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Snowed In by crazyaboutpotter
Chapter 3 : Trust Exercise
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“ Oh no.” Lily said unexpectedly. “What?” “ I have to go to the bathroom.”

Harry Potter doesn’t belong to me.


“ So go.” James said well staring at Lily like she was crazy.

“ Why should I trust you not to look? I recall in third year you hexed people to try to look up my skirt. Then in fourth year you stole all my underwear and bras. What about in fifth year when you-”

“Okay Evans! I get it. I’m not a trustworthy person. I have never given you a reason to trust me before. What if I take an unbreakable so you can go to the bathroom. Will you trust me enough to go then?” James said.

“ How do you know about unbreakable vows?” a surprised Lily asked.

“ Evans, I’ m not just a boy who likes to goof off with his friends. I actually enjoy reading and I love my classes. I like to learn. There’s a lot you don’t know about me Evans.” James said seriously.

Lily just stared at James in astonishment. James was right. There were so many things she didn’t know about him. She always just assumed that James was an immature spoiled rich kid that got what ever he asked for. James had finally broken threw Lily’s outer wall and had started to get her thinking about the many things she didn’t know about him.

“ I’m sorry Potter. I guess there is a lot I don’t know about you.” Lily said.

“ It’s alright Evans. I’ve never given you a reason to think I was anything but an arrogant, immature rich kid who gets every thing he wants.” James said.

“ Wow Potter. You pulled the words right out of my head.” Lily said

“ I’m good at that. Now, lets get this unbreakable vow done with so you can go to the bathroom and once you’ve gone, I can go.”


Don’t take an unbreakable vow James! What if you accidentally walked in on Lily in the prefects bathroom? You would die! You should be ashamed Lily. As soon as James thought of this crazy idea you should have told him no. You know the risks of an unbreakable vow more than any one. You wrote a whole paper on them!
Moony (Remus)
Padfoot (Sirius)
Sarah (No nickname available)

P.S. Sirius would like to add that if for some strange reason you two got married, it would be a very rocky marriage because James couldn’t brush his teeth well Lily was on the toilet. Sirius thought that this was a necessary part of the letter. Don’t worry though, Sarah is chasing Sirius around our room with a pillow as I’m writing this down. It’s rather funny. Sirius is now trapped under his bed and he’s begging forgiveness. Alright, I’m going to go so I can see Sarah beat up Sirius. Bye!

“ Wow. I’m surprised.” Sarah said looking up from the screen Lily and James were on.

“ What? You didn’t think our plan would work? Ha! Shows how well you know the Marauders.” Sirius said staring at Sarah like she was crazy.

“ Honestly, I really wasn’t sure if it would work or not. I was hoping it would because I’m sick of James and Lily fighting all the time and I always thought that they would make an interesting pair of friends. But still, I was surprised when Lily apologized. It sounded like she actually meant it.” Sarah said thoughtfully.

“ Don’t worry Sarah. This plan will work. If I didn’t think Lily and James had it in them to be friends I would have squashed Sirius’ dreams of holding this over there heads for the rest of there lives.” Remus said well smiling at Sarah.

“ I hope your right Remus. I hope your right.”

“ You know what Sarah, you didn’t give me a chance to tell James that his idea was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Of course I know the dangers of using an unbreakable vow. I can’t believe you didn’t think I would tell James his idea was stupid. I was a bit shocked that Potter wasn’t just an immature boy. You should know me better than that!” Lily shouted at the room.

“ I know that Moony, Padfoot, and Sarah are listening to us right now, but its still kind of weird to see you shouting at a person that isn’t there.” James said well giving Lily a look.

“ Yes, I know I look stupid, but they are right about one thing-” Lily started to say.

“ Oh really. When’s the wedding?” James said well raising one eyebrow.

“Not funny Potter.” Lily said well smiling.

“ But you’re smiling! Which means you have finally fallen for my Potter charm. First you smile, then you giggle. Next you laugh and finally you cry and can’t breath because you are laughing to hard!” James exclaimed.

“Keep dreaming Potter.”

“ As you wish Miss Evans. When you go to the bathroom I will dream of you laughing hysterically at my many pranks and jokes.” James said well staring off into space.

“ Okay Potter. You do that. I’m going to go to the bathroom now.” Lily said well rolling her eyes.

“ Okay, but before you go watch me turn towards the wall and close my eyes.”

Lily sat there as James made a show of closing his eyes and turning his head towards the wall slowly. After James was done doing this Lily got up and went to the bathroom. She was rather surprised when James didn’t try to look, even after he offered to take an unbreakable vow she thought he would try to sneak a peak.

When Lily was done, she came back to the bedroom and allowed James to go to the bathroom and take a bath. He stayed in the tub for a while because there was nothing better to do. Lily did the same and when she was done she came back to the bedroom where they sat in silence for awhile.

Suddenly Lily said “ Tell me about some of the Marauder’s pranks you’ve pulled over the summer.”

“ Okay.” a surprised James said. “ I’ll tell you about the time we set a bludger loose in the house. It was really funny! Before we let it go, Moony hexed it so it would continue to chase my mum around all day. She finally locked herself in her room until my dad came home and put it back in its case.”

“How much trouble did you get in?” Lily asked well laughing hysterically.

“None! My mum thought we had been in town all day and that the bludger had come out of its case when she was cleaning.”

“ That’s funny! Tell me another story please.” Lily said excitedly.

“ Unbelievable! She’s actually laughing. I think your right Remus, this plan is going to work!” Sarah said well hugging Remus.

“ I’m always right Sarah. Always.”

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