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Class of 1997 by Fuego
Chapter 5 : Dinnertime
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Disclaimer- This belongs to JKR, except for the plot. That's mine!

As everyone exited the Qudditch Pitch and headed for the Great Hall for dinner and the afterparty, the Dursley's looked confused and packed together, completely lost, searching for a framiliar face. The Granger's, in their kindly manner, went over to the Dursley's.

"We are going to the Great Hall for dinner and an afterparty, I heard it's always fun, there's games and prizes, amazing food, everything!" exclaimed an overly perky Mrs. Granger.

"How long is it?" whined Dudley, there was a really good show on TV tonight and he could not miss it.

"All night long!"

"Are you kidding?" asked Dudley, thinking the woman was just joking around and it would be over before 11:30.


"Maybe we shouldn't stay the whole time, I mean, I have work tomorrow and I can't take a personal-" explained Vernon.

"Well hello there, are you ready to go to the feast?" Dudley's piggy eyes widened at this comment, "I guess you don't know where to go, I believe the Weasley's and Remus left you, they must have left to get a table, it does get quite crowded in there, oh well, I'll show you the way," replied Professor McGonagall.

"Thanks," answered Petunia in an overly sweet voice that reminded McGonagall of Umbridge.

They followed her and walked into the hall that they were in when they had first come in. It was about five times bigger than it was before with hundreds-perhaps thousands- of tables with about twenty chairs each, scattered around the perimeter of the room. In the center was a huge dancefloor that was bigger than the Dursley household.

"Wow," whispered the family in unison.

"There you are!" cried one of the redheads, one of the twins, "We saved you seats." He cast a devillish grin at Dudley and he cowarded behind his father, losing his pride battle.

Just as the Dursley's sat in their seats, the double doors burst open and the graduates came running through, finding loved ones and saving tables. The trio brought up the rear and when they saw the table with redheads, they walked over.

"Hey everyone!" exclaimed Ron. "Where's the food?"

"Ron for once in your life can you stop thinking about food?" cried Harry and Hermione at the same time.

After a breif couple of seconds of hesitation, Ron shook his head, "Nah!"

"I didn't think so," mumbled Hermione under her breath.

She helped Harry sit into a chair next to Remus and propped his crutches on the side of his chair, she then took a seat next to him. Ron sat next to Hermione and was chatting happily with Charlie discussing dragons, NEWT scores, and Qudditch. Occasionaly, Harry butted in, but he was engulfed in a conversation with Remus and Hermione.

"Hello! I'm Luna Lovegood and I'll be your sever today," replied Luna almost randomly.

"Hey babe," purred Ron. She bent down and pecked his cheek and then adavanced on giving him a better kiss when the twins shouted, "My eye's! I'm blind!" and Harry and Hermione yelled, "Get a room you two!"

"Anyway, can get you anything to drink?"

"Butterbeer!" called the Weasley's, the Trio, and Remus.

"Water," responed the Granger's.

"Black coffee!" barked Vernon.

"Herbal Green Tea!" ordered Petunia.

"Coke!" demanded Dudley.

With a wave of Luna's wand, the drinks appeared. Everyone but the muggles accepted their drinks and were now placing orders for food, with appeared the same way. With a little urging from Harry and Hermione, they accepted their drinks, found that they tasted normal and placed their food orders as well.

The entire night, Harry looked as though he was itching to say something and once dinner was finished and dessert was being passed around, he cleared his throat to the table and started to talk.

"I have something to say. Hermione I love you so much and I'm so glad that you and Ron came into my life. I was hesitent to go out with you because I was terrified that Voldemort would come and kill you and I would never be able to live with myself if that happened, but now that he's gone I can say this. I can't say that there are no more Death Eaters out there and that they'll leave us alone, but I don't care about them. I have something to ask you, I can't do this normally, but do I do anything by the book?"

He cleared his throat again.

"Hermione Granger, will you marry me?'

A/N- HAHA! Cliffy! I'll update ASAP, I want to finsh this story soon!

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Class of 1997: Dinnertime


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