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The Prince and Me by real_life_sucks
Chapter 4 : Held Captive
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The Prince and Me
by real_life_sucks
Chapter Four - Held Captive
Beta'd by stranger_than_fiction. you all should go check out her stories and thank her ^_^ two are in my favorite stories!
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Several days went by with no change; The Dark Prince would come and talk to me, perhaps we’d go out to the Garden of Remembrance, and at night Voldemort would occasionally appear in my cell to mutter to himself. It was almost as if by being near me he could figure out The Dark Prince’s plan. After a while, I began to bore of the day to day schedule, and even when Lord Voldemort would visit, I didn’t feel the need to stay up and listen to what he was talking about.

One day, no different than the rest, The Dark Prince had taken me to the garden to let me wander around to my pleasure. By then, I had learned my way around fairly well, and I was laying on the edge of the fountain where The Dark Prince had given me the rose in what seemed an eternity away. After a while, I had fallen asleep on the edge, only to be woken by someone whispering loudly and angrily around the corner. I deftly rolled off the fountain, and walked quietly closer to the corner. Stepping on a twig, I paused as it cracked, hoping that the noise of the voices would cover it up. After standing there in the quiet, besides the voices, I slowly made my way towards the corner again, minding all the twigs on the ground.

I cautiously leaned against the bush wall, watching for the thorns. I attempted to lean around the corner and see who the people were, but I still couldn’t see, so I contented myself to merely stand there and listen. There had been a silence, but I could still hear people moving. Seconds later, I felt the bush quake as someone was thrown up against it very near me.

“What the hell is he planning? I know you know, because you were there when he brought in that God forsaken girl. You arrange for My Lord to be busy while he spends day after day with her. I’ve seen them, I know he isn’t interrogating her for information, for the most part he just leaves her alone, or occasionally they talk.” Someone spoke very quickly from just around the corner, and I held my breath as I realized they were talking about me, The Dark Prince, and the plans that he had mentioned earlier. So everything wasn’t going as smoothly as he had intended, and he wasn’t the only one in it. It would have been nice if he had told me this earlier.

I heard what seemed like bone on bone, and a muffled voice came around the corner. “I promise you, I don’t know. He pays me extra to keep My Lord entertained. Usually it consists of women for his pleasure, but I swear to you I have no idea what he is up to.” A choking noise occurred and I whimpered slightly, unable to stop the noise. Hearing a body fall to the ground, as someone pivoted on their feet, I turned and ran for it, trying to make it back to where The Dark Prince had told me he’d be. Behind me I heard feet pounding and coughing, I tried to stay ahead. Unfortunately for me, being kept prisoner meant I wasn’t fed as well and I wasn’t in the best physical shape. Before long, I felt someone grab my arm and was yanked around. Before I could identify who held me captive, everything around me went black.

Everything felt like I was in a fog, and I could hardly move. Time didn’t seem to move at all, and I couldn’t help but wonder where I was and what my attacker had done to me. Pushing my way through the fog, I saw a vague form in front of me so I set sights on my goal and made my way slowly but surely to the figure. As I neared the form, the fog around me cleared slightly and I was able to see The Dark Prince. I tried to yell out, but when I opened my mouth, not a sound omitted. Wondering what he was scribbling so fiercely in, I made my way beside his shoulder, and looked over.

He was scribbling in what appeared to be a journal, and I couldn’t help but lean over his shoulder and read what he was writing. I knew I shouldn’t, because I probably wouldn’t like it, but the urge was just too great.

December 15th, 1997
I know it’s stupid that I’m so worried, but it has been six days since she went missing in the Garden of Remembrance. There’s no way she could have escaped, so someone had to take her, which means it was someone who I’m around everyday. The only reason I can figure for her being taken is someone has figured out my secret, my hard kept secret. Or maybe she heard something she shouldn’t have. Either way, if I don’t get her back soon, all the plans I’ve gone to hell and back for are completely ruined. Truth be told, I actually miss her. She was fun to talk to. She doesn’t believe like everyone else here, so it was a break from the normal day to day talking. I know she’s only been here for just over a month, but it is still nice. I could almost say I l-

As I was reading as he wrote, a noise behind us made both of us jump, and his quill went down the page, ruining the rest of the page. Standing up quickly, he shoved the journal into a hole in the front of the chair, the opening disappearing. Facing the people, I turned around slowly, afraid of what I would see.

Seeing Lord Voldemort, I gulped and walked back behind The Dark Prince, not wanting to risk him seeing me. The Dark Prince had his arms pulled behind his back, and I could see how they shook as they clenched tighter. “My Lord! To what do I owe for the pleasure of you visiting me?” He said, his voice not betraying his true feelings at all.

Lord Voldemort said nothing, and just paced around the room slowly, touching random things here and there as if looking for something. After having made three circles around the room, he turned to The Dark Prince. “I heard this morning that our prisoner has been missing for six days. Why was I not told earlier?” His voice came out in a hiss, and at the moment he could not look more like a snake to me.

“Because I did not wish to busy you with small matters; she has obviously been taken by someone inside, because she went missing in the Garden of Remembrance, and even if she had come across a wand, she could not know how to escape.” The Dark Prince answered swiftly, his voice not wavering once to show his fear at His Lord’s interrogation. “I’ve been looking into the matter myself during my free time.” He continued, never once missing a beat. As he moved around casually, I made an effort to stay hidden behind him at all times.

Lord Voldemort said nothing, but merely nodded, and watched The Dark Prince. He kept peering towards the area I was standing, and I was afraid that he was able to see me. After this continued for a while, Lord Voldemort abruptly left, and I finally sat down absently on the chair, the only piece of furniture I could truly see and touch. I watched as The Dark Prince appeared to sit on air, and I could only assume it was his bed. He placed his head in his hands and I saw him breathe in deeply. While I watched him, I realized that not once had I seen him without his cloak, gloves, or the mask that covered the face, preventing me from seeing any recognizable features.

I stood up abruptly, and made my way to stand in front of The Dark Prince. Not knowing if it would work, or if he would feel it, I slowly pulled his head out of his hands. He looked around confused, so he obviously felt someone pushing his head up. Finally, he stared where I was standing, and a light lit up his face after a while. “Granger? Are you there? Where are you? Who has you captive?” He tried to reach out with his hand and touch my shoulder, so he obviously could see a faint outline of me, but his hand continued through and I shuddered.

Torn, I opened my mouth and tried to speak, but closed it. I didn’t remember having woke up to see where I was or who had me, which only meant I’d been asleep for six days straight. Aggravated, I let out a sigh, and watched as wafts of dust columns moved from it. Feeling a tug behind me, I looked, but saw nobody. The tug got increasingly stronger, and it felt like someone was trying to suck me out of the room. Whoever had me captive had figured out what was going on and was trying to pull me back. “Help. Me.” I said, the words tearing my throat. His face paled but before I could see anything else, it felt like I was being pulled through water. Once again, everything around me went black.

Author's Note: Well, here is Chapter Four :) I hope you guys like it. Next I will be working on Chapter Nine for PONR, so watch for it if you're reading both. I finally got a banner! Its very purty. umm...yeah. if you want to see an idea incorporated into the story, just leave a review saying what it is and I can try! And please R&R? With three chapter, I only have 6 reviews but 11 people have favored it! And I'm proud to say this one has over 400 reads already while PONR has over 3000! I'm so happy, my stories were never this good ^_^ And check out my one-shots if you like Dramione, I have several. I have a Ron/Hermione too, two Ginny/Draco's, and I can't remember what else! And if you want to see my writing from long ago, just scroll to the bottom of the page and make fun of the title XP anywho, R&R please!!

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