at Hogwarts. I’m just going to miss you all. You’ve all grown into wonderful young adults. So make sure you write to me so I won’t be as lonely,” cried Mrs. Woodbridge.

Jennifer nodded, “We will mum. And before you say it, Emma and I will watch over dear Liam and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble and we’ll make sure he’ll get some friends.”

Mrs. Woodbridge smiled, “Thanks Jen. You were always such a good daughter. I don’t know what I’ll do without you next year.”

Jennifer smiled in return, “You’ll survive Mum. You’ll have Emma and Liam to keep you company and who knows maybe I’ll still be living at home next year.”

Before they got into their car, Mrs. Woodbridge then said, “Be careful this year. Remember that there’s a killer on the loose.”

Jennifer nodded. She had watched the news in horror one night when they interrupted regular programming to announce that a dangerous man named Sirius Black was on the loose.

The week that the Woodbridge’s had gone to Diagon Alley to pick up their books they learned that Sirius Black was a wizard which made the Woodbridge’s uneasy.

Once in the car on the way to King’s Cross station the ride was quiet. On occasion the children would hear Mrs. Woodbridge sniffle from all the crying she did before.

Once at King’s Cross station, they dragged their trunks and went in search of platform 9 3/4. Once they were between platforms 9 and 10, Mrs. Woodbridge hugged her children goodbye.

Emma was the first to run through the barrier. Once she was gone Jennifer turned towards Liam, “Now once you get on the other side wait for me.”

Liam nodded then ran as fast as he could through the barrier. Once Liam had disappeared, Jennifer then ran through the barrier.

“I’m sorry,” she heard Liam say to someone. Jennifer looked up into the chocolate brown eyes that belonged to Oliver Wood.

“Hey Oliver,” said Jennifer as she smiled at him. Jennifer looked at Liam who was quickly stuffing his stuff into his trunk.

“You know him?” asked Liam. Jennifer nodded as she bent down to help Liam collect his personal belongings.

“Oliver this is my little brother Liam. Liam this is Oliver Wood,” said Jennifer. Oliver smiled at Liam, but Liam was too embarrassed to say anything.

“So Jen do you want to sit with me and my friends in my compartment with Liam?” asked Oliver. Liam made a sick face like he was gonna throw up which made Jennifer smack him on the back of the head.

“Well actually I was looking for Emma. And then I was gonna look for my friends. Have you seen Emma or my friends?” asked Jennifer.

“Before I crashed into your brother, I saw Emma with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. And your friends are in the compartment next to mine,” replied Oliver.

Jennifer smiled, “Thanks. I kinda want to hang out with my friends for now, but I’ll visit you later before we get to Hogwarts.”

Oliver nodded, “Okay sounds great. Oh do you want help finding your friends compartment? And it looks like you need help with your trunk.”

Jennifer sighed, “Um…I can handle my own trunk I think. But thanks anyway. Oh and thanks for helping me find my friends compartment.”

Oliver then boarded the train with Jennifer and Liam. Jennifer and Liam followed Oliver down the long corridor filled with compartments. Finally Oliver stopped in front of one compartment and opened the door.

“Here you go,” said Oliver as he held the door open for Jennifer and Liam. Once Jennifer and Liam were in the compartment, Oliver left and went into the next compartment.

Jennifer looked at her four friends who were also her roommates at Hogwarts who looked like Christmas had come early.

“Jenny you have a lot to tell us!” 

A/N: Ok so I really had this thought about an Oliver/OC romance fiction, so I started writing it and here it is. Chapter 1 of my latest fan fic! I hope you like it. Please leave a review. Thanks! 
xoxo JerseyDreamerx123 xoxo


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